Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 19)


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Sanskar’s POV…

I love my jaan the most.. Her pain, her tears r pinching me.. For her I left everything.. For me She is above every relation.. I felt very bad when she asked me to left her alone.. I knew she was trying to hide her pain. My shona can’t see me with any other girl.. Kavita took me out of room..

“Kavi.. Y u bring me outside.. She needs me.”

“Sanky.. This time she need some privacy.. ”

“I know better than u what she needs.. ” just then adarsh called me..

“Sanky come here”

“What happened adarsh”

“That sahil, got bail.. ”

“I’ll not leave him.. I m coming..” But kavita stopped me..

“Sanky! Where r u going? It’s too late..”

“Kavita that blo*dy sahil? got bail I’ll not leave him..”

“It’s night u can talk him tomorrow”

“R u out of ur mind kavita.. Do u have any idea what he did with my jaan.. ”

“But sanky.”

“Kavita leave my way..” I left for police station..but I was late. When I reached there he already left..

“Sanky he just went with his father..”

“Ok.. Today I’ll not leave him..”?

I went in search of sahil.. I found him in the park he was waiting for someone.. I covered my face with hanky.. And took a big rod. I was about to go near him.. But then I saw Ragini.. I was very shocked..

” is ragini is also with him..” I hide behind the tree to hear what they were saying..

“Ragini, Y u called me..?” She slapped him

“Sahil u lied to me.. Tell me everything clearly.. R u in relationship with swara..”

“Off course ragini.. U have seen us together..”

“Don’t lie sahil.. ”

“I’m not”

“I m not fool sahil.. I helped u to separate swara from sanskar because I thought she was cheating sanskar.. But I was wrong…”

“No yrr it’s true..”

“Then Y u tried to rap her.. If she has an affair with u then Y u forced her.. She should easily say yes to u..”

“Ragini, listen to me .. That rajat challenged me..so..” Ragini again slapped him and grabbed his collar..

“What kind of man u r.. I never liked swara but if it would be about a girls dignity I’m with her.. I was fooled to believe u..I m sure there was nothing happened that night..”

“No that night.. I slept with her.. Swara and me made love..”

“But .. How can this would be possible.. I mean..”

“Swara herself don’t know Y she did this..”

“U sahil.. I’m ashamed of myself..? I was with u but now I’ll tell everything to sanskar..”

“As u wish.. ” ragini left from there in anger.. He took his mobile. And cares my shona’s pic..

“Swara, u r mine. Ur body, ur love is only for me..” That’s it for me. I hit him with rod.. “Aww who r u?” I beat him black and blue.. His head started bleeding.. He cried but there was no one to listen him.. Since it was late night.. ” help me.. Somebody help me..” He was begging to me.. But my anger was on peak.. He fell down unconscious.. But I was continuously beating him just then adarsh stopped me..

“Sanky, what r u doing.. Stop.. ”

“No I’ll not leave him..”

“Sanky what If he dies.. How u will get ur wife pride back..” I stopped.. He informed his father…

“Mr sengupta.. Some robbers has beaten ur son.. Come soon.” He looked towards me..” Sanky don’t waste ur anger on him. ” I left.. I went to meet shona.. She was very much heart broken.. She told me everything that she suffered in those five week..I made her believe that I’ll do everything fine.. Now my main aim to find Tanya only she could help us.. I called adarsh..

” adarsh I need ur help… I’m coming to meet u…” I went his house..

“Ok.. Tell me..”

“I want to search.. A girl.. Tanya.. She is a call girl.. “.

” what..?? why u need this girl.. “I told him everything.. He showed me pictures of many girl still I can’t find her…

” wait … Adarsh.. I think.. That sahil knows her..”

“But Y he would tell this to us..”

“U get all his call records.. I’m sure from where I we can get her number..”

“That’s great idea.. But it will take little time.. U go home.. U need to take rest.. Since full night u r just roaming here and there.. ”

“Ok.. But when u get the number call me..”

“Ok sanky and all the best..” I left from there… When I reached home it was 5:00am. Shomi aunty and uncle were still sleeping. I went to my room. And collected the related file.. Just then kavita came..


“Oh kavi u came.. ” I gave her ring back..” Sorry kavita but I love swara.. I know u r angry in me.. But..”

“Sanky I can’t take it. ”

“Y?” I asked..

” I want to help.. Swara.. Till I’m ur fiance..dad will allow me.. Moreover u had promised sujata aunty.. Don’t do anything in hurry..”

“Kavita I’ll manage”

“But I want to support swara.. Please sanskar.. ” she hugged me.. ” I love u.. Let me live near u for some day. If after that u and swara would be agree for continuing ur relation I’ll back off..”

“Kavita..” I broke the hug and wiped her tears.” I respect ur feelings.. Ok I’ll do as u want. U always helped me. No matter what was the situation. ”

“Thanks sanskar..” She left.

