Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 3)


A bind thanks to all of u for ur response I know most of thinking swasan r cheating each other.. But soon u will get to know who is cheating whom.. And for today a romantic part of swasan .. This is my first attempt to write of writing an romantic scene hope u guys like me .

Link for previous part http://www.tellyupdates.com/aadhe-adhure-incomplete-desire-episode-2/

Sanskar POV ..

Another headache day.. Mr sengupta gave me file to study our new case . just few more days after that my degree will be completed. It’s doent matter how much I’m busy and worried but all my worries went when I saw my jaan .. I was in the office it was nearly 11:30pm I felt restless , I called my jaan is she alright or not . she came to meet me today , with all my favorite dishes .. After we had lunch she sit on my lap it’s the best feeling whenever she is near me .. But my voice got chocked when she saw my mails ..

“” hubs what’s this ? Whose r these girl ? Tell me which one u choosed !” Like this she shouted on me

” jaan it’s ….. Its…nothing like that, they r our.. Clients.. ” I lied to her but how can I told her the truth . May be she won’t understand me .

” I can’t see my hubs with anyone else. ” she kissed on my cheeks ” I love u ”

” I’ll not cheat u ” I assured her .. I know how much she loves me …

Just then ragini came and jaan left . I know they don’t like each other

” sanskar r u still with her ” she roared

” what r u talking about ” I enquired

” sanskar , last week I visited to ur home to meet ,but u won’t believe me what I saw ”

” what “.

” ur so called wife , was in her house and her boyfriend sahil . she was in your shirt and trousers . that sahil his eyes showed that both of them r together, ” she said .. I know she hates my jaan

” may be my jaan was missing me that’s why she in my shirt .. And I don’t want to say anything about that sahil . ” I tried to clear her doubts.

” think it sanky , what was that sahil is doing with ur wife in ur absence , may be they had se…. ” before she completed her words I slapped her.

” ragini don’t u dare to say a word against her ” I shouted ” I trust her , more than my self “I called lucky .

” hey sanky how’s u bro . when did u returned back ”

” Bhai, takeur wife from here before that I’ll kill her.”

” what happened bro !! What is she doing there ”

” no more arguments, u just take her ” I cut the call

I grabbed her hand and push her out if my cabin ” in future think before saying anything about my jaan. I will not leave ” I warned her and closed the door on her face ..

In the night , when I came out of bathroom.. My jaan hugged me ” hubs ” I love hearing this words from her mouth . I released the hug and looked towards her with desired , and we immediately fell on bed I couldn’t control my self and I starting kissing her .. But she stopped me

” don’t hubs ”

“r u OK , jaan Y r u denying me ” i asked

” hubs , I m not well today just wait for three days ”

” OK , only three days .. Not more than that but till then how will I pass my night ”i asked

” just remember our first night ” she winked ..

I kissed on her forehead ” good night jaan ”

She too slept on my chest .. I looked towards her . my wife is really a angel . how can anyone looks so sweet while sleeping .she told me to remind our first night …

We got married at very early age that, but we didn’t intimate on our first night she was ready but I denied … May be it was too early for us. But I couldn’t able to keep myself away from her ..

The rain I love it the most .. It was the monsoon time we were returning after watching the movie it was raining outside. And when we reached to home we r fully drenched..

” hubs I m going to take shower.. ” she left and I also changed..

I started doing my pending work … But when she came out , my eyes glued on her . she was just in a towel … She switched on the TV . and sit on my laps..

” jaan I think u should wear something else u will catch cold ” I just want to control my self

” hubs ” she wrapped her arms around my neck ” u don’t need to worry I’m alright , enjoy the movie ” I clearly understood her intension .

After sometime a kissing scene came.. She looked towards me . this girl would surely kill me .. She touched my lips with her hands . ” hubs, I want a kiss”

” no shona it’s worng . I can’t do this ” I tried to denied

” hubs ,I want only one kiss nothing more than that ” I was loosing my patience ..

I looked towards her Rosy lips. Which were inviting me .. I kissed her.. It was deep and passionate kiss

She immediately stand up .. ” what happened jaan , is everything alright ” I worried due to her sudden reaction

” hubs did u remembered our first kiss. That was better than this ” I stand besides her ” I know u don’t love me . ” she started crying.. I have no option left

I tooked her juicy lips inside my mouth and sucked her lips.. I kissed her lips for some time she too kissed me with the great excitement. Her eyes becomes pink in excitement . i placed her on bed , she started to open my shirt buttons ..while kissing me

” jaan I think we should stop ” I tried to withdraw her hands ..

