Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 23rd

Recap :- Naina gets a proposal from a famous Director to sing in his movie , Janki turns Naina out of her house .
The scene begins with Ahil and Naina sitting in the car and Naina look little distressed , Ahil keeps his hand on hers and says ” Why are you so tensed ” , Naina replies ” Nothing , I was thinking whatever you did was right ” .
Ahil replies ” I know it wasn’t right but it wasn’t wrong too , I don’t know what’s the matter with mom and dad”
Naina : Where are we going now .
Ahil : We’re going to our new home .
Ahil drove to their new sweet house . Ahil does the GREH PRAVESH of Naina by picking her up . Then the next scene is shoot during night time .
Ahil himself prepares Dinner . Naina says ” After marriage , A girl has to make food , But here the husband is making ”
Ahil : This is the world’s most unique marriage you know , Here everything is unique
Naina laughs ” By the way this Pasta is so yummy ”
Ahil : Thank god you liked it , Well i forgot to ask what have you decided
Naina : About what !!
Ahil : Will you sing
Naina : I’m afraid of world , And I’m not sure about myself , Sorry I won’t
Ahil : No you’ll sing , Believe me your voice is so soothing , Just for once believe in yourselves and Say Yes !
Naina : I’m still not ready
Ahil : Naina Naina , Please won’t you do this little thing for your husband , Please Say Yes .

Ahil convinces her number of times and Finally she says Okay .3rd Scene begins from Next morning .

RAI’S house …

Riya has squat down beside her bad and she’s quiet , Her eyes are red and swollen . Kamini comes to her and consoles her she says Shell obviously take revenge from Naina as she had ruined her daughter’s whole life .

Then A scene from SINHA’S MANSION IS SHOWN .

Adesh is sitting on the Dinning table , Janki brings breakfast to him and Suddenly News is heard from Television .

News ” SON of richest man , Ahil Sinha , Found wandering on streets with his wife , Naina Sinha , Janki turned them out of the house . What has happened , Why did she did it , Where’s Ahil Sinha right now ”

Adesh says ” See , See we’ve become a Headline , In whole Udaipur we’ve become a joke , Everybody ks talking about Ahil anf his marriage ” , Janki enrages ” What should I do then , You only tell me ”
Adesh gets up and shouts ” I don’t know what to do , I’m leaving ”

Ahil and Naina visits DANGU BHAI , On his set .

DANGU BHAI : welcome , welcome , Hey everyone meet Ms.Naina ….

Ahil : Naina Sinha

DANGU BHAI : Yes Naina Sinha , And she’s gonna Sing for us

Everyone claps loudly .

Dangu bhai , Ahil , Naina sat on lounges .

DANGU : see Guys first we’ll have a little audition for the movie Okay , And you’ll sing that song which you were singing at that time , Okay

Ahil : I’m sure she’ll pass the auditions , But what’s this movie and What’ll she do , Please tell us

DANGU : Good question , So this is a movie about intense love between mom and child and she’ll sing at background , The Lori and we’ll pay her 12Lakhs for this .

Naina : Sir , I’m really tensed I don’t know if I would be able or not

DANGU : Don’t worry , Don’t worry , Go home practice it for some time and then tomorrow we’ll have Audition , Right

Ahil : Fine then , We both will meet you tomorrow .

DANGU : All the best Naina , I’m sure you’ll rock it .

Ahil and Naina comes back home , Naina is then shown sitting tensed , Ahil comes and sit beside her .
Ahil : Naina , Come let’s Practice

Naina : Ahil , I’m very tensed

Ahil : I’m there with you , Okay , Come on .

Ahil hands over Naina her guitar and She sings ..Aa leke chalun tujhko
Ek aise desh mein
Aa leke chalun tujhko
Ek aise desh mein
Milti hain jahan khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhes mein
Milti hain jahan khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhes mein
Pariyon ke bhes mein..
Aa leke chalun …

Then she finishes and Ahil hugs her , He says ” you sung it really well , I’m mesmerised ”
Naina : Really , You’re not saying to please me
Ahil : Not at all , Just waiting for tomorrow.

The Next scene is From SINHA’S MANSION ….

Janki is sitting on Sofa and she’s reading newspaper , Suddenly she hears some crowd chaos outside her house . Janki calls her assistant ” Check out what’s going on there ” . The man goes and finds out ” Janki mam , There’s a troop of media and they want to question you , They’re saying if you didn’t showed up then they’ll Post false reports .

Janki stood up and goes out , The media got insane and they threw a bunch of questions all together .

:- Janki mam where’s you son , Is that true that you’ve turned him out of house
:- Mam , What about your daughter in law , When they got married
:- Is that really true that Naina is blind , Will you accept her ?

Janki : Listen , Please it’s my families matter and I don’t want anyone to intervene in it .

Journalist :- But mam , You yourselves announced in Party that Your son will marry a rich girl , But It didn’t happened

Janki : I’ve said earlier and I’m saying it again , That girl , Isn’t my daughter in law , I would never accept her and that’s it , No more conversation please .

