aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 1)

It was a busy street..
Everyone was busy with their work..

Our hero too busy with speaking to someone else..

Let’s see who was that

Sooraj:haan maa ..mae teek hoon..how many time u will ask this?

Maa:maa hoon teri..i have rights to ask this many times times..just give me answers

Sooraj: haan..tk mae raktha hoon

Maa:arrey why was u in hurry..speak with ur dad..

Sooraj:Maa neih,,i need to go now..

Dad:haan haan beta..take care of urself..

Sooraj:ji,.papa aap aur Maa ki kyal rakna..aur also take care of Vikram, Savitha, Mohan..

Dad:Accha bye..

After phone calls end..Sooraj saw his watch..

Sooraj:Where was that broker? He asked me to come here..but he was not here..

Broker arrived

Sooraj:arrey..why u so late? Already i was in a hurry..

Broker:beta..am doing this for u na..ok come lets go

They went to photo studio..

They was speaking to photo studio owner..

Sooraj was really upset with this but he don’t have another option

Photographer: dekiye sir..what can i do? I arranged one girl ..but she can’t able to come now,,.what was my mistake?

Broker:arrey kya yaar..now how can we go to that house..u said us na? Thats why i said to the house owner ..he was married nd his wife was in hometown..we will show him a marriage photo,.now u collapsed all our plan..

Sooraj:dekiya sir..i knew it ..this won’t work..just see some other house,.who will say ok for bachelor..i will stay in sone lodge till then..

Before he ends some lady crashes with him..she was about to fall..But sooraj held her hand..

And that was our heroine Sandhya

Sandhya was in red tops with jean..her long hair was in pony tale,,nd she was with heavy luggage..that’s why she began to fall when she crashed..

Sooraj pulled her..

Sandhya:Ouch..kya sir ..can’t u see nd walk..

Broker:oi Madam,,u hit him

Sandhya:arrey uncle ..not me ask him ..he hits me..

Sooraj:leave it,.sorry madam..

Broker:sooraj ..mistake was hers..why u asking sorry?

Sandhya:uncle,.he says sorry..nd iam leaving..i don’t have time to waste..

She was busy in calling someone..


Sooraj:leave it na..u arrange some house for me..

Photographer:Sir wait for two minutes..i will arrange someone..

Sandhya was still calling someone,,but line was busy..

Sandhya:yaar mae kabse trt kar rahi hoon..lekin why it was busy? Is this a caller tune..kya karu..how can i be this much stupid..i arrange for all money in my account..i need to go for bank, nd my interview. ..but now i don’t have money to reach there..how can i give card to Autorickshaw..kuch karo na sandhya.,

Sooraj side
Photographer:(in phone) i will give u 2000 rupees..just one still..

Sandhya heard those conversation..

Sandhya:arrey one still ko 2000 rupees..what kind of still is that,.kahi ye tho..why u confusing urself.u need money now…ask them if u ok with that..just do it nd take money,,

Sandhya came to Sooraj

Broker:kya madam..again want to hit anyone..

Sandhya:neih neih uncle,.i just heard ur conversation..like for one still..2000 rupees..kya can i help u?what should i do? Wo kya hena..i am in need of money now..

Sooraj shocked..

To be continue…

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  1. Fenil

    Good start.
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    Maja aayenga.
    Can’t wait for next.

  2. Nice epi

    1. Farie

      Thank u?

  3. awesome start , it is much different from original dabh , eagerly waiting to read more , update next one soon

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      Thank u dear

  4. Farie

    Thank u..i will post it on Saturday

  5. RadhikaSharma

    Nice story

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  6. Wow very nice dear

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