Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 8)

Hello friends im back with another chappy .. Hope u all miss me. But don’t bash me after reading this part. Please??.. Now start without wasting ur time..

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Don’t know when I slept. Sun had also arrived to my room. “Mumma.. Mumma…” My babies called me.. They were going far away from me. “Wait babies mumma is coming.. ” they didn’t listen. They were running, “baby careful u will fall down”. They were very stubborn they didn’t listen to me and they slipped.. ” baby” I cried. With this my dream broke. But reality was also same. I reminded all the things… ” swara how can u be so stupid how ur child die due to knitting sweater. Sahil is making fool of me. How can u trust him. But Y he would lie to me. U have to confirm everything from doctor. ” with this I left for hospital, without taking breakfast.

“Today everything will be clear shona, u r not a bad mumma. ” I was mumering to myself. Just then I saw a man is shouting on a girl.

” please don’t leave me, “the girl was begging.

” this is our divorce papers leave me Tanya, I can’t leave with murder ” the boy was continuously roaring on her.

” rajat, I can’t leave without u. Please ” I was shocked to see rajat. And who was that girl with him.

“It’s over Tanya..”he left. She was crying. I came towards her.

” hello, who r u? And how do u rajat?”

She was continuously crying. ” please take me somewhere else.” She said. I took her to a park.

” tell na, how do know rajat?”

“I’m his wife. Tanya KAPOOR.” I was completely shocked.

” but..! How? I mean when did he married to u and Y he is leaving u..I can’t understand anything “.

” we married a month ago our parents were not ready for it. So we eloped. ” she was very much hurt” I was pregnant. But I lost my child. ”

” but how”.. I was curious to know about it.

” few day ago I came to know about it. So I thought to knit a sweater for my kids but they died due To it. ?”

“What!!!?. ” she did the same thing.

“Swara, he left me alone. Now u tell me where to go. No one is with me. Now he is marrying to another girl. No men wants to live with a girl who killed his baby ” am I dreaming or what .

“Who r u? How do u know rajat. ” she asked.

” I’m swara,he was my classmate and my husband’s friend. But Tanya r u sure that u lost ur child because of knitting “..

” ya, but Y r u asking this” I told her everything.. ” Tanya I think I should consult to doctor ”

” nooooooooo.. Swara u can’t do this. She will tell everything to ur husband. And he will leave u ”

” no he won’t. Because he loves me.” I was damm sure .

” rajat, too loved me but he left. Swara ur husband will do the same, u first have some water” she give me water” thinks about my words. What will u do if he left u? Can u see anyother girl with him.”

She was right. I started trusting her. I can’t live without him. “OK I’ll not tell anyone anything. Tanya now where will u do ”

” u don’t worry sahil is coming he is my very good friend. Like u he also helped me. Swara trust him. He is a nice guy. Now u go. ” I came back to home.

‘Am I really the murderer? What kind of mother Am I? I don’t deserve to sanskar, I only deserve punishment. But this heart is really selfish hubs. Who doesn’t want to live without u’ when I reached to home. Another surprise was waiting for me baba was standing there.

“Baba” my eyes were filled with tears.

“Shona, ” he hugged me” I’m sorry shona I left u alone. I was angry with u. But I forgave u for all ur stupidity. ”

“Really baba” I was very happy.

“Ya shona, ma is waiting come pack ur bags.”

“What baba what r u saying? Y I pack my bag?”

“Shona, I know u lost ur babies. That bastared sanskar forces u to abort ur child. I know he only used ur body he never respect u. Come shona no need to stay here anymore”

“Baba, Ya I lost my babies but hubs doesn’t force me. He even doesn’t know about it. I lost my babies because I knitted the sweater”

“Oh,my shona how much innocent u r. Shona don’t lie to me for him. Let’s go” he grabbed my hand. And pulled me. But I stopped him.

“Baba, I can’t. He is my life”

“Shona, u love him. But he is only enjoying his night with other girls ”

“Baba enough. I think u should leave” I was rude

“Shona, I know u r not believing me but soon I will show the proofs then U have to divorced him.” With this he left. I don’t believe him.

