Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 13)

Hey friends I’m here again .. With another chappy..☺ this part.. Is little bit romantic.. If u r not comfortable to read it. Then leave it .

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I took my pillow and blanket and went to guest room. How could she said this. She called my love .. Lust. I never wanted her body. I neither forced her. It’s 12am I didn’t to able sleep her words were echoing in my mind. But then I heard her voice . she was badly screaming..

“Hubs… Save me…”..

I rushed towards the rooms but she wasn’t there. Then I found her screams were coming from terrace.. I went there I was amazed to see the view.. Whole terrace is decorated with the candles.. In the middle mattress r arranged and rose petals were scattered on it. She hugged me from the behind.

“Happy marriage anniversary hubs..” ?Oh I understood that all this was her plan.. That’s why she lied to me. How she arranged this much Alone . though I have to make her felt especial but, she did this for me. I released the hug. And look towards her.. The words were not enough to describe her beauty.. She was looking ravishing in the black sari.. Her wet hairs..and perfect curves.. Water droplets flowing from her template to nose , followed by lips them moving to her cleavage.. I felt jealous of these drops they r tasting her, I pulled her by waist and drank all of them.. I was feeling her increasing heart beat.. “Hubs… Easy.. I have another surprise for u..”

“I don’t want anything except u” but she insisted.. She took me near the table.. “Hubs I made this cake for u.. Chocolate ur favorite na.. I know it’s small.. ”

“Sssh ” I kept finger at her lips..” It’s perfect like u. Happy birthday shona…” I hold her hand.. And cut the cake.. And feed each other.. And we wished to God ” give whatever she wants .. I didn’t want anything.. I have my everything my jaan”..I looked towards her..

“Hubs, another surprise for u.. ” she took some step backwards and then stopped. Then she slightly slide her pallu aside and showed her belly. I was amazed to see the thing.

“Shona,” I moved towards her and sit on my knees I hold her waist.

“Hubs, do u like it..”

“It’s spectacular.. Jaan how do u know that I love belly ring.. ” I kissed there passionately. ” shona did it hurt u..”

“No..” But her red navel showed her pain..

“Shona, Y u did this..”

“Hubs,I’m so scared of losing, So scared of you leaving me, So scared, that if you leave. I wont be able to breathe”(I read these lines in a poem)….. I hugged her.. I never thought in my life that someone would love me this much…

Sanskar POV ends…

Swara POV…

I only want his happiness.. I saw the happiness in his eyes when I showed him my belly ring. He moved towards me and sit on knees he hold my waist.

“Hubs, do u like it..” I was nervous..

“It’s spectacular.. Jaan how do u know that I love belly ring.. ” he kissed there. His lips was tasting me. He was giving wet kisses there I was feeling goosebumps” shona did it hurt u..”

“No..” He looked at my red navel.

“Shona, Y u did this..”

“Hubs,I’m so scared of losing, So scared of you leaving me, So scared, that if you leave. I wont be able to breathe”… He hugged me.. ” hubs for this happiness in ur eyes I can endure anything.. ” he released the hug. I saw tears in his eyes… “Hubs, Y r u crying..”

“Shona, when I eloped with u no one was with us.. When we married many of them said.This relation wouldn’t last long.. My mom said when she couldn’t be able to adjust with u she would leave u for her convenience .. Form that moments I was afraid to loose I tried hard. To make u happy.. I felt very bad whenever u compromised with ur needs due to less money.. MY LIFE HAS NO MEANING WITHOUT U.. I love u..” I always thought I was afraid to loose him.. But now his words gave me big shock. His teary eyes showed his love.. I wiped his tear.

“They may hate us together, but they can’t stop us. Hubs, u want to full fill my every wish.. Then make me urs.. Love me the way u never did before.. ” I hugged him.” Love me till then ur incomplete desire won’t be completed.. Don’t stop yourself… I’m all urs..”

He unpinned my pallu and remove it. I was standing straight.. He was moving around me unwrapping my sari… I was just looking at him.. His eyes eyes was filled with desire for me, his hands were touching my waist….his touched generated sensation in me.. Then it came to plates of sari.. As soon his hand . clutched the plates and remove it from inside. I closed eyes..”hubs..” His hand some magic.. But he stopped there.. I looked at him.. “What happened hubs..”

“I want to hear my name.. Only for tonight.. Just my name….” He intensionally slide his hand over my abdomen.

