Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 15)


Hello friends..First I’m sorry for delay.. But I was not feeling well.. + my exams r coming nears so I can’t be regular.. For sometime…

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Sanskar’s POV….

“How can u forget that u slept with me.. How can u forget the love that I gave u.. Shona.. I didn’t force u.. U willingly did it.. With me..”

“Sahil.. Enough.. I told u na it was a mistake..”

“Swara if it was happened only once that u can call it mistake.. But we did it more than once.. U love my touch.. U was carved for it.. Shona..” Was it true.. My shona.. Cheated me.. How could she.. I didn’t knew what to do.

“Sanky.. See what I told u..” I couldn’t able to say anything to ragini.. I moved from where…. “Wait sanky where r u going..” She too. Followed me..

Nothing was coming in my mind.. I wished this could be false.. I was just reminding all the moment we spend together.. ” hubs don’t leave me..” Were her tears real..? She made my love a joke.. I went inside the home.. I looked towards our photos..

“without any limits, the heart has loved you only, shona..” I was crying.. ” I am so addicted to you, what’s my mistake ”

“Sanky” ragini hugged me..” Don’t cry.. It’s not ur mistake.. I’m here na sanky..” It became so hard to me to survive for a second..I released the hug.. And moved..” Ragini where r u going.. ”

It was our dream house.. Let me correct only my dream house.. I was the biggest stupid.. I took a rod.. And broke each and everything in the house.. I broke all the photos.. Now these pics.. Showing me how fooled was I..?? I threw.. All the items… Now there was no use of anything..

” sanky!! Clam down.. Don’t do this..”

” no ragini nothing is left.. See ragini.. This pic… I kissed her lucky clicked it.. Hahaha ??u r right I’m biggest stupid..” With hard.. Stroked..it’s glass scattered into no of pieces..

“Sanky.. Careful.. It will hurt u..”

” see ragini.. It’s my heart.. Now it break down.. See na come on laugh at me.. Laugh na..”

“U r not in ur sense..”

“U r wrong.. Now I came in sense.. I became joke.. Everyone’s eyes.. That sahil.. And my wife they laughed at me.. U also laugh ne..”

“Sanky.. Please..” I looked towards the our’s child room.. “Sanky stop where r u going..

” no nothing will left..in this house.. I will destroy everything.. ” I moved down to the stairs.. And my leg slipped..

“Sanky…” My eyes.. Closed..

When I opened my eyes I found myself in the hospital.. My mom.. Ragini, kavita .. All were there.. Mom hugged me..

“Sanskar.. How could u do this.. U even didn’t think about ur mom..”

“Mom..” I broke down.?. ” I love her.. She is my life ma.. Why my shona.. Cheated me.. I’m bad na..” But my mom.. Composed me..

“No sanskar.. U r the best. It’s her bad luck.. ”

“Mom, she can’t do this na.. She told me she loves me.. Did I mistake in hearing…? Ya mom.. Shona can’t cheat me.. ” she hugged me more tightly..

“Sanskar, don’t love her that much… Look at me” she wiped my tears..” Forget the past.. Look forward.. We r here.. ” ya she was right swara wasn’t there.. ” ur dad will also forgive U.. ”

“Sanskar, u take rest.. I’m with u as ur friend..” Kavita.. Was also with me.. When all left me.. Now also when my love wasn’t with me.. Or it were never be mine..

“Hubs, ” she came, standing in the door.. Crying..

“How dare u came here.?. ” ragini stopped her.

“Ragini leave my way.. See hubs.. What happened to him.. ” was her tears, her care for me true..? I was fool to believe her..

“Enough swara, u cheap.. Go to ur lover sahil.. Leave sanskar. Now he is done with u..”

“Ragini, let her come in..” I said.. As she came inside she hugged me..

“Hubs..” She was badly crying.. These tears always.. Fooled this sanskar.. She cupped my face.. And kissed all over my face.. Her concern was real or it just I trick to trap..me” hubs, who did this.. Tell me I’ll not leave that idiot..u know someone broke everything in the house..” I hold her hand..

“Shona, I’ll ask u something answer me correctly..”

“Everything u want to know I’ll tell u” she kissed my hand.. And smiled..?

“Do u love me?? ”

” More than myself.. U r everything to me..”

“When I went out of the city for 5 weeks.. Did u missed me?”

“Sanky Y r u asking her? U heard it then..” Ragini interrupted..

“Ragini, u please I’m talking to my wife.. Shona U tell me..”

“Ya, missed u. Don’t leave me again.. It very hard to leave without.. U hubs..”it was Her sweetness that always controlled me..

