aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 34)

Mohit: Tho aap Sandhya??

Few minutes ago

After reaching Orphanage ..Mohit was busy by distributing Sweets to the children..

She saw the real happiness in each nd everyone in that place.

Mohit was so happy while giving sweets.

After giving he came to Sandhya , he noticed that now Sandhya smiling nd feeling better than before.

Mohit: This smile suits you..don’t let it fade from ur face.

Sandhya smiled.

Mohit: even i was like this ..when something makes me sad ..i will go to one corner nd become to silent mode..meri Bhai Sooraj taught me this..if we saw other person happy..we will become happy automatically..

Sandhya: kya Naam ??

Mohit: Sooraj.

Sandhya: Sooraj?? U Mohit??

Mohit: by seeing this Reaction..he declared that this was the girl..for whom his family divided into two..


Mohit: Tho aap Sandhya??

Sandhya: haan..lekin

Mohit: u know something..becoz of u..there is war in my family..

Sandhya: kya?? What happened?

Mohit: u don’t know anything??

Sandhya: neih

He explained whatever happening in his House..

Mohit: i am sorry..they didn’t know that u both were not loving each other..but only by hearing muje bhi aise laga ki..aap dono made for each other.

Sandhya don’t know what to say. Even she don’t know whether the feelings which she had for Sooraj was love.

Mohit: hey.. this was just my thought i never know that My bhai loving u or not..but i will say u something..u will be perfect for my bhai..becoz he will never care about his feelings..if someone ask him for something..he can’t say no..i want someone who will take care him..u will be perfect..nd Sorry if i said something wrong.

Sandhya didn’t uttered a word,.she moved away from that place ..her mind occupied by only one ..the feelings for Sooraj..is that Love??

Time moved like second to second.


Sandhya can’t sleep..she went to terrace.

She was surrounded by deep silence..even her inner voice became on silent mode.

She was starring the sky..there was no stars, moon..Sky was full of dark.

Nothing was helping her to interrupt the situation..

She just stares..

Suddenly someone was coming in front of her..

In white night dress..with a light smile in his face..

Suddenly her inner voice..

Ur Smile was killing me Sooraj.

Sooraj: u said something?

Sandhya realizes nd said:

Sooraj: tho yahan kya rahi ho?

Sandhya: wo chodo..what u doing here? There will be problem if ur mom see u here..

Sooraj: Sandhya r u alright? U worrying about others..this is not Sandhya who i met..Sandhya will be with her smile..nd do what she thinks..

Sandhya: i was like that..but nowadays i don’t want u to get trouble becoz of me..

Sooraj: kya?

Sandhya: i mean anyone..i don’t want anyone to get into trouble becoz of me..nd i saw ur brother Mohit..he said about ur family condition becoz of me..nd i really don’t want that..

Sooraj: tho ..kya? There is no ur mistake..pls don’t be like this..

Sandhya: haan..This will he difficult for both of us..so i decided..

Sooraj heart beat fast..

Sooraj: kya?

Sandhya: i decided to leave from this place..nd soon from u… i mean from ur place..i will get abroad job as soon as possible..

Sooraj can’t able to speak..by hearing those words..

He too never came to the conclusion about the feelings which he had for her..

But he didn’t think about leave her..

He can’t even think live without her..

Maybe he know her only for short period..but he can’t..

Sandhya: Sooraj..thanks for everything..tomorrow i am going for our place nd soon leaving from that place too..now go to ur house..if ur mom find out where u r…bohut badi gadbad hojayga..

By saying this she kept moving ..nd turned with teary eyes..

Sooraj was expecting her to turn atleast..????

To be continued…

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