Aaja Sajna ve: Immortal Love (Episode 1)

A girl is shown is heard singing.
“radha ke pritam pyaare….
Radhe ke pritam pyaare…
Chod duniya…chod zindagi…
Usne Tod diye hai rishte saare….
A girl’s lips are shown singing.
“Sindoor sajao na……
Mangalsutra pahnao na….
Oh mere kanha…..pukare Teri radha..
Dil mai run mai tum….meri saanso mai hardum

Ohho…kanha…ohho kanha….”
A girls eyes are shown. It is a scene of a lord Krishna’s temple. She sings and then sits down touching her forehead at Krishna’s idol.

“ puttar tu Bina bhule aati hai ithe har roz”, a lady speaks. “Haan maa….kyunki yahi to mere lite itne salon tak meri inspiration rage hai!!!” Just then a guy comes and he folds his hand and prays. At same time priest comes and “Pata h leela ji aaj kam hai mahurat ekdum pak hai….is samay his mode Ko shaadi hoti h…vo saat janam tak saath rhtein hai” and he asks that guy hold the box of vermilion. He holds box and take some vermilion to put it to god and that time that girl gets up and collides with the guys hand and the vermilion he was holding falls on her head. Without realizing both pray to god while the priest thinks: hey bhagwaan vo joda to ban hi gaya!!!” Both without noticing each other go in different direction. While twinkle turns one of her earnings fall down and that guy notices that. He picks it up and calls “ excuse me miss…” but she goes from there and he also leaves(sajna Ve plays) The girl is shown walking out of temple. She has worn a churidaar suit of black and pink color. She says maa I m getting late for my classes” and leaves.While that guy also come near a car and he sits He has worn red jacket black shirt and jeans. “Omg I m late for my concert again”

Kaun hai Ye dono jinki taqdeer hai Judi……Kya sirf hai sangeetkaron ka rishta …ya degi mohabbat unke dilon mai dastak??? Jis sangeet ji pooja kartein hai Ye dono….kya yahi sangeet layega inko kareeb………..!!

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Guys one thing more, I actually do not at all mind any criticizers…all r free to criticize as well as share ur views. All comments are warmly welcomed and no need to hesitate dear frnds. I would be most happy if I am able to improve my work by ur suggestions. Now I would take a leave from you but I will meet u again tomorrow guys….byee tc…be happy and stay happy???

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  1. Awesome

  2. Guys I forgot to mention…..this is just a promo and not an episode!!!!

  3. Meenat Abubakar

    nice one, though I couldn’t get d Hindi part but still superb. keep on writing dear

    1. Thanks meenat but actually the hindi part is a bhajan or spiritual song of lord Krishna….

  4. Muskan{News reporter}

    nice episode.

  5. Nice ep……it was too short yrr

  6. Nice…

  7. just loved the tag line..awesome..love u muah..

  8. Meenat Abubakar

    Understood, u know am 4rm Africa(Nigeria) so i know less abt hindi, bt stil a very big fan,

  9. Guys it is not a episode it is a promo!!!

  10. Awesome yrr twinj lover

  11. Ok ur promo was very nice ms hide & seek..oopss..i mean ananya,anubha,rakshita & a twinj lover…

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