In the morning I went to meet my jaan.. She was arranging the pallu of her sari…. I kept breakfast on the table… And moves towards her..

“Let me do it..”

“No I’ll ….” But I didn’t listen her. I kept all her hair aside.. Pinned the pallu properly.. Then I turned her.. And tied her back dori.. Her eyes were still closed.. I slightly kissed on her nape.. And she immediately hugged me.. “Hubs…”

“Jaan.. Come have breakfast..” She sit on the bed

“Hubs I’ll take it myself..”

“No I’ll feed u.. Sweet kheer.. ” I was feeding her and she was just looking at her..” How’s it.. I made this for my jaan..” She was just crying.. ” is it that much bad.. Sorry..” She hugged me..

“I’m sorry.. It’s very tasty hubs.. ”

“Then Y my jaan is crying..? ”

” I hurted u.. Always.. I separated u from ur family I’m good for nothing.. ” I cupped her face..

” look at u.. Always cries.. Y? R u not happy with ur hubby.. I think God has gave u bad hubby.. ”

“No hubs..”

“Then, Y r u crying.. I made kheer for u.. Before doing anything good we should eat something sweet but u..”


“I don’t want sorry.. ” I made angry face..?


“I want my sweet..”

“I don’t have.. Wait let me made something for u..” I held her hand..

“U have sweet.. ” I kissed her.. Sweetly tasted her lips.. ” now I got my sweet I’ll definitely win..” She was shocked due to my sudden kiss?… ” OK now come fast..” I left..

Sanskar’s POV ends

First hearing of swasan case.. All were very much tense..

“Jaan come soon..”

“Coming hubs” swara moved but kavita held her hand..

“Swara u r forgetting something.. What u have promised..”

“No I remembered it..”

“Don’t lie swara.. I saw u kissing sanskar ”

“Woh.. Kavita..”

“Y u forget this swara now have lost all ur right on him. See I’m not ur enemy.. But accept the reality that now I’m his better half.. Now only I have right to get his love, his kiss and hugs..”

“Sorry.. Kavita I’ll take care of it.. ” they come outside..

“Jaan come na.” Swara sit with her ma baba..

“Ma I need u.. ” she kept her head on shomi’s lap.. Sanskar moves towards shekhar’s car..

“Wait sanky.. This time a girl need her mother most..”

“Sanskar beta come” RAM called him.. Sanskar and kavita went with RAM.. But sanskar was unhappy that swara went with shomi and shekhar.. And they reached at the court. Ragini also came with lucky..

“Sanky, I need to talk to u..”

“Ragini it’s better u stay away from me and my jaan.. I know what u want to say.. U and sahil.. ”

“Sorry sanky.. ”

“Lucky take her..” He left.. Ragini went towards swara..

“Sorry swara..” She told her everything..

“It’s OK ragini. U did that because that sahil told u lie. It’s not ur mistake completely..” All went inside.. Swara looked towards sahil.. Who was badly beaten.. And then hearing started..

“My Lord.. This case is very clear.. All r targeting my innocent son.. Sir I want to call swara”

Swara came sanskar went towards her..”don’t worry be brave jaan..”

“So Miss swara tell me.. At what age u get married”


“Oh 18, too early.. Y? I mean did ur parents forced u.. Or anything else”

“I eloped ”

“With whom.and why?.”

“I eloped with Sanskar.. Because sahil mixed alchol in my drink and I kissed sanskar and baba beat me so I eloped..”

“U eloped at the age of 17 and married on ur 18 birthday.. It’s means u lived with a boy without marriage…Am I right..?”

“Yes.. ”

“Did u had any physical relation with sanskar before marriage..?”

“Enough sir.. Y Mr sengupta asking this..? Sir it’s our personal matter how’s it related to this case..” Sanskar shouted..

“Mr Maheshwari.. Clam down.. It’s court.. U will get ur chance.. U carry on Mr sengupta”

“Thanks sir.. So where were we, ya do u have any..”

“No.. Sir”

“Oh. Mr Maheshwari is very gentle guy.. But swara ur father fixed ur marriage with sahil.. After eloping with sanskar U lived in sahil’s house..”

“Woh.. Sahil told us that he wanted to apologize for his mistake..”

“So.. It’s means when sanskar was out for work.. Sahil came to meet u.. ”

“Ya ”

“So, in the absence of sanskar did u get close to sahil.. I mean he was going to be husband” sanskar closed his fist in anger..?

“Never.. I never loved him..”

“So, what happened in those five week? Tell us swara ? Is it true, that u slept with sahil.. ” swara bowed down her head in shame.. Sanskar anger ?.. Kavita held his hand..

