Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche- a Shraman Ts Part 2


Story continues…..
Shraman comes to college holding hands dat shocks evry1
fb: aftr dat Sumo called Shr as Shr ji bcs he was senior, Suman always liked Shr’s company nd Shr used to get irritate bt kept queit bcs he ws scared of Sumo… He also started calling her Sumo, he had sme fellings fr Sumo bt never understood….
Shr ws doing addabaji with his frnds nd Sumo comes
Sumo: Shr pls come with me to d mall
Shr: ‘being scared nd angry’ Sumo mai a sakta
Sumo:Shr ji pls pls pls….:-(…..
Shr: ok ok u go i will go aftr few minutes
Sumo: thank u, thank u, thank u so much Shravu ji nd kisses on his cheek nd went
Shr gets shocked, surprise, happy nd lost
frnds:’intentionaly coughs to get Shr’s attention
1: oh ho Shravu wo v ji
2: hus-wife ki tarha behave karna
3: nd also a kiss infront of evry1
Shr smiles a bit nd den realises his frnds r watching him
Shr: uh huh….wo kuch v nai tha guys mai av mall ke liya nikalta hu
a frnd:ha ha tu ja apni Sumo ko shopping karwa ne ke liye
Shr blushes nd leavs
all: kuch toh chal raha hai
Sumo buys many things frm mall nd asks Shr to go to a address, de go to d place, Sumo enters d place nd Shr waits fr hr in d car, it ws getting late so he went inside
as soon as he enters d place he sees many old people nd realises it is a old age home
Shr:’in mind’ ye Sumo wrestler yaha kusti larne ayi he kya???
He enters a room nd saw Sumo with old people, d old people’s were smiling nd blessing Sumo, he saw dat Sumo ws distributing d things she brought
Shr: usne ye sab inke liye kharida

he watches dem fr smetime nd went to d car
aftr a while Sumo comes nd Shr started driving, he stopped d car at a isolated plc
Sumo gets shocked: Shr ji y did u stopped d car
Shr got down d car nd opnd d other door: get down
Sumo: did i do smething Shr ji
Shr: i said get down
Sumo gets down d car all scared: nw tell me wat happened
Shr: u brought all dat fr dt old peoples????

Shr: u could have brought things fr urself also den y didnt u buy
Sumo: cs I can always buy thinks fr myself bt de cant buy
Shr gets impressed, suddenly it starts raining, Sumo gets happy nd starts dancing
Shr: r u crazy, u will get ill, get inside d car quickly
Sumo dances nd says: pls Shr ji aftr few minutes
Shr: u r mad nd watches hr enjoying in d rain….. Janan frm d film Janan (pakistani movie) play,….. fr d 1st time Shr felt something fr Sumo, he smiles looking at hr
aftr smetime Sumo cms to Shr (song ends) : lets go
she finds Shr lost so she moves her infront of his eyes nd says Shr ji
Shr comes to senses: ha???
Sumo: lets go!!!
Shr: ya nd gets inside d car de reaches dere respective homes nd Shr sleeps thinking abt Sumo
Sumo remembers kissing Shr’s cheek nd blushes, Sau asmaan plays in bg she falls asleep
fb ends
teacher: Shravan-Suman y did u cme today, I mean u just got married ystrday
Shraman together: sir we didnt come to attend classes bt to invite all on our reception party
Shraman looks at each other nd smile
Shr: pls do come all of u
de takes blessings frm teachers nd leaves

at d reception party:
Sumo was wearing the same lehenga dat she wore in Preekar’s sangeet or imazine she wore d dress she will wear in her reception:-P nd Shr ka v oi
all comes…. D party starts Pushkar ‘cousin of Shr’ goes to stage nd announces: guys party is incomplete without couple dance so I have made couples who will dance:

