Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 11)

Hi friends I’m here with another chappy it’s the last part of sahil’s POV…

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I was dam sure that swara would definitely go to confirm this to doctor.. So I decided to execute next phase of my plan. I called Tanya and rajat.

“Rajat bro I need ur help.”

“OK, but sahil what will I get in return.”

“How much money u want tell me.”

“Not only money I need something else also.” He said looking towards Tanya.

“OK, but first do my work.” Both of them were ready to execute the plan. Just then I heard a noise. I told both of them to hide.

“Shekhar uncle u, is everything OK baba”

“Sahil beta” he hugged me.”I m worst Dad.. Doctor told me that earlier shona was happy but then that sanskar told that he didn’t want this child ”

“Baba u please clam down. I m with shona. Trust me soon she will be with us.”

“Tomorrow, I’m going to take her back. After the divorce, will u marry her?.” ‘That is what I want ..’

“Ya baba, it doesn’t matter to me what sanskar did with her. My love for her will never change.”

“First let me deal with sanskar. I’m going to his house to teach him a lesson”

“Baba sanskar is not here. Just few hours ago he left with her girlfriend Tanya.”

“What??? He has a girlfriend.”

“Baba she is not her girlfriend. But his personal pr*stituted. Not only Tanya he has relation with lots of girl. U won’t believe then tomorrow I’ll show u proof.” He trapped in my web..??

“What I did? ? my shona. Don’t know what she is facing in her life and I left her in the hand of that devil.”

“Baba, one more request u don’t tell shona that I informed u. Otherwise she would not trust me anymore”

“U don’t worry sahil, it’s very late I’m going I need to ready my daughter room.”

Next day when swara went to meet doctor. Rajat and Tanya were ready with the drama. And swara easily believed them. But when shekhar uncle told her to come with her she refused.

“Shail, beta she is not ready to leave him. Don’t know Y my daughter love that devil.?”

“Baba I knew it that she won’t trust u. U go where sanskar went and send him offer of girls then. He would easily trapped in it. And we got some proof which will helpful. For their divorce.”

“I’ll do anything to free my daughter from his cage.” ‘Stupid shekhar?’

Swara was completely trapped in my web. She don’t know that the pill she is using was not for curing the pain, it was increasing her desire for s*x.. Every day these pills were doing their work. It’s was my plan when it would become uncontrollable for her. Then I would satisfy her. I waited for a week. I easily got these pills since Rajat father is a chemist. Everyday I dreamed about making love with my shona. Her curves were coming in my mind. I was feeling her soft and delicate boy beneath mine. “It’s so amazing feeling shona. Always be mine.”.. Finally that day came.

“Now today is right day, shona get ready to become mine. I’ll taste all ur body. I’m coming to giving u love shona” I went to her home. I knocked the door. She was talking to sanskar.

” sahil.. Y u came here ” i showed her medicine and reports. I signed her to cut the phone as I wanted to tell me something.

“Jaan Y he came here ” he asked.

” hubs i will talk to u later. ” I disconnected the call.

“Shona, from where this sweet smell is coming.” I entered into kitchen. She also came there”Shona, I also want to eat something.”

“Sahil,please came out. Tell me Y u came here.” ‘How rude my shona she don’t know I came here to love her.?’

I came out. ” swara, theses r ur new medicine. ”

“But I have old one no need of this.”

“Show me the old medicine ” she went to my room and I too followed her

“See this ” she showed me.

“Swara first u sit.” I made her sit on the bed and myself sit beside her.”swara, look I know u lost ur babies. U r very hurt from inside”

“So what sahil..”

I hold her hand”shona u r missing sanskar na. But he is not here, so.” I wanted to arouse her desires by touching her.. She was feeling something weird due to my closeness.

“Sahil, what u want go say say it clearly. ” she tried to freed her hand.

“Shona, stop this yarr.. U want ur babies back na. This medicine help u. U can again became pregnant”

“How sahil, hubs is not there..?” ‘oh God again this sanskar… ?’

“What is the need of sanskar? I m here na to give u love.” But slapped me. I didn’t expect this. She want me but she stopped herself.

“How dare u sahil? Get out of here” she roared on me..

“Swara, u too want this.. Give me one chance..” I tried to convence her. With another slapped she pushed me out of house. She closed the door. But luckily I took her phone..

