Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 20) last episode


Hello friends.. I’m here with new chappy this part contains mature words.. If u wants u can skip middle part..

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Swara’s POV

What that Tanya said. How could she I wish I could kill her that moment then I remembered my promise to kavita.

“Sanskar, I’m not feeling good.. “I came outside..

This heart had no more strength to bear pain.. Y only me..? after sometime hubs came out he hugged me from the back.. And hold my both hands.. I felt his tears on my shoulder..

” what is happening to us.. Swara”

“Hubs..” His sobs was making me weak

“Y only us swara? I didn’t thought bad for anyone then Y me? all i need is u only u.. This God is not giving this happiness to me.” His grip tightened on me.. I can’t control my emotions.

“It’s all because of me.. ”

“No swara.. ”

“Leave this dirt..” He turned me and cupped my face..

“I love u…” With these words tears flowed from his eyes.. How much love was filled in his eyes.. These eyes can melt anyone’s heart.

“What is the benefit of that love, which shared bed with other man.. “My voice choked..

“I love u.. Only u..” He moved closer to me.. I closed my eyes.. He rubbed his nose with mine..” I want this girl only.. ” he kissed on my tears “I don’t care how hard being together is, But nothing is worst than being a part..” He was about to kiss me..

“Sanky.. ” kavita called him” ‘Oops I’m sorry..”I opened my eyes.. And released his grip.. And left from their..

I was running alone in the road.. Then someone stopped me..

“Hey baby, where r u going? ” it was a group of boys.. They were teasing me..

“I said leave my way..”?

” offo.. Baby, u won’t give us pleasure.. ”

“Come I’ll give u pleasure..” I turned it was adrash.. They ran away seeing him.. He came towards me.. ” swara what r u doing here.. ”

“Woh, adarsh ji.. ” how could I tell him the reason.. ” I want to go home”

“Come I’ll drop u in the my Jeep”. He informed hubs that I’m with him.. I reached near the home.. And he left..

“See her new customer is inspector adarsh.. Wao great..” All people were staring at me.. ” she doesn’t deserve to live her.. ”

“Yes.. ” they started throwing stone at me. I closed my eyes, But before it could hurt me. Hubs hugged me.. He took all pain in him but didn’t allowed me to hurt a little.. Ma, baba and RAM uncle saved us.. We reached to home.. His head was bleeding badly.. I was doing his dressing.

“I’m sorry, please sanskar leave me..” He hold my hand and kissed on it..

“First of all I’m not sanskar I’m ur hubs. And I promised u na I’ll be always be with u, I’ll took all r troubles..”

“But, see na how much it bleeding.. “?..

” but if my jaan will kiss on them, they will recover soon.. “I kissed on his wounds.. On his forehead.. Arms.. Hands.. ” jaan one place is left.. ” he pointed towards his lips..

“But hubs, here is no wound..”

“Come close to me. See clearly then U will see.” I moved towards him.. He took the chance and kissed me. I blushed.. ” that’s like my shona.. U looked too cute when u blushes ” he pulled my cheeks..

“Sanky, RAM uncle is calling u..” He left.. ” now ur happy na swara.. ”

“What I did kavita..”

“Don’t do anything.. Wait the day when he will sleep with that sl*t..” She left in anger..

I was happy lucky told me that hubs said no to Tanya.. Days passed but we didn’t got any success on the case.. Kavita’s words effected me very much.. I started maintaining the distance with him..Whenever he came closed to i moved apart. But this was reality that whether I won this case or not he would definitely marry kavita.. With each hearing our case was becoming weak.. Each day was broking me from inside. I need him but I can’t hugged him.. God is punishing me.. I know he would definitely took me in his words.. So I decided to sleep with ma..

“Ma, I’m scared sleeping alone. I want to sleep with u.. ” but my hubs still came to meet me..

One night I was sleeping.. He came I heard his noise.. But I acted sleeping.. Ma was sleeping.. He silently came towards me. And hold my hand..

