aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 3)

Sooraj:what do u mean?

Sandhya: i saw u from far…so that i decided to threaten him..

Sooraj :phir bhi..its too dangerous Sandhya ji

Sandhya:ji..tk ..tear that soon..i need to search hotel..

Sooraj :haan..kya? But why? Don’t u have house?

Sandhya: i had..but not now..house which i lived was hell..

Sooraj:kyun? Aap ki parents..

Sandhya: wo..i ran from my place..actually my parents were died..all their properties waks in my name..my guardians had to take care of me till 21..nd after that i need to handle all that..but my guardians planned to kill me..so i send letter to police station..that all my properties should be given to our Ashram nd if something happened to me..its only because of my guardian ..then i escaped from that hell..

Sooraj :oh Sorry..

Sandhya:its ok..i am free..independent now..

Sooraj:tho isiliye ..u don’t worry for that photo..becoz u don’t have anyone to ask..

Sandhya:excuse me..that was just becoz i am in need of money..i deposit enough money in my account..but i don’t had it on my hand..so..nd also i don’t think photo was bad idea..its give nd take policy …

Sooraj:tk..here it is ..

Sooraj teared that picture..

Sandhya:ok bye …need to go..

Sooraj was confused..

Sooraj: u hope that u will get safe place at this time..


Sooraj:but its really danger..

Sandhya:tho..we want to face if we need something..

Sooraj: pls chodo iss brave lines..sometimes u should be practical..just now that guy tried to misbehave..u also don’t know anyone in this city..ok fine..i am coming to ur point..some hotel u will get..what if something happen there?

Sandhya:but..i don’t have anyother option na?

Sooraj:there is one..but that too..only with ur permission..

Sandhya :what’s that?

Sooraj:u can stay in my house.,for this night?

Sandhya :kya?

Sooraj:am not in any intention ..i just want u to be safe..i promise..i won’t try any ..

Sandhya :i know that..u can’t even think like that..but my thinking is what if ur house owner saw me..bohut badi gadbad hojayega..

Sooraj:u don’t worry..we can go there after one hour..they will be asleep..nd u can go by early morning..

Sandhya:sounds like a plan..tho what should we do now..

Sooraj: i had a plan for that too..

Sandhya: kya?

Sooraj: it will take 1/2 hour to reach my house..so if we walk..iam sure it will take 1 hour..so let’s walk..

Sandhya:hmm..shall we?

To be continue..

Note:sorry for late nd small episode..

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