aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 33)

Mohit trying to understand what was going in front of him.

His family..into two divisions..its like conference .

Means the members in his family divided to two teams..except Sooraj..

Mom nd Savitha on one side.

Dad nd Vikram on another side.

But why?

He don’t know..then the arguments begin.

Savitha: Maa..i don’t think so Bhai..was loving her.

Vikram: tuje kaise patha..

Mom: how do u know Vikram that he was in love with her..

Vikram: aise neh maa..U know very well about Bhai..he was shy type..nd ur son too..he still not agreeing that he loves her..

Mom: so its ur imagination right ?

Dad: tho kya? Santhosh..we searching for bride na? Tho kar lo Sandhya ke saath..

Mom £ Savitha: neih

Vikram £ Dad: arrey kyu?

Savitha: i don’t like her.

Vikram: we r asking u to marry her.

Savitha face turned to red..

Dad: beta..ye tho Sooraj ka Shaadi..if u both want him to marry..tho u should give him first preference..if he likes her..then why u both bothering him?? Don’t do this Santhosh..Sandhya achhi beti hai..one day is not enough to know about someone..we sent Sooraj for his bride..but he didn’t saw anyone except Sandhya..so God planning something between them..u both can’t stop it..

Mohit wonders..who was that Sandhya..

Mohit: Finally Bhai ka marriage hone wali hai..lekin i too want to see Sandhya bhabhi..let ask Savi..

Savitha was sad becoz she failed in this argument..still she was in same state..She don’t like Sandhya..

Mohit: Savi ..where did u see Sandhya Bhabhi?

Savitha: Bhabhi? Listen they were just discussing..nothing got final..nd don’t confuse Sooraj bhaiya by saying about this discussion..

Mohit:( smiled) Savi can i say u something ?

Savitha: kya?

Mohit: i am sure Sandhya zaroor iss ghar ki bahu banjayegi.

Savitha looked him angrily nd went.

Mohit smiled nd said..

Mohit : pagli..she too my age but why can’t she be mature..still behaving like a child..
I should meet Sandhya bhabhi..??

Scene shifted to Meenakshi house..

Sandhya was sitting besides window..by staring the street..there was lot of shops..on that side..like sweet shop, saree shop, beauty parlour..nd people were busy by doing something..

Meenakshi makes her to come to reality.

Meenakshi : kya hua?? What u thinking about??

Sandhya: just about the tragedy happening now

Meenakshi : About babu nd Savitha?

Sandhya: haan..patha neih..i didn’t do anything wrong..hamesha i was like this..will do if i think that was right..i did the same what i do always..but..something wrong..

Meenakshi: nothing is wrong..wo sab chodo..koe galti neih kiya tu.

Sandhya: i know..but i clashed with his Mom nd Sister..that was my tension.

Meenakshi with smile: tho kya? Why u bothering for him? Do u love him?

Sandhya didn’t answer for that..

Nd she turned to the window side..she never turned..Meenakshi didn’t disturbed her..she leave her alone..to think about this..

Then she messaged vikram about their conversation..

Sandhya stood and went outside..she went where leg goes..she didn’t stopped..

She didn’t notice the car coming towards her,,she goes on..

Somebody pull her backwards..then she realised the situation..

Voice: can’t u see?? The Car??

Sandhya: wo Sorry..

Voice: r u ok? Where is ur home? May i drop u??

Sandhya: no its ok..i am fine,,

Voice: r u disturbed? Let me help..come with me..

Sandhya went after him..she thinks he was genuine..

Moreover she need some peace..some diversion from current situation..

He stopped infront of one Orphanage…

To be continue..

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