” don’t stop me hubs .. ” her moves were completely showing her desire .. But I stopped her

” jaan please , I can’t ”

” but hubs , What’s the problem in it . we r married . it’s not a sin . everyone women want this ”

” jaan, but u r too young. It will hurt u. We will do it at the right time ”

” if u don’t want this then OK I’ll not force u .. It’s seems I’m stealing ur virtue .. ” she starts weeping.. Oh god these tears..

I cupped her face ” I too wanted but I’m afraid, I don’t want u to be pregnant at so soon, this time we r not financially strong . trust me I’ll give u all happiness at right time ” I tried to assured her. .

” pregnancy, is this problem!! Hubs don’t worry I have taken the protection.. Please don’t deny me ” she hugged me she was crying.. ” hubs please.. Her sobs. Leads to arising my desies , which I had tried to hide.

I released the hug , made her laid down on bed I started kissing her nape . she started breathing heavily .. I kissed her cheeks then she kissed her lips , i locked her lips with mine… She started unbuttoning my shirt with her soft fingers .. I bite on her lips.. Then sucked it .. My hand moves towards her blossoms.. Over the towel

” hubs , please remove it ”

With I no time removed it .. I saw her , she has the perfect body curvs.. I saw her killing cleavage , her blossoms were inviting me .. I gentally touched them due to. Her morns I loosed my control .. I kissed them so hard , I bit there ..

” hubsss.. Easy .. ”

I was fully aroused .. She was making me crazy …. She removed my trousers. ” hubs no barriers between us. ” I moved down towards her belly .I kissed on ner navel .. I bit her navel leaving love bits ..I was feeling top of the words ..her body soft and silky body as if ,she was the angel …. I started massaging her thighs.. I saw Her , desires were flowing out .. ” hubs , I want u .. ” She requested

i pulled her ,and started kissing her neck , I nuzzled by nose between her blossoms.. She is loosing all her controls.. ..” Hubs.. Please.. Don’t tease me ”

She opened her legs willingly . like me she wasn’t able to control her feelings. ,her eyes were showing countless emotions, love, lust, appreciation, adoration … I was ready she closed her eyes ..

” jaan look at me .. I want u to see how much l love u “she opened her eyes I saw the intensity in her eyes, the love in her eyes.as if i m the only one she has always loved and vowed to love and care until death. I moved inside her .. And she cried , series of tears were flowing through her eyes . I tried to come out but she hugged me

” hubs don’t, ”

” jaan , I’m hurting u ”

” I m fine hubs . please continue… Don’t leave me in between.. ” she kissed me.. For assurance.” I want u hubs..”. I keep thrusting her . after.. Feeling the pain.. She starts enjoying .. She demanded to increase the force . I began pushing more force .. More deeper as she demanded.. Her breath became faster ..”jaan I am burning in the hot breaths”

“And you are melting inside me”

And we reached to the climax .i collapsed on top of her as she held me tightly in her arms… She stared caressing my hairs.. ” hubs r happy .. ”

I looked towards her ” ya.. ”

” I mean u r fully satisfied na , u will not go to another option na ” her eyes clearly showing insecurity..

” this is the best night , since my existence , “I kissed her ” who told u this rubbish that I’ll go to another ” I laid on another side and took her on my embrace.

” I saw that in a movie, her wife doesn’t gives him what he wanted , so he left her .. ” she hugged me ” hubs if u leave me I’ll die.. ” I felt her tears. I cupped her face

” my kiddo wife , is taking unnecessary tension.. Before leaving u I wish to die ” she placed her finger in my lips ” hubs please don’t talk about dying .. U r my everything.. I want to die before u ”

” now look who is talking about dying..today My jaan give me best thing of my life and now she ruined this moment due to her rubbish talk ” I showed her fake anger.

” sorry hubs.. I m really bad. I don’t deserve u , I always hurt u .. I m ” before she could fished I kissed her to stop her nonsense..

” now , sleep , tomorrow I have to wake up early ”

” but hubs tomorrow is ur holiday , then Y want to wake up early ”

” I want to meet someone, to thank him”

” whom hubs.. ” she questioned ..

” director of that movie .. Who gave this idea to my kiddo wife .and i get the my best night . ” I winked .

She slightly hit my chest ” hubs I’m not kiddo .. ” she hugged me soo tightly ” don’t leave me ”

” never ”

This was the first time I felt how much . she loves me.. Now condition is same . my jaan us sleeping on my chest like our first night..

” good night jaan , ur hubs will never leave u “. ..

How’s the part .. And if u find it bad so please forgive me your friend nilu ?

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