With the end of 2nd week hubs daily used to call me I tried hard to hide my sin from him. I also took my medicines so that my pain will cure. Not only this now-a-days my desires were also increased. I m badly missing him. I was missing my hubs love, his touch. Whenever these desires were in peak level. I took the bath and came out. I opened my towel and wore his shirt . every day I did this I tried all his shirt which he wore during our intimacy. I laid down to bed.closed my eyes. Slowly slowly undo the shirts. I touched my thighs where hubs used to give me his sweet massage. I roamed my hands over my belly, then then feel his kisses on my navel. Then I moved upward to his favorite places. The locus of feelings and intrusion. I touched my bosom, I felt his sweet torched. “Shona they r very beautiful. Their pleasuring curves . I love them” His words were echoing in my mind. The way he took them inside his mouth, his wild kisses and love bites. ‘ hubs this heart wants u, i want u badly.Come to me ‘ my desired flowwed out. I felt him inside me. I clutched the bed sheet. “Hubs..”

Was I doing right? I lost my babies but still my mind is thinking of making love. I took meditation but still no use.. They became out of control whenever he talked to me romantically. My condition was vulnerable. With this the worst day of my life came. Hubs called me.

” how’s my jaan?”

” pathetic “ dying for him from inside.

” but I’m all good. U know jaan there is lot of beautiful girls there, very beautiful. ” ?

” R they beautiful than me.” this heart ache whenever he praise other girls.

” hmm.. It’s tough jaan u always wear simple clothes, but they r in short dresses.. They r quite hot ”

” and me “ I was completely felt ignored by him

” u r sweet, but one can’t take their eyes from them..”

” hubs, please don’t look at them, when u come here I promise I’ll become like them, I’ll also wear short dresses ” I couldn’t allow anyone to take him.

” oh really what will u wear ”

” anything u want but please don’t look at them..”

” I don’t want u to wear anything when I’m near u ” with this my desires increased more and more.

” hubs…but ”

” sssh shona, r u missing me ”.

” yes..” ‘I badly want u hubs. I became mad without u”

” how much..”

” I don’t know. I can’t measure it. ”

” what r missing about me, my kiss my touch or..”. His words completely took away my patience.

” hubs please don’t say anything else, whenever u talk me like this, something happens to me..”

” shona I want to kiss u. Please come to me.” even I wanted him badly.

“Hubs..” Just then I heard someone knocking the door..

” jaan who’s in the door ” he asked

” hubs wait let me open the door ” I opened the door ” sahil.. Y u came here ” he showed me medicine and reports. He signed me to cut the phone as he wanted to tell me something.

“Jaan Y he came here ” he asked to me.

” hubs i will talk to u later. ” I disconnected the call.

“Shona, from where this sweet smell is coming.” He entered in to kitchen.

“How stupid!! Shameless didn’t have manner. Huh,if he didn’t helped me I’ll teach him a good lesson” I also went there.

“Shona, I also want to eat something.” ‘Foodie..huh?’

“Sahil,please came out. Tell me Y u came here.”

He came out. ” swara, theses r ur new medicine. ”

“But I have old one no need of this.”

“Show me the old medicine ” I went to my room and he too followed me.

“See this ” I showed him.

“Swara first u sit.” He made me sit on the bed and himself sit beside me.”swara, look I know u lost ur babies. U r very hurt from inside

“So what sahil..” I was feeling something weird with his presence.

He hold my hand”shona u r missing sanskar na. But he is not here, so.”

“Sahil, what u want go say say it clearly. ” I tried to freed my hand.

“Shona, stop this yarr.. U want ur babies back na. This medicine help u. U can again became pregnant”

“How sahil, hubs is not there..?”

“What is the need of sanskar? I m here na to give u love.” I slapped him.

“How dare u sahil? Get out of here” I roared on him..

“Swara, u too want this.. Give me one chance..” With another slapped I pushed him out of my house.

‘How dare he can say like this. I would like to die before doing this. Hubs see na this sahil is too much. I’ll not leave him’ I tried to search my mobile. ‘Where is it? Oh god. ‘Just then someone again knocked the door.