“Jaan, I know I’m useless.. That’s why u r going far away from me.. U know what it pinched me badly when anyone raised finger on ur character.. Ur my everything shona.. I promise I’ll make everything fine.. We will be together like before.. Tomorrow I’ll talk to Tanya.. I’ll beg to her.. I can do anything for u.. ” he kissed on my hand… His tears dropped on my hand..” Please don’t behave rudely with me it’s hurt me a lot. ”

” it’s also hurting me too hubs” I wish I could say this to him..

“I really love u” he kissed on my forehead.. It showed his pain intensity… And he left..

Next day.. I woke up late.. But hubs left to meet Tanya.. I was tensed.. I believed my hubs won’t touch anyone. Because he loves me only.. But that Tanya was too much. I didn’t knew what she was saying to hubs.. It’ was 1pm hubs still didn’t came. Kavita was also tense..

“Swara what if, sanskar..slept..”

“I trust him.. He told me he would only talk to her..” Sujata aunty called her.. She was asking for hubs as he wasn’t picking her calls. Kavita told her everything.. It was 4pm I was very much tense now..

“Ma.. I was going to search hubs..” Listening hubs kavita stared me..” I mean sanskar.. ”

“Don’t go alone call lakshaya ”

“No worry aunty I’ll go with her..” Kavita came with me.. We were silently going just then sujata aunty came she took me with her kavita tried to stop her.. But she didn’t listen to her… She took me to her home..

“Aunty leave my hand..”

“Shut up!!” She bring me hubs room. ” look at this room.. How long I waited for my child but u snached my son.. ” I didn’t knew Y she was angry on me.. I mean she hated me but.. ” look at thses pics.. Me my husband and my son our sweet family.. U know what how happy we were then U came.. Took my son with u..”

“Aunty ji.. Leave my hand..”

” u leave my son.. See this pics of kavita and sanskar.. I always wanted her to be my daughter in law.. She is a perfect match for him.. But my bad fate.. I got u.. See na how perfect they r together.. ”

“But they r marrying na aunty ji.. Then”

“My son already slept with a sl*t like u.. ” I was scattered..” Now he went to that Tanya.. ” she bend down on her knees ” I’m begging u.. Leave him..I want my son’s happiness.. What he was and What u made him? ” she was continuously crying..

“Aunty ji don’t cry I’ll do what u want.. ”

I went back to home.. Her words were still echoing in my mind.. Did I really spoiled his life. I just love him more than anything more than my ma, baba yes… I love him most. I made myself ready.. I was sitting in the room.. I heard his coming sound.. He came in the room and sit down in his knees and hold my hand.. And bowed down his head..

“I’m sorry jaan. Since morning I was roaming just to find proof against sahil.. Then I went to meet Tanya. I begged her.. But she didn’t listen.. ” I gave him so much pain.. Sujata aunty was right. What I made him.. ” jaan forgave this useless man. He is good for nothing.. ” he kept his head on my lap and cried a lot..

“Sanskar.. ” my voice chocked.. ” sanskar leave me.. My sari is … Getting wet due to.. Ur..” I took a pause..” Due to ur tears.. “? tears drop was about but I immediately wiped before he noticed.. He looked towards me..

” jaan.. What r u saying.. ” he tried to cupped my face.. But jerked him..

“Don’t do this.. U had already spoiled my sari.. Don’t touch my cheeks.. ” I get up and turned my face it was very difficult as I thought.. ” u have already disappointed me.. Now..” He hold my hand and turned me..

“Now what.. Tell me..” Then looked towards my neck.. ” jaan where is ur mangalsutra… And no sindoor what happened to u.. ”

“Leave my hand.. Sanskar.. First of all I’m not ur jaan.. ” I took his hand and kept mangalsutra on it..” Take this.. Now I don’t need this..”

“Did anyone said u something.. Tell na jaan.. I’ll not leave them..

“I don’t need u..” He hugged me..

“Don’t say anything like this jaan. I’ll die without u…” He is making me weak.. But I gained some strength.. And pushed him..

“Enough sanskar can’t u get… I don’t love.. Now I don’t even need ur help.. ”

“R u sure.. ?”

