Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 22nd

Recap :- Ahil and Naina gets married , Janki disapproved their alliance .

Naina : Yes , I am blind , But it dosen’t mean that I can’t see love , Love is not seen it’s done by heart and I promise you I’ll try to become a good wife .

Janki raised her hand ” No please, I’ll die , But will never accept this alliance , Never ”

Kamini : Ohh ! all this stupid things could be solved later , But It’s my Riya who should be here , Get out of here Naina .

Janki : Neither Riya Nor Naina could be my Ahil’s wife .

Adesh : You people have already insulted us a lot , Now it’s getting on my nerves . I can’t bear this anymore .

Kamini : I think you’ve forgotten that we’ve your sons pictures intimating with Riya , Now I’ve to take a next step .

Ahil : Yes , Off course , Please call the police so that I can tell them that how you made fake pictures and tried to scam us

Naveen : what ?

Ahil : Yes , This all was a plan I’ve that photographer .

Ahil waves his hands and Abhay comes in .

Abhay : Yes , He’s that man who did all this . Now should we call the police .

Kamini : Please Please don’t call the police .

Naina : I never thought that you could ever do this , Tell why did you did all this

Kamini : Just for money , I was mad , I thought after marrying Ahil my daughter would live a wealthy life .

Janki : Chhii ! just for sake of money you can go this far .

Kamini : Please tell me where’s is Riya ?

Janki : How everything happened ?

Ahil : ( Flashback ) When Abhay was bringing Riya in car , Naina was tracing them in another cab . In midst , Abhay gave Riya some water and she fainted as water was chemically treated and Naina replaced Riya .

Kamini : Please Please give me my daughter back .

Abhay : Wait I’ll call Rahul he’s there with Riya .

Abhay calls Rahul ” Rahul is Riya awaken Now ? ”

Rahul : Bro , A big happening has happened here

Abhay : Rahul what are you saying , Come now , Ahil has married Naina

Rahul : Bahi ! Riya isn’t here

Abhay : What are you saying Ha ?

Ahil : Abhay what’s the matter .

Abhay : Bro , Rahul is saying Riya is not with him.

Everyone gets shocked hardly .

Kamini : What does that mean where’s Riya ?

Ahil : She must be there only with Rahul .

Everyone goes out and sees everywhere for Riya , But she’s not anywhere .

Kamini : Oh lord where’s my Daughter .

Ahil : Rahul , When you’re here with her , Then where she could go ?

Rahul : Actually , While she was unconscious , I left her alone to attend the wedding and when I came back then she wasn’t here .

Ahil : Oh god , The surroundings are so … Where can she be ?

Kamini : This all happened because of you , I’m telling you , Naina if I didn’t found my daughter them I’m gonna kill you with my hands .

Ahil : Don’t worry she might be here only , Abhay call police right now .

Naina broke down : This all happened due to me ? I just hope she’s okay .

Ahil : Don’t worry the police will come and she’ll obviously find her .

POLICE comes and starts it investigations .

Ahil : Mom , Dad you please go home , We’ll handle

Adesh : But why do you want to be here with those people and help them

Ahil : Because you only have told me to be a good person always and help others , Right ? You go and take rest .

Janki and Adesh leaves .

POLICE : we tracked Riya’s phone and last location is the near jungle area , we’re going there .

Abhay : We’ll accompany you .

Ahil : Yea ! Abhay and me will accompany you , Rahul be here with Naina and Pinky keep me updated .

Naina : But she’s my sister , I should accompany you

Ahil : Believe me we’ll bring her back , Okay stay here .

Ahil and Abhay goes with Police , While Naveen and Kamini leaves to look in surrounding areas .

Rahul sobs : This all happened because of me , I’m so careless .

Naina : No , Rahul you’re not at fault okay .

Rahul : No Bhabhi this all happened to me , I destroyed your marriage Party .

Naina : Rahul you’re my good friend , And I know you can never do like this , Believe me , Pinky go and get some water for him .

Pinky goes and gets water , ” Naina is this your phone ”

Naina : No this phone is of Kamini aunty , I remember , It has a metallic cover to it .

Pinky : Ya , I found it fallen near car

Naina : She must have forgotten .

