aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 2)

Sooraj:no need..u can go..

Sandhya:arrey..pls suniye meri baad..

Sooraj:i don’t want to..pls u go..

Broker:kya sooraj..tume ek ghar chahiye..aur madam ko paise..u must help others..

Sandhya:haan..muje 2000 is enough ..aur kuch neih ..

Photographer:tk hai madam..u change to this saree..we will shoot..


Broker:haan dekiye madam..so many house owners were not ready to give for bachelors..isiliye we arranging this photo as a proof that he was married,,so u should be look like married girl..thats why ye sari..nd sindhoor,.

Sandhya thought for a second..
Sandhya(thinks): don’t be sentimental..now u need money..buz think about that..

Sandhya:tk..but only one condition..photo is sure..but after u showing that photo to ur house u need to tear it off..

Broker:tk ..no problem..

Sandhya:tho chal…will finish it soon..iam getting late for interview..

Sooraj(thinks):ye kaisa ladki hai..how can she agree to this..sach mein she don’t have any problem with this..

Broker urged Sooraj..

They took a pic..

Photographer:perfect..sach mein u look like a jodi..bhai

Sandhya:accha..show me..waa!! Bhaiya..u should be someother places..i was like real house wife,,nd Sooraj..
Sooraj not seeing those pic

Sandhya:y u so boring..just see it once..

Sooraj:Madam..ye koe mazak neih hai..ye sirf photo keliye..aur i will tear this after showing..i am going..bye

Sooraj begun to walk..

Sandhya held him..

Sandhya:how can u go like that?

Sooraj:what do you want?

Sandhya:how can i trust u? So give me ur id card(she took his id card from the purse)..come to this place in eve ..after tearing this pic in front of me..u can get this id..

Sooraj saw her moving from that place..

Sooraj:ab chalo..ghar dhikavo muje..

He yelled broker..they went for one house..there broker says about sooraj..House asked for a proof..they show that photo..

House owner:why don’t u bring ur wife here?

Sooraj:wo..she was in hometown with my family..

House owner:tk come lets discuss about rent..

They discussed and fixed about rent..photo was in the table,.behind that someone click that pic..

Sooraj unaware of this..

Scene shifted to Sandhya

After interview..

Sandhya speaking to herself..
Waa!! Sandhya congratz..u did it..now u r free, independent, u can be who you are..don’t fear for anyone..wow..nice feeling..

She was felt like butterfly..flying here nd there..she was so happy now..suddenly..

Sandhya:arrey..where u will live now..Abhi not picking my phone..she said that she will arrange..but..let me try again..

Its switched off

Sandhya: muje pathatha..she will do like this..agar she scared to her mom..whe she promised me..whatever now i should do something..

She searched for ladies hostel..

But she was satisfied with anyone..if she ok with some..they was asking guardian signature..time passed by this..

Night 9.00 pm

Sandhya:only one way Sandhya..stay in some hotel for today..will see rented house in online..

Suddenly she reminds about Sooraj

Sandhya:how do i forget this..My photo..will see that afterwards..neih neih,.sooraj id card with me na..hurry up sandhya..jaldi se kar..u should find some place for u tonight..

Sooraj was waiting for her si long..but she was not there..

Sooraj:wo ladki cheated u ..for whom u waiting for? Go to home now..its late..u need to go office tomorrow..will get another card from office..

Far away he saw one girl was threatning the boy..something in hand..

He went there..it was Sandhya..

Sandhya recognised Sooraj..

Sandhya:aap aagayi..come lets take him to police station..

Sooraj:kya? Hua kya?

Sandhya:arrey he tried to molest me..but mae Sandhya hoon..i won’t get scared..oi idhar aavo..if i spray this in ur face..even ur mom can’t recognise u..nd u will kill urself because of that pain..

Boy:neih neih muje chodo..

He ran away..

Sooraj can’t able to speak..he too scared..

Sandhya:hello..he ran..y u keeping ur face like this?

She shake her hand infront of his face..

Sooraj: neih neih,,i didn’t do anything..

He scared because of the things she said about that spray..

Sandhya laughed..she can’t control ..

Sandhya:Sooraj ji ..isme koe neih hai,.ye perfume?

Sooraj:kya?pagal hai kya?what will u do..if he knows that? Haan?

Sandhya:kuch neih hoga..

Sooraj:kyun?how u saying that?

Sandhya:kyunki …AAP HO NA ..MERE SAATH?

To be continued…

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