aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 10)

Sooraj: nothing like that,,she is my student

Sandhya: oh..but

Sooraj: Shameless Teacher in my school behaved very bad to her.. i said to principal about him so he throw away from school..he thought to return something to me nd Maya..that’s y he tried to kill us..nd nothing between me nd her..

Sandhya : Sorry Sooraj ji..i just thought some rubbish.,

Sooraj: its ok

Sandhya: tho will give complaint

Sooraj: haan but her Maa so scared ..that Maya name will be..

Sandhya: nothing will happen..My friend Emily was Assistant commissioner..her name won’t get spoil..nd i will speak to Maya’s Mother.

Sooraj: tk..thank u

Formalities, procedures were over..Sandhya ask Her friend to deal this without leaking Maya name..

Everything went good..

Except That teacher eye went to Sandhya nd Sooraj leaving Maya,,now he was in jail.expecting good chance to hit them..

Sandhya called Sooraj

Sandhya: hello

Sooraj: hai sandhya

After these days they both became little bit closer..they are good friends now..both were very conscious in not to fall in love..coz they know that they are very different to each other..but they failed to reminds this opposite pole attract each other..

Sandhya: free?

Sooraj: haan..too boring..Maa bhi phone neih kiya..

Sandhya: i think ur mom fed up with u

Sooraj:(smiled) aisa kabhi neih hoga..

Sandhya: hmm ..i should see ur mom in my lifetime once..

Sooraj: zaroor..

Sandhya: tk..shall we go for a coffee..

Sooraj: hmm ok

Sandhya: ok then..coffee shop at 5 pm.

They both smile wenever they speak..but doesn’t know why

Sandhya went to nearby shop for purchasing somethings..

After shopping..

Sandhya: oops its too late..Sooraj will be waiting for me..lazy sandhya can’t u be punctual..every time u get some reason for ur laziness..

Someone called her behind..
She saw back..some lady..

Lady: wen did u came here? How was everyone?

Sandhya:(thinks) oh no..does she my relative?..aur uncle sent someone to follow me?..does they found me? But i don’t see her in my family list..Now where can i go..wait wait ..let ask her what she wants? They can’t find u so easily..ask her..

After calming herself..she begun to ask..

To be continue…

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  1. Fenil

    Awww Amazing chappy.
    Sandhya jaal me fasi, Sooraj ke makan malkin hai sayad hhehehebeh:)):)):)):)):D:D:D

    1. Farie

      Thank u☺

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