Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 7)

Hello friends I’m back.. Here is another part. But before reading it I want to tell u I’m big fan of swasan.. I this is my first story, I’ll never separate them trust me. I’ll not waste ur time.and one more thing I’m weak i n grammar so ignore my mistakes. Let’s start it..

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In this beautiful night under the moonlight I was in the most secure and peaceful place it was my hubs arms. I didn’t get this much of relief anywhere else. I looked towards him, soo innocent, cute his sweet smile shows he was free from all worries but I wasn’t not. I was very much scared today when sahil came here again. I intentionally didn’t opened the door. But I was happy u came and showed him his real pace. But this was not the end of my problem. Kavita Ya hubs, earlier I liked her but now I don’t. Hubs I didn’t like when u left me alone for her, not only this when u scold me for spoiling her dress, I moved to our room to help her but what I saw. I became shocked, she was caressing her hand over her navel. Hubs.? she had wore the belly ring. How can she loves u. Hubs u r mine only don’t leave me, for her. I hugged him more tightly. Hubs phone started ringing.. It was baba’s call. I picked it.

” hello, womanizer how’s u..”

How baba could say this to him.,

“U don’t have much time. Did swara saw those photos. She might started suspecting u. Hahahha? poor boy. ” baba did all this.. I was quite.

” sanskar, soon my daughter will divorce u. U were never be suitable for her. But after this my daughter will start her new life. I’m happy sahil opened my eyes. Ya u heard right. Soon swara will going to marry sahil. U will live alone, then U can freely call any girl for ur enjoyment. Soon my daughter will come out of hell. ”

I was heart broken” Mr. Shekhar Gadodia u r dead for me. ”

” shona beta, don’t say this, ur baba will soon take u from this cage.”

” and Mr. Shekhar Gadodia if try do anything I’ll complain against u. ” I cut the call. I was crying?. ” baba Y u do this? He is my life..” Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Jaan.. ”

I hugged him. ” I’m sorry sanskar, baba did all this. That’s why u didn’t tell me this. ”

” sssh shona, it’s OK it’s just some sort of misunderstanding.. ”

” baba will separate us. And he told me he would marry me to sahil. Hubs I don’t want to marry him. I love u. I hate sahil. Don’t divorce me.”

” Y would I? ”

” because I’m very bad, very bad ”

” but like bad girl. ”

” but kavita will snatch u. She also loves u.Please don’t leave me for her.” I was continuously crying.. He cupped my face and wiped my tears.

” jaan to whom I m doing all this? Only for u. U don’t trust me. ”

” I trust u.. ”

” jaan I leave everyone, Y? So that I’ll also leave me. Tell me, if I have to leave then Y did I left my family. ”

I lowered my gaze. He is always faithful. I know but my truth would separate us. I knew it.

“Shona look into my eyes, ” I looked , it’s showed only love for me nothing else ” u can’t see my love. Shona we both r each other’s family. And if u want then also I’ll never let u go. I love u..” I kissed him?. It was deep and passionate.

” hubs, I’m feeling sleepy take me. ” I slept on his chest.

Hubs, this guilt is killing me. I wished these five week could erase from my life.

5 week ago.. Flashback..

I was studying. Offo this stupid questions were not entering in my little mind.

” shona, I’m watching u. Don’t waste ur time. ” he said while examining his case files.

” hubs, I’m fully bored. I need a break to fresh up my mind. Please.. ”

” OK but only for 10 minutes.” I came towards him.

” hubs u also need to take a little break. To fresh ur mind. ” I removed all his files.

” but shona, I’m doing important work..”

“Sssh!!!” I kept finger in his lips.” U know hubs, researchers says if we would make love, this will reduce the stress and mind becomes fresh” I started opening his buttons. ” we should give it a try ? na . ” with this I completely removed his shirt.

He came top of me.” But shona what will ur friends say when they will see ur love bites.. What other boys will think. They will tease u na ? ”

” they will think how my much my hubs love me, so they will not look at u and when the boys will see it, they will get to know that I’m only for my hubs. They will stay away for me.”

” oh really ..”

” ya hubs, if I go collage without love bites. They would think what kind of couple r they? They , did love each other. ”

” aacha ji !?. But u have only 10 minutes.. ” he winked ?.

” 10 min for me, 10 minutes for u , 10 min for ur papa 10 min for ur mom,10 min for my MA, 10 min for my baba, 10 min for uttra, 10 min for lakshaya, 10 min for..” Before I could say further he closed my mouth with his. He undid my trousers and stared caressing my legs. I did the same I removed his pants.. He moved his both the hands inside my top and gave his hands massage to my body . Then started rubbing my legs with his. We broke the kiss. We were taking heavy breaths.

” hubs, love me. I’m all yours ” I was very much desperate.