“Hi swara…”

“Hello Tanya. Come inside…” And I immediately locked the door. I was very much afraid of sahil.

“Swara,I was returning back to home. I was feeling hungry too so I remind u. Can u ”

“Oh sure Tanya.” With this we take our dinner.. Then she left.

After taking the dinner. I went back to my room.’OH God what is happening to me. My body is out of control now. It want something. Swara what happened to u.’ Just then someone closed the light and hugged me from the back. He started kissing my nape and caressing my belly.

“Hubsss….” I was completely out of control. He removed my sari and placed me to the bed. Started kissing my neck and entangled his fingers with mine.

” hubs.. Please. I m dying for it.” My fantasies came to peak.

“Not, hubs.. Call me baby.”

“Sahil, u “..

He nuzzled his nose in my cheeks. ” sssh shona U need this..”

“No.. I don’t.”

“R u sure. Close ur eyes and feel the love.” I tried to resist but it all went to my vain. I my mind stopped thinking.” Call me baby.”

“Baby..” I repeated.

“Good, now close ur eyes. And say love me baby.”I was completely under his control. I did whatever he said to me. With this I made the biggest sin of my life. I crossed all my limits.

Next morning I saw the most worst thing which I never ever thought in my life. Sahil was lying beside me. I wore my dress. I reminded everything that had happened previous night.’ U r cheater swara. U cheated ur hubs. How can u do this.’

” no…”? I started screaming. He woke up

“Shona listen.” He tried to come near me.


“Shona, don’t panic..”

“Stop I said” I started throwing things on him.. ” how dare u sahil.???”.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me” stop it swara, u too want this.”

” u snached my everything. U made me impure. Now what will I do.how can i face hubs. He will leave me.” ???

” shona, don’t tell him anything. He will never came to know about it. It’s between us. ”

“I need a punishment.” My mind was blanked.

“What r u saying.. Swara..”

” I m going to die”I pushed him and ran from there. Everything coming in my mind. How I crossed my limits and cheated my hubs. I stand on Railway lines. Train was coming. I closed my eyes. I reminded my hubs.(” Swara I promise to love u every moment of my life. Would u do me the extraordinary honour of marrying me “. ” yess”). How happy we were. My one mistake ruined everything. ” hubs now I’m not suitable for u. I don’t have right to live. I love u sanskar”.

Just then someone pull me. And slapped me hard. “Ma..”

“Shona r u mad. What r u doing”

“Ma I don’t want to live”?

” shona, please don’t cry sahil told me everything. And I came on right time.” She took me to home.

“Shona, sahil told me everything. Don’t worry beta don’t blame yourself. It’s all that sanskar’s fault. ”

” ma he is innocent it’s all my fault.”

“It’s all his fault. He forced u to abort ur child. Ur baba told me. Don’t kill yourself.”

” no.. Ma ” how could I told her what I did. I’m not able to face myself. Just then sahil came.
” how dare, ” slapped him.” Get out..”I pushed him hard.

“Shona, is this a way to talk ur friend. He is helping u and u ” ma also took his side.

“Leave it aunty. I came here to give her, her mobile.” I snached my phone. And he left.

I was shocked to see 20 miscalls of hubs. He again called me.

” shona where were u? He was so tense. ”

” hubs I was with my mom. ” I reminded my sin. I was broken

” jaan everything is fine.” ma snached my phone.

” no nothing is fine. ” ma shouted at him. ” u stay away from my daughter. I have only one daughter and I don’t want to loose her.”. Was pleading ma.

” ma don’t say anything to him. U r thinking worng about him. He is innocent. ”

” shut up shona. Don’t take his side.”

Ma didn’t listen me.

” u Mr sanskar Maheshwari. Better u stay away from her. Find other girl to satisfy ur lust. I’ll never forgive u. To what u did with my daughter ” and she disconnected the call.

“Ma Y u scold him.”

“Swara it’s enough. Don’t need to take his side. U r crying for him and he is satisfying his lust somewhere else.”..

” ma, don’t say a word about him.”

” I’ll look what he did to my shona. She wants to kill herself. U don’t know after getting bored of u he will hand u some broker.”

