Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 12)

Hello friends I’m happy to see ur response.. And one of u asked me to give Lucky’s and Tanya’s POV… I think a lot so here it’s a little bit part of their POV because my main focus is on swasan story…

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Tanya’s POV..

My life wasn’t simple like other normal girl. My destiny never allowed me to see these dreams. Even I don’t know from when I was in this dirt. A month ago. Sahil bought me for 3 month. He is obsessed with swara. Even I had seen his worst face. Whenever he showed his desires for swara on me. He tried a lot to get her but he failed, her purity and love saved her from this devil. The amount of drugs that sahil and rajat gave to her, in that condition it was very hard to anyone to have control over themselves but still at that condition she was only calling his name. No doubt she madly loves her husband. I have seen only lust for me in every man eyes except sanskar. I still remember the day I first time I saw him. Sahil send me at his room, to slept with him. I entered in the room.

” yes, what u want?” He said. No doubt he is very smart.?

” u ” I spoke in a seductive way.

” what ?!!” With this I came inside and someone locked the door. ” What the hell ur doing here.”

” sir, I m quite young.. Beautiful also..” I started opening my dress. But he closed his eyes and joined his hand ” please..?”I stopped, first time I saw man who respect a women. I thought men only want girls body nothing else but he is different ,then my eyes fell at his phone. I saw swara’s pic. ” sir, she is the girl to whom u r denying me.”he opened my eyes..

” ya she is my wife. My jaan. ” swara is vry lucky but sahil is running her life.

” sir, she is very lucky. I’m sorry sir I’m doing my work. Otherwise they will not leave me. They will not going to open this door before 3 hours. ” he tried to open the door

“Sir, please he will kill my mom. And sir don’t ask his name. Please..”

“OK. U can stay here till then don’t come near me.” He move towards window.

“Hi my name is Tanya ” he didn’t replied. After two hours swara called him. I did my work. I shouted.. In these 3 hours for the first time my heart generate respect for a man. Touching was far he even didn’t look at me. I hurted my ego also. My beauty doesn’t effect him.

” sir, ur wife loves u too much. I wish u both stay together forever .” I left. I’m not ashamed to admit the fact that I’m attracted towards sanskar. If my life would be like a normal girl. Then I want him to be my husband. I know I did worng with swara but my profession doesn’t define what’s right and what’s worng. At last if I got a chance, if God want to complete my one wish then I want to kiss sanskar. I want feel that love which is so strong that it’s impact on swara doesn’t allow sahil to touch her virtue. He has created some magic on me. Don’t what’s this just lust for him of love. But for the first time I felt something for a man. Sanskar…?

POV ends….(sorry if u find its boring..?)

Sanskar POV….

Another Beautiful morning in jaan arms. I haven’t seen any beautiful girl like her, every thing about her make me fall for her, her innocence, her sweet smile, the way she kiss me without fearing anyone not even my mom?, even her fear of losing me.

“Love u shona ” I kissed on her forehead and left to make breakfast for her. After half an hour.I heard her scream.

“Hubs”. ..

As soon I came there she hugged me. Tears were not stopping from her eyes. I tried to release the hug, but she didn’t allowed.

” hubs, don’t leave me. They will separate us..” Baba words badly effected her.

“Jaan, I’m here with u see. ”

“But hubs..” I cupped her face. Her beautiful eyes became red.

“Sssh shona tell me what u saw..”

“Hubs, I saw I’m in bride dress. I was waiting for u but that sahil. Came baba said now he is our husband. And hubs when u called u, u said ” I hate u swara Gadodia. U cheated me “.. and u left. Hubs. I didn’t cheated u. I love u” how can a father so cruel.

“Jaan, u didn’t cheated me. And I’m with u always, now come down I made breakfast.” She hold my hand and sleep on my embrace

“Hubs, I want some peace here.”.. She slept.’ I can’t able to understand jaan. What to do? To make u believe that u r my life, reason for my survival. I’m not able to see u in pain anymore.’

