Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 9)

Hello friends I’m back after a week.. I know many of u is angry on me. But I’m happy some of u support me. I had changed little bit of story hope u like it. Now no more bakwass.. ? let’s start the part..

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Another Beautiful morning, sun Ray’s disturbed my sleep. I found myself in his arms. I was fixed in his arms so tightly, I tried to move. He woke up and cupped my face.

“Jaan, now r u OK.?”

“I’m fine hubs. ”

” u don’t think about that it’s just a bad dream.”

” hubs what’s dream.??”

“Shona, a hour ago u screamed, u saw a dream. ”

“I didn’t remembered it” I tried hard to recall.

” it’s OK. It’s good to forget bad dreams. Now u take bath. I have made breakfast for u.”

I was sitting there, what was that dream?

“Jaan come na. Else I’ll pick u in my arms. ”

“Hubs, I’m coming…”

I was taking the shower. I looked towards mirror. “My marks are faded they r completely gone away. All thanks to this tube. Only one day left hubs then I’ll make u happy. Tomorrow is very special day.” I came out of bathroom and then I opened the Almera I was about to select the sari then hubs hugged from the back. Nuzzled his nose on my hairs.

“What r u doing hubs?”

“I’m loving my jaan. Shona don’t wear sari today.”

“Then what to wear hubs..”

He whispered in my ear..” Nothing “I was blushing??. He turned me.” Shona tell me na ”

“What hubs..”

“Why r so beautiful? Every time I look towards u I fall for u. Tell me how can I wait for one more day?” I was liking his sweet torched. But suddenly I felt to vomit.. I ran towards the washroom.

“Omg what is happening? I think may be I. No no this can’t happen I can’t be pregnant..”? I washed my face. I was trying to give my self false assurance.” No shona nothing will happen. I’ll check it my self. But what if hubs came to know about it.” I was badly sweating.?

“Jaan r u OK.. Open the door.” He was continuously beating the door. My tears was continuously flowing this guit was killing me day by day. I attained some courage and opened the door and hugged him.

“Hubs. ” ?

“Shona Y r u crying? Sssh. R u OK !! Let’s go to hospital..”

“No..” How could I go there. ” hubs I’m fine. ”

“Jaan it may be food poisoning.. We have to check it ”

” nothing to worry hubs. I’ll manage I was tensed due to baba that’s why this happened. U don’t worry. U r getting late for office. ” I was trying hard to keep truth away from him.

“R u sure jaan ”

“Ya hubs” I kissed on his cheeks. “I’m perfectly alright.

After hubs left for office, I went to chemist shop. Asked him for test kit.

” swara ohoooo good news.. I want party from sanky.” Offo this rajat what if he told to hubs..

“No rajat this not for me. It’s for my friend. She is very shy. ”

“I think that friend is kavya right. ”

“Ya, but how do u know?”

” just guess swara. OK take care..”

“Okay. Rajat bye. ”

“Swara but soon, I want a good news from u both. I want to become uncle.” He smiled. I left from there. Just then someone hold my hand.

“Wao shona, pregnancy test kit. Good news but who is the dad of this child” ragini asked me sarcastically

“I’m not pregnant ragini” I was very nervous.

” I’m not fool like rajat swara. This innocent face can only fool sanky not me. I was better than u. I was always, don’t know Y he choosed u.” Now this ragini also want my hubs..

“Ragini I think u should keep ur concentration on ur husband not mine.”

“Soon he will leave u when he will came to know ur reality.”

“He will not. He loves me a lot. His whole world revolves around me.”

“Till how long shona. I was waiting when truth will revel. On that day my sis kavita would be at ur place. She is best for sanky. What if I didn’t get him. But my sis will get her love.” Everyone was planning to separate us.

“He is mine, i love him. U and ur so called sister I’ll kill her if u will try to snatch him. ”

“Swara. Where this love went when u sleep with sahil. When u sold ur virtue to sahil.” Just then someone slapped ragini.