“Ma ” I slapped. ” I’m sorry.?” I bend down to my knees.I begged to her ” ma don’t say a word against him. Ma I’m dying from inside. My guilt will kill me. I can’t tell u anything. ” I ran from there.

‘ what kind of girl r u ? Swara. My life became a joke. U cheat ur hubs. U killed ur babies. Now u slapped ur mom. U don’t need to live more.’ I again tried to die but this time I was also unlucky. Lucky saved me.

“Bhabi what r u doing? What if truck passed over u ”

” lucky leave my hand I want to die.”

“Bhabi what happened.. Is Bhai said anything..”

“No he is innocent. I m not suitable for him.” I was continuously crying.

“Bhabhi come with me.” He took me to a room.

“Lucky Y u took me here. ”

” wait bhabhi.” There was lot of things covered with white sheet.he removed all the sheet I was shocked to see it was all my and hubs pics. ” bhabhi see all this, don’t know from how long Bhai is collecting this. He told me to give u a surprise. He arranged everything u like.”

I was looking each and everything, whatever I told to him.(” hubs, I want our big very big picture in our bedroom .” ..”for that jaan, I need a big big kiss “..” Hubs “??)how can he loves me that much.?

” bhabhi I don’t know. Y u want to die. But think about Bhai. He will die without u. He told me that lucky I can’t survive without my jaan”

He took me outside. “Bhai, said me not to tell about this to u. But bhabhi I can’t let my Bhai to die. He is the only son of his child. Fir him u r his world. He left everyone for don’t left him.

I was crying, lucky hugged me.” Lucky, I’m very bad. Sanskar deserves better than me. ”

“Bhabhi I don’t want to listen anything. Call the Bhai now.” I wasn’t ready but he insisted.

” jaan r u OK.. What was ma saying ”

” hubs, she misunderstood u. She abused u also.. I’ll never talk to her. Please forgive me.. I’m sorry.. ”

” jaan, Y r apologizing .. Let it be. ”

” hubs, now I’m not suitable for u leave me…”

” enough shona, it’s not ur mistake. ” just then i heard o voice of girl shouting..

” aww.. Lizard.. ” ‘who is she?:

” hubs, u r with someone.. Who is she. ”

” u told me to leave u so I find a new girl for me. She is so sweet.. ”

” hubs.. Keeps phone in speaker.. I want to talk her..” First he deny..But then he agreed.

” hey u, who so ever u r, please stay away from my hubs. He is mine. ”

” I’ll not ur hubs is so smart, handsome u can find someone else. Give him to me. I’ll give him love..”

How can she snached my hubs. I started abusing her badly.. ” I’ll kill u bl**dy cheapo. If even tried to touch u I’ll not leave u.” i was continuously abusing her..

” jaan relax. She is just my friend. No one is stealing ur hubs. I also can’t leave without u.. I love u jaan..”

” hubs, don’t tease me like this..” I cut the call. Lucky was smiling looking at me.

“Bhabhi, now u don’t die. Otherwise she will take ur place.” He wiped my tears. ” now let’s go home bhabhi ”

“How dare u swara” ragini shouted ” first u snached sanky now u r trying to snached my husband. ”

“Ragini u r taking me worng.” I tried to convince her.

” shut up, u shameless girl. If u need man so just go to..”before, She could continue further lucky slapped.

“Bhabhi, come I’ll drop u.” He dropped to the home ” babhi if u need any help call me.” Then he left.

Pathetic day also ended. But my guit with me. From that day I started to closed all the doors. Hubs used to call me but I don’t have enough dare to face him. My heart desires were also not needed I started hating my self. I went to chemist shop to show whether the medicine I took to cure my pain was not some kind of pill that arousing my desires.

“Sir I need to know about these medicines”

“Sure mam, ” I was shocked to see the chemist.

“Rajat, u.”

“Swara these medicines are safe. ”

“Rajat please forgive ur wife ”

“Shona I don’t want to argu. U need any kind of help.” I brought pills to control my self.

“Swara r u alone in the house..”

“What do u mean?”

“Wo. I didn’t saw sanky so I asked . OK u take care.”