He was kissing my neck, and bite there. ” hubs!!! ” he hands were about to open my top but suddenly his phone rang.

” hello Mr sengupta. ” my hands were still roming in her hairs..

” OK, Mr sengupta I coming. ” he disconnected the call.

He was about to go I hold his hand. ” hubs, where r u going. ”

” jaan, I have leave for new case for 5 weeks ”

” what 5 weeks.!! ”

” jaan it’s important case. ”

“I think u have married to Mr sengupta not me. I m always secondary before him and his so called stupid case.”

” jaan please…” I was very much angry he started packing his bags.. I didn’t want to talk him.. But he knew how to handle this wife.. After so much of argument he left..I was excited to know about his surprise but for I had to wait 5 weeks…. After reaching there he called me.

Next day, I was fully bored without him. ” swara now u have to study, for that surprise. Don’t know what is it …” After studying whole day I was fully tired.

” hubs, where r u? Please come soon” I opened my cupboard and took his shirt. And wore it. I laid down on bed and felt his warm touch in his shirt.. ” I miss u ?”

Just then my sweet moments broke due to doorbell. ” who is this stupid…?”I opened the door it was none other than sahil.

” hi swara. How’s u ”

Stupid idiot.” I’m good ??. Y u came here at this time. ”

“Swara, I’m getting some problems in these questions. Please help me. And don’t lie I know u know this unit ”

Oh god now tolerate him.” Ok, but don’t take my much time. I have many important work. ”

Then I started teaching him. ” now u get it ” no response I noticed his gaze on my neck. Hmm.. Stupid jealous fellow. I don’t like him at all. He mixed alcohol in my drink in farewell party. But also thankful because of this idiot I get my hubs.. ?

” Y r u staring me.” I asked him in a cold voice.

” swara happened to ur neck..” He has no shame.

” I’m married sahil. So ”

“So what ??” Again a stupid querry.

” so..it’s a love bite given by my hubs.. ?” hehehe ?? jealous fellow.

” swara I think, I should leave. ”

” then go..” Always waste my time…??

Then he left. I called my hubs before my exam. U was very much tense.

“Jaan all the best for ur exam ”

” hubs I’m very much worried. What if i wouldn’t score good ” i was very much tense

” jaan, don’t panic just think about ur surprise ”

” what is it tell me na hubs !!” I was very much desperate to know it.

” don’t know, u can guess. It may be our honeymoon trip .”

” hubs ur so naughty ” I was blushing.

” okie shona , I m getting late for my hearing. And once again all the best “.

‘My hubs always remove my tension.’ I checked my exam hall ticket.

” hi swara…”

This sahil has no work..” Hello ?”

” all the best.. ”


“I’m the first. To wish u ” haha lol ?

“No my hubs. Wished me first. Sahil I’m getting late by. ” I went inside the exam hall.

After exam I was very happy. ☺?

It had been one week without him. I badly missed him. ‘Hubs, ur jaan is dying without u. ?’ then someone knocked the door ‘ offo who came this time ‘.

I opened the door ‘oh God again this sahil.’

“Sahil, what now? No exam is left.”

“Swara, I came here for rent. ” ..’know he came here to eat my mind ‘

” OK u wait I’ll come. ” I went in the room and took the money but suddenly I felt dizzy and fainted down..

When I opened my eyes I found myself in hospital. Sahil was sitting behind me.

” sahil, what happened to me?”

He was quite. I was hell scared. ” answer me sahil.. ”

” swara u r pregnant.. ” I was shocked.. To hear this.

” sahil, r u sure. Mean how do u know.. ”

” wo.. Swara it’s true..”

“Yepiiii, I did it .. ” I started dancing..??????? I hugged him in excitement. ” sahil I’m so so happy. Now me and my hubs and our cute baby happy family. ”

Just then doctor came inside. I released the hug.. ” doctor r u sure na. ” I was blushing..

” ya, swara but we will give ur report tomorrow it will confirm it. U may go now and don’t do anything in excitement.. Just relax… Take care of yourself.. ” and she left..

“Sahil, where is my phone..”

“What will u do with ur phone..” ‘Lol again stupid querry ‘

” I have to give this news, to my hubs..”

“Swara u tell him tomorrow..”

“Y? If I can tell him now then. Y there is a need to wait till tomorrow..?”

“Swara, she is not confirmed yet. And moreover u should give him this news with report.. ”

” but I’m sure na. ”

“Swara, don’t argu. First let her confirm. When u will give him this news with the proof he will come to u. Leaving all his work. But wait a little the fruit of patience is sweet..”