“Enough ragini, if u said a word against bhabhi I’ll forget that u r my wife.” Lucky supported me.” Bhabhi r u OK.”

“I’m fine. “I just smile.

” u r slapping ur for this cheap women. How can u lakshaya? Oh I got it. U also had spend night with her. ” lucky again slapped her

“One more word, ragini against my bhabhi I’ll divorce u.” Ragini left in anger.

“Bhabi come I’ll drop u.”

“I’ll manage lucky. I think u shouldn’t tell this to ragini. She is ur wife.”

“Hahah.? my so called wife? She doesn’t love me. Do u know bhabi Y she married to me? Because she was unable to get Bhai.”

“But u love her, lucky.” His eyes were filled with tears.

“Ya bhabi this stupid heart loves her madly that’s why I’m enduring her this idiotic behavior. Leave it bhabhi u tell me about ur self.”

“What to tell lucky, I’m good.”

“Bhabhi Y were u trying to kill yourself on that day.”I was blanked to answer this question.

” woh lucky, I can’t tell u.”

“It’s OK bhabi, but if any problem just remember me. And I’ll not tell Bhai about it.” With this we left for home.

Swara’s POV ends….

Sahil’s POV…

Swara, swara u r my life. Don’t know how long I have to bear this separation. Life is very complicated. I still remembered my school days. Me, sanky and ragini were the best buddies. But I and ragini was more than a friend. She was the most beautiful girl in our school. She was my girlfriend, everyone in the school was jealous of us except sanky. But after u come shona everything changed. Our first meeting.

“Excuse me where is principal office” I turned back I was shocked to see such a beautiful girl.


“Excuse me I’m asking something.”

“Come I’ll take u. ” sanky came between us.

But that time I didn’t thought that sanky would permanently stole u From me shona. After ur arrival I started ignoring ragini. I started to loiter around u. Kavya helped me.

“Shona this is sahil my friend.”

“Hi ” what a sweet voice.?

“Hi I’m sahil. Swara shall we friends.”

“But I don’t know u” omg so innocent girl.

“Friends of friends na. And u r friend of my two friend sanky and kavya. So.. ”

” okay ”

“So friends shona” she smiled.

Ragini started to feel jealous of shona. But I didn’t care because in that time my full concentration on U shona. But I hate sanky whenever u both were together for that stupid chemistry project. I was full of jealousy.

“What is this sahil? Y r u ignoring me?” Ragini was hell angry.

“Don’t irritate me leave my way.” Now her beauty didn’t matter for me.

“Sanky loves her sahil. She never be your’s.”

“What!!!! R u serious”

“Ya he told me. U won’t believe let’s come with me.” She took me to canteen.”see them.”

“Sanskar, eat this na ” she was feeding him. And sanky was busy in doing the report.” Offo enough work eat na”

“Just one line left shona. It almost completed”

“No I don’t want to listen anything. Eat na..” She forcefully feed him.

“Shona, u r too much. See this I completed also.”

“I know sanky U r soo intelligent ” with this she was pulling his cheeks.” Cutiepie? sanky ”
“I’m not cute.”

“U r.. Cute cute cute… Cutest in this world. ”

” no I’m not.”?

“OK then I’m leaving.. ” she was about to leave sanky hold her hand. ‘How dare he touched my shona ‘.

“OK I’m cute now Happy. ”

“Yup.? now let’s submit the report.”

“No, sanky mam was not in cabin she went. ”

“OK then we will submit it tomorrow. Now let’s go outside.” They moved outside and we followed them. The sit under the tree.

“sanskar.. ”

“Ha shona… Bolo”

“If u would marry someone then how will u call ur wife. I mean u will call her by name or some especial name.”

“Hmm. Why r u asking this.?”

“U just answer na. ”

“I will call her jaan. Because she will be my life. ” idiot sanskar flirting with my girl.” How will call ur future husband.. ”

“I’ll call him hubs.. It’s sounds sweet. Hubs and jaan. Hehe ? ”

“Then become my jaan.” I was shocked to listen this and swara too. He was directly proposing her. Swara was looking towards him.