“What the hell. Shona how can she .. I want her at any condition.. ” I called Tanya… And told her to came swara’s house.

“sahil Y u called me. U know tomorrow I m going to sanskar’s hotel to execute ur plan.. ” I hugged her.

“Tanya, help me else I’ll die…” I know she would help me.

“OK what I have to do..” I gave some drugs…

“Mixed it to swara’s food and also unlocked her back door…”

“Sahil, r u stupid. It’s overdose if something happened to her… How can u do this..”

“I don’t know anything, I want her… ”

“U come home.. If u need this I’ll satisfy u but, this much amount will be injurious for her.” I slapped her hard.

“Shut ur mouth, u blo*dy pr*stituted. Don’t compare shona with u. She is a pure soul and u don’t know how many man slept with u. I buy u for 3 month. Don’t argu with me do as I’m saying.” I showed her, her real place..

“I’m sorry, “? she agreed..

” by this her desire will become uncontrollable.. Then she will love me…”

She went inside. And opened the back door.She did as I said. She mixed it in her food when she went to take water.. After Tanya left.. Shona went to her room.. I was seeing her ‘omg how beautiful.’ ?

“OH God what is happening to me. My body is out of control now. It want something. Swara what happened to u.” She was mumering to herself, Just then i closed the light and hugged her from the back. I started kissing my nape and caressing my belly. ‘Oh its so soft.. ‘

“Hubsss….” She was completely out of control. I removed my sari and placed her to the bed. Started kissing her neck and entangled her fingers with mine. Her curves were making me mad.. I was softly touching her belly.. It was so smooth.. I hate that sanskar enjoyed it before me..

” hubs.. Please. I m dying for it.” Her fantasies came to peak. But I didn’t wanted to hear sanskar’s name.

“Not, hubs.. Call me baby.”

“Sahil, u “.. She was shocked to find that it was me

I nuzzled my nose in her cheeks. ” sssh shona U need this..”I tried to seduce her..

“No.. I don’t.” She denied but I know how to control her..

“R u sure. Close ur eyes and feel the love.” She tried to resist but it all wasted her mind stopped thinking.” Call me baby.”

“Baby..” She repeated.

“Good, now close ur eyes. And say love me baby.”she was completely under my control. She was doing whatever I said. I moved to her navel.. I started kissing her there. I bite there.. Her condition couldn’t be described. She was carving for love. It was due to result of those drugs that, I gave her.. I was enjoying teasing her. I moved towards her bosom. I wanted to touch it. I was about to open her blouse.. But..

” sanskar…” She moaned.. I cupped her face..

“Shona, it’s me sahil ur baby.. Say it.. Baby I love u ” I wanted to listen my name from her mouth..

“Sanskar, I love u. Y u don’t u love me.. Kavya told me to love u.. ” don’t know what she was saying.

“Sanskar, we married. Please love.. Sanskar..”I hold her hair and slapped her tight..

“No sanskar, say sahil baby.. ”

“Sanskar.. ” she clutched the bed sheet. I hate this she was continuously taking his name.

“Leave it sahil. Do ur work..” I came near her lips.. I was about to kiss her..

“Sanskar, don’t leave me.. love me.. I need u.. Sanskar..” But I couldn’t.. I tried.. But each every time she was moaning his name.. All was hearing sanskar, sanskar.. I love u sanskar.. I hate this.. It spoiled my mood.. Her desire were out of control, but what to do how could I touch her.. I called Tanya… I closed the door and came outside..

“I can’t stay there in room. I hate this sanskar spoiled my mood. How can shona love him that much that in this state of her mind. She was only remembering him..” After 10 minutes Tanya came. I took her inside.

“Sahil, now what happened? Go enjoy with her.Y u called me I need to go. My train is after two hour..”

“Look at her Tanya..”

“Sanskar.. Sanskar… ” now also she was repeating his name. ” love me.. ” she was hitting her hands and legs as her fanatics were out of control.. She also vomitted.

“I told u na, don’t give her overdose.. ”

“Tanya u please give her sleeping injection.. So that she stop taking his name.” She did …” Tanya also remove her clothes. And made some marks on her body so that she would think we get intimated.. ”

“Sahil u go outside.. I’ll do everything.. ” I went outside.. My plan was wasted. But I thought if I would say to her that we get intimated she would definitely leave sanskar.. Tanya called me inside.. She covered my shona’s body with sheet..

