aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 31)

Sandhya: Aunty..leave my hand..i am here na

Santhosh: wait..oye Meenakshi

Sooraj heart beat fast..
Lup tup lup tup by seeing Sandhya with his Mom .

Nd Vikram heart stopped for a moment by hearing Meenakshi name from his Mom


Meenakshi came out..nd saw Sandhya with Santhosh.

She signalled Sandhya to know the mattet..

Nd she guessed that Santhosh didn’t know about four of them.

Nd she ask Santhosh what was the matter..

Then she cleared Santhosh’s doubt.

Sooraj ‘s Dad interrupted nd said.

Dad: i said na..nothing is there..nd Sandhya was too good..

Sandhya: ji Uncle..

Santhosh: haan haan…just becoz she brought u some pani puri..she became ur favourite ??

Dad: chal beta..u go..we will see later..Santhosh come..we wil go to our house..

This is the only think Sooraj Dad don’t know to handle his wife..

Sooraj: ji maa..aap andhar aayiyena..muje bhi bohut saare cheeze bath karna hai..

Vikram signalled Sandhya nd Meenakshi to go inside

Santhosh turned..to see them before that Vikram interrupted
Nd said

Vikram: haan Maa..wo bhi aap ki bahu ke baare mae..

Sooraj shocked..

Sooraj: kya??

Santhosh: kya??

Dad: u found our daughter-in-law?

Sooraj: wo neih..Papa…wo..Maa

Santhosh: ye kya..papa..maa..bolraha ho tu?

Vikram: i will say that..

Sooraj: chup Vikram..go nd freshen up..we need to go to our school..for that meeting na..

Vikram: lekin bhai..

Sooraj: chup..aur jaa

He went..

Santhosh nd Dad stares him..they want him to say about their daughter-in-law..

Dad: what is the matter beta?

Santhosh: Sooraj kya hua? U found her or not?

Sooraj: wo Maa..muje patha neih ye sahi ya neih..then how can i say that to u..u trust me na..i will say u about that matter in two months..tk?

Santhosh: ye kya matter..aur what was that timing two Months?

Before she ask her next question…Sooraj’s Dad said..

Dad: Santhosh..trust him..he is our son..

Santhosh: am trusting him..if iam not..aur koun karega?? Lekin my doubt is sirf ye hai ki..Sandh…

Hearing her name from his Mom..Sooraj ko aur bhi dar laktha hai ..

He decided even more strongly don’t reveal anything..

Sooraj: Muje ek important kaam hai..baad mae baath karunga..

To be continue…

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