“Hmm. U r correct. Ya I’ll tell him tomorrow morning.. ”

With this sahil dropeed me to my home. I went inside my room. I was so happy.. I took my hubs photo and laid down . ..” Hubs.. See I can feel my baby. ” I was caressing my belly ” baby, u know how many time during my intimacy I lied to my hubs that I had taken the protection. But u know na baby. If I didn’t lied then how can u came here na.. Tell ur papa not to angry on me. Baby, ur presence will increase our love to infinity time. But baby we will become good parents unlike our parents who didn’t support us. Baby u know when I eloped with ur papa I didn’t love him. But he his selfless love melted my heart. Now I love him more than myself. He is my life. Hehehehehe ? baby how much ur mumma talks. Now good nite sleep well..? ” I looked towards my hubs photo I kisses it. ” Gud nite hubs..?”

On the next day, I was ready to go for taking my reports.. Sahil met me on the way

” hey! Swara come I’ll drop u ”

“No sahil I can go myself ”

” don’t argu.. U should take care of ur child. If something happened to him\ her.. ”

I didn’t thought much and agreed..

“Acha, swara what do u want a baby boy Or a baby girl..”

“Hmm. Both .. Two child one for me and one for my hubs..”

“But swara, this child will ruin ur figure. I mean u r quite young, sanskar doesn’t care for ur figure …”

“How dare u say this sahil.. Stop ur car. My hubs cares me a lot and My baby will not ruin my figure instead of it , it will enhances my beauty.. Stop this car.” I tried to open the door..

” swara don’t panic too much, it will hurts ur baby a lot.. Keep clam I’m just kidding.. ” ‘ huh jealous sahil, now he had problem with my Chotu SA baby.’

And we reach the hospital..

“Congratulations, swara u going to become the mother of two child. ” oh god I was top of the world.

“Really ”

” ya, u r two week pregnant. But ur so young so u have to take care of yourself a lot. I’ll tell to ur husband to give u a special care..”

I touched the pics of my little baby in report. They r so tiny like a dot .hehehe?” doctor.. Can I share this news to him.”

“OK sure”

I went outside. Just then sahil came

” swara what did doctor said”

” first I’ll give this news to my hubs ” sahil went inside the cabin. I called my hubs.

” hubs I’m so so happy.. ”

” may I know the reason for ur happiness”

” hubs, promise me u won’t be angry on me ” as lied him about the protection..

“OK , now tell me ”

Just then Mr sengupta called him ” sanskar come, u can talk to ur wife later ”

” shona, shall we talk later judge has came” he disconnected the call.

“Offo I hate Mr sengupta. Again he ruined my happiness. No worries I’ll tell him later ”

I was about to ..

“Swara, congratulations..”

“Oh thanks…”

” swara doctor tell me that u need extra care so, u need a trainer.. Who will take care of u ”

“So what ..??”

“She need ur confirmation.. U go inside and tell doctor I agree. She will ask u twice as the fee of trainer is costly. ”

“Then sahil how can I pay the fee.”

“Y fear when I’m near.. I’ll help u and also bring ur medicine.. I m going to take my car then we will go together.” And he left.

I went inside the cabin. ” hello doctor.. Wo..”

” swara r u agreed for this ”

” ya doctor I’m dam sure. And also give my medicines ” I came outside.

‘Now all set swara m, soon u and hubs got ur graduation degree then happy family. But this sahil also helped me a lot .”

After that I reached the home

“Sahil thanks for ur help. ..’

” mention not, swara bye take care ”

After taking lunch and medicine I went to my room to take rest. “Hello baby how’s u .. Oops sorry babies. I hanged ur father’s pics in the whole room so that u both will become like him. ” I took a wool and started knitting “baby mama is making the sweater for u both. My mom taught me this. Baby do u like blue color ur dad love this color. My hubs.. How much time will u waste in that stupid hearing. Now enough shona baby needs sleep ” and I take a nap..

In the evening sahil. Came to meet me

” swara, how’s u and babies. ”

” all good. ”

“So, let’s have a tea”

“OK sure. As moved inside the kitchen I started paining in my stomach.

” aww.. Hubs.. ” sahil reached to me.

“What happed to u swara ”

“Sahil, my stomach. Please take me to the hospital.. Otherwise I’ll die this pain is unbearable..”

“OK don’t worry u will be alright.” He picked me. And took the hospital..

I get conscious after two hours. Again the same condition.. His face was dull

“Sahil, what happened. My babies r fine na..tell na ur silence is killing me.”

“Swara sorry, they can’t save ur child ” I was dead from inside. How happy I was just few hours ago.. How could u do this to me God…

A nurse came in to the room. ” sir doctor is calling u “he left..

‘ swara this cant be true this sahil is lying I’ll tell everything to hubs.. Ya he will help me. He can only one to save our child.. ” I searched for my phone.. I didn’t find it.. But I found sahil’s car keys I took it and went back to home. And called him.

” shona now tell me the good news ”

“Hubs..” I was crying..

