Aaja Sajna ve: Immortal Love (Intro)

Hello guys hii I won’t take ur time by telling u my name. I am writing this new fanfic and I think some ppl lyk Tara Ruchi prapti Nd many more would have guessed…. Hii I am a veryyyy big fan of Twinkle-kunj and tei as most of u are….!!!! Here I am presenting before you a fanfic of two most bful serials small screen ever launched: swaragini and Tashan-E-Ishq. See guys I haven’t seen swaragini as a fan till now so maybe swaragini followers may not lyk me but I will try my best to keep it interesting with twists and turns…..!!!

Characters Introduction:
1) Sarna Family:
Kunj sarna- a handsome guy who has completed his studies from UK and has settled in amritsar
Swara Sarna ( Mukherjee)- small sister of kunj and elder sister of lucky.
Laksha or lucky Sarna(Mukherjee)- smaller brother of kunj and swara.
Manohar and Usha sarna- a very romantic couple who love each other and love their all children especially swara more than their soul.
Mahi: The trio’s sweet little sister
Bebe: mother in law of usha but treats her like her daughter and all children’s grandma..!!!
2) Taneja Family:
Twinkle Taneja- sweet bubbly girl who finds happiness in others . she loves to sing and is learning singing in pursuit of her ambition
Sanskaar Taneja(Gadodia)- Big brother of twinkle and ragini. He love his sisters more than his life. He can do anything for them
Ragini Taneja(Gadodia)- Small sister of Twinkle and sanskaar
Uvraj Taneja: Trios smaller bro very sweet but naughty.
Leela and rt Taneja: parents of kunj sanskaar and ragini
Anita: sister of leela….considers rt as her brother …she loves leela note than herself. She will remain mainly positive.
This story is about 4 families, and it would be rather apt to say of one family coz all the ppl lived as if they were all one. They were Tanejas, gadodias, Sarnas and Mukherjees. The Gadodias and Mukherjees had been best friends since their childhood. Shaurya and shomishta mukherjee and shekhar and janki gadodia have been like family.
Shaurya and shumi(shomishta) had two children: Swara and lakshya. While shekhar and janki also have two children: Sanskaar and ragini. These families have taken house in front of tanejas and sarnas and all 4 know like live each other since 18 years. Tanejas and sarnas r like same family. Rt and leela has two children: Uv and twinkle while manohar and usha also have 2: kunj and mahi. All the 8 children have grown as one family……all parents love all children equally. Swara and sanskaar and lakshya and ragini always remain together. Seeing this and seeing their janmpatrika olaur kundali, they came to know that these two couples were lovers in their previous births. And it will be auspicious to unite them. Thinking this the gadodias and mukherjees tell tanejas and sarnas….who become really happy and this to take permission from elders gadodias and Mukherjee’s leave for their village. Meanwhile unfortunately the plane in which they were traveling crashed and they all died. Thus, tanejas and Sarnas adopted sanskaar and ragini and Swara and lakshya respectively. Now all swaragini have gone to Mumbai to learn singing in VAANI SANGEET KENDRA while sanlak have gone to UK to complete their MBA. Twinkle loves music and she had started learning music since her childhood. Kunj also loves but rock music. All the pairs will come together but not by their heart but by their fortune… My ff will now explore the journey of these 8 love birds!!!
PLOT ENDS!!! I will soon post next part of this ff….by that time stay happy and Plss share ur views!!!!

Credit to: A Twinjlover


  1. Because of my sis I started to watch tasan hey isq but I started to like twinkle by seeing one interview she is so sweet she wish her fans for their board exam and love towards them.and she told tat pls skeep d show but don’t skeep ur studies..if u skeep d show no prb.u can watch later but if u skeep ur studies it’s great loss plsstudy well.so sweet of her now I like so much

    • A twinjlover

      Tbh I only lyk characters kunj and twinkle….. How can a couple be so perfect but in a SBB segment with sidmin they told that they are able to portray their roles because in reality they match 80% of kunj and twinkle……btw thnx for cmmntng!!!

  2. Shivani

    I have guessed who this is and I am very happy to read ur ff… all the best for this ff… it’s really different and interesting!

    • Shivani

      I can easily guess that it’s rakshita as u cmmnted on my ff that u too are planning to write a ff on swaragini and tashan e ishq

    • A twinjlover

      Thanku meenat and rupam….today is my maths test and last one is on Friday and then I will post my ff regularly…..!!!

  3. A twinjlover

    Thanks loveleen…..so sweet of u…no I would not disclose it now…..u just enjoy ff…Nd maybe u can guess my name. ..!!!

  4. Star

    U have tried something that is different from the original.
    Hope it’s interesting throughout the ff.

  5. A twinjlover

    Thanku all of u but i m sorry i can’t disclose my identity though some of u may be knowing……I really want to write this ff as a twinjlover only…..btw Ruchi, Prapti, star,ammu and ff reader. And star I would try to stand on ur expectations…….!!!!

  6. tara

    aha…i knw who is it..somebody who was planning to write a ff combining swaragini and tei..and that someone is none other than my dear frnd whose comment is missing…so all the best for ur ff…lots of love nd yeah i like ur plot!!

  7. Rakshita

    Hello everybody……coz my cmmnt was missing u thght that I have written this ff….u guys are too much….btw twinjlovers this plot is little different…..Nd its second FF on swarangin-twinj combo….so all d best!!! Wish u a real good luck!!! But u guys imagine too much na….?

    • A twinjlover

      Thanks Rakshita. I m happy that u all lyked my ff….Nd guys Plss do not wonder why diff symbols are cmng coz I by mistake used my moms email……its me only…!!!!

    • Ruchi

      Dear Rakshita … You have commented about ur maths exam nd the day in which ur xams r ending in Tara’s ff nd same comment is here but wid a diff name… Plz tell us how is this possible…

      • tara

        haha lol…rakshita i never mentioned its u..have i?? this is called chor ki dari m tinka…nd ruchi good very good point….hehe

      • Rakshita

        So Tara it means that I m not ur dear frnd right…..???? Now its called apne JAL mai fasna…..lol!!!

      • tara

        i see everbody has become detective…bt u are not my dear frnd ur my dearest frnd…samjhi?? btw i knw its u..and i guess of of us knw…so chill…

    • prapti

      rakshita u cmntd saying its not u at 3:28 & notice that d author of this ff replied to u at 3:31…now dear u tell me which cmnt gets posted in just three mins??..hehe I guess u only got stuck in ur net…??

  8. sanam

    the plot is just soooooooooo good
    just can’t wait 4 the episode
    loved it soooooooooo much

  9. A twinjlover

    Thanks sanam and Ruchi u can do that using diff e mail I’d and diff name while cmmntng!!! Sorry I rplird ur ques I knw it!!!

  10. Ruchi

    Hehe Sorry for spoiling ur plan Rakshita…Nd we are also very lucky to have friend like you… 😉 🙂

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