“Sahil, I washed her clothes.. And dried it in washing machine. Now I’m leaving. And don’t try to remove the sheet.. I did my work.. ” and she left.. I took her clothes and spread it over the room.. I looked towards her. I wanted to see her without any barriers.. I went towards her

“omg she is very beautiful..” I held the sheet and tried to remove it.. But “sanskar.. Sanskar. I love u” her words were continuously echoing in my mind..

“This sanskar is not here, but still he is between us .. ” I went to other side and slept there.. I wasn’t able to touch her.. Don’t know Y.. Next day my sleep got disturbed by her screams.

” no…”? she started screaming.

“Shona listen.” I tried to come near her.


“Shona, don’t panic..”

“Stop I said” she started throwing things on me.. ” how dare u sahil.???”. She was not listening me.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her” stop it swara, u too want this.”

” u snached my everything. U made me impure. Now what will I do.how can i face hubs. He will leave me.” ???

” shona, don’t tell him anything. He will never came to know about it. It’s between us. ”

“I need a punishment.”

“What r u saying.. Swara..”

” I m going to die” she pushed him and ran from there. I followed her. I called shomi aunty and she saved swara.. She thought shona was dying because she lost her child.. I knew that shona would not tell her mom about us.. Tanya also called me she told me that she was going to sanskar’s room.. My dad showed shekhar uncle vedio in which Tanya went inside the room and room closed.. Moreover this vedio also be helpful for swara and sanskar divorce case.

I wanted swara also came to know about.. That sanskar is alone with a girl in a room so that she won’t not blame herself more and also.. She might be came to me.. I Saw 20 mis calls of SANSKAR’S I knew she would definitely call sanskar and then Tanya will shout at room. I went to shomi aunty’s home.. But swara don’t want to see my face..

” how dare, ” she slapped ” Get out..”she pushed me hard.

“Shona, is this a way to talk ur friend. He is helping u and u ” aunty also took my side.

“Leave it aunty. I came here to give her, her mobile.” She snached phone. And I left.

Everything happened as I wanted but still I could touch my love.. My shona.. Shona continued those medicines.. I couldn’t able to understand how to make her mine. But one day.. I got a audio message Dada send me this..

“Hubs.. U know sahil cheated me.. Hubs he killed my babies… Hubs r u listening..”


“Hubs.. Today I saw my medicines I checked about it in Internet but hubs.. I got to know I m eating medicines that aroused my desires.. Hubs. He touched me.. I’m sorry now I m impure hubs but I didn’t do anything. Please forgive me. Come back to soon. I’m waiting for u tomorrow I’ll complain about it to police.
Hubs r u listening answer me.”

I was shocked after hearing this..”now u gone sahil..” I called my dad.

” dad tell me. Did sanky know this.”

“U r lucky. I picked this call. I cut the call and texted her, that sahil’s dad is near me and I’m coming tomorrow. Till then not to tell it to anyone or not to call me again..”

” Thanks dad”

“Shut up..? think if she called sanskar tomorrow go stop her..”

“OK dad”

I was very much tense.. I called rajat.. But he wasn’t picking my call. He picked up in 6th attempt..

“Sahil, don’t disturb me. I’m doing important work..”

“Aww..” I heard Tanya’s moans..

“I know ur important work u do it latter now come to my home faster.. With Tanya.. ”

“Bro if u want her. I’ll send her tomorrow don’t spoil my mood. ” ‘stupid fellow ?’

“I said just come, else I’ll call ur father and tell him about ur important work..” I knew about his weak point..

“OK, bro I’m coming..” After an hour they came.. I knew about him. He still came late. Dirty fellow.

“Y u called me.” He was very much angry.? I told him everything..

“Help me..”

“Bro it’s ur matter..don’t pull Me and Tanya in it” I knew this cheapo rajat.

“I’ll told him that u gave me those drugs.. And then U and ur dad will be behind the bar ” stupid rajat thought I was so stupid ” I have all the bills.. “?

” OK, tell me what I we have to do..”

We three entered into swara’s house through kitchen window. Rajat went to his room. Shona was praying to God.

