Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 10)

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“U haven’t seen her condition she cursed herself. Tell her sahil that u didn’t touched her. She is pure. Only sanskar’s swara.”

” I’ll never tell this truth to her.”

” but Y sahil, she need to know the truth. How could u do this to her? First u killed her child and now..” I slapped her.

“Shut up u blo*dy pr*stituted. Do the work u called for, u need not to interfere in my personal matters. U r getting ur money. So, keep ur mouth shut.”

“I’m sorry I forget my place.” She lowered her graze.

“Now, go wear the dress. And wait” I opened the cupboard. Gave her inners, it was.of swara’s I stole it from her house when she was my girlfriend. ” wear this inside ur dress”.

“OK” she left.

I opened alchol bottle and drink it. I frequently called Tanya, whenever I missed my shona. I completed my incomplete desire with her. But not more now soon shona U would come to my life. Then I won’t need Tanya. I promise after u will came to my life I won’t touch anyother girl except u. Till then, Tanya satisfies me. With this Tanya came out. Wearing red sari. Alchol started its work. I came near her. And pulled her towards me. And touched her lips.

“U know, shona I want to see in this sari. ” I hugged her “I love u swara”

“I love u too sahil.” She replied.I took her to bed. I started kissing her. I undo her sari.

“Shona, u know I stole these inners from ur cupboard. These clothes still have ur fragrance. I don’t like when sanky kiss u. When u says u love him. Shona I loves u more than him.”

“I hate sanskar. ” she said.

“Say it again. ” I undressed her.

“I hate sanskar” I stroke her.

“A bit louder.” I kept thrusting her harder…

“I hate sanskar.. I hate him the most..” She continued it. Untill I got satisfaction. After that I laid down.

“U know shona. I love when u say u hate sanskar more than u says I love sahil. Each time u says I love u hubs, I love sanskar. I hate these words these word stopped me from coming near to u.”

“I said na sahil I hate sanskar. Only loves u sahil. ”

” u know swara how I felt when u said u r going to marry sanky.”


I called shekhar uncle.

“Hi, sahil beta. How’s u when will u bring my shona back.”

“Baba, she will never came back ”

“What r u saying!!”

“Baba tomorrow she is going to marry sanskar. Baba please stop her else I’ll die.?”

“Y she is doing this?”

“Baba, sanskar rapped her. And now he is forcing her to marrying him. He is blackmailing her. Baba I can’t live without shona, please stop her baba.”?

“U don’t worry beta, tomorrow I’ll bring her back.”

I informed ragini about it. Anyhow I just wanted to stop the marriage.

On the next day.

“Swara, where is sanky. Don’t tell that on his wedding he went for distributing the newspaper. Shona think it again how will u survive ur whole life with a newspaper seller and a waiter.”

“U don’t worry. And he is not alone. ” just then sanky came.

“Sahil, u came so early.” Sanky asked.

“Woh sanky I asked to know the timing of ur marriage, ”

“11am at registrar office. Now u may leave I m going” swara replied in a very cold tone.


“Oh sahil. She coming with me, she said we both together distribute the newspaper.”

With this both move outside. Swara sit in front seat of cycle. And left.

“Shit.. Don’t know what shona saw in this poor sanky.”

Sanskar even bought a simple or cheap sari for my shona. Even he didn’t have money to hire a beautician for her kavya and deepti came to make her ready. I know shona tells everything to kavya so I gave kavya. A locket which have a microphone due to which I used to hear their conversation many times..

“Omg, look deepti our shona is blushing.”?

” don’t tease me guys. I’m very nervous ”

“Nervous for what wedding or ur first night.”‘ This kavya is too much’?

” kavya yrr give her the gift that we bought for her.”

“Ya deepti, where u kept it. ”

“What gift guys..”

“Look shona, this is movie tickets for u. I know u both r new in this field so this movie will be helpful for u both.”‘ Kavya , deepti I’ll kill u both.”

“It’s too much. How can i watch this type of movie with sanskar. “‘ ya shona don’t watch.”