But I was very much shocked, when she forget what happened just few how ago. But it’s good she forget her worst dream. She wasn’t well today. But I asked her to go to doctor she denied. Then I left for my work.

I was busy in doing my work. Just then ragini entered in my cabin.

” Y u came here ragini ”

“Relax sanky, is this the way to greet ur friend. ” I knew she came here to say ill about my jaan.

“Ragini please don’t irritates me. U may please leave.”

“Sanky, ur wife is pregnant ”

“What ?”?

“Ya, sanky U just came here 2 days ago. How can she pregnant. Think about it sanskar.” What was she saying I couldn’t able to understand ya she was right I came here 2 days ago and moreover I didn’t touched her yet. In the morning she also felt vomiting. ‘This is enough sanky U can’t suspect her.’

“Sanky” she waved her hand before my eyes.” Try to understand sanky, it’s sahil’s child. ” I slapped her.

“Shut up ragini. How dare u? ”

“Sanky, u won’t trust me then asked her. ” just then someone knocked the door.

“Come in” shona came inside. “Jaan u, ”

“Hubs, ” she looked towards ragini..

“I think I should leave. ” ragini moved towards the door. She turned ” and sanky think about it at once.” As soon she left I got relief.

“Shona, Y u came here.”

“Hubs, this is ur lunch. ?” I was eating and she was just looking at me. I finished my lunch.

“What r u looking at me shona. ” I asked. She moved towards me and sit on my lap. And looked at my eyes.

“Hubs, there is something at ur lips.” I tried to remove it but she hold my hand. “Don’t, let me do it. ” she placed my hand on her waist. And encircled her arms around my neck. I understood her intension. She moved towards my lips.

“Jaan, it’s my office.”

“I don’t care.” She slightly kissed at the corner of my lips. And licked the curry. I melted with her touch. Her soft lips.. Sweet fragrance.. And silky waist..

“Jaan, I think it’s done”

“I don’t think so” and at the next moment. She smashed her lips with mine. Her hands moved towards buttons. And she started undoing it. She kissed me harder. I my self lost. Forget where we r. I slided my hand upside and undo her back Dori. And she clutched my shirt so hard.

“Hey sanky, dad send this f..i…l…e” sahil entered in my cabin without knocking. I covered her back with her sari’s pallu..

“Sahil, u don’t have manners u should knock before coming.” I was shocked they way shona shouted at him.

“It’s OK jaan. U should ” I asked her to get up.

“Y hubs? I don’t have right to sit here. ” she made sad face.??

“Jaan, I didn’t mean that. Ok u sit here OK.” Then I tried to closed my buttons but she hold my hand.
“Hubs, u r busy? Ask him Y he came here. I will do it.” I was very much shocked to see her bold nature. I mean she is bold at house, but here it was weird. Sahil was staring us. Shona is closing the buttons. She was smelling my fragrance. But sahil’s facial expressions, clearly showing his jealousy. I knew it, but I was happy whenever shona showed her love for me before him. He should need to realize time to time, that now she is mine.

“Ya, sahil Y u came here.”

“Woh sanky, dad gave these new case files.. It’s a divorce case. ” listening divorce name she hugged me tight.

“Shona, relax it’s not our case. Don’t worry” I whispered..

“Ahem, ahem, sanky client is coming to meet u. ” sahil left.

“Shona, I think u should Leave. ” I didn’t wanted her to hear all this.

“No, hubs. I know what u r thinking but I’m fine. I’m feeling sleepy. Let me sleep in ur embrace. ” I couldn’t able to deny her.

“Ok..” She smiled and closed her eyes…

“May, I come in ”

“Ya, Mr chirag mehra” he first looked at my wife.

“I think, sir u r busy.. I’ll come later.”

“No, it’s OK My wife wants to spend some time with me but my works doesn’t allow me. U please carry on. She will not disturb us” he agreed. “So, Y u want to divorce ”

“Because she cheated me. She has an affair with my friend. ” shona hugged me tightly. That’s the reason I asked her to left.