” I was just kidding shona.don’t take it seriously. ”

‘cheapo sanky, shona slap him’ they were continuously talking.

“Sanskar I’m feeling sleepy..?”

“Shona then sleep on my shoulder. ” she slept.

“Now u satisfied sahil. See sanky and shona. No no jaan and her hubs. ” ragini taunted me.

“No ragini shona doesn’t love him.”

“Not now but in future it may be possible.” I went from there. Their flashes were continuously coming on my mind. But this all crossed limit on project submission day.

” swara and sanskar made the best project report. ” mam announced .shona was very excited. My cute shona.

“Yeppi.” In excitement she hugged sanky. ” sanky we did it. Love u. U r so sweet. ” all students were staring them. Even mam too.

“Shona, everyone is staring” sanky tried to handle the situation but I know in mind he was very happy.

“Oops, sorry!!!” Everyone is laughing.

“It’s OK swara. ” mam said.

After that incident everyone started talking about them.

“Sahil, do u know new rose and Jack of ur school” rajat asked.

“No ”

“Stupid, our sanky and swara. ”

“Shut up.” ??

“Sahil, u forget about her. Everyone is saying that they r in a relationship. And not only this some r saying that they had crossed all limits” I slapped him.

“She is my girl. It’s all lie. I’ll prove it.”

“Haha? sahil. U just loiter around swara and sanky had done his work. He marked her his. If u won’t believe me then see her lips. Her neck, hands everywhere sanky left his love marks on her body. Our class girls told me this.” with this he left.

I searched them all over the school they finally find them. Under the tree. Sanky is applying lotion on her lips. And she was crying. How dare this sanky to touched her. I was burning in jealousy.

“Shona,” he wiffs on her lips ‘ how this happened.?”

“Baba slapped me hard and I fell down on the corner on desk. ”

“But Y ur baba slapped u.”

“Sanskar” she was crying and hugged him.” Baba thought we have a affair. Baba beat me with belt. ” she was just crying. How could he hurt my shona .she showed him Her marks.”see this sanskar it’s paining.” Sanskar touched her wounds. “Aww, ” she cried. At that time I just wanted to hugged u shona.

“Then shona don’t talk to me.”

“Sanskar, but we r not worng. ”

“But shona. ”

“U want to leave me in pain. U don’t care for me “?

” shona, it’s not like that. ”

“Then apply lotion on my wounds. “He applied it on her body. On her legs. ‘How could u allowed him shona to touched u. Asked me I’m here for u’

” sanskar, here also.” She slightly slided her skirt. Sanky was whiffing on her wounds. I was clearly seen both of them r loosing their control. Sanskar was staring her, he slided his hands on her thighs. “Is it paining shona”. She nodded yes. With this sanskar kissed on her thighs over her wounds. She closed her eyes and clutched the grass. My jealousy, anger now reached to high level. If I had a gun, then I would shoot the sanskar.

” sanskar, when u kissed. I felt something. From my navel to below. Some current is moving in body. I liked it. Do it again” ‘no shona please don’t .’ sanskar started to kissing her thighs. Her closed eyes showed her pleasure. She dug mud, and grass from her nails.

“Sanskar I am not able to handle this, what is happening to me.” Sanskar stopped and looked at her eyes. His condition were also same.

“Shona, it’s done.” His chocked voice clearly indicated me that what emotion were flowing in his mind.’ I’ll kill him if he did anything with her.’ But swara hold her hand.

“Sanskar one place is left.”

“Shona I have applied, everywhere .”

“No, one place is still left.” I was seeing her desires on her actions.


“My back, baba’s belt hurt me mostly there.” With this she started opening her buttons. My mind was just saying ‘no shona don’t do this.’ But I was lucky shona opened two buttons but when she moved to third one sanky held her hand.