“Sanskar..” I hold his hand.. His cute smile. And with the last round.. He pulled me towards him he threw sari.. Hold me.. He squeeze my waist… My fantasies.. Were at the peak.. I hold his hand and took him to the Mattress.. And sit there…. I hold his hand.. I undid his shirt.. Then I saw something..in his chest….I touched it…

“U did this for me.”

“Not only u, I know to give surprises…” It was my name.. “Shona, do u know it’s my jaan’s name.. How’s this tattoo looking shona..” I was beautiful..

“Swara..” I spoke my name..” Hubs.., see na my name hurts u.. ” his chest became blueish due to extreme pain..

“Shona, now u know nobody loves u as much as I do.. ” I kissed on his chest to reduce his pain..He undid my clothes.. His eyes.. Stuck on my bosoms.. His gaze.. Make me feel restless..

“Shona they r magnificent.. ” he gently rubbed his hand over them. He removed his trousers.. He was just staring me.. ” u r so beautiful.. ” he was admiring me… In this moonlighting.. I laid down.. He came top of me.. He roamed his hand all over my body… I was feeling him.. He moved downwards and start massaging my thighs he placed his lips there… I still recalled the first time he kissed my thighs.. Still he has same effect… He whiffed on my sensitive core.. I clutched the sheet..

“Sanskar….” I gasped.. I felt warmth in his touch.. He nuzzled his nose on my navel.. His sweet torched.. Made me more desperate for him. He licked there.. I want him.. I wanted to forget all my guilt.. In his embrace…I found his gaze on my bosom.

“Did they missed me ” i node yess..And the next moment I felt his hand on my bosom.. he took it inside his mouth.. And squeezed the other.. His action stimulated my sensation below my abdomen..”Shona, they r very soft.. And puffy..” He kissed me harder … Everything was out of my control.. I touched his arousal.

“Is all this for me..” It was very hard..

“no.. It’s only for my jaan.. ” he whispered in my ear.. I surrendered my self to him..

“Sanskar please.. ” I spread my legs…” I want u now..”

“R u ready.. Shona..” I node in yess.. He entangled his fingers with mine and the with little force.. He was inside me.. I screamed.. ” relax.. ” we both r taking heavy breaths… He was ready to give me strokes.. But I stopped him..

“I want u, in me completely.. “I demanded..

” shona, but it will hurt u.. Ur body can’t able to endure it. ”

“Please.. Please.. Sanskar.. ? u told me to complete my all wishes..” My sobs melted him…. He increased the force.. He was right.. With his each attempt I felt immense pain.. I tried hard to hide my pain.. But I want to fullfill his every desire.. He always stopped. After looking my strength.. But this time.. I didn’t wanted him to control him..

“R u OK..” He asked..

“Ya.. ” my voice chocked.. ” please continue.. ” he cupped my face and kissed me.. And with this he was completely inside me.. I digged my nails in his body..Tears were flowed out from my eyes.. “U did it..” I looked towards the spark of happiness in his eyes.. For the first time.. I felt him till my navel.. He tried to come out.. I hugged him..”let it be sanskar.. I want to feel this moment.. I want feel u in me fully.. ” He hugged me so tightly.. As we r one..

” shona, u r mine.. Mine completely.. See how perfect we r together ”

“Always.. Be like this.. Now do it.. ” he held my hands.. And started thrusting me.. Our heart started beating faster and faster.. Together … ” faster..” He was always gentle with me.. ” don’t worry I m fine..” I was feeling excitement in his eyes.. He was happy.. We were sweating badly.. With his each stroke I felt pain.. But It reduced by seeing him.. He was enjoying it.. Soon I felt undescribable pleasure.. I love the way he loves me”Yes.. Sanskar.. I’m there..” And we reached to climax.. I felt his love flowed inside me..I closed my eyes.. He looked each other..

“See shona, our hearts beats together, and they will stop together” He laid down on his side and took me in his embrace..

“Hubs, I’m sorry I said that.. I called ur love ..lust..” He kissed on my tears..

“Forget it, jaan.. ” I kissed on my name.. I caressed it.. “Listen to my heart beat, it only beats for u…”

“Hubs I want u again..” He looked towards me in shock..

“Shona, r u alright.. U don’t have this much strength .. Ur body is not …”

“Sssh” I placed my finger on his lips.. I saw the concern in his eyes.. “I want my birthday gift ….”

“No..” But I know how to make him ready..

“Ur not satisfied with me.. U thought I can’t able to fullfill ur desire completely.. That’s why u want to leave me.. ”

“Shona…” He stopped seeing my tears.. I seduced him..

“Please I’ll listen whatever u will say.. I will never deny u but.. ” I kissed him.. And he agreed. With this we again.. Consummate.