“Chill shona, be prepare for tonight. Sanky will not show any mercy on U ” both of them started giggling…? ‘I want to kill them both.’

“Guys don’t make me more nervous”

“OK let’s go. Sanskar is waiting for u. And don’t came here before, 9pm we have to decorate the room also.”

“OK.. And thanks a lot..”

‘No sahil u can’t let this happen, marriage then first night. No sahil. Sanky can’t touched her. She is mine. Her body, her soul only belongs to me.’ At last we went to registrar office.

Both of them were blushing, ‘this sanskar is smiling after burning my dreams.’

“Mr sanskar Maheshwari and Miss swara Gadodia are u ready.”

“Yesssssss” together they said. With a wide smile.

“Good, now sign here. First u Mr. sanskar .” but before that shekhar uncle came with police.

“Inspector arrest this sanskar he is the culprit.” Cop arrested the sanskar.

“Mr sanskar Maheshwari u r under arrest in the charge of rap .”sanskar and swara was shocked. And this was what I wanted.

” u must be mistaken sir. Sanskar is innocent. ” swara tried to defend him.

“Shona, beta u need to afraid him. Now ur baba came to save u from this devil. Inspector sir this sanskar ruined my daughter’s life. Now he is forcefully marrying him.”

“Baba, Y r u saying this.” She started crying.? ” I love him baba.” She begged to cop ?” sir please leave him. He didn’t did anything. My sanskar is innocent. ”

“Uncle what r u saying? Swara and sanskar both love each other. Y r u doing this uncle. Give ur blessings to them” kavya tried to convince the uncle.

“Mr Gadodia ur daughter is saying sanskar is innocent then how can we arrest him.”

“But she is afraid of him. ”

“Enough baba, I respect u it doesn’t mean I don’t care for sanskar. Inspector sir my father is lying he doesn’t like him. That’s why he lied. And one more thing baba I’m 18+ so I can take my life decisions. ” In the whole conversation sanky didn’t utter a word he was looking at swara. Cop release the sanskar.

“Shona, ” shomi aunty came. Swara hugged her.

“Ma. How’s u ? I miss u ma. See na today is my wedding I need ur blessings.” Swara and sanskar bow down to take the blessing but shomi aunty move back.

“Shona today u have to choose between us and sanskar.” I didn’t expect that shekhar uncle would say this. Swara hold the sanskar’s hand tightly. They got their answer.

“Swara from today u r dead for us. We r cutting all ties with u. And if he left u then don’t come to us. ” shekhar uncle grab shomi aunty’s hand and left.

Swara looks towards sanskar. She hugged him.”I’m sorry. ? sanskar. ” sanskar wiped her tears.

“Shona, now let’s complete our work.” Bit before that ragini came.

“Sanky, how can u marry her. She is fooling u sanskar. She had an affair with this sahil. ” ragini came.

“Ragini I don’t want any drama. U may leave before I do anything worng.” Sanskar hold swara’s hand ” sir give me the papers now I don’t want anyone would came between us.”

“But sanky, think once. ” sanskar didn’t replied. Just then kavita and lucky also arrived. Swara and sanskar signed the papers.

“I declare u both husband and wife. Mr and Mrs Maheshwari”

My heart broke in to pieces but I was not alone the heartbroken. Kavita was also there I know that she loves sanky. All congratulates them.

“Now bhaiya and bhabhi what’s next. ” lucky was very happy.

“Nothing, I m going to watch movie with hubs.” She smiled. Sanskar was happy listening That word which was for me.

“Jaan, I never thought that u love me more than ur parents”

“U r my life. I can leave anyone for u. ”

‘Shona y can’t u understand my love’ I was silently stand at the corner.

“Sahil, tomorrow we r leaving ur home. Hubs got a job in a mill. So we will live there .” with this they left.

But how could I let that happened I asked my father to give job to sanskar.

“Sanky, accept this offer. I know u wanted to become a lawyer. Even with this u can able to earn more this would be helpful for u” I tried to convince sanskar.

“Hubs, I think sahil is right. He is sorry for his past mistakes. Now want ur happiness accept this proposal.” Shona also joined me.

