Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 4)


Thanks to all for loving me , I here with another part..

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This was the another Beautiful morning.. As soon as sanskar opened his eyes, was searching for his jaan .. She came with a cup of coffee . kept it on the table

” good morning hubs ”

He pulled her and she landed on his chest ” good morning jaan ” he slightly kissed her cheeks. She blushed

” hubs u r getting late ”

” two days left , then I’m not going to leave u ”

” hubs ” her cheeks became red ” please , ”

” OK jaan , keep my stuff out , I’m going to take bath ” he left ..

Her phone started ringing. It was sahil she got panicked and moved outside

” hello baby.. I miss u ?”

” sahil , shut up don’t u dare to call me again ” she warned him .

” oo God this killer attitude, that’s the reason my love for u increased more day by day ”

” stop ur nonsense Mr sahil sengupta ”

” OK but call me baby , I’m dying to hear this word from ur mouth. ”

” I’ll not ..”

” u have to pay for it, baby how can u forget our beautiful moments . after the arrival of that blo*dy sanskar U forget me. But I love u ”

” sahil , live in ur dreams. I have already told u my hubs is my life . If u will trying to come between us I’ll not leave u ”

” my cute shona I’m in between, ur so called hubs is going to office . u r all alone , be ready today I’m coming. ”

” don’t u dare to come ”

” I’ll , till how long this distance between us . After knowing the truth sanskar will leave u then U have to come to me ”

” he will not leave me , because today I’m going to tell him everything.” She just wanted to keep him away from her life . but in inner she knew that he is correct, what if sanskar leave her .. Her world would collapsed ..

” r u joking swara ”

” no ..” With this she cut the call. She was hell afraid if sahil would come today .?

Sanskar came out , and wore his pants ..

” jaan where is my shirt and coat ”

” hubs.. ” he turned back .She is looking gorgeous, stunning, hot, s*xy and attractive in his loose shirt

” hubs looking for something ”

” jaan, I’m getting late give it to me ” he tried to ignore his beautiful wife

“OK hubs ” she started opening the buttons . her seductive moves , aroused him. She was clearly understand that.. After opening two button she stopped

” hubs if u want then take it yourself ” now he knew he was going to die today .. As he moved towards her.

” hubs , not so easy first catch me ” she started running and he was behind her ..

” shona stop ”

” no hubs , catch me if u can ”

” don’t challenge ur hubs ” some where he was liking her cute , tricks .

Finally he caught her ” now where will u escape ” he pulled her , and hold her by waist

” jaan r u checking my patience. If u will not stop then. I can’t control myself for two days .”

She wrapped her hands around his neck ” then who told u to stop ” she winked ?

She took out his mobile from his pocket

“Hello Mr Maheshwari where r u !”

” Mr sengupta , today Mr Maheshwari is on leave . He is spending time with her gorgeous wife ” she disconnected the call.

” jaan today is our important meeting ”

” is it more important than me ” she withdraw his hand , started crying ” then it’s OK u go ” ?

He made her sit on sofa , himself sit on his knee ,wipes her tears and cups her face ” jaan I’m doing all this for u , how this can be important than u . I’m not going, now smile “?

She got what she wanted. She started music and demanded him go dance with him . she kept her legs on his , hands on his shoulder and his hand is on her waist

Boond boond kar ke mujh mein girna tera
Aur mujh mein mujh se jyada hona tera
Bheega bheega saa mujh ko tann tera lage
Aaja tujh ko pee loon mann mera kahe

” jaan, I have got such a relief in your arms. So that I have become habitual of you, my life and world, My day ends when I see you”

She placed her head on his chest ,and hear his heart beat ” hubs it’s , only beat for me ”

” hmm ”

” when u will leave me , then also it will beat for me ” ?she hugged him

” jaan ” he tried to look at her but she wasn’t ready to leave his embrace

” I want to here always hubs.”

” this heart will stop beating if I left u . Jaan is there is anything that is eating my wife from inside , tell me ” he just wanted her to be happy as she is everything to him

” hubs , I want to tell u something.. ” but before she said anything someone knocked the door . he tried to move but she wasn’t ready to leave

” jaan someone is at door ”

” take me like this , I’ll not leave my hubs ” he smiled at his kiddo wife

” OK ”

He unlocked the door but before he could react , she tiptoed and grabbed his lips. And started kissing him wildly. She thought , to show sahil that in her life only her hubs matter to her not him .

” who the hell? Is breaking our special moments ” she turned around and shocked to see her mother in law and kavita

” sorry we disturbed u , let’s go kavita .” she taunt

” no mom , it’s alright. Come ” he tried to manage the situation

Swara bend down to touch her feet , but she moved backward ” u have no shame I know , but what happened to u sanskar. If she wants my blessings tell her to wear something. And u also wear ur shirt ”

” mom u come inside ”

” this girl has ruined my son ” she showed her disappointment to get her as her DIL

” mom !!!” He shouts

” anuty , please. She is ur daughter in law. It’s a little mistake ” kavita tried to cool down the situation .