“Answer swara.. Court wants to know … Answer did u had s*x with sahil..” Tears drop falls from her eyes.. This boiled sanskar’s blood.. ” answer us swara did u..”

“Mind ur language.. Mr sengupta..”

“Mr Maheshwari cool.. It’s a case and if u that much worried about it then Y u filed case ” swara looked towards sanskar..

“But sir he have mind his language..”

“Mr Maheshwari u r disowning the court.. And Mr sengupta.. U ask ur queries in a decent way..”

“Ok my lord.. So swara u tell us.. The answer ”


“So did sahil forced u.. ”

“No.. ”

“Did u enjoyed it..” She was feeling ashamed..

“I… I don’t know.. ”

“But I know the truth.. Actually u liked it u did it again and again. this woman is characterless.. Who can do anything to satisfy her lust.. When sanskar was out she used to call sahil and seduce him. She forced him to do that.. My son is innocent.. That day she called sahil and forced him to marry her as sanskar left her but sahil denied and she did this drama of rape..”

“No.. It’s all lie sir.. I only love my hubs..”

“See sir does a wife who loves her husband can.. Made relation with other man.. She abort her child for her lust.. I’m saying give a big punishment to this girl.. And set a good example for our society.. That’s all my lord..” Mr sengupta said all this.. Sanskar called sahil..

“So Mr sahil.. Swara used to seduce u ”


” so Y u didn’t informed me.. I mean u r very innocent.. Very good boy..”

“Woh.. Woh I was afraid..”

“To whom? Swara but what could she do..”

“Woh.. ” sahil didn’t get what to say..” Aww.. My head is paining.. ” he started his drama..

Sanskar also kept his side.. But it was his first time.. Moreover he didn’t have that experience.. All proofs were against swara.. No result of first hearing but he felt very bad seeing swara..

“Shona.. ”

“Woh.. I want to go home with ma baba..” She left with her parents.. Sanskar tried to go behind her but adrash stopped him

“Sanky.. See we got a number… Sahil frequently called in this number.. ” sanskar called on that number..

“Hello.. Whose this..”

“Tanya.. ”

“Ya.. Speaking.. What u want sir.. ”

“I want to meet u..”

“Oh.. Sir for that u have talk with my broker.. Actually now I’m busy.. Ok”

“Please Tanya, I’m sanskar..” Listening sanskar’s name she became quite..

“Sanskar u”

“Please Tanya I need u badly.. Meet me.. ”

“Ok, I’ll come back tomorrow.. Time and place I’ll tell u later..” She disconnected the call. Sanskar went back to home to tell swara about Tanya..

Here swara came to home.. But the society’s people started raising finger against her character..

“How cheap..!! ”

“U r right. This type slept with other person.. Just for satisfaction..”

“Shona come” shomi tried to cover the situation..

“Her mother is also with her.. Don’t know she gave her this training.. ”

“Don’t Say a word against my mom.. ”

“Oho.. Now this dirt open her mouth.. This type of girl is nothing less than a prostitu…” Just then someone slapped that guy..

“One more word about my wife.. I’ll kill u..” He look towards swara and kept his hand on her waist..” My wife is pure.. I don’t bother what u think.. I’m with her.. U keep ur dirty thought in yourself.. Come jaan.. ”

“Don’t gave us lecture.. U yourself marrying another girl. And teaching us no one want this dirt.. ” all started shouting.. Sanskar was very much angry.. But kavita stopped him..

“Sanky.. Leave them.. ” they moved inside.. Swara looked towards newspaper and directly ran towards her room… Sanskar read the headline..

“I know Mr sengupta did this..”? he moved towards her room.

” shona. Beta open the door..” Shomi continuously beating the door..

“Ma, u go.. I’ll talk to her..” She left..

“Jaan.. Open the door. See ur hubs is calling u. ” she didn’t said anything.. ” so ur r disowning ur hubs.. ” no reaction.. It had been half an hour now he got panicked.. He directly went to backyard and entered through the window.. She was weeping at the corner of room. Sanskar hugged her..

“sssh I’m here na..” She pushed him.

“Don’t touch me..”

“Jaan” he moved.. But again she denied..


“So u won’t listen to me..” He forcefully picked her up..

“Leave me..” He took her inside the washroom.. And washed her face.. Then pulled her out.. “Leave me.. I don’t need u.. ” but sanskar didn’t bother about her words and wiped her face.. “Y u want to live with a dirt..”

“Enough swara.. This time if u said anything. I’ll give u a tight slap.. What is this ha.. Every time crying.. Leave me.. I’m fed up of this.. ” he held her arms tightly ” look at me.. Now if u do any stupidity then U will see my worst face.. Do u understand.. ” swara silently node yess..

In sahil’s home..

“Dad, what was that? Y u said all that about swara?”

