hi guys this is my first os on raglak,I posted it yesterday but I guess it didn’t came so again posting it.A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR NAMISH TANEJA.,the chemistry that is shining between them nowadays is just commendable.no words to describe it.here we go wid os:

ragini’s pov:
it all started in my 11th grade.evry1 had took their 1st step towards their carrer that is stream choosing and I was one of them,I chose arts coz I had an interest in it.all my frands were in different sections and I was the only one all alone widout any frands in that section.i was an introvert girl so I hardly spoke to people but wid tym I made awesum frands,udita,manvi,sheena and jassie they were my frands and my life revolved around them.evrything was going smooth until he came ,laksh ,laksh maheshwari,a nerd,topper who enjoyed evry bit of his life.i usually don’t talk to boys and that’s wat happened at that tym too.my all frands talked to him which made me sumtym uncomfortable.he shared and gud equation wid jassie and sheena .and one day my uneasiness grew into hate towards him wen my frands ,sheena and jassie moved into his grp ,yes widout saying anything,the frands I thought wud be’frands for lyf’cheated me.but udita and manvi were wid me.wid tym I consoled myself that it was there choice to choose sum1 as frand but my hate towards him didn’t decreased a bit,he always said a hi or hello wen I entered the class ,I don’t know but I sumwhere liked it despite all this.udita was our Einstein who scored top marks in evry subject and was my best frand.one day she was sent for competition wid laksh and she came back dull and gloomy.i asked her wat was the reason ,she told me that he left her alone and didn’t even talked to her and she was there sitting alone.seeing tears in her eyes I jst cudnt control myself and the repo he made in front of me decreased further.he hurted my frand and I cudnt forget it.

Some months passed lyk this and now even stopped saying hi or hello to me I was a little affected but later forgot it.but then again udita was send wid him to a competition,I was hell worried for her this tym thinking of the last incident.but udita assured me that this tym nothing bad will happen.at the day of competition she was sick but determined to go and win.laksh went wid her and I cudnt stop myself of imagning sum bad things.wen they came back udita was smiling a little and she told me wat happened.he,the cod hearted man took immense care of udita ,offered her water and wat not.i was now really shocked,he did this no,that’s not possible but she made me believe it.this sumhow softened my view towards him.now I thought of him as a casual guy but I cudnt match his eyes anytym ,,coz the guilt I had of assuming him wrong dodnt let me.i was always awkward around him.wenever he came to talk wid us precisely manvi and udita ,I always turned to my book and started studying.my frand once told me that he really felt bad that I did this.i told them carelessly that I don’t care but sumwhere in my heart I did felt bad.nut how cud I talk to him,my guilt didn’t let me to.

Wid tym I formed a gud opinion of him seeing him helping evry1 and speaking sweetly.i also got over jassie and manvi’s ‘betrayal’.then I noticed he was always a sweet boy,teacher’s and students favourite,including mine too.he was an entertainer,studious guy,helped evry1 and always smiling.one day I noticed him luking at him and he turned his gaze.for sum days I noticed it and felt really weird but still I was enjoying the attention.i didn’t told this to any1 or wat wud have they thought.but we hardly talked .we were now in 12th and I gradually improved in studies though I was.so now we started talking but I kept it limited to study only.i don’t knew y his presence gave me chills,his gaze with his dark brown eyes jst made me blush hard lyk anything.the final exams came and we all passed our 12th.at farewell we all met again where he was in a formal black suit luking amazingly hot with his body slightly masculine .i was also no less I had worn a light pink saree letting show my waist on which my frands complemented as ‘patakha’.i was blushing hard all the tym his gaze went towards me.i think he wanted to talk wid me but his frands didn’t let him.so I also didn’t moved forward as mainting the image of a shy,introvert but innocent girl.we all now went to our own ways.loosing contacts wide eo and getting busy in our lives to complete our goals.