” what happened shona Y r u crying.. ”

” hubs please come fast. I miss u. This distance is killing me. I m dying without u.” tears were not stopping from my eyes

” shona, u won’t worry I’m coming. I’ll be there with in few hours ” I knew he can do anything for me.

With this sahil also came. “What is this swara Y u came from hospital. ”

“U go away from here my hubs is coming he will solve everything. I know my babies r fine. U r a liar..”

” swara did u tell him about, ur pregnancy. ”

“No, but he is coming.. I tell him then.”

” swara r u stupid. ?? Doctor said u lost ur child because u did some heavy household work ..”

” but I didn’t did anything like this. I only made food and knit the sweater..”

“Haw swara !! How can u knit a sweater. This will give stress to muscles and effect the babies.. U killed ur child..swara ”

” sahil, it’s not true. ”

” it’s true swara, due to much stress in muscles baby feels suffocated and died. Doctor itself told me. And when sanskar came to know about it he will leave u. No one wants to live with a person who had killed his child. ”

” he will not leave me. He loves me. I didn’t did it intensionally, I don’t know that knitting a sweater would kill my babies.. ???”I was crying.he give me water.

“Swara if he came here and he get to know the truth. May be he would died in shocked. ”

I slapped him ” don’t u say anything like this”

” swara trust me, my mom died in the shocked because my little brother died at the time of his birth. Swara u had already loosed ur two child. Now what if same thing happened to sanskar.. ” ‘I started trusting him..whatever he said is looking correct.

I agreed and called my hubs..

” hubs r u coming ”

” ya jaan. I’m in the station. ”

” hubs don’t come I’m sorry. I was missing u badly. And for that silly reason I called u ”

” shona r u alright na. ”

“Ya hubs, I again apologize for my stupidity. U concentrate on ur work. I’m fine here. ”

” r u sure ”

” ya hubs, I love u ”

” love u too jaan ” how could I loose him. He is my everything..

” good shona now take these medicines this will cure ur pain. And sleep well ”

With this he left..in the whole night I was crying.. I needed my hubs,badly. I was dying in each and every second in the guilt that I killed my babies. I m the worst mother.. I hate myself ???

Hope u guys like the part.. Remaining flashback in next part.. Ur lovely friend nilu ?

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  1. Kakali

    Sahillll !!!! how can u do this… u killed her babies…gatter ke kiree ,, hate u …

    Swara how can u trust someone like this n say YES without confirming … huhhhhh !!!
    thus is ur worst mistake…

    Thnk u Nilu ,, chappy was awesome… loved it.. :*

    1. Nilu

      Shona is very innocent… ???

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  3. Oh.. This is the mystery of swara… Thnk god i thought it as another thing. But what about the love marks which were on swara’s body?
    Oh this sahil.. He killed swasan’s babies… Murderer.. ?
    Kavita has worn a belly ring.. ? psycho girl.. ?
    This part was superb dear. Loved it a lot.
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt part.

    1. Nilu

      U will soon get to know everything

  4. G.Chandu

    Awesome…!!loved it…!! this sahil is really devil…!! kill him at the end of this ff…!!

    1. Nilu

      OK I’ll kill him at the end ✌?

  5. Haya malik

    It was awesome +emotional…. Thankfully jaan was not cheating over hubs….and hoping everything would be fine….

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      Everything will be OK???

  6. Rabia

    OMG i hope sanskar will punish sahil ? awesome epi dear ?

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      Ya sanky will not leave him

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      Me too hate him?

  10. Arshaanya

    OMG sahil killed her babies ???
    N how stupid d doctor is?? R u agree swara n she said yes.. does any doctor jus ask dis much n give med ?
    N how swara blvd by knitting ? is she dat dumb… srsly its all swara z fault to blve sahil n agreed to him for not infrmg sanky abt her prgncy n not confirmng dctr abt trnr evrything shez at fault… sorry if i hurt u actly m so angry on dis dumb swara

    1. Nilu

      Hehehe shona is too innocent… But sahil will soon get punishment ?

  11. Vyshu10

    poor swara…she is very innocent. How dare that sahil kill swasan’s children…..hope sanskar teaches him a good lesson.

    This is not fair…want her pov fully…how she got marks?

    1. Nilu

      OK in next chappy u will get.. It ???

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      ?? next part is also emotional

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    Evil sahil..???? I hate him .. How dare he kill little babies… ?? . he need a big puch from sanky ????

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  16. DivzS

    Oh no!! Swara how much innocent and vulnerable! Damn that sahil. The chapter was…. Oh god, I was dumbstruck! Felt so sorry, I just can’t believe the turn of events! You did superb writing nice, so good…

    1. Nilu

      Thanks I’m happy u r liking it ????

  17. Maryam

    Oh god..this was totally unexpected…Thus stupid Sahil I hate him.. hate him to the core how dare he…Thank you dear for revealing the truth….the Episode was Awesome.

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      Thank you …. ????

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