“Kissan ji, u know I didn’t did anything intensionally. I don’t know whether hubs will accept me or not, but I know he will punish that sahil. ”

I was very much afraid. I went to her room. Rajat was mixing something in water. “Sally what r u doing. ”

“I was mixing sleeping powder in and that special drugs.”

“R u both stupid. ” Tanya spoke.” Sahil and rajat don’t give it her again. U already gave her so much drugs through her medicines. ”

“Shut up Tanya, I’m thinking to enjoy with her. ” I grab rajat’s collar

“How dare u ” just then we hear swara’s voice. And we hide. She drink water and slept.. We took her mobile and delete all the message that my dad send her from sanskar’s phone.

“What next sahil, “Tanya asked.

” wao yrr her cheeks r so soft. ” that blo*dy rajat caressing my shona’s cheeks..

“I slapped her. Sally stay away from her. We r in trouble and u..”

“Enough guys, stop fighting think how to solve this problem. ” nothing was coming in our mind. We just praying God to save us and don’t know when we slept there. On next day I woke up. My shona is still sleeping.. I was lost in her beauty. But then I realised.

“Guys, get up. Before she woke up. ” we three left to rajat’s shop.. We were very much afraid. Just then Tanya saw something.

“Looks guys swara is coming here.”

“Now I’m gone, she will not leave me I was hell scared.. ”

“U both hide. I will manage it.” Rajat tired to manage the situation because it might be possible shona won’t know he was also with us. We hide..

“Sir I need to know about these medicines” she asked.

“Sure mam, ” she was shocked to see rajat

“Rajat, u.”

“Swara these medicines are safe. ” rajat lied.

“Rajat please forgive ur wife ”

“Shona I don’t want to argu. U need any kind of help.” She asked him to give some medicine to control her desires. I was completely shocked to see her behavior.

“Swara r u alone in the house..” Rajat asked

“What do u mean?” ?

“Wo. I didn’t saw sanky so I asked . OK u take care.” She left ..

“What us this sahil. She was behaving normal as she didn’t knew anything.. ” rajat asked..

“I don’t know anything yrr.. But u tell me Y asked her that she is alone ?” I felt something fishy..

“Nothing, just to light her mood..”? but I didn’t find his intension good. I left to my home. I called my dad.

” did swara called him..”

“Not at all..” I was not able understand what happened to her at sudden.. Then I remembered her words (“today I saw my medicines I checked about it in Internet “)

” ya internet it will answer me..” I checked.. Then I found the side effects of these drugs.. And I was shocked.

“warmth or redness in the face, neck, or chest, headaches, upset stomach, memory problems, back pain, an inability to differentiate between the colors green and blue, depression and dizziness. Users of a high dose of these drugs have little or no memory after the effects have worn off. This is why it is so dangerous.”

“Oh shit what I did don’t know if something happens to her.. ” at last a caution is written..’ Excess use of these drugs leads to permanent loss of hearing’

“I was very much afraid.. Since 3 weeks she is continuously taking these drugs.. ” I went to her home to take those pills. What I saw shocked.. That blo*dy rajat is kissing her. She wasn’t in her sense.

“Sanskar.. Hubs.. ” still this sanskar’s name. This rajat tried to open her sari. But I pulled him and give him a big punch. And he fell down.

“How dare u, to touch my love ” I beat him so hard. And grabbed his hand and threw him out.

“Sahil, what is this yrr.. It’s my turn. She is so beautiful.”

“Enough rajat. No more arguments u go.. ” I was hell angry on him how can he.?

“Oh, I got u want to enjoy OK bro u carry on. Till then I’ll go to Tanya..” He left.. I knew what medicine he gave her. My poor shona. I came inside. She was continuously vomiting.. I hold her.

“Hubs u came.. ” ‘ shona how much u love him. ‘ her whole dress were spoiled. I made her to lay down on the bed. She hold my hand..

“Sanskar don’t leave me.. I need u.. ” ‘I love the way she said this but it is for sanskar’

“Shona, ur hubs is just coming. I have surprise u wait…” She node innocently yess like a little child.

I went to kitchen to made some lemonade. I called Tanya as I need her..

“What is this sahil, to whom I’ll handle u or this rajat.”