“Shona, ” I whispered.

“Hubs,I’m fine. ” chirag was looking us.

“So, chirag when u came to know that she is cheating u.”

“One day I returned back from my trip. I didn’t knocked the door, I opened the door. I thought to surprise her but I was shocked to see the scene before my eyes. They both r intimating..?” he was heart broken. I gave her hanky.

“Don’t worry.”

“She said she didn’t did this intensionally and asked me forgiveness and I forgave her but again next time she did same. Even she abort our child. I can’t tell u anymore” he started crying?

“Chirag how can u forgave that lady. How can u accept a women who cheated u. Moreover murderer of ur unborn baby” with my each and every word shona’s grip strength increased. I could feel her heart beat. Which is continuously beating. Fast and faster than before.

“Sir I love her madly, if u were what will u do. If ur wife abort ur child and have an affair with another guy. If she slept with another guy, ur bedroom.” I was silent.. U can’t imagine this thing happened to me. Seriously I don’t have any words.” Answer me sir.. No answer i know giving lecture is easiy, but if it’s comes to them they back off. Leave it sir I’ll find new advocate.” He was about to move.

“I’ll leave her. ” he stopped.


“I’ll leave that lady if she will cheat me? I can’t forgive her for killing my unborn babies. My love for her die that day. ” with these words shona’s grip loosened.

“Thanks sir, I’ll do the same.” He left. I looked towards shona. No moment

“Shona, open ur eyes.. ” I tried a lot but no response. I sprinkled water also but no use. “Shona, I’m sorry it’s not for u open ur eyes.” I picked her up. I was very much panicked. How can she think I’ll leave her.

“Sanky how can u say this.. ” I was crying. Because my life resides in her. I went outside.

“What happened to her sanky.” Sahil asked.

“Don’t know sahil. ”

“Sanky let’s go in my car. We will soon reached to hospital.. ” I agreed. We left for hospital. I hugged so tightly. I was feeling only his heart beat which were going low. I was cursing my self of hurting her. We reached hospital.. After one hour she got conscious. But doctor didn’t allowed me to meet her.

“Doctor how’s she.. Is anything serious.”

“We can’t say anything Mr Maheshwari. Although she got conscious but u can’t meet her. ”

“Y?? I’m her husband” but she didn’t agreed.

“Sir need to do some checkups. Our seniors doctor Mrs Smith is examining her. After her session our u can meet her.”
But when I got chance to meet her she was sleeping. Doctor told she need rest. “My Angel, ur hubs will not leave u. ” I kissed on her forehead. After half an hour. Sahil came inside.

“Sanky, doctor is calling u.”

“But shona” I don’t want leave her.

“U don’t worry I’m here and a nurse is also coming” I went to meet doctor. Mrs Smith.

“Mam, can I ”

“Oh, come Mr Maheshwari. Have a seat.” She was very gentle lady.

“Mam, how’s my wife? Is she alright? I mean? Is there anything serious?” I shoot all the queries.

“Mr Maheshwari ur wife is not fine. ”

“What happened to her?”

“I checked all her reports, she is in depression. Is any problem in ur marriage life. I mean any other girl. In our session she was only saying hubs don’t leave me I’m sorry.”

“No doctor. But doctor there is a problem.” I told her about her father. How her father tried to separate us, and in these five weeks he did with me.

“Mr. Maheshwari. She has an phobia that you will leave her. And this is eating her from inside. It’s affecting her memory also, dizziness.. Headache and many more causes.. ” I remembered how she forget her morning dream..”and if this will lead like this, then I’m sorry u will loss her.” How could she say this.

“No.. This can’t be possible. Doctor I love her. If something happened to her how can I ?. Tell me what I have to do.. How much money needed I’ll get for. But save her. ”

“No need of money, u just need to give her love. Do something that she will believe that she is only one matters for u. This separation of 5 weeks affected her most. I mean u also need to give her physical love also. I hope u understand what I mean. ” ya this love she was craving for. I m the only responsible for this. She was continuously imploring me not to go, Y l go for that stupid case.