“Shona, please don’t do this. It’s worng. We have to control ourselves. We have to stop here” she hugged him.

“Sanskar, I’m sorry it just happened. Don’t know what happened to me.” Their closeness burned my heart.

“Don’t be sorry, I was also losing the control. It’s common in this age. It’s happens”.

” this is first time, something like this happened to me.”

” same with me. Swara I didn’t felt this way for anyother girl except u. ” he looked at her eyes and moved closer to her. ‘His blo*dy sanky trying to kiss my girl’ but I was lucky at that time Bell rang.

“Shona, I think we should leave u close ur buttons.” I also left from there.

“Sahil now this is more than enough. Now this sanky crossed his limits. I don’t trust him don’t know if he did something with swara. I can’t let this happen.” Then a thought an evil plan. I told shekhar uncle that sanskar is misguiding swara. All the rummers helped me. Rajat and two girls became my witness. RAM parshad and shekhar Gadodia are business rival.

“What! My shona gave her virtue to that sanskar.. How could she I’ll not leave her.”

“No, uncle, if u beat her. She will leave u.”

“Now what to do sahil beta. Now who will marry this impure girl. She ruined my reputation.”

“Uncle u r my father friend and u r like my papa. Baba I’ll marry shona. Now she is my responsibility. I’ll take care of her and show that sanskar his right place.” Shekhar uncle hugged me.

” thanks, beta I don’t know how thank u . first ur father helped me now u.”

Shekhar uncle ordered swara to be with me. I did same in sanskar’s home. I told RAM uncle that shekar was using her daughter against u. My planned worked. Sanky also kept distance from swara. I declare her my girlfriend. .

“Ragini now our relation have no future my dad fixed my marriage with swara it’s better for u to choose sanky for u.” Then Ragini started to spend more time with sanskar. And she started falling for him. My life were all sorted. I got swara and sanky went away from our life

“Rajat now u see. Swara is mine. ”

“But, what is this sahil. She never allows u to come near her, u even didn’t kissed her. Sanky did everything with her but u not.”

“I’ll kiss her. U see.”

I take swara in the same place where used to go with sanky. I hold her hand but she tried to withdraw it.

“What is this swara, I’m ur boyfriend. Even baba accept our relation then Y u didn’t allow me to hold ur hand.”

” sahil, I’m sorry. Y u bring me here ” how innocent. I cupped her face.

“Swara, being ur boyfriend. I want something from u.”

“What” she inquired.

“A kiss. Please don’t deny me.”

“Sahil, it’s worng.” I placed my finger on her lips.

“Swara, it’s worng with me. But with sanskar it’s right. ”

“What r u talking sahil. I never kissed him.”I slapped her.

” shut up, I saw everything. On that day that blo*dy sanky kissing ur legs and ur enjoying. U even ready to open her dress before him.” I pulled her hair hard.

“Sahil, please leave me it’s paining.” She was begging to me.

“Swara, u wanted him to touch u at that time if he loved u then U r ready to endure his rough pain on ur soft body. My touched is hurting u. Tell me.” She pushed me.

“Don’t u dare to touch me. It’s my life. Sanskar is better than u. At that time it was just a mistake.”

“Now complete that mistake with me and swara it’s right also ur father trust me. And also he fixed our marriage. Let’s do it now.” She slapped me.

“How cheap.u r . if baba didn’t force me I’ll not even talk to u. ” and she left.

“This it swara u r not ready to kiss me. Now u see how I’ll enjoy ur body. I know sanky didn’t touched u. Because u and ur body alwyas belong to me. I mixed alcohol in her drink, in farewell party. But my plan failed when swara kissed sanky. This news spread all over. I told shekhar uncle that it’s all sanskar’s plan. Shekhar uncle badly beat swara. Her condition were became pathetic. She even didn’t able to walk for two days. Sanskar also get punishment from his parents. Shomi aunty took swara to hospital and sujata aunt took sanskar. And from there both of them eloped. I know if shekhar uncle complaint then my name also came because it was me who mixed alchol.