I was busy in shooting for my serial,yes I work in the tv’s top show as main lead wen I opened my mail box where the message of the alumni meet of our school popped up.all the school moments passed around my mind and I was determined to go taking tym from this hectic schedule.i asked perissioned which I was granted jst for 1 day ,but that’s enogh to catch up wid my old buddies and take a glance of him too.after 6 yrs of school I will see him,wenever the school topic came his image ,his smiling face jst flashed in my ming and I got a little sad always not able to talk to him at the farewell.but now I am completely changed,a naughty,sweet and hardworking girl who is no more an introvert but has turned an extrovert.in tv lines its important to speak for urself or no one will even notice you so I had to.i flew back to my hometown and school,where I guess I was the first one to reach.i met all my teachers who appreciated me for my work and took sum clicks wid me.i was more than happy that I teachers I admired are now adoring me.then I moved to the hall of fame where there were pictures of evry famous face of the school,therei was in my first look of my serial,smiling brightly and beside my photo was his.he was in a formal suit ,I must say he has maintained himself well.beneath the photo it read laksh maheshwari.ias officer.i was extremely happy that he has fulfilled his aspiration to be an ias.then I heard sum sounds behind me and guess wat the moment I turned my frands jst covered me wid their teddy bear hug.we all were extremely happy to see eo after a long tym.we chit-chatted a lot,praising eo,taunting eo,and irritating eo.we all discussed about our lives.my frands were eager to how the industry works,how did I got there and do I have an affair wid my opposite male lead which made me a little furious as he is only my frand.i told them everything.

Then he came ,all same but not at all,his smile was missing,dark circles around his eyes made him look weak but I thought it is all effect of overworking.we all were enjoying the function while at evry short interval I felt his gaze on me,again that gaze but now it was sumthing else,lyk he wanted to say many things but he reid to resist.sum pain he had inside him which also hurted me.we had a distant eye-lock which was a mix of emotions,joy of seeing eo after so may years,appreciating eo from far only,a pain which I cudnt understand,I wanted to talk to him now but didn’t got any chance.he turned back to concentrate at the program while I tried to hide my tears which unknowingly flowed down my cheeks .i rushed to the rest room to handle myself,I cried wat was happening to me,y cudnt I see him in pain,how I know his pain by luking at him from far,do we have any connection??does the feelings which I realized still in me,do I luv him ……….till now??yes wen every1 parted their ways we also did but sumthing changed,now he wont be there to luk at me,sum vaccum filled in our lives.i realized it soon but does he feels the same???i don’t know ,might be he is married now,I cudnt confess my feelings to him.wat will he think?i bursted out crying profusely letting all the pain wash away.i turned to go but still my tears holded me. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder,I turned and found lash standing there wid those painful eyes.i uttered a ‘hi’ sumhow and nothing else.he made me luk into his eyes and held my shoulders.he started saying’ragini u know I wanted to say sumthing to u that day ,our farewell,u know wat??y I always saw u??y I came to talk to udita and manvi??jst for u ,for u dammit.i thought it to be infatuation but wid tym it changed,it changed me,my feelings towards u,I wanted to tell u that I luv u.i luved u from 7 yrs dammit.i realized it wen we were in 12th ,wen u didn’t came in the starting due to ur leg fracture,I felt that u took a part of me away wid you.i felt lonely in this whole world.”and he stopped ,rags was shocked at his sudden confession,she was happy sumwhere that he luved her the same way she did.she wanted to say many things but words weren’t cuming from her mouth.laksh started again”but wat’s the need of all this now as u r in relation wid ur co-actor,I know I have seen it in tv.u know I follow ur serial jst coz I get to see a glimpse of u ,I know now my feelings r jst a waste for u but atleast I will be assured that I told u my feelings.”and he turns to leave.rags shouts from behind only”laksh it was nothing lyk that.i don’t love my co-actor,I have only luved jst one person and that is you.”and cumes running towards him wid tears in her eyes and back hugs him saying”I m sorry for keeping u waiting.but I only luv u and no one else.i luv u laksh,i luv u”.

After the confession my whole lyf changed , we told our parents ,our parents met and discussed about our marriage and I became ragini laksh maheshwari ,wife of my luv,my lyf,my laksh.the feeling cudnt be explained in words .but the happiness that u gave me I wonder cud I get that anywhere ele.u supported me in my carees and encouraged me.we are each other’s strength and I promise I will be ur strength always.

I sat in the garden enjoying my coffee and he walked towards he lawn smiling at me and his gaze still the same,that passion,love and care that I cud see now that I wasn’t able to understand earlier.i now know that meri duniya tumhari aankhon mein basti hain.(my world lies in ur eyes).and he gave me a warm hug and smiled his all time charming smile which steals many hearts but still his heart is wid me.i told him that he is going to become a father and he lifted me in air and twirled me around and hugged me again more tighter whispering a thanks in my ears which made me shy.now our lyf is gonna start afresh wid our new roles,responsibilities and the nishaani of our luv.our baby.

*The End*

Thanks guys for reading this os .i hope u liked it .

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  1. it was posted yesterday fantastic love story happy birthday to Namish

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    Wonderful OS. It was nice how RagLak had successful jobs and each other’s love to complete their happiness. Thank you for writing this ?

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