” how u missed me? In sahil’s arms! Sleeping with him..”

“Hubs, what r u saying..?”

“It’s a lie na shona, u slept with him.. ” she became quite.. I hold her arms..” Answer me dammed..” She closes her eyes

“Yes.. ” I left my grip.. She hold my hand..” But I love u hubs.. Trust me.. ”

“Did he forced u.. swara.. ”

“No, it was just a mistake hubs.. Trust me I only love u..?” again tears.. But not this time sanskar..

“Leave ”

“Hubs please.. Don’t leave me.. U told me.. U will never leave me..”

“I said leave..” She wasn’t ready to go..

“U did heard, it u blo*dy s..” Ragini.. Had no control in her mouth..

“Ragini, don’t say a word against her.. Swara u go..”

“Hubs… Please.. U r my reason to exist..” I grabbed her hand and pushed her out.. But someone hold.. Her.. Doctor..

“Is this a way to treat a girl..” She scold me.. She looked towards swara..” Oh. Mrs Maheshwari how’s u feeling? Any side effects of that medicines in u.. “.

” what medicine? ” I asked.. ” shona r u OK…”

“Sanky Y r worring about.. Her..” Mom asked..

“Mom, please.. Doctor.. What medicine..” I asked.. “Is sheOK..”

“Nothing I’m good..” She lied.

“Shona u quite.. Doctor tell me..”

“I was talking about abortion pills.. Nearly.. Two month ago she came here, she was pregnant.. Then she told she want to abort her twins. ” I looked towards her, she hide this much from me..

“Hubs, I’m sorry.. I didn’t want to abort child.. She is lying..”

“No, ur husband Mr Maheshwari came.. He told me that she wants to abort her child ? I asked her and she too said yess. ” I wasn’t able to understand anything.. Ragini showed sahil’s pic..

“Is this Mr Maheshwari?”

“Ya, she came here with her.. He is her husband.. He told that.. She is worried about her.. Figure.. Moreover this child is obstacle.. In their married they didn’t want it soo soon..” My child was burden on her.. Shona how much u would hurt me..?

“Ok doctor u may go.. ” doctor left..” See sanky her real face.. I called doctor show u the truth . ” ragini always tried to showed me truth but I was blind..

“No, hubs.. Trust me.. Sahil told me..”

“Sahil told u kill these babies.. U agreed.. Swara.. My wife killed my babies for her lust.. ”

“No.. Hubs, it’s lie.. My babies died due to knitting of sweater.. I didn’t abort it.. How can I killed our symbol of our love..”

“Ok, then why u didn’t tell me about it swara..”

“I want but.. ” I cupped her face..

“Shona, did he love u more than me.. Am I not able to satisfy ur need.. Tell me.. That u go with him.. U didn’t think about me before sleeping him.. Am I that much bad..” My condition were worst..

“Hubs, u r always in my thoughts.. I love u.. Hubs.. My love for u is pure.. It was just a mistake” how could she called this a mistake..

“Swara please leave me.. Before I slap u..” I pushed her out and closed the door on her face she was continuously beating the door..

“Hubs, please trust me.. I didn’t abort the child.. That sahil.. Please hubs.. I love u.. ” I breakdown..

“Swara please leave me.. Alone.. Please..” She leaves.. Kavita came and hugged me.

“Sanky, enough crying. Life gives everyone second chance.. U take care yourself.. Doctor told u need rest.. Come get up..” She took me towards the bad..

“Kavita, I need sometime alone.. ”

“Ok sanky, “all leaves

My sleep disturbed in the midnight. I looked all were sleeping. I moved outside to see her.. She was sleeping at the corner of corridor.. It was very cold.. I took my blanket and moved towards her.. She was sleeping in floor.. She was shivering in cold.. I picked her up and placed on the chair.. And wrapped blanket around her.. Her hairs fell on her face.. I removed them..

” shona, Y u did this? Ur hubs loves u a lot.. It’s my mistake to leave u for that 5 week.. Nothing can change my love for u. U never loved me then what was that shona? Only lust… U only want this.. How I m feeling now, being cheated.. Shona how can killed our twins child… I can’t forgive U for this.. ” I moved but…

“Hubs, babies die due to knitting of sweater… ” she was ranting in sleep.. ” ya sanky a women can cheat her husband but a mother can’t killed her babies.. Shona, don’t know but still I trust u… I’ll find out.. All this.. But now there is nothing left between us.. ” I left..

Next morning

“Mr Maheshwari u can go.. But u all need to take care of him.. “She left .

” sanskar, come with us To ur home u need not to live with that cheater…” But I denied to mom..