Janki slams and moves in . The next day . Ahil and Naina got ready for the audition . Firstly Naina was little scared then Ahil holds her hand and Says her Best of luck , Naina gave her test and got Passed . She signed the deal to sing in movie . Ahil is very happy , On their way back home , They both celebrated at a Hotel .
DANGU BHAI records the song with Naina. And the song was released on social media and it got many likes and views in single night . It became highest viewed song in few days and now almost everyone knows Naina Sinha , A girl from Udaipur , The best singer ever .

After , Three days , It’s Naina’s first live performance at a show . The hall is full of people of all ages , Everyone is shouting Naina , Naina . Ahil sitting amongst Audience and waiting for his wife to come up on show .

Soon the curtains rises and Naina comes , She’s standing in front of mike .

Naina : Hello everyone , Good evening , It’s my first time I’m standing here , In front of you all, Though I can’t see you all , How many you’re , But still I’m very nervous today , But I’ll try my best .

Naina sings her song , And after her performance a huge and loud applause could be heard .

Naina cries ” Sorry I can’t see what’s the reaction on your faces after my performance but hearing your applause I think I sung well .

Naina : I want to give all the credits to my husband , Ahil Sinha , If he wouldn’t be there in my life , Then I would be sitting there in a room and crying , So please a round of applause for Ahil .

After that for many days the newspapers , Television channels are all flooded with Naina Sinha and Ahil Sinha .

It’s 2 May now , And it’s Naina’s birthday today . To begin the day Ahil and Naina went to temple and then went to meet grandpa . Later , Ahil secretly Plans a birthday Party of Naina . He gives her biggest surprise ever by Saying that he has arranged a donar and She could get an eye surgery . But when Ahil went to His parents , They declined by saying that they won’t waste their millions over this cause . That day Ahil got really shattered and he said from now he would not even ask a single rupee from then he’ll work on his own and earn his livelihood

Then , Ahil starts his own business and becomes really successful . Janki now couldn’t bear the separation , She was day by day becoming jealous seeing Naina rising above.

Ahil and Naina went for a honeymoon to Paris . Sitting warmly in each others arms , Midst of nature , Naina says ” Ahil I don’t want eyes , I’m already seeing this world with your eyes and it’s truly so beautiful ”

Ahil keeps his hands over her face and kisses her forehead ” Everything is so beautiful , This day ,This Place , And you also ”

Ahil brings Naina to a lonely place , It’s a road which is empty , Surrounded by trees on both sides .

AHIL : Naina this is an empty space , No one is here , We’re alone here , It’s a long road

Naina holds Ahil’s hand ” Come let’s run fast and we’ll enjoy ”

AHIL and Naina runs happily . The rain starts pouring and Naina sings :-

Jo dil se lage
Usey keh do Hi, Hi, Hi
Jo dil na lage
Usey keh do bye, bye, bye

Aane do, aane do
Dil mein aa jaane do
Keh do muskurahat ko
Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi

Jaane de, jaane do
Dil se chale jaane do
Keh do ghabrahat ko
Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye…

Love you Zindagi ?]

At the end Ahil wraps Naina in his arms , The rain is already pouring , The climate is chilled . AHIL looks into Naina’s eyes and Kisses her . Then Naina hugs Ahil tightly .

Naina : I don’t know if you would not be there in my life what would I do , I would have killed myself , But you saved me , I don’t know how’ll I repay all this in what manner

Ahil : There’s just one way in which you can repay , Just promise me that you’ll never leave me , you’ll be always with me

Naina : I’ll , Promise me that you’ll never me , I can’t take a single breath without you .

so now I’ve changed the way , I’ve skipped all the boring stuff , Which made me bored too , I want to come on AVNEIL as soon as possible , I love AVNEIL . Hope you aren’t angry with me .If you liked hit ??feel free to comment .Bye ??

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  1. Lucie

    Kira is everything okay? I think u are angry or sad? The episode was really good but ur sadness was somewhere feel able for me. I don’t know what I felt was true or false but yet I will say everything will get alright. Btw the episode was vert nice. And I am happy that u will soon start avniel ff.

    1. Kira

      Ya friend , Actually I was disturbed, Actually I’m sucked between two choices . Leave it , Thanks for ur wishes ….good day ahead ??

      1. Lucie

        I don’t want to interfere as I am not a good adviser but I will just say is that listen to your heart. Secondly, u are first telling friend and then thanks. His is not fair with me. I need justice. So choose only one. And don’t worry much and get disturbed.

    2. Kira

      You had put me again in dilemma , I chose friendship , But I’m very used to say thanks , It makes me feel good , So plz don’t say we’re not friends … ????

      1. Lucie

        I was not saying anything like that. I just replied like that so at least for a couple of minutes u will smile and forget ur worry.

  2. Nice episode didi
    Very fast episode which made me happy
    It seems there is a big twist coming ahead
    Good night

    1. Kira

      Thanks dear ??

  3. AryanBhattacharya

    Good morning di….
    It’s a lovely episode

    1. Kira

      Good morning , thanks?

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