“Ya.. Now there is nothing between.. Us.. U give me divorce paper this time I’ll sign on them.. I’m fed up of this relation.. Because..” My words stuck in my mouth..


“I hate u.. Please go from here..” He looked towards me..

“Ok fine.. ” he called someone.. ” make all arrangements.. I’m coming.. I’m ready Tanya..” He left.. ‘What he said.. He is ready’.. I went outside.

“Sanskar wait u.. R going with Tanya..”

“Y r asking? U even don’t love me.. U r not my jaan.. Then Y this is bothering to u.. Miss swara..”. He sit in the auto.. ” and thanks for hating me.” He left… I called him a lot but he didn’t bothered.. What I did I thought he would leave me.. But.. No this couldn’t be possible he couldn’t touch anybody.. I knew that he only loves me.. I trust him.. After an hour lucky called me..

“Bhabhi what is happening? Sanskar bhai went with Tanya.. ”

“What where is he. ”

“Wait, don’t come here alone bhabhi I’m coming..” He came and took me.. That place wasn’t good. I was standing room outside that room. I touched the door..

“Hubs… ” I called him.. But I didn’t get any reply..

“Bhai.. Open the door.. ” I was getting panicked..

“Hubs.. Open the door..” Just then..

“Aww.. Sanskar.. Baby..” I heard Tanya’s words.. ” I’m loving it.. ” she was shouting.. Someone stroked knife in my heart..

“No.. Hubs please open the door.. ” I beat the door.. ” please hubs..” ?

“Sanskar.. Please deeper.. More.. Aww..”

“Bhai open the door..”

“I’m sorry hubs.. I’ll not say anything please don’t.. ”

“Swara do from here.. ” he shouted a loud.. ” u don’t love me but Tanya is giving me love..” She was laughing.. ” lucky u also leave..” Lucky and me requested a lot but hubs denied.

“Bhabhi come”

“No.. ” her moans were continuously coming..

“I’m waiting for u in car.. When u want u can come.. Sorry bhabhi I can’t stay here ” he left in shame he said he couldn’t tolerate this …. I heard pinching sound of bed..

“Hubs.. Please..”?… I was continuously knocking the door..” I love u.. Don’t do this..” I sit down in my knees..

“Oh.. Sanskar U r too good.. Baby more faster..” I closed my ears.. Still her words echoing in my ears..” Deeper baby.. Ooh… More harder.. Ya.. Right there.. ”

“Hubs.. Please.. I love… U. I’ll not repeat this mistake again…” I kept my head at door.. ” I need u.. Don’t do this..” I was dieing each second.. Whole night I was witness of their love making.. Each moans from her mouth.. I wished God gave me death.. “Hubs.. Please.. ” what I did? I never did anything good for him.. Now this.. I didn’t knew when these eyes got sleep.. I woke up. When in the morning I heard the door opening sound… Hubs came out.. His condition was messy..

“Hubs.. I’m sorry..” He left from there without saying anything.. I was about follow him..

“Swara baby, take ur hubs mobile..” I came inside.. Whole room was scattered badly.. She had just wrapped sheet.. I took his mobile..”ur hubs too good in bed.. I must say u r very lucky.. Aww I’m very much tired.. Oh God.. Now I need to rest..” I moved towards the door.. ” swara u won’t see my love bites.. See here in my neck.. In my bosom.. I must say his length is….” I moved towards her.. And slapped her.

“How dare u? He is mine my hubs..” I strangle her..

“Leave me.. He himself agreed I won’t forced him..” Lucky stopped me..

“Bhabhi leave her. Bhai needs u.. ” I left there.. I called in home but ma told he was not in home.. “Where is Bhai..”

“I know.. U leave in my old house.. ” lucky left me.. I moved inside I heard the shower sound.. I entered into bathroom.. He was sitting in the shower.. I closed the shower..

“Hubs, what r u doing hubs… It’s too cold.. ”

“Leave me, swara.. I’m bad..”

“Hubs sorry.. ” he stand up..

“See what I did.. I hate my self..” He was very angry.. I know his temper was very dangerous for him..” I’m very bad… ” he hardly stroked his hand in washbasin.. And blood came out.