“Mom, u go to home .. I have some work.. .”

“Sanskar, how can u live with her..”

“Mom, please. Don’t argu..”

“Aunty ji.. Come he need sometime” kavita took mom.. Ragini too left .

I also met doctor.. She showed me CCTV footage.. But still I couldn’t able to believe it.. There must be something.. She couldn’t lie. While sleeping.. Moreover a women loves her child.. More than anything.. I didn’t get anything.. Doctor showed me the reports.. May babies were very small..

“Doctor is it mine babies.. Too tiny.. ” I was very happy.. Touched them.

“It was ur babies, now they r no more..” She showed me the reality.. I tooked the report.. And came to home.. I was shocked to everything was fine.. As if nothing happened there.. Just then swara came and hugged me..

“I knew it. Hubs u can’t leave me.. See na I have did everything fine.. ” how happy was she ? But all lie.. I jerked her..

“No need to do this drama..” I was rude..

“It were u who, gave me blanket na.. Hubs.. ” oh she wasn’t sleeping at that time..

” Get out ..” ?

“U don’t love me anymore hubs..” She asked innocently but not this time.. Now I was not that much fool..

“I hate myself, to love u.. ” I threw her out of the house.. And went inside the room.. Again.. Our photos were there.. I knew it she did this.. I picked them and I was about to throw them out.. I saw her.. She was sitting near the gate.. As she looked towards me with hope.. Her eyes always melted me.. But I controlled myself and threw all the photos out.. And she picked them.. And hurted her hand.. I immediately moved outside.. I hold her hand..

“Shona, let me see.. It..”

“Hubs, Y u love so much..” Again she fooled me..

“Swara don’t stand here.. U go.. From here.. Whenever I see u, it’s hurting me.. Go..”

“Where hubs, it’s evening hubs.. It might rain.. Where I’ll go hubs.. ?” Don’t know from where she got this much of innocence..

” in ur parents or go with ur sahil.. But don’t disturb me…. ” I came inside.. And closed the door.. I was drinking.. My heart was paining.. People says this alcohol helps us to forget.. Every sorrow… Still.. Shona.. Didn’t go from this heart.. I’m addicted.. To her badly.. “The mad heart goes towards her only” It had been 3 hours.. I looked outside it was raining heavily.. But she wasn’t outside.. Where was she? I went to search..

Sanskar’s POV ends..

Swara’s POV..

I lost everything.. Hubs came to know the truth..” I deserve it.. But still want u hubs..” I knew it.. It was he who gave me blanket.. Everything happened reverse.. Hubs thought.. I abort my babies.. But it was lie.. I had seen tears in his eyes.. He still loves me.. I was moving in the road.. And it started raining.. Where to go..? I sit in the bench of bus stop.. It was cold.. Winter nights.. With rain.. Also I was fully drenched.. Just I saw few man were staring me.. I was very much afraid… I moved and they started following.. I was running.. But someone pulled my pallu..

“Wait, baby Y r u escaping?..” I was hell scared..?

“Go, from here. See I’m married… ” but they pulled me.. “I said leave me..”?

” not soo soon, jaan..” I slapped him

“How dare u? To call me that.. Only my hubs calls me jaan..? I’m only my hubs jaan.. ” ‘stupid goons?’

“Where is he? He left u for us..”

“Shut up..” But they tore my blouse.. “Don’t do this…..leave me..” Just then someone punch the goons.. None other than my hubs..?.

“Go touch her.. I’ll see how u will touch her..” He was continuously beating them..my hubs loves me ” with this hand u touched her. ” and in the next second… He broke the bones.. Of his hand.. All goons escaped… He was very angry and looked at me.. He gave my coat..

“Come to home.” But not so easily.. I just moved few steps..

“Aww, hubs my legs.. ” I acted..he just looked at me and picked me up.. That was I wanted.. I was looking at him. My angry hubs, mad for his jaan.. Thanks to goons..?. We entered in the home..

“Shona, u change I’ll get something.. ” he left.. I intensionally wore his shirt.. I knew to how to control his anger.. He came after sometime.. He was shocked to see me in his shirt….

“Woh, I didn’t get anything..” But he was quite.. He placed soup on the table.. And made me sit.. In the bed. And gave me blanket.. He was looking extra cute in that angry face?..

“Drink it.. ” he was very rough.. ?

“I’ll not. I will only take it from ur hand.. Else take it back..” Stubborn me.?. And he agreed.. He was not looking at me properly.. After that.. He slept in couch.. But it wasn’t easy for me.. I was shivering.. Last night also.. I was in cold.. I was suffering from fever.. I was feeling soo cold.. I tried but couldn’t able to get.. It.. Hubs also woke up…

“R u OK? Y r u shivering.. ” he touched my head..” Shona, it’s fever.. Let me call doctor..” He tried but no use.. I hold his hand..