“I owned u. Follow my order.. ” I came to room. Shona is continuously calling sanskar. I made her drink lemonade. I was looking her, her condition becoming pathetic. I was feeling bad. Because I m the reason for all this. She was carving for sanskar. Just the Tanya came.

“Sahil u r pathetic, how can u again do this..”

“It’s rajat who did this, u just do as u did earlier.” With this I left. ‘Shona don’t know how much u love him. I was crying?. I can’t left u alone. This rajat is cheap. I know he will came again I can’t leave her alone. Swara I don’t want anything happens to u. ‘ I changed her medicines. After doing her work Tanya called me.

“Sahil, Y r u doing this.? Accept the truth she loves sanskar. ”

“Now but in future I’ll get her. ”

“Sahil u said right she is pure. Even u can’t able to take her virtue. Sanskar too loves her. Even in those 3 hours , even didn’t look at me properly. ”

“Tanya I knew everything. But I love her. Tanya u may leave. And thanks for everything.” In the whole night I was seeing her. ‘ my shona condition is not good. She is suffering from depression. I m sorry shona. Forgive me. But u know everything fair in love. I still have hope to get u.’ I slept.. ?next morning?. My sleep disturbed due to sanskar’s call.

“Hi shona”

” hubs, I’ll talk to u later ”

” is everything is fine ”

“Ya.. ” she said in chocked voice.

“Say, u love me ”

” I love u hubs..”i hate these words most. I bite on my thighs.” Awww ” she screamed.

” shona r u OK. Y r u shouting. ”

” hubs, I’m watching I horror movie.. I’ll talk to u later “.. She pushed me.

“Stay away. ” she was hell afraid of me” don’t come near me. ”

” If said u love him. I will not leave u swara.”

“Sahil what u did to me? I’ll complain against u”

“And what will u say swara. This time u r also ready like earlier.”

” earlier it was a mistake ”

“Twice a mistake becomes habit. Swara I became ur habit.” I was befooling her.

She begged before me.”please sahil. Leave me. I can’t cheat him. I love my hubs. U spoiled my soul. ” I felt bed seeing her condition.

“Swara, u have to do whatever I want. Else I’ll tell sanskar everything..”

“I’ll not ..” Just then someone knocked the door. She was badly afraid and me too. She opened the door.

“Ragini u”’ oh this ragini came.. ‘ I thought to dig the seed of suspect in her mind.

“Came here to meet sanskar where is he?”

“He is out of station. ” swara wanted her to go back.

“He is here I know” with this she moved to the room. I was buttoning my shirt intensionally . Seeing me and room condition.she understood everything.. “Waoo swara, first sanskar, then lucky and now sahil. Great.”

“Ragini u r thinking worng.”

“Now, sanky will tell u what is right and what is worng.” She left and me too. From that day I daily went her home in night just to check whether that rajat came or not. Two time he came but seeing me he returned. Many time I saw swara crying.

“Hubs I’m sorry. I’m sorry. ” he was in great depression. In sleep also she used to say this. She was living in the phobia that sanskar would leave her. ‘Don’t know shona, but I m feeling bad for u. I can’t cure ur pain. Now untill sanskar find ur symptoms. U need doctor. ‘ still I wanted her to be mine.

Last day of those five weeks. I went to terrace. It was raining . and she was crying. “Hubs I love u. Please forgive me. I didn’t do it intensionally… I m sorry”

“No need to say sorry baby ” I called from behind. Still I hate that she loves him

“Sahil u, get out..” Just then I heard the noise of door bell. She was about to go i grabbed her hand.

“Not so easily baby, first kiss me and say u will leave sanskar..”

“In ur dreams sahil.”

“Will he accept. A impure wife.” I knew sanky would left her. After knowing truth and I’ll never tell him the whole truth.

“I don’t care. But I’ll not come to, my sin is very big. But I truly love him.”

“Hahaha ” she pushed him and opened the door . and hugged him. Sanky saw me there but swara managed the situation.

Flashback end..

Tanya was sleeping. I left.

“Swara I know I did worng. But I love u. Love u more than sanskar. I want u to be mine till my last breath. For that I’ll do anything. Soon I’ll separate u both, but first I want u to be fine. ”

Done with sahil’s POV. I know guys.. U r bored.. I thought a long story after it. But it’s depend upon u if u want I’ll write more parts or end it soon.. Ur friend nilu ?

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