aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 32)

Sooraj: i said Mom..that i am having some important work..but this is ur important work..

Savitha: haan bhaiya..if i said to Mom ..muje aap ke saath bahar jaana hai..mom will never allow me with u na..

Sooraj smiled nd said

Sooraj: tu abhi tak bachi ki thara hai..tk u do ur shopping..i’ll come in a minute..

Savitha: don’t take time bhaiya..otherwise Maa will kill me..

Sooraj: tk☺☺

After he went..Savitha saw her favourite color tops in oppostie shop..

While she going..someone clashes her..

Savitha : oye..can’t u see nd walk?

Lady: oye..if u going opposite..i should see beside u..if someone is coming or not..lekin..tu..

Savitha: hello Madam..don’t advice me..its ur mistake..

Sandhya nd everybody in that saw this scene from beginning..everyone knows its Savitha’s mistake..but she was not accepting her mistake..

So Sandhya came to action..she didn’t know that Savitha was Sooraj’s Sister..

Sandhya: Dekiye..Madam its ur mistake..so just ask her sorry nd leave..

Savitha: Sorry..wo bhi mae..

Sandhya: The one who did mistake should ask sorry na?

Savitha: mae koe galat neih kiya..

Sandhya: arrey..everyone knows..

Meenakshi entered into this scene..

Meenakshi nd Sandhya came for shopping..she went for some work..in between this gap Sandhya got a chance to met another member.

Meenakshi: arrey..Savitha..OMG Savitha with Sandhya..ab kya tamasha..

Then immediately she speaks with public who watching nd enjoying this drama..

Meenakshi: chal na..koe tamasha neih hai..aur aap (to that lady) Sorry mam..u go now..

Lady: advice her.. (then she pointed Sandhya) thanks Sandhya for being in my side..

Sandhya: its ok..bye

Meenakshi saw Savitha face turning red..she tries to pacify her..

Meenakshi: wo Savitha..u here alone..

Savitha still in angry mode..

Savitha: No with my Brother..

Sandhya: call him..i need to advice him to teach u some manners.

Meenakshi silently said to Sandhya that her Brother was Sooraj.

Sandhya: kya??

Sandhya mini voice started.

next person..patha neih ..aise kyu ho raha hai..if u go smooth with one member in his family..aur doosre ko jagda karthi ho..Oh god pls end this..i can’t handle…
She was interrupted

Meenakshi: Savi ..tu chal..Sooraj sir will search u.

Savitha: he will come..here..
Still she staring Sandhya..

Sandhya noticed that..but she can’t help..

Meenakshi: Sandhya come let’s go..

Sandhya: haan haan..come..

Then she turned back..came to Savi..to say something..but she went back..

After in a second Sooraj came there..

Sooraj: Savi..who was that? With whom u speaking with? Nd y ur face was so red?

Savitha: this is should be ur first question bhaiya..

Sooraj: (smiled) tk tk..y u so angry??

Savi explained him what happened just now..

Let me explain about Savitha here..

She was not negative character..just she was in that age ..like she won’t accept her fault so easily..its becoz that she was younger in four of them..little bit childish nd ziddi..still she was loveable..she will understood if someone explain her calmly..she was very tough to handle but sweet hai..


Sooraj: its ur fault na Savi..

Savitha: bhaiya..

Sooraj: Savi..u know that..na..be a nice girl..u should accept ur mistake..

Savitha: i am ..nd i can ..but before that Lady..came..kya naam uska..Haan ..Sandhya..

Sooraj: koun??

Savitha: wo..Sandhya..Meenakshi ke saath aagayi..patha neih kahan se aagayi..muje insult kiya..isiliye muje aur gussa aaya tha..

Savitha was his favourite sister..but still he corrected all her mistakes nd make her to understand that..

Now He can imagine what were happened with these two characters..

Sooraj: Savi ..Sandhya ki baath chodo..don’t do like this hereafter..ok??

Savitha: tk..(then she someone..far away..then she went there..that lady.. )

To that lady

Savitha: wo ..i am sorry for what happened now..

Lady :???? its ok..

Meenakshi shows that to Sandhya..

Sandhya: arrey ..what happened to this girl..just now she didn’t even accepts her mistake..now suddenly maafi mangrahi hai.

Meenakshi: ye Sooraj ji ka Jaadu..he knows very well to handle her..thodi ziddi hai..but if her brother explains her something..she will understand..choti hai na..

Sandhya: Nice..

Meenakshi: add Savi name in ur convincing list..

Sandhya: why should i convince her..nd what was that list?

Meenakshi: haan..in His family already u had some clashes with his Mom..now Savitha..nd u attached with my Vikki..nd Sooraj’s bhaiya dad..now there is one more member..Mohit..let’s see what was going to happen???

Sandhya: kuch neih hone wala hai..after ur work finished ..we leaving from here..

Meenakshi(in her mind): this is my work dear☺☺☺
There is no one single quality with u for becoming daughter-in-law for that family..but muje laktha hai ki..tu Sooraj keliye perfect ho..Let’s see…

To be continue..

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