“It’s so…late. And raining outside.. No one will came.. I’m feeling soo cold..” I shivered…badly”. I need u please.. ” ?

He simply sleep on me.. I opened my shirt button.. And tried to undo his also..

“No need of this..” He denied..

“Then, no need of showing sympathy on me. I want ur warmth.. If u don’t want. Then. Let me die..” I hit the nail at right place.. He opened his shirt button.. He hugged me.. Covered us with blanket.. I hugged him so tightly.. My bosom touched his hard muscular chest.. My body was so cold. But he was warm.. My belly ring was touching.. His navel… I could felt his heart beat..

“Shona, feeling better..”

“Feeling best… ” I moved my hand to touch his arousal.. He hold my hand..

“Don’t do this, don’t take privilege.. ” he knew me better than anyone.. His love is the cure of my all sorrows…

“U still love me.. Hubs..” He didn’t said anything.. Even he didn’t did anything even I felt love. He couldn’t leave without me.. With the passage of time he will definitely forgive me.. “I have got such a relief in your arms So that I have become habitual of you, my life and world My day ends when I see you “I too slept..?

Next morning..

I woke up. He was doing packing..

“Hubs.. I don’t want to go.. ”

“shona, Go change ur clothes” before I could ask him anything ” don’t argu..” After changing clothes

“Hubs, I don’t want to go from this house..”

“U need not go anywhere..”

“Really hubs..” I was very happy..?

“Ya, sorry I forget this house in ur name.. So stay here. Alone or with ur love ones.. I’m leaving..” I hold his hand.. ” I packed all my clothes.. ”

“But, u didn’t took this shirt..”

“I don’t want to take anything, related to u..”

“I wore all ur shirt.. I m related to u hubs.. ” he called kavita.. And after sometime she came with.. Shirt..

“Sanky, this is for u..” Hubs took it and left.. I was staring kavita..

“Stay, away from my hubs.. He only loves me.. Don’t think about him..” I warned kavita..

“Ya, swara u r right he only loves u but what about u..” Hubs so came..

“Come kavita.. And u take this bag.. I don’t want any shirt..” They left.. I ran outside the house.

“Hubs, please forgive… ” I was begging ” I can’t leave without u..”

“One more lie.. Leave it.. How can I forgive a killer.. Shona..”

“Hubs I didn’t killed them, they died due to knitting of sweater.. And that sahil.. Lied I think.. Trust me. ” I was crying.. Kavita was looking us.. Huh I hate her?

“Ok, I trust u. But Y u didn’t tell me about my child… I have right to know about them… Swara u can cheat me but I can’t believe that u killed ur babies.. I knew that sahil.. Did all this… I’ll find all the matter.. But u cheat my love…” He moved..

“Hubs I love u, I don’t love that sahil..” He turned back..

“I know u don’t love sahil.. But u also true u never loved me.. U can’t feel the pain I’m bearing” I was crying.

“Please…”??he cupped my face.. He was looking at me..

” swara, last time I want something.. Will u give me..”

“My everything is urs..” He kissed me.. He showed his all love.. The pain of the separation.. This was affecting him. Most.. He pulled me with more force.. It’s deepness defined the intensity of his love for me.. He left me with a jerk..


“U r right. I love u. But now I want to come out this Ford.. Miss swara Gadodia.. I called ur parents.. And don’t worry soon.. U will get divorce papers..” I was unable to react further.. My world collapsed..

“And one more thing Miss swara. The day I’ll get the proof.. Against that sahil.. I’ll not leave him.. I knew u can’t be that much stone hearted to kill our babies…. Now swara and sanskar r not meant to be together.. They are separated.. Forever.. ” He left.. With kavita..

Ma baba also came.. Ma hugged me..

“Shona, don’t worry we r with u..”

“Now nothing is left.. Ma.. I don’t know what to do.. ” I fell down.. I broke from inside….ma baba took me to their home…

“Was he right.?. Swara and sanskar r not meant to be together.. Aadhe adhure.. The incomplete desire.. Is this the end our journey sanskar… We both r incomplete without each other.. But my sin destroyed.. For that I too was responsible.. ” I kissed his pic..

“Now, I’ll not disturb u hubs, but don’t worry I’ll not die.. Because still. I’m reason of ur existence.. Like me u r INCOMPLETE”

Sorry friends for delay.. Hope u will understand me….ur friend nilu?

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