PARY 2 AAJ JANNY KI ZID NA KARO Rads took him to bed nd layed him n sat beside him by caresing his hairs ,arjun swiftly held his waist in a hugging posture and placed his head in her lap,she was rubbing her back n pampering him,placing soft kisses on his temple and on top of his head n slept in that posture after a lot of struggling,but rads was still awake thinking about all the happenings,but suddenly arjun was trembling in his sleep.his forehead was full with sweat beads and was mumbling somthing,rads understood it …a nightmare, she shook him gently calling his name,n he woke up still tremling,chanting dont leav me,plz dont leav me having tears in his eyes rads calmed him by hugging n after some time broke hug n cupped his faceby looking straight into his eyes she mumbled never i will never lev,arjun found some pain n reality in her hazel brown glassy eyes with in no time he claimed her lips ,it took some time to realise wat is happening with her,her brain tried to rebel n resist but her heart empowered and she went with the flow,melting in his warmth,her mind was warning her but she was helpless enough to protest,he was still warming her with her painful emotions,n probably he was not in his senses unaware of what is going on ,what he is doing in verge of soothing his perturbed soul,he was marking a pure soul which was handling him within herself unconditionally,selflessly,profitlessly,which is pure feeling and solely LOVE,n what more LOVE can be,going to any extent just for the sake of a contentment on his face,n thats it,n she lost herself in him aware of the incomming circumstances ,all allegations n what not with the rise of next sun,but somewhere deep she was satisfied atleast she bears the potential to pacify his love,what if she could not get love from his side, atleast she could ease or lessen his pain,he might regret this night later,but she fullfiled requirements a love can demand, After that he slept there in her embrace,but sleep left far away from her eyes ,she was crying with unknown tears ,unable to decide whether they wereof happiness or of lamenting over storm standing at door the next morning, then she calmed herself n cuddeled his sleeping posture keenly observed his gloomy face,it is said that an eye on your beloved ones face n you forget what ever pain you own,she smiles a big one in between her ters ,by seeing his face a bit relaxed, n she mumbled “any thing for u my love”… few mins to sunrise arjun mumbled radhika n radhika assured him her pressence …he was some what confused n perplexed trying to remem,ber night happenings,rads understood what he is upto she stood up straight n spoke having her back facing his front u freshen up i’ll prepare ur coffee n left room with out turning n waiting for his reply…. NOW he was joining dots ,remembering all he could n here in kitchen she was crying with hiccups n pain n what not,then maintained a calm posture n moved to his room with a coffee tray n with making any eye contactput it aside on table, said ;u r still in bed come get up u sleepy head. trying to sound as normal as she can, he kept the covers aside n begin to stand but he cant he stumbled,it seemed as his strenght is sucked up, he is lifeless know she supported him n made him sit in bed n walked towards washroom n after some time came back having towel and paste n some other bottles with her,firstly put a towel around his neck n brushed his teeth n wiped with tissue n handed him water to wash n then with a wet tissue she was wipping his dry teared face nd shved his beared by sitting in his lap n then took his clothes from cupboard nd changed his clothes and combed his hairs ,arjun who was show some regretty face was melting with his care and affection may be reviewing on his conclusions, Rads now came from kitchen with hot soup and start to feed him he took spoon from her n fed her too… rads who parted her lips to say somthing was shushed by arjun n he placed a chastise kiss on her forhead…. This all was witnessed by a pair of red teary eyes standing at the door step of room sam..yes sam gave a clapping sound n ironcoated words hit both rads n arjun who stood froze n startled by sudden accusation…. sam; so Mr.Mehra and MIS MIshra or rather I should say mr. n mrs. mehra u own good acting skills…rads begin to say somthing but arjun gestured her to stop.. ARJUN:now y da hell u r here after doing all filthy things with your boyfriend SAM; oh wow, you cant escape by putting blame on innocent and enjoing first night here….have u become bored of me…n you hypocrate traitor you keep an innocent face but behind that u r a witch… arjun could not take it more n bursted some curses and sam ran away unable to bear his betrayal n harsh words…on the other hand rads was sitting silently without muttering anything…not even tears were flowing ……………. thats it for today just 2 ,3 shorts more….plz coment n share ur views with me….they really means alot to me….although i cant repply them but i read each of them….thanx all of them who comented previously…m really very sick high fever n flu cough what not eyelids are heavy with sleep but still typing for just ur sake….dont forget to coment m ur alizey aka alex….n do pray for me….bye…t.c…n bear with my typos n gramatical errors…thanx

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