Swara moved to her room. She knew her mother in law hate her . Sujata always wanted kavita as sanskar’s wife , perfect to fit in the Malwaris . but her dream is scattered in to pieces when her son eloped with a Bengali girl.

” hubs !! Help me to tie this blouse ” she called him inside the room

” mom , she needs my help ” sujata hold his hand

” u always roamed around us , Ur mother came to meet u after so many days spend time with me , kavita u go help her ” she didn’t like the fact that her son , so much devoted to his wife .

Kavita went inside the room. She couldn’t control her laugh , after seeing the swara . she was completely messed up with sari .

” swara if don’t know how to tie a sari , u can wear something else ”

” I know how to wear sari but it is too heavy , I want to impress my mother in law so I ” swara never even tried to wear Malwari’s heavy attire but this was just to impress her hubs mom.

” OK , I’ll help u ” kavita said with smiling face .

While tieing sari , kavita clearly saw the marks on her skin ..which were little bit faded. Swara noticed her gaze ” kavita do it fast mom is waiting ”

Kavita made plates of sari , she was about to put it inside. But stop

” what’s the matter ? What r looking at me”

” swara u don’t wear belly ring ?”

” what !”

” sanky ! Always told me that he love belly ring and to whom he would marry , he demanded her to wear it else he would leave her ”

” really ” she amused , he never told her about it , ” kavita I’ll also wear it , what if he leave me ”

Kavita was shocked to see her insecurity, how their relationship could broke only for this stupid reason .

” swara , let it be let’s go aunty is waiting ”

They spend sometime together. Sanskar was continuously seeing her jaan. He knew how uncomfortable she was in this heavy sari. Her cute effort to impress her mother in law.

It’s time for departure. Kavita got some message. She whispered something to sanskar.

” mom u go , I have some work with kavi ” sujata leaves from there

” jaan , I’ll be back ” sanskar took her belongings and looked towards swara , she was said

” hubs , u told me that u will be with me ” she didn’t to stay away from him , not even for a minute. Moreover she was afraid sahil

” jaan this work is important ” he left

Is kavita is more important for him then her ? For her he cancelled all meetings but for kavita he left her alone in house. She ran outside

” hubs ”

Sanskar turned back ” jaan what happened!! ”

She kissed him, he too responsed. He lifted her from her waist. Her pain was following out from her eyes. She also wanted to showed kavita. He is only hers’

He cupped her face , ” jaan I’ll right back. y r u crying ”

“Please come soon ..” Still sobbing

” OK I’ll be ” they departured

” sanky U should tell her, look how worried is she ”

” kavi , I want to give her a surprise. And thanks for all your financial help. This is our dream house I made her as per wish. I know she doesn’t want to leave on that house ”

” sanky, how can u love her so much.”

He placed his hand back on seat , and closed his eyes, reminded all her lovely nights , her cute acts to impress him ” kavita u don’t know she is just amazing. Beyond perfection. U have already seen how much stupidity she did for me ” he smiles

” sanky now let’s decorator will be waiting for us ” they left

Kavita’s POV ……..

Love is a beautiful emotion but we all r not lucky to get it. Like me sanky I can’t tell him how much I love him. That day when u told me u love swara

” hi kavi , meet me in cafe I want to tell u something. About my love ” he called me . I thought he would express his love to me stupid me. I spend two hour in parlor

” kavi, u r so late ”

” sanky , sorry tell me what u want to tell me ” I asked in excitement

” kavi , I love . I love swara .” mu heart is scattered into pieces ” but kavi will she accept me ”

” ya sanky , only a fool will reget u ” but I still I had hope.

This wasn’t end here , my condition were became pathetic when swara kissed sanskar , in farewell party. And they eloped. RAM uncle didn’t forgive him but sujata aunty general came to meet him. But she didn’t like swara. As she is a Bengali girl and also because ragini di filled her mind against swara . don’t know Y she hates her .

Today I saw love in swara eyes for sanky. But moreover insecurity. Her body marks clearly showing. How much love sanky has showered on her. Im happy for sanskar But this heart doesn’t listen , seriously all those love marks pinched several thousands of arrows on my heart. Each time When they kissed each other . but this my destiny he can never be mine. But still love u sanky .?

Sorry for late update .. I know this chappy is little bit borning, sorry guys . guys if u want ragini’s POV tell me else I’ll continue flashback part of 5 weeks to reveal the truth.. Please shower uR comments . ur friend nilu ??

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