Next morning.. I woke up.. I wore his shirt.. He came there with a tea.. “Hubs, “I tried to hug him but he denied..

” shona, tea..” His face was dull, showing his guit..


“I’m sorry shona.. I hurt u badly..”

“Hubs, u r so innocent.. I’m good..” After taking tea..”hubs, I need to take shower.. ” I tried to get up.. But I felt pain..in my lower part.. I couldn’t able to stand up.. He hold me.. And picked me up.. And took towards the bathroom.. He placed me on the small stool..

“Hubs, I can manage ” but he was not listening to me.. He opened the shower .
“I’ll not going to listen u this time.. ” he went outside and took the hot water..

“Hubs, no need of this..” He spread my legs… He dipped cloth on water. He fomented my core.. “Aww..” I hold him..then I saw he was crying..”hubs..” ‘My stupid hubs was guilty of touching me.. I have heard man only cares for their satisfaction.. They never cared how a women’s body felt after this.. We also need their little bit concern.. But sanskar is different.. In 3 years of marriage he never forced himself on me. He handle me gently this was the first time. He completely satisfied himself due to my continuous request.. Buy see na now he is guilty.. Who will tell him.. How happy is her jaan’

“Look..shona.. What I did to u .. ” I cupped his face..

“Hubs, I’m fine.. See na. How happy I’m”

“No u aren’t ??”He opened my shirt.. And looked at me.. He applied soap on all over my body.. After taking bath.. He took me in he room.. He wiped my body… He was treating me like a small kid.. He applied lotion to my wounds.. ” I’m pathetic.. ”

“Mr. Maheshwari don’t call my hubs that.. I’ll not leave u..”

“Shona u don’t know, how guilty am I?”I was smiling after listening his stupid answer.. But tried to hide it. He was busy in applying lotion” Still paining shona..”

“Yup.. ” he whiffed.. On it.. ” still.. ”

“This lotion wouldn’t cure it.. But ur sweet kisses? cure my all pains.. Hubs?..”

“Shona, I’m serious..?”

“I’m in pain and u r scolding me..” I shed some tears..? ” u don’t love me..”

“Ok, fine I’m doing..” ? clever me.. He kissed on each and every love bite.. Then after I wore my clothes.. He gave me pain killer..

“Shona take, some rest… ” I slept.. Don’t know how long I was sleeping.. When I opened my eyes..he wasn’t near me.. I looked towards..table.. he left a note for me..

“Shona, I’m going for Diwali shopping.. I Don’t want to disturb u.. And be ready.. I kept ur dress in the table.. We will celebrate it together.. Ok.. Happy Diwali and happy anniversary jaan..?. And happy birthday dear..”

Hubs loves me a lot. Sorry for my all lies.. Just then someone call me..


“Hi, baby..” I’ll kill him?

“Sahil, u how dare u.. To call me..”

“Relax, baby I called u to wish Happy Diwali.. With lots of love.. And happy anniversary.. Celebrate this year fully because from next year we will celebrate ours.. ”

“In ur dreams.. Sahil.. I m completely belongs to my hubs.. U don’t know how much he loved me.. And yesterday night..we.” ‘Oops shona what r saying’? I stopped.. Myself..

“Yesterday night what.. ” ‘stupid fellow’

“Nothing, bye I have lots of work to do..” I was about to cut the phone..

“Swara, wait..”

“What now.. ” ‘huh brain eater..’?

“I’m happy u r behaving like before.. Normal.. Happy birthday” He disconnected the call. ‘What he said.. Ya he is right.. I m behaving like before .. This time I didn’t fear that he will snatch me from hubs..’ I was mumering. After that I wore the dress that hubs bought for me..? I was making the rangoli…

“Wao shona, it’s looks nice.. Hubs will be very happy after looking it..” But someone distorted it… I looked up..

“Shona, ”

“Ma, see what u did.. I want surprised my hubs..”

“Stop this drama, shona. This drama of celebrating the happiness.. I came here to take u from his cage.. ”

“Ma it’s not a cage..u come inside … Na I made sweets..”

“Enough shona, it’s festival time I want to bring happiness to my house..”

“But ma my happiness is with my hubs.. I was very happy.. U know ma yesterday night..” ‘ oops shona.. U r stupid..??’

” I don’t want to listen anything.. ” she grab my hand.. “Aww” ‘oops’

“Shona, what happened. ”

“Nothing ma..” She little bit slided my clothes.. She understood everything.. Just then hubs came.. I became excited and ran towards him but I forget.. About my pain.. But hubs hold me..?