” uncle don’t complain. She will soon come because how they will survive without money.”

“But beta she is my daughter”

“And I’m ur son. U trust me baba. Then don’t worry baba I’ll bring her. I promise.” And he agreed.

RAM uncle was hell angry. He declared that now he had no relation with sanskar. Everyone left their hand. I searched them then i found them atlast in the railway station. Swara is sleeping in sanskar’s laps.sanskar held her tightly in his arms. A blanket wrapped around them.

After sometime sanskar went to buy some food then I went towards swara.

“Shona how’s u?”

“U go away from here. ” she started pushing me.” I mixed alchol in my drink I know. Because of u we are here. U told everything to baba”

“Swara, I’m sorry. I mixed alchol in ur drink. I want to kiss u. But swara I didn’t tell anything to baba.”

“Go ”

“Shona, come with me”

“I don’t want to listen u. Now I only trust sanskar he is with me, now I’ll not leave him.”

” swara I’ll help u. ”

“Sahil what r u doing here? Go away u had already ruined our life.”

“Sanky I came here to correct my mistake. U both come live in my guest house.”

“No I don’t want ur help.” Swara was hell angry with me.

” sanky, u understand. Look at her condition. How badly her father beaten her. Now this cold what if something happened to her.”

“I said no..” Swara was not ready to listen me.

“OK sahil. We will come. ”

“But sanskar, how can u.”

“Shona, nothing is important than u and also our board exam is after a week. Swara we need this and sahil this is the rent of ur house.” He gave me some money.

They were started living together, lucky gave him financial help. I was burning in fire of jealousy but I controlled my self. After our exam.

“Swara now how long u both were living together. Now I think we should.”

“Sahil I’m marrying sanskar.” My heart broken down in to pieces.

“What swara!! How can u I mean we both were in the relationship and u don’t even love him. U eloped with him because ur father beat u.”

“Ur right sahil. I wasn’t love him. But ..”

“Swara did he touched u. U slept with him. I know swara but I don’t care I’ll accept u. I will not change my love for u.”

“Sahil enough. He didn’t touched me. He loves me I’m everything for him. U know what, I wasn’t love him I eloped with him because I wasn’t able to handle my parents toucher. Bug now I love him. Ye sahil. I LOVE SANSKAR. He is my life.”

“Swara. How can u ” I wasn’t able to handle it.

“Sahil u r invited in my marriage. I m marrying him in my 18th birthday tomorrow. ” she left.

Someone knocked the door.

Flashback ends..

I opened the door it were rajat and Tanya.

“Sahil this is the medicines.”

“Thanks, rajat ”

“Sahil, u r great U know swara again came here to buy pregnancy kit.”

“Rajat, it’s none of ur business”

“But sahil why she again came to buy this.”

“Because she forget rajat. It’s all the side effects of these medicines. Not only this she herself forget most of the parts of these 5 weeks. ”

“Rajat I think u should leave” Tanya told.

“Wait Tanya, sahil u enjoyed ur night with swara when will u allow me. On that day u also stopped me. From touching her .now I can’t wait .” this cheap rajat

“Rajat u stay away from her. Don’t u dare to touched her.”

“She is a public property, she started doing this from school life first sanky now u tasted her. Now it’s my turn.” I slapped him..

“Don’t u dare to say a word, I love her. She is mine.”

“Don’t fight guys” Tanya tried to cool down the situation.

“Sahil u will pay for it. I’ll not leave u. U r fighting with fir me for that impure girl.” He left.

I felt bad listening his words.

“Tell her the truth sahil. Till how long u will hide this truth. ”

“Tanya I’ll not tell her.”

“U haven’t seen her condition she cursed herself. Tell her sahil that u didn’t touched her. She is pure. Only sanskar’s swara.”

Hope u like the part guys.. Sorry for any mistake.. Ur friend nilu?

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