“For u my son”

“But dad I love her.. I can’t tolerate her insult.. And this newspaper.”

“U love her but I love my son.. I’ll do anything to save u.. ”

“But dad”

“Enough sahil.. Once u won this case. After that sanskar will marry kavita. Then I’ll ask swara’s hand for u from shekhar.. Because no one ready to accept that girl ”

“Are u sure dad ? Did uncle will agree?”

“Ya, I have higher some people who will daily defame swara. Wait a little then she will be yours.. Now take ur medicine.. ” it’s right some people will never change. Like that sanskar’s love for swara will also never change..

Sanskar called shomi ” ma send my and swara’s dinner in the room.. ” he looked towards swara..


“Shut up.. Did I gave u the permission to speak.. Keep quite..” Just then someone knocked the door..

“Sanky, ur food..”

“Thanks kavita..”

“Sanky, I want to meet swara.. Actually..”

“Kavita u go.. It’s our personal matter.. Let me spend some time with my wife.. ”

“Sanky.. ”

“Bye” he closed the door on her face.. He ordered swara to sit.. And feed her.. This time she didn’t said anything. She knew about the anger of her hubby.. After an hour kavita again came..

“Sanky woh.. ”

“Kavita, take these plates. ”

“Sanky, we need to discuss something about case.”

“Tomorrow, now I’m busy u go.. And please don’t come again..” He again locked the door. Sanskar got the call..

“Ya Tanya tell..”

“Sanskar, tomorrow morning 11am.. Address I will text u.. ”

“Thanks.. ”

“Ok.. And also sweet dreams..” Sanskar looked towards swara..

“Woh, tomorrow we will go to meet Tanya. Now everything will be OK. ” but swara was still quite.. ” OK.. U can speak now..”

“Sanskar..” Sanskar gave her death look..” I mean hubs.. I’ll also come with u.. ”

“Ok.. Now sleep” swara looked at the clock.. “What r u looking at clock..”

“Woh hubs it’s too late.. I think u should leave.. Now I’m OK..”

“Y? Do u have any problem if I’m here.. ”

“No.. Woh I want to change.. “She moved towards washroom.. Sanskar grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him..

” where r u going? Y r shying? I’m ur hubs not a stranger “sanskar started undoing his shirt..

“Hubs, what r u doing..”

“Sssh.. ” he threw his shirt.. And also removed her sari.. His gaze made her nervous..

“Hubs, I don’t..” He placed his hand on her waist.. And fell down on the bed.. And hugged her.. ” hubs I don’t need this..”

“But I want this.. I need my jaan.. U know what jaan researcher says.. If a couple sleep together without any barriers then all their worries goes away.. Let’s give it a try.. ” he winked..?

“But now kavita is ur fiance.. So..”

“Hmm.. Nice idea now I’ll kiss kavita..” He kissed on her cheeks.. ” I’ll open her clothes.. And touches her body..” He did this with swara.. Swara closed her eyes sanskar whispered softly ” do u want I’ll kiss her here on lips.. Tell na do u want I’ll sucked her bosom.. Tell na do want I’ll give her my love..” She hugged him..

“No.. Hubs… I can’t see u with anyone..”

“I know.. Now sleep..” He took the blanket and covered them.. And turned off the lights.. Kavita saw all this through hole.. And obviously she didn’t liked it.. She left.. And went outside..

“Sahil Y u called me here..”

“Kavi dear I know what u want.. ”

“What do mean..?”

“U want sanky, and I want swara.. So let’s make a deal..” Kavita thought a little..

“Ok.. I’m ready..” Next day..

As soon swara came out if her room.. Kavita grabbed her hand took her outside..

“What u want swara.. Sanskar had spend yesterday night with u.. ”


“How many times I have to tell u this. Stay away from him.. Now u will not tell anything in his matter.. Promise me…”

“Ok.. I promise..”

“Don’t feed sad u r doing everything for his good future. ”

All were ready to meet Tanya..

“Tanya, tell na what u know..about sahil..”

“Offo sanskar. Y so soon.. It’s not that much easy..I want something in return..”

“What u want.. How much money.. I’ll give u”

“Sanskar.. Dear what will I do with money I have lots of money.. ”

“Then ” kavita asked..

“One night.. With me sanskar.. I want to be ur wife for a night.. After that I’ll tell u everything u want..” All was shocked..?

“U cheapo.. How dare u? ” kavita shouted..

“Don’t teach manner.. Miss kavita u think sanskar” but sanskar was only looking at swara.. Who tried to hide her pain..

“Sanskar, I’m not feeling good.. ” swara went outside..

“Sanskar think it.. I’ll not force u.. When u will ready.. Come.. But I know everything.. Now u may leave..” ..

Don’t know what sanskar will choose.. Tell me what sanskar should do..

Precap: swasan breakdown..?

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