I take dinner. And my medicines and then wear hubs clothes. And take a nap. Next morning I felt someone’s hand on my waist. I was shocked to see sahil. I looked at my condition. ‘What is this swara u again did this. U r pathetic, cheap. ‘ just then my phone started ringing.. I took hubs shirt.

“Hi shona”

” hubs, I’ll talk to u later ”i was not in the condition of talking

” is everything is fine ”

“Ya.. ” my voiced was choked due to my guilt ?

“Say, u love me ”

” I love u hubs..”just then sahil bite on my thighs.” Awww ” I screamed.

” shona r u OK. Y r u shouting. ”

” hubs, I’m watching I horror movie.. I’ll talk to u later “.. I pushed him

“Stay away. ” I was afraid if him” don’t come near me. ”

” If said u love him. I will not leave u swara.”

“Sahil what u did to me? I’ll complain against u”

“And what will u say swara. This time u r also ready like earlier.”

” earlier it was a mistake ”

“Twice a mistake becomes habit. Swara I became ur habit.”

I begged before him.”please sahil. Leave me. I can’t cheat him. I love my hubs. U spoiled my soul. ”

“Swara, u have to do whatever I want. Else I’ll tell sanskar everything..”

“I’ll not ..” Just then someone knocked the door. I was badly afraid. I opened the door.

“Ragini u”

“Came here to meet sanskar where is he?”

“He is out of station. ”

“He is here I know” with this she moved to our room. Seeing room condition also sahil was doing his shirt button she understood everything.. “Waoo swara, first sanskar, then lucky and now sahil. Great.”

“Ragini u r thinking worng.”

“Now, sanky will tell u what is right and what is worng.” She left and sahil too..

“What u did swara.. ” .I took I knife “jaan don’t die how can I survive without.”

“Hubs, I’m sorry ?”

“Don’t leave me” and he disappeared ‘I can’t kill my self”

. I threw all the medicines what if hubs asked me about it. He will came to know that I killed my babies…. with this five week about to end. It was raining.. I went to terrace. Hoping this rain will washed my sins. “Hubs I love u. Please forgive me. I didn’t do it intensionally… I m sorry”

“No need to say sorry baby ”

“Sahil u, get out..” Just then I heard the noise of door bell. I was about to go he grabbed my hand.

“Not so easily baby, first kiss me and say u will leave sanskar..”

“In ur dreams sahil.”

“Will he accept. A impure wife.”

“I don’t care. But I’ll not come to, my sin is very big. But I truly love him.”

“Hahaha ?” I pushed him and opened the door . and hubs hugged me..

Flashback ends…

“I know hubs, I m very bad but I really love my, I’m sorry for my all mistakes .. I’ll due without u. With this I hugged him more tightly and slept.

Will sanskar forgive her nor not?
Guys I know u all r hurt. Sorry. And one more thing now my exam has started I’ll meet u next Monday.. Buy and forgive ur friend nilu ?

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  1. Ohh shit what is this how can she be soo dump yaar sab usse trap kar rahe hai & vo ho rahi hai Plzz ye saara mess clear karo yaar I want all should get punishment & swara should be pure & clear all misunderstanding between them Plzz…

    1. Nilu

      OK I’ll soon clear all the misunderstandings

  2. DivzS

    What the hell! Such a big conspiracy!! OMG!!! I’m totally shocked and angry! blo*dy sahil ka baccha! I just want to kill him! And I think even tanya is involved, all acting!…… Mind blowing epi dear, I can see everything in front of me! Superb writing! I’m sure sanskaar will be dazed after knowing the truth and take full on revenge…. Plz do that.. I can’t see swara like this! ??

    1. Nilu

      Thanks for loving the episode and for supporting me ???

  3. Oh Shit! Wht Hv U Done With The Story Dear? U’v Disapoitd Me. Its Realy Disapointing And Very Sad Evn In The Wild Drms Also Didnt Thought Like Dis. Sory If I Hurt U. Bt, Dis Episode Realy Hurting And Cant Accpt Any How.