“Hubs… Don’t do this. ”

“Ya I need more punishment.. ” he hurted himself . he wasn’t listening me. “I deserve more punishment .” I closed his mouth.. And kissed him.. More deeper..

“Relax.. Hubs.. ” I cupped his face..” Ur jaan is here..” I took him outside.. I did his dressing..

“Swara..” I again kissed him..

“Don’t say anything…” I removed his shirt.. Tanya’s nails marks… And changed his clothes.. He hugged me..

“U r right.. I deserve ur hate”

“No hubs. ”

“I’m sorry.. Swara..”

“Not swara.. Look at me I’m ur jaan.. Sorry for all I said.. Now I know.. I was doing worng.. Hubs..”

“That sahil.. ” he cried.. ” he gave u drugs..” He explained me everything.. How he killed our child.. How gave me drugs through medicine.. Not only sahil.. Rajat also tried to touch me..” Sorry, I’m worst Dad who didn’t save our babies.. ”

“No hubs..”

“I ashamed of myself.. I can’t even able to save ur virtue.. He touched u.. And u blamed yourself.. And I left u.. ” he took my hand and slapped himself..” Slap me I deserve this… I gave u pain u r begging for me and I slept that girl…” I hugged him..

“No hubs, my life has no meaning without u.. ”

“I need u.. Please don’t leave me.. This time I’ll die..”

“Sssh ” I kept finger on his lips.. “Come with me.. I closed the door.. I made him to sit on the bed.. ” u know my hubs said.. If couple sleep without any barriers this reduces their worries.. Stress.. Let’s give it a try.. ” I winked.. ” please do it hubs..” He opened my clothes.. And i also undid his clothes.. I hugged him… And took blanket.. He took me in his embrace.. I kissed on my name. I felt him without any barriers. I wanted removed all the marks of Tanya…

” jaan…When you arrived in my life.., I realized that..Somewhere, I am still alive”

“Hubs kiss me, we both need this… ” we shared a passionate kiss. I sucked his lips,… It gave us strength.. We both need it badly.. Now I decided whatever would be the situation.. Now I won’t care for anyone.. I’ll not leave him.. At any cost.. Now I want to become his strength.. I hugged him.. ” I love u hubs..”

“I LOVE too jaan..” We slept in each embrace.. Forget what had happened and what would happen.. Two body needs each other’s support.. Badly.. We were feeling each other..

Swara’s POV ends..

Now sanskar got to know swara didn’t cheated him.. Sahil drugged her.. But still one fact was hidden from him.. Tanya told him truth but not complete.. She told him that sahil gave swara drugs but she hide the fact that he didn’t touched her virtue.. Don’t know what was in her mind.. SwaSan spend whole day, in each other’s arms.. They were getting strength for upcoming problems.. They came back to home at night..

“Sanky.. Where were u I was very worried for u.. ”

“Ya sanskar swara where were u..” Shomi asked..

“I was with swara.. I’m going to my room.. Swara u come fast..” Swara was about to move but sujata hold her hand..

“I told u na.. And u..”

“Mother in law.. Leave my hand.. My hubby is calling me..” She left.. All were shocked by seeing the strength of confidence in her words.. She left.. Sahil came to meet kavita..

“Sahil Y? U called me.. This time..”

” woh, did ur plan work..?”

“Ya, sanskar and swara had a big fight u don’t worry soon they will separated..”

“And did sanskar get any proof..?”

“Not at all.. Sahil u go before anyone see us together.. I’ll tell u if he get any clue.. But sahil how he will get clue. I mean u r right na.. U had an affair with swara then Y r u worrying..” He thought something.

“Kavita u go..”

Next day.. Swasan and kavita left to meet Tanya..

“Ok, now first we have to get the proof that sahil bought that drugs.. ” kavita said…

“Ya kavita, but how? This is the final hearing … We have to do everything fast..”

“Hubs, I think we should talk to rajat’s father I mean he must have the record of bills.. So”

“U r very intelligent shona..” He praised her.. And she blushed.. And two people were jealous?.” But hubs, he won’t believe us..”

