Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 14)

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Swara POV…..

I found myself the most luckiest girl in this universe.. I have best hubby who loves me more than anything.. I don’t know how this one month passed.. Today we had to return back.. Hubs still sleeping in my arms..

“Hubs, wake up na..”

“5 minutes more shona.. I’m dreaming a beautiful dream..?” he hugged more tightly..

“Hubs, let me get up na.. U r sleeping on me.. I have to bath…”

“Shona..?” he woke up…” Let’s bath together..?” ‘hubs is really very naughty..’

“Ok hubs..?” I moved towards bathroom and immediately closed the door

“Shona, that’s not fair.. Open the door..” He was continuously knocking the door.. “U just wait tonight I’ll not leave u..” I was laughing at him.. After sometime we left.. And we reached to our city.. First we went to meet doctor..

“Mr Maheshwari ur wife is now perfectly alright..” Doctor declared…

“Really doctor..” Hubs was very happy…

“Yes Mr Maheshwari.. Mrs Maheshwari is well and good.. It seems u have followed all my instructions..”

“Yup doctor.. My hubs has some magic..”?

After that hubs took me my collage..

“Hubs, why we came here… ”

“Shona, u completed ur graduation..”

“Really hubs, did I passed.. ” I was very curious to know it.

“Ya, u r passed with good marks.. ” we went inside to take my graduation degree.. Kavya was also there.. And that cheapo sahil… Also?

“Hi shona..” She hugged me..” Congratulations.. U passes with distinction… ”

“All credits goes to my hubs..?” sahil was also listening all this.. He burned in jealousy..???.

“Sanky, gives some tution to me also… ?”

“Kavya u take tution from ur future hubby..”

“Hubs, come na. We together go to take my degree.. ”

“Ok”we moved inside. I saw that sahil was also coming towards us. I immediately placed my hubs hand on my waist..

” hi swara” he looked towards my waist.. His jealousy was clearly seen in his eyes. “Congratulations..”

“Thanks, hubs we r getting late.. ” we moved inside..’huh idiot sahil?’ after that we also went to hubs collage… I felt very proud when I saw with his graduation degree.. “Now we both graduate hubs…”

“Yups.. Shona come I have another surprise for u..”

“What surprise hubs…” ?

“Come let’s go to home..” He took me home but we went to another place.. A beautiful house…

“Hubs, Y u took me here.. Whose house is this…” he showed me keys..

“Read the name on name plate..”

“Advocate Mr and Mrs swara sanskar Maheshwari.. ” my eyes were filled with tears.. “It’s…it’s.. Our house hubs… ”

“Ya shona, come now I’ll show u our house… ” we entered inside.. ” see shona it’s our garden… ” he was showing me house… But my eyes were just looking happiness and glow in his face..” Shona we will plant here flowers.. Come inside see this is our kitchen… This is guest room.. This is our verandah.. We will take our evening tea here.. ” I saw a locked room..

“Hubs what’s in that room.”

“It’s for our kids.. ” I looked in his eyes…” Shona, I want to become father.. Shona now want to complete our family.. I want to take our symbol of love in my hands.. I want to fee this happiness” I could understand his feelings but how to tell him about my worst past.. My eyes were filled with tears .. I hugged him…


” it’s OK jaan if ur not ready then I’ll not force.. U nothing is important than u..” How much he loves me..and me killed my own unborn babies..

“Hubs, I’m ready for this… I can do anything for u..” After that he showed me our bed room..

“Shona this our room.. See how’s it..” Omg it was awsome.. Behind our bed on the wall there was our big picture… Room was filled with all the things that I like most.. It was painted with the combination of blue and white… ” shona, u like it..”


“I’ll change it..”

“Hubs, I love it…”? just then lucky came…

” Bhai bhabhi u forget me.. “He came with a big gift..

” lucky what’s in ur hand..”

“It’s ur gift…” I opened it.. It’s was our Diwali picture..?..

“Wao..” I placed it in front wall of our bed..

“Shona what if other will see it..”

“Hubs u r too much.. Other should also know how much u love me..” Lucky was laughing.. ?..

“Ok jaan u and lucky.. Talk I m going to return the keys.. Of sahil’s house..”

“Wait hubs.. U carry on.. I’ll return it..” I just wanted to show that sahil.. What’s his place in my life.. As soon I went in sahil house. He became happy..

“Shona, finally u came. I knew it..” ‘Haha stupid..?’

“Sahil, it’s ur home’s key.. My hubs gifted me new home.. From tomorrow onwards he will not work under ur dad..” I was laughing inside seeing his reaction.. ?. Finally he went out from my life..

“Shona, please don’t go I love u ..? I really love u..” I stopped and turned back..

“And sahil.. I forget.. Tomorrow is Pooja for our new house.. U r invited..” I left.. With happiness… Now my life was sorted.. Me and my hubs..