Me nd my wife Preeti
Vandy bhabi nd Varun vai
Mummy nd papa
chacha nd chachi
Nikita nd Varun
Ariana nd Rishab
Anushika nd Rohit
Farin nd Ali
Marie nd Rahul
Lily nd Rockey
nd most beautiful couple Shravan vaiya nd Suman vabi, taliya
de all dance 1 by 1
Preekar dance on Sunny sunny frm Yaariyan, Vandy-Varun on Disco Diwane frm S.o.t.y.,Kamu-Lalaji on Mai kya karu Ram mujhe buddha mil gaya, Ramu-Nirma on Pyaar hua ikrar hua,Niki-Varun on Pyar ki ye kahani, Aru-Rishu on Soch na sake frm Airlift, Anu-Roh on Tere sang yara frm Rustam, Farin-Ali on Main rang sarbato ka frm P.P.N.H. , Maro-Rahu on Janan Janam frm Dilwale, Lil-Rock on Kala chasma frm B.B.D. nd finally our couple on Kaun Tujhe frm M.S Dhoni…the untold story (just imazine it guys)
Precap: past… Past… Past… Not too fast
1st congrats Maro di, Aru di nd Anu di… Anu di nd Aru di fr completing ur respective ffs nd Maro di fr completing 20 epi
2nd: Anu, Aru nd Maro diko mere taraf se chota sa gift, Nikita di de diya apko apka Varun, Jodi fr completing hr ff nd Lily di missing u
3rd: meri choice phir se badal gayi nw Janan my fav song
nw bye luv u all- Leeti

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  1. Anushika

    Amazing TS…..Wanting to know the past…
    Thanks for adding me in your TS..
    Just to state a fact,My biggest enemies name in Rohit.So as soon as I read this my face dropped.
    Pls post the next part soon
    Lots of Love Neeti Didi..
    Pls don’t call me Didi,am only 12 yrs old.
    Take Care

    1. Neeti

      Thank u di, waise even I am 12 years old, I am turning 13 dis year, so I will call u di, can I? U can call me di also no probB-):-P
      y r u thanking I should say sorry, if I knew I would have never mention dat name, ok now think i wrote Virat, Virat Kohli I will fix it in nxt prt, sry again I wanted to give u a gift bt I am really sry, I am feeling really guilty
      I will post nxt part today kiuki Chuttiya aaj khatam ho jayegi
      luv u too, u too take care- Leeti di

      1. Anushika

        No need to feel guilty, it is completely fine..Doesn’t matter,Don’t know why but I was imagining Virat Kohli only.So No worries…..
        Lots of Love.
        We both can call eo Di….
        When is your b’day??
        Take care
        And where do you live

  2. Nikita

    I love you so so so much for this..
    I mean, me and Varun, dancing on pyar ki ek kahaani..
    You guysss arre so sweettt..
    Oh my god I love you so much
    This was the best gift ever!
    Awwhh!! <333
    Waise the Two-Shot was amazing…
    Loved it so so much!
    Love you!

    1. Neeti

      Hai re meri Niki di ap mujhe aise thank u bol rahe ho jaise maine apko jannat dai dia aur waise v ap mujhe paraiyo ki tarha treat karna band karo, kya me parai hu, di apne mujhe paraya bana diya;-(;-(;-(;-(;-(
      thank u di
      nd ye two shots nai three shot he:-P
      luv u too

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey neeti !!! This one was awesome ???????
    Nd m soooooooo happy that u liked janaan song from our industry … that’s soooooo sweet of u .. ?????
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

  4. Loved it

  5. Y.balamirra

    Nice neeti

  6. Loved it. It was too good. ?
    Janaan ? I love that song.
    Post soon. Take care ?

  7. Ariana

    Omg Neeti my sweetheart thnks soooooooooooooooo much! 1stly for the gift 2ndly for a wonderful shot. It’s brilliant!!! How’s ur studies going? Best of luck!!!!
    Huggies n kissies
    Loads of love n blessings
    take care

  8. ???????
    Its a very nice ff…
    Wt a sumo..
    Wt a sumo..

  9. Amazing one waiting for next part eagerly ????

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