“I’ll handle this..” Tanya said.. And all went to meet rajat’s father.. He didn’t agreed..

“My son, is not that much bad that he will sleep with this sl*t.. And swara u r his friend Y he will”

“Trust us uncle” hubs request..

“Offo, uncle.. Can I tell ur son’s all beauty spot.. ” Tanya showed some of their intimate pictures.. His father scattered..

“What my son did.!!!?.” He helped them.. And they got the records of all bills.. This was the first proof against sahil.. Not only that Tanya also told them that that night rajat influenced sahil to forced swara.. Luckily they got the CCTV footage of bar.. Now they were going close to victory..

“Hubs, we got two proof.. Now he will be behind the bars..”

“No shona, I know Mr sengupta he would easily.. Proof it worng we need something strong..

” hubs Tanya is witness of all his crime..”

“No swara dear.. No one believe on the words of a pr*stituted..” Tanya said .” they would easily proved me worng..”

“Then hubs..” Swara became disappointed..?.

“Wait sanskar.. Once swara got to know about the drugs..” She narrated them how sawara got to know about drugs.. How she forgot everything..

“But Y Mrs Smith couldn’t able diagnosed the drugs..” Sanskar asked

“Because of me. ” Tanya explained them how sahil used her and blackmailed Mrs Smith using photos..” No worry sanskar sahil gaved all pics to me for the security reasons.. He thought anyone can delete those pics from his mobile.. ”

They also took the help from Mrs Smith.. And she agreed as Tanya destroyed all the pics..

“But still we want the confession of sahil..” Sanskar said..

“But sanky how..”

“Hubs, I had a plan..” She narrated her plan..

“R u sure shona.. I Mean..” She sit on his lap..

“Sssh hubs, u worried a lot about ur jaan. But now I’m strong na because my hubs is with me.” She pulled his cheeks..

“Ahem ahem.. Love birds we r also here..” Tanya smiled.. Or we can say jealous..

Finally day came last hearing. Of case..from the first session sanskar made his side strong.. He showed how sahil bought drugs and gave it to swara.. Mrs Smith also gave the clearance.. Regarding drugs in swara’s blood… But Mr sengupta was very smart..

“Mrs Smith Y u won’t tell us about the drugs before.. Tell na..” She became quite due to the fear that if sahil told the court about his son and Tanya’s relation.. Mr sengupta also proved Tanya’s words worng.. Swasan again became weak.. Court took break for two hours..

“Kavita what is this..? Y u didn’t told me about.. Tanya..”

“Sahil.. Sanky even didn’t told this to me.. But I have a plan for u..” She told him something.. After a hour.. Swara was searching for sanskar..

“Kavita, where is hubs..?”

“I’ll tell u.. Baby” sahil came there..

” u sahil.. ” she looked towards kavita” u r with him..” Kavita smiled ?

“Aww poor shona, searching for sanskar.. Don’t know whether he will come or not.. ” she grabbed sahil’s color.

“Tell me where is he.. Y u kidnapped him”?

“Come with me..” He took her a room.. ” I’ll give u sanskar after this last hearing.. If ”

“I’ll do anything u want don’t do anything with him.. I’ll die without him..” She begged him..

“U have to come to me.. Give yourself to me.. Forever.. U and me.. ”

“But u had already.. Touched me..” He pulled swara..

“Baby that time I drugged u . this time u will do it with ur willingness. ” she cried.. Sahil told her how he did everything..

“Ok I’ll.. But leave my hubs” Then swara left for court.. Hearing started..

“So miss swara tell the court u had an affair with sahil.. Accept it .” swara looked towards sahil.. He smirked.. But suddenly a clipped played.. In which sahil accepted all his crime.. All were shocked..

“See my lord..” Sanskar came..” Now Mr sahil accepted everything.. Now also he also threatened.. My wife.. Sir this guy used drugs.. He snached my wife’s virtue.. Using drugs.. Not only this his father was also with him.. ”

Sanskar played recording in which swara called sanskar and told him about drugs. ” these drugs, affected my wife badly..their side effects.. ” he cried..” She suffered from partial memory loss ” he told the court about the side effects of drugs. “What if I lost my wife.. Not only this Mr sengupta.. Gave money to published ill about my wife..” He presented all person to whi blamed swara.. He told court how they hit them with stones..