“Doctor, dont worry. Now I’ll love every moment of her life. ”

“And Mr sanskar she also need medication. And u buy these medicines. If u will take care of her she will be fine with in a month.”

“Thanks doctor. ” then I heard her screaming. I rushed to her room. She was through things on sahil.

“Go away. Where is my hubs…”

“Shona, he is coming. He went to talk to doctor.” Sahil tried hard to composed her.

“Did he left me. I know he left me. I deserve this.” I was shocked to hear this. Moreover now I’m very much afraid to loss her.

“Jaan. ” she turned. And immediately hugged me. She was crying like hell.” See na I’m here with u.”

“Don’t go anywhere. Else I’ll d..” I kissed her.

“Don’t say this. We are going home. ” she node yess. I bought her medicines.

“Sanky, come I’ll drop u both”. Sahil was helping us. Still I didn’t like his presence.

” no, I’ll go with my hubs. Don’t show us that we don’t have car. Come hubs. ” I’m very happy , shona never demand anything. She is happy with me. We left. But in the mid way

“Hubs, u go I’ll come after sometime. I have some work.”

“What work shona. Tell me” I couldn’t let her go alone. Anywhere.

“Hubs, I’m going to meet kavya. She just came today. U don’t worry I’ll just come. ”

“But shona..”

“Please hubs ..” Oh my shona, they way she requested I couldn’t able to deny.

“Ok” she kissed on my cheeks.

“U r best hubby in this world” and she left.

In saw something in the marker then I remembered Mrs Smith words.” Do something that she will believe that she is only one matters for u. “..

” this is great. Now she will believe me.. That I’ll not leave her..” I went inside there.

After I came back to home. I waited for her it’s been more than three hours.. I called kavya.

“Hi sanky how’s u”

“All good and u”

“Great yrr, this trip is amazing. But I’m missing u both. When I’ll come back u, me and shona we three will enjoy.” She didn’t returned yet. Then Y did swara lied. Now i was very much worried. I went to washroom. I saw the test kit. (“Sanky, ur wife is pregnant”) although it was negative. But y did she bought it. Then I heard a knock.. She came back.

“Shona.. Where were u?”

“Hubs, I told u I was with kavya. Sorry for late. We didn’t saw watch time in gossiping.” Don’t know y she was lying. ” hubs, I need to change. ”

After dinner we went to room. She was standing near the window. I hugged her from the back.

“Shona, ”


“Y u buy pregnancy test kit. I mean we didn’t do it. ”

“Hubs, that’s old one I bought it 5 weeks ago.” I thought about doctors words.(” u also need to give her physical love also”) i kissed on her nape. “Hubs…”

“Shona, don’t stop me today.” I started giving her wet kisses .. I slided my hand inside her top. And started massaging. “R u liking it.”

“Hmm..” I moved my hand to touch her navel. But she pushed..

“What happened to u”. I didn’t except this.

” don’t touch me. ”

“But, shona U need love. ” I cupped her face. And kissed on her cheeks. She was enjoying it. But still she stopped me.

“No, ”

“Let me love u shona. ” I pulled her towards me.. I hand moved to her back and undid her top’s zip. I touched her back.. She closed her eyes… I touched her bra.. And unhooked it. But this time she pushed me hard.. I fell down in bed.

“Is This love or lust. ” her words broke me. I raised my hand to slap her”swara” but stopped myself .

I took my pillow and blanket and went to guest room. How could she said this. She called my love .. Lust. I never wanted her body. I neither forced her. It’s 12am I didn’t to able sleep her words were echoing in my mind. But then I heard her voice . she was badly screaming..

“Hubs… Save me…”..

Done with another part… Any guesses where sanky went in market? And Y swara lied to sanskar? And Y she is screaming? ? Hope u like it…ur friend nilu?

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