After some times , Naina ” Rahul could you please call Ahil and ask him what’s going on there ”

Rahul ” Yes “, ” Hi Ahil did you got to know anything ” .
Ahil ” Not really much , But yes , A few people saw that a girl was brutally taken in a car through this road and she was shouting , So police thinks it could be kidnapping ”

Naina : what ? What Now ?

Ahil : Don’t worry they’re trying their best .

As soon as Rahul cuts the phone , Somebody calls Naina with an unknown number .

Naina : Pinky see who’s calling me

Pinky : Show me , It’s a unknown number .

Naina : But who can it be

Rahul : Just answer it . Put it on loud speaker .

Naina does as told ” Hello , Who’s this ”

On phone ” Is this Naina Rai ”

Naina : Oh Yea ! who’s this ?

Man on Phone : I’m whom , Whom you’re finding since past hour

Naina : Sorry I couldn’t understand

Rahul : See Man we’re already in tension , Don’t joke tell us what do you want

Man on phone ” I’m the kidnapper ”

Naina : what , What who are you , Where’s my Sister ?

Man : Hey , Hey chill , What do you think I’ll free her so easily , Nay , Then why’d I kidnapped her

Rahul : What do you want , How much money do you want tell us ?

Man : No , No if you want your sister , Then please , Come to the address I’m sending you right now .

Rahul : Ohh Bhai , Listen

Naina : Hey listen , Don’t do anything to her

Man : Don’t worry reach within half an hour and don’t you dare call police with you .

Rahul : Wait I just call Ahil .

The Next scene begins from , Ahil , Abhay and Naina are sitting in the car .

Ahil : What does this kidnapper want

Rahul : God knows , Where are we being called

Naina : And what does he wants from me , He ordered me to come .

Abhay : This is a crazy man , We’ve to be careful .

Ahil : Come let’s see , We’ve reached the address .

All of them goes and knocks the door , Of the house where they’re called.

As soon as Rahul knocks , The door opens itself as if some magical power did so

Abhay : Is this a place where kidnapping can be done or some witches live here and do magic .

Rahul : Oh god save me from bad people .

Abhay and Rahul goes in , Ahil holds Naina’s hand and steps in .

Naina : Ahil is the place really scary , It’s freaking me out

Ahil : Don’t worry and keep holding my hand okay .

Rahul : Hello , We’re here

Abhay : As you said , Naina and Ahil are here but No police

Rahul : Riya , Mr.Kidnapper , Somebody here .

The whole room was terribly dark , Someone from behind that black color spoke ” Welcome to all my dear peoples ”

Man : So want Riya , But promise me that you’ll follow one of my condition .

Rahul : My brother , We’ll give you as much as Money you want .

Abhay : Speak up , Show yourselves .

Suddenly the lights are turned on and Everyone is surprised to see in the front

Rahul : OMG

Abhay: It’s a dream

Ahil : Naina I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now

Naina : Ahil !! Tell me too Na !

Ahil : It’s Superstar DANGU BHAI

Naina : What ! What !!! I can’t believe , Pinch me .

Yes the man is DANGU BHAI – One of the famous Actor , Director from Udaipur .

Ahil : Sir you kidnapped Riya

Abhay : No we’re on wrong address really , He can’t

DANGU :- Oh yes you got it right I did it , Why can’t a famous actor do a kidnapping

Rahul : By the way sir , Can I ask you , How are you feeling after kidnapping Riya Rai , I hope you’re okay

DANGU :- you got it right !! I really remembering my NAINI , after kidnapping her

Naina : But sir , Why did you did it ?

DANGU : I’ll tell you , I did it for Naina , It’s a long story .

Naina : For me sir please tell me ,
Please .

DANGU : Okay , See that long clock back ( Everyone looks here and there ) Guys I mean long time back , I mean a few days back , I saw Naina standing at road , And she sang a beautiful Lori to that crying child

Naina : Oh yes I remember , When Ahil we were going for cricket match

DANGU : That time I was standing near you , But you didn’t noticed and I heard your melodic song , And that day I decided you’ll sing in my movie .

Naina : What No ! No ! My voice isn’t that good .

DANGU : That is why I did it , After that day I was searching you everywhere , I saw your family photo, And in morning beside temple I saw RIYA your sister and then a evil Plan came into my mind .