Swara’s POV..ends…

Sahil POV…

“Aww swara how could u do this..” I was crying.. Now that sanskar took my life away.. From me.. U don’t know shona what I did for u… On that day I intensionally called u…

“Hello.. Who is this..” How innocently she asked..

“Baby it’s me..”

“Shail.. U? Y u call me.. Please leave..me” she was hell afraid.. I was responsible for her condition..

“I heard u bought pregnancy test kit… Why so hurry ? U want to our baby.. I m coming to love u. sanskar is in office..”

“Please leave me.. I love him.. He is my life I’m begging u..” She disconnected the call. I intensionally said all this.. I knew it that after that she would definitely go to sanskar office and she did so.. But as soon as I entered in his cabin.. That blo*dy sanskar was kissing my shona.. My shona was sitting in his lap.. My heart was burned out…?.. I hate this sanskar.

But i composed myself.. and executed my second plan.. I intensionally send chirag..my friend.. To meet sanskar.. He said whatever I told To him.. I knew it that sanskar won’t able to know about ur problem. Shona… Untill or unless swara won’t got any shock.. For that I did so.. Everything was set.. I intensionally took her to Mrs Smith hospital.. And in swara’s report she diagnosed the drugs.. But I managed it.. I have the picture of his womanizer son.. With tanya..

“Mrs Smith.. Think about..if I will leak these photographs.. ”

“What u want..??”

“I want swara fine..at any cost but don’t tell anyone regarding drugs.. Especially that sanskar..”she agreed.. But for this I paid very high..cost.. I know only sanskar’s love could cure her problem… But I faced it.. For my love.. For me shona was important than anything.. It was me who suggested sanskar to take u out of town.. Doctor told me to stay away from u.. Shona..

” see na shona I stayed away from u.. Now u r leaving me.. I love u more than anything.. U know how I feel when I think that sanskar touches u.. I want to die at that moment.. U and ur body is mine.. ”

This one month without u was like an era..” Now just enough.. It’s time to execute my last plan.. ” I called ragini..

“Why u called me.. Sahil..?”

“U want to separate swara and sanskar then I have a plan..”

“Ok what’s That”.. I told her everything… I went inside my room.. It was filled with ur pics..shona..

” enjoy this night swara, from tomorrow just u and me.. I m waiting my shona.. Now sanky will get to know the truth only that much that I want.. “.. I slept..

Next day.. My father called sanskar..

“Sanskar beta.. I need ur help.. Just last time.. ”

“Ok uncle I’m coming..” He came.. and engaged with his work.. I met ragini..

“Ragini keep this microphone with u… So that I’ll listen what r u doing ”

“Ok sahil.. I will do my job perfectly.. Now sanky need not to stay with that swara..”

She entered in his cabin..

“How dare u..” Sanky shouted on her..?

“Sanky, lucky met with an accident..” Ragini lied..

“What?? How do u know..”

“Someone called with a unknown no..”

“Where is he..” Sanky asked..?

” give me ur phone.sanky .I don’t have balance..” She acted to call someone..”sanky he is in city hospital.. ”

They left… On the way.. Ragini text.. With sanskar’s phone to swara..”jaan.. Meet in my office I have a surprise for u..”

On the half way I called ragini..

“Hello.. How’s my husband..” She asked..

“Sorry mam it’s worng information it was not ur husband sorry for this..” I disconnected the call..

“Sanky.. It was worng call my husband.. Is fine..”

“What.. Ragini u made me afraid..” And they returned..

Swara was also arrived to office..”hubs where r u..”

“I’m here baby” I came inside the cabin..

“Where is my hubs..?” She asked.. Just then ragini text me (‘we r outside’)

“Swara Y r u doing this..?” I hold her hand..

Outside .”how dare he??” I was listening sanky’s anger..?

“Wait sanky listen what they r saying..” Ragini stopped him.”


“Sahil.. Please leave my hand..”

“Swara how can u forget all our happy moments our memory…”

“Sahil.. I was just a mistake..”

“But shona, u too enjoyed.. It.. Those five week when sanky wasn’t with u”

“Sahil.. It’s past.. Forget it..”

“How can u forget that u slept with me.. How can u forget the love that I gave u.. Shona.. I didn’t force u.. U willingly did it.. With me..”

“Sahil.. Enough.. I told u na it was a mistake..”

“Swara if it was happened only once that u can call it mistake.. But we did it more than once.. U love my touch.. U was carved for it.. Shona..” She slapped me..

Outside.. “Sanky.. See what I told u..” Sanky didn’t said anything.. “Wait sanky where r u going..” He left..

Inside.” I’ll not leave u.. If u told this again.. Get out.. I’m waiting for my hubs..” I left.. But my plan was successful..

Precap: sanky save swara from goons..

Done with this chappy also.. Sorry for late update ur friend nilu?

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