“Shona, easy… Take care of yourself..” He was very much concerned for me..

“Hubs, I forget everything when I saw u.. ” I kissed on his cheeks.. Then I looked towards ma.. She was staring us.” Hubs ma came here ” hubs bow down to take her blessings but she back off..

“What happened ma..” Hubs asked but ma slapped him..?

“Ma.. What is this..” I shouted on her..?

“U keep quite shona, stop ur drama to be happy, and u Mr Maheshwari. What u did to my daughter..” Ma was roaring on him?

“Ma, what r u saying I love her..”

“Oh love..” She grabbed my hand.. And showed my love bites..” Is this ur way to love.. U had eaten her like hungry animal.. She even can’t able to walk properly.. And u r saying u love her..” ‘Offo ma is too much..’?

“Ma, hubs wasn’t ready.. But it was me.. I told him that I want to do it again..” ‘ haw shona.. What u said.. Oops..???’

“Shona” hubs gave me a strange look..” Ma u r thinking worng…”

“Shona r u coming” I said no..’ Y I would go. ‘ ” Happy Diwali shona.. Ur ma is always with u. If he will leave u I’m there for u.” She left.. I looked towards hubs..

“See na hubs, ma distorted my rangoli..?”

“Because u did it alone.. “He took color’s plate ” now let’s do it again. Together..” We together made rangoli.. “It’s beautiful.. Shona..”

“Yess..” I kissed him..” Everything that we did together is always awsome. Like what we did yesterday night.. ” ?

“Shona u r too much.. But I’m happy u started behaving like before.. My cute kiddo.. ” ? he winked.. Ya he was right.. Since yesterday night.. My fear was vanished.. Also my guit.. I was feeling good.. After that we did Pooja.. Then we both went out and light our house with diyas.. It was looking beautiful.. We clicked our selfie..

“happy Diwali hubs..”

“Happy Diwali.. And happy shona. ”

“Hubs u gave me best gift.. ? yesterday night..”He Picked me up by my waist.. We kissed each other.. It was sweet.. And passionate..?

“That’s perfect..” ‘Oh shit..’ Lucky clicked. Our pic..

“Lucky, is this a way to click the pic..” Hubs.. Scold him..

“Bhai, who told u to kiss bhabhi ji.. Outside the house.. ” I was blushing..?

“Lucky, show our pic..na ” I looked towards our pic..” Wao it’s fantastic.. See na hubs. U r the best kisser We will frame this epic pic in our bedroom.. ”

“Shona, ” he was giving me death look..

“Haha?, bhai.. Bhabhi is right.. ? u don’t worry bhabhi I’ll do it..”

“Lucky?” hubs shouted on him..

“Relax hubs.. Now celebrate our Diwali.. Lucky where is ragini.” ‘Oh what I said’ “sorry”

“Leave it bhabi let’s enjoy the moment Bhai. And happy birthday bhabhi and happy marriage anniversary…”

“Thanks” he gave us beautiful.. Bouquet… We celebrate the best Diwali I forget.. Everything that had happened in past.. After that lucky.. Left.. We went to bedroom.. I moved towards him..

“Hubs..” I tried to open his shirt.. But he hold my hand..

“No.. ”


“This time not.. I said no it’s mean no.. Just look at u.. ” ‘huh hittler..’?

“U r bad.. I hate u..” I made puppy face ..

“It won’t affect me.. Now take ur medicine..”

“I’ll not.. U r not fulfilling my wish…huh then Y would I ? Listen to u.”

“I have surprise for u..”

“Really what was it.. ” I was excited..

“First take ur medicine..”

“Okie?” I took my medicines … “Now tell me the surprise hubs… ” I was dying to know it then he showed me tickets..”hubs where r we going. ”

“Manali.. It’s one month trip… Doctor told me to make u happy.. ” I was very happy and hugged him…

“Yeppi.. Hubs u r the best.. ” I hugged him…. “But hubs it must be very costly”

“U don’t worry, last week I won the case. He offered me this. He has a hotel in manali.. So it’s free ?.. Because of me he got his property so.. ”

“I know it.. U r the best .. Best hubby.. Best advocate.. My choice is best…”

“Shona, u r my everything.. I can do anything for u.. Forever be with me..”

“Forever..” I replied and then slept in his embrace..?

Next part- sanskar will come to know about the truth.. What will be his reaction..??

Done with this chappy.. Hope u r not bored…. I tried hard that this would not look vulgar. But if it is so, so sorry . And happy Diwali to all.. Ur friend nilu?

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  1. After knowning truth pls don’t seperate them

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