    1. Nilu

      Trust me dear everything will be ok

  4. Soujanya

    Awesome… Sahil is such cheapoo…

    1. Nilu

      Thank you…. ??

      Sahil will soon get a punishment✌

  5. Kakali

    Damn !!! Nilu ,, what have u done ?
    ohhh God.
    Swara u can’t be soo innocent okk !!
    this iss too much … really too much

    Swara took some medicine before intimacy rit? then it can also possible she was hallucinating all those moments… may be medicine effect .. n it’s quite possible that d marks are also for that medicine only..

    Sahil n all r playing with her with Sekhar.. soo how can Sekhar give permission to Sahil to touch his daughter… he only wants her daughter free from Sanskar…. thinking dat she will leave Sanskar …huhhhh!!

    i have feeling all this ginna happen soon..

    1. Nilu

      Shekhar don’t know what sahil did with swara… Shekhar had a misunderstanding regarding sanskar he is unaware of sahil evil deeds…

  6. NDSG

    Stupid shona ???????

    1. Nilu

      Yup.. Poor shona

  7. oh god poor sanksar nice episode

  8. Arshaanya

    Omg nilu wat is dis??
    M really dsaptnd wid dis truth m not at all liking it u dspntd me alot… nobody is dis much dumb swara is at fault n now i dun want swasan 2gthr…
    M so much angry n sad at d same tym its so disgusting wat sahil n swara did… i knw sahil is culprit bt for me both swahil ??r culprit of sanskar… poor sanskar feeling so bad for him… sorry if i ve hurt u m really sorry n nw i’l stop reading dis ff dun want to get sad n angry again ?…

    1. Nilu

      It’s all ur wish dear… But still something is still left… That shona don’t know.. But I’ll not force u.. And thanks.. For loving me..?✌

  9. I don’t like this yar

  10. Haya malik

    What the heck yr….no it can’t happen how its possible…oh my God I’m not able to a word just finger crossed

    1. Nilu

      Everything will be OK.. Just wait.. ????

  11. Yaar its really pathetic she is college going girl not an uneducated girl who don’t know anything. If something happened twice then it is a sign you have to take a major step. You are showing swara loves her husband then sahil situation can never arised if she can’t tell about pregency but she can tell about her desire. You have made her a dumb girl who don’t know anything even a village girl who is uneducated know more than swara.

    1. Nilu

      Sorry dear if u hurt.. But everything will be OK.. She is just innocent and everyone took benefit of her innocence

  12. Vyshu10

    i m nt able to take this

    1. Nilu

      Sorry if u hurt.. Me too love swasan.. I won’t disappoint u..

  13. Rekha


    1. Nilu

      Thank you

  14. Sorry but its disgusting

    1. Nilu

      Me too sorry.. For hurting u

  15. swara is such a fool..she is totally trapped..hate dis sahil so much..

    1. Nilu

      Me too hate sahil ?

  16. Oh.. Shoot.. What was that nilu? I don’t know what to say yaar.. Frankly speaking, somewhere i’m also disappointed about the truth dear. ?
    That was a huge conspiracy against swasan. Tanya & rajath are also part in that. Sahil.. Bl**dy cheapster.. ? want to kill him.. I know; Swara wasn’t completely at the fault here. She was not in her sense while doing those & she was drugged by them.But still my heart isn’t ready to accept it. Only i can say, swara’s main mistake & problem is her dumbness.
    Dear.. Can’t u make that as nothing happened between swa hil in that times?

    1. Nilu

      OK dear I’ll not disappoint u… Finger crossed everything will be OK… Y fear when sanky is here

  17. What the hell,such a dirty conspiracy… All should be punished… Don’t separate swasan

    1. Nilu

      I’ll not separate swasan… Everyone will get punishment.. And thanks for supporting me

  18. Awesome nilu continue pls will be waitin
    Luved it!!

    1. Nilu

      Thank you so much dear for supporting and loving me

  19. Awsome episode dear ,… Please punish that evil sahil???

    1. Nilu

      OK I’ll dear

  20. What is this??!!!! Swara is soo innocent!!! She is being cheated!!! Make her share her problems with sanskar!!!

    1. Nilu

      She is too afraid of loosing him

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