“Sir if I want I’ll give him punishment. But I need my wife pride.. She is innocent.. She did only one crime was that she loves me madly.. Punish him for his all crime. I want to tell everyone if anyone tried to harm my wife this sanskar will not him.. That’s all my lord..”

Court gave sahil ten year imprisonment.. And his father three years imprisonment and cancelled his licensed to fight any case..

Now all praised sanskar..

“I’m proud of u my son” RAM blessed swasan” u both stay happy always.. Shomi shekhar also thanked him..

Sahil came towards them.. And looked towards kavita..” U” kavita slapped him..

“What u thought sahil if u give me stupid offer I’ll accept it.. Being a girl i will play with a girl’s dignity ..U know what next day I told everything to sanskar.. And when I took promise from u swara not to speak anything in sanskar’s matter was only just to make this cheapo believed in my words.. Sanskar told me to continue this drama”

“And sahil this kidnapping drama was my jaan’s plan”

” ten years sanskar..” Sahil looked towards swara and she hold sanskar’s hand” after that I’ll again come for u swara.. Because I still love u..”

“Sahil” sanskar stopped him ” it’s just a trailer.. Ur punishment is still left..” Sanskar smirked.. And left.. Media was ready for swasan..

“Congratulations Mr Maheshwari.. U did it..”


“U not only fight for the pride of wife.. But also for every girl.. We r proud of u.. And Mrs Maheshwari how’s u feeling..”

“I found myself the luckiest women.. God have me best hubby.. ”

“What next.. Mr Maheshwari..”

“Nothing.. Especial”

“After this u will marry kavita.. ” a reporter said.. ” I mean although ur wife is innocent.. But she is impure will u able to accept her?… With ur full heart..” This broke swara.

“If for u my wife is impure then I’m also impure..” All shocked..” U heard right.. This Mr Sanskar Maheshwari slept with a pr*stituted.. Then what u will call to me.. ” swara was just looking at sanskar.. He kept his hand on her waist..” This impure man, will only live with her wife.. And I don’t care what u thinks.. She is pure soul for me who loves her hubs only ” swara left with teary eyes.. After that media also left. Kavita came near sanskar..

“Hey sanky, congratulations..” Kavita said with a smile..?..

“It wasn’t possible without u”

“Offo sanky, and take this ring I tried a lot to get u but when I told u about sahil I saw swara’s name in ur chest.. Now I came to know sanskar’s is only swars’s. ” sanskar smiled ” I can live with u but can’t live with this name.. U agreed for Tanya’s condition for swara u r mad for her..”

“U r mistaken kavita.. My wife loves me more than me.. ”

“I know but sanskar where is ur ring” he looked..

“I lost it.. ”

“No worry but I need to apologize to swara, many time I tried to separate her from u.. Where is she?”

“She was here only” they searched her but.. She wasn’t there.. He searched her.. Called everyone..

“Sanky, ur phone us ringing”

“It’s rajat’s father..”

“Picked up na..”

“I’m searching for swara and u.. Jaan where r u.. ” he cried.. Now.. It’s has been more than 3 hours.. Still she was missing..

“Sanky don’t panicked.. ” but sanskar was very much tense and afraid too..

“That media people hurted her. What if she left me forever.. But I’ll search shona come back..” Just then someone called kavita..

“Ya adarsh..”

“Where is sanskar?. Gave him phone.” She gave phone to sanky” where were u. I was calling u.. ”

“Please don’t eat my brain.. I m already very tense..”

“Sanskar come here fast, I found I dead body here..” Phone fell down from his hand… He moved with kavita.. But he hadn’t had the strength to look at the dead body.. ” did u left me jaan.. ”

“Sanky come here..” Adarsh took him..

But sanskar mind was blanked..” No this can’t be my jaan. Jaan u have promised me na u won’t leave me.. Jaan.. Is this end our journey aadhe adhure the incomplete desire.. “?

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