Aaja tujhko pukare mere geet re (part 1)

A person in a full length raincoat was walking in the heavy rainfall. Thunder was rumbling and lightings were occurring in the night.

The rain was that much heavier that his footsteps were also not even audible to himself but he was walking there in a deserted forest like area having a torch in his hand. The roads of that path were dilapidated and water of the rainfall was getting filled in those gaps on the road.

After a while that person stopped and a loud bolt of lighting came ripping off the sky in two parts which made an image of a big house illuminate in that person’s sunglasses which were hiding his identity.

He focused his torch light on the dingy walls of the house whose cement and paint got eroded in all these years and the bricks started getting visible. He then noticed the big glass windows which had holes in its glass.

In front of that house there was a unweeded garden having an old swing whose rotten wooden plank was attached to long rusted chains. The paint of that swing also got faded. It was moving to and fro itself producing spooky sounds. Rain drops were bouncing on that plank.

He keenly noticed everything from his eyes concealed behind those pairs and smirked seeing that house and took out a gun which was hanging near his waist. He loaded that gun with bullets and carefully held it in his hands having gloves. He then headed towards that house and kicked the door of that house which made the doors to got open wide. As he opened the doors bright light spilled in the whole hall of that house. The curtains started fluttering with the strong gusts of wind.
He made his grip tighter on the gun and checked the whole house. It was fully empty. No one was there. He placed his hand on a wall and started glancing the house but that wall got pushed inside a little.
He found it fishy and kicked that wall making the bricks fell down…
He smirked and said in a haughty way,”Well it was a nice try done by someone to keep it a concealed place. It was not even got noticed in the police raid but nothing can escape from the eyes of the detective Laksh Maheshwari.”

He walked in that secret cellar with his torch and got shocked to see the scene inside.

After few days Laksh and his bestie who is also a detective came to Himachal Pradesh for a mission. They have to follow a foreigner who is a smuggler and then the department asked Laksh to take a holiday for few days so after the completion of the mission they came to the mountain peaks to enjoy the beauty of Himachal.

The sun was coming up clearing the mist as they just reached the mountain peak.

The tourists spread their arms feeling the cool breeze of the mountain. And started glancing the beauty of mother nature which was clearly visible from this mountain top.

Many tourists were there, some where talking in English some were in other foreign languages. They were clicking photographs of the region. A boy was still looking the world from this height lost somewhere in his own thoughts. He was thinking about what he saw in that cellar and then about the nightmares he was getting.
His eyes were tracing the horizon.

He then loudly said,”Laksh..!!!” with wide smile but the echoed sound came,”Ragini..!!!”
Laksh again repeated the same but the voice which came back was ‘Ragini’ only.
“What’s happening?? Why this is echoing as ‘Ragini’??” He said being frustrated.

“Laksh” someone said and Laksh turned to look who is that but then a strong flash came blinding his eyes with a sound of click. He closed his eyes and said”What’s this Sanskar?”
A boy was standing in front of him having a camera in his hand.
The boy i.e Sanskar saw the first boy who was Laksh in his camera only and said, “Lucky smile..I want to click a pic of yours”

Laksh smiled and Sanskar was about to click the picture but this time Laksh heard someone’s singing like voice,”Aaja tujko pukare mere geet re..Mere Mitwa.”
He looked around but found no one.
“What happened Laksh??” Sanskar called him trying to bring him back to reality.
“Did you hear those voice and when I said ‘Laksh’ the echoed sound came’Ragini’ did you notice it??” Laksh asked.
“No it was coming as Laksh only.” Sanskar replied.

Suddenly Laksh started feeling dizzy. His vision started becoming blur.
He hold his head while those song keep ringing in his mind.
A blur memory started clouding up in his mind.
He got a flash like A boy and a girl were standing on the mountain peak.The whole place was engulfed by darkness. Even the stars and the moon also cower behind clouds..

The wind was screaming more than a howl of a wolf as it sighs among the trees!!
Suddenly the rain started falling like ocean is falling from the sky!!
The river in the city started to swell!!
Golden crash of lighting and the booming thunder were creating the night more horrible!

That boy and that girl were having guns in their hands..they were standing there with a smirk on their faces.and suddenly boom..!!
Both shoot each other and
the water of the rain turned red!!!

Laksh became restless and he started taking steps backwards and in the next moment his leg slipped and he started going down in the air.

Sanskar dropped the camera and rushed towards the end of the mountain but Laksh’s leg already slipped and the rest of the work gravity did. His eyes were wide open and in his eyes a girl’s face was getting reflected who was standing in a black colour dress which was flowing along with the high speed wind. She was standing on the mountain peak only.
The wind was wiping the her hairs away from her face,revealing her chiseled features.

Laksh closed his eyelids and that girl’s image got captured in his eyes and fell down.

So how was it..?? This time our Laksh is a detective ?
Now you all think what’s gonna happen??
What he saw in that place??
And what’s about the things he suddenly getting flashes of???

Bye bye
Take care
Happy new year in advance maybe I won’t be able to wish you on time.
May this year bring success and happiness in your lives.
Love you all?????

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