Ahil : Naina it’s a golden opportunity for you , Say Yes

Naina : No I can’t sing , Please

DANGU : Please don’t force her , I’ll give you a day to decide , Here’s my card , Call me and tell me your descion , Before 4 th may , Okay , Now please take your sister and you may leave

Rahul : DANGU BHAI please keep her with you only

DANGU : Sorry I can’t even think of it , Take her , And I’m sorry .

§ÌñHÄ’§ MÄñ§ÌÖñ

Janki : Ad , Ahil just called , Said They’ve found Riya and he’s coming back .

Adesh : He’s coming Alone

Janki looks into his eyes , Adesh : He must be coming with his wife

Janki : I’ve decided already , She’s not my daughter in law

Adesh : Your consideration dosen’t matters now , You used to say , You use to fly high saying my son , My son will marry the girl which I’ll chose for him , See the reciprocal is happening

Janki : Don’t worry , I’ll do what I’ve said , If I didn’t turned that girl out of my house , Change my name to anything then .

The security guard comes and informs that Ahil and Naina have come .

Ahil and Naina came and stood threshold and Ahil finds The doors of the house closed .

Ahil rings the bell ” Mom I’m here open the door now ”

Naina : Ahil should I ….

Ahil : Shhh Naina .

Janki roars : For this girl the doors of my house would never open .

Ahil : what’re you saying mom , I’ve married her

Janki : It was a Fraud marriage , You lied to everyone there .

Ahil : But I didn’t lied to Naina , We know what we were doing

Janki : Now whatever you’ll say I won’t pay heed , I you enter then set this girl out of my house

Naina : Ahil , I think I should go , Mom is right , This was a Fraud marriage .

Janki : Don’t call me mom , I’m nothing for you .

Naina : Remember aunt we met at Temple once and you kept your hands on my head and gave me blessings that I’ll get my love soon

Janki : That time I was mad , I didn’t knew who you are and it’s my biggest mistake ever .

Ahil : Mom , she’s the best , There’s no one like her in this globe

Janki : I don’t know , Now the doors will open only when , You’ll say I’ll come home alone otherwise it won’t .

Naina smoothly : She’s right ! I don’t deserve all this , We don’t have any match .

Naina steps back ” I am going back ”

Ahil grasped her hands ” No , I have took pledge during PHERE that I’ll never leave your hand , And will always support you ”

Ahil strongly : Okay Mom if that’s your condition , Then it’s mine , I’ll keep my foot in this house only when you’ll accept Naina and Me both as husband and wife , Otherwise I’ll never come back here .

Ahil holds Naina’s hand and took her away to car ” Come let’s go to your house , To our house .

Precap :- Ahil and Naina shifts to new house , Ahil strengthens Naina to say yes to offer and Sing .

  • For curiosity – Will Naina say yes
  • Soon She’ll become famous
  • Ahil has a gift for Naina
  • But something drastic happens with him

If you found any mistake please tell me , And yes I’m planning some names for next NAAMKARAN fan fiction , suggest me some , Like :- Tere dar par sanam , There Sang yara , Ashiqui yeh hai ask etc , Suggest me some titles like these .

Hope you liked it , Put thumbs up ??, If you did , Do comment . Good night ??

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  1. Nice episode didi
    I really like Rahul and Abhay
    And ya for that name mine suggestion is
    Ae dil hai mushkil and any atif aslam song’s title
    Now as Naamkarann is going off air on Zain Sir’s birthday I will may cry and be happy with your ff only
    Good Night

    1. Kira

      I’m very sad and crying too , I don’t want it to off air . Thanks for suggestion

  2. AryanBhattacharya

    Beautiful episode di
    Good night and sweet dreams

  3. AryanBhattacharya

    And about title – aashiyan, humsafar, teri meri kahani, and tum hi ho

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot for suggestions dear ?

  4. Amazing update Kira……
    Happy to see Ahil take a strong stand for Naina…
    and about the title I would like to suggest teri meri kahani….
    UKW KIra…I feel directors of the serial, instead of giving less importance to the main leads should start following the pattern in which you follow by giving each character their own space as much as they need it……and this pattern of yours is what makes people more and more in love with your ffs..
    Keep up the good work

    1. Kira

      A big thanks Rona , Love u loads , And thanks for recommendations too?

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