“OK, jaan ” he agreed. That’s what I wanted because I wasn’t u shona near me.

But my soul got relief when I heard shona’s and kavya’s conversation.

“Shona, u r so stupid u came collage on the next day of collage.”

“Kavya, hubs told me. Study is important so I ”

“Oh hoo hubs, nice ha, OK now tell me how’s ur first night do u like our decorations. Tell me about it in details.” ‘ my heart also started beating very fast. ‘

” kavya, decorations were good but nothing happened between us.”

“What ?!!!” Kavya shocked but I got some relief.

“Kavya, hubs told me. It’s no right time for doing this. And he was afraid that if I got pregnant. So he refused he told me we will do it at right time.”

“What is the right time swara?? Huh u r Dumbo u just wait for right time. And someone else will take ur place in sanskar’s life.” This kavya is too much’

“What? But hubs loves me alot. ”

“Swara u don’t know about these guys they easily get bored by girls. He refused u it means he wanted u to do something for him.”


“Ya, shona make him urs before another girl take ur place.”

“OK I’ll ” shit yrr this kavya misguide my shona.

Swara made no of efforts to make sanskar ready. And at last it happened, the worst day of my life.

“Kavya, see this “?

” omg, love bite. So finally u did it shona. ?”

“Yup. ?”

“How’s the experience swara. Tell me na please.”

“Nope it’s my and my hubs private moments. I can’t tell u. “?

” offo private moments. OK as u wish but I’m happy for u.”

“Sahil now what is left.”? but then finally these 5 weeks came. Dad went out of station for a case with sanskar. and I got the chance to meet shona alone. I knocked the door and she opened the door .

” hi swara. How’s u ” I asked her in a sweet voice.?

” I’m good . Y u came here at this time. ” her cold reply ?

“Swara, I’m getting some problems in these questions. Please help me. And don’t lie I know u know this unit ”

” Ok, but don’t take my much time. I have many important work. ” finally she accepted.

Then she started teaching him. I looked towards the marks at her neck. I hate this sanskar. ” now u get it” she noticed my gaze” Y r u staring me.” she asked in a cold voice.

” swara happened to ur neck..” I just wanted to clarify.

” I’m married sahil. So ”

“So what ??”?

” so..it’s a love bite given by my hubs.. ” ? I hate whenever sanskar touches her.

” swara I think, I should leave. ”

” then go..”then i left.

I tried many time to get her attention but this sanskar always came between us on the exam day.she was checking her exam hall ticket.

” hi swara…”?

..” Hello ”?

” all the best.. ”?


“I’m the first. To wish u ”?

“No my hubs. Wished me first. Sahil I’m getting late by. ” with this she went inside the exam hall. She even didn’t wished me back. I hate sanskar more than infinity.??

But all this crossed it’s limits when I got to know she is pregnant. That evening I went to take rent.

“Sahil, what now? No exam is left.”?

“Swara, I came here for rent. ” ..’i came here to spend some time with u ‘

” OK u wait I’ll come. ” she went in the room and took the money but I waited for 10 minutes she didn’t came out. I went inside and found she was fainted down.. I took her to the hospital.

“Doctor is she fine . tell me ?” o was very much worried.

“R u her husband.”

“Ya, doctor tell me what’s the matter. ”

“Fill this form.” I wrote the sanskar’s name . ” congratulations Mr sanskar Maheshwari u r going to become father.”

“What ?” I was shocked.

“Take care of ur wife she left.” ‘What is this sahil. First sanskar now his child I can’t tolerate this child between us I have to do something.’

Swara got conscious.

” sahil, what happened to me?”

I was quite. She was hell scared. ” answer me sahil.. ”

” swara u r pregnant.. ” she was shocked.. To hear this.

” sahil, r u sure. Mean how do u know.. ”

” wo.. Swara it’s true..”

“Yepiiii, I did it .. ” she started dancing.. She hugged me in excitement. ” sahil I’m so so happy. Now me and my hubs and our cute baby happy family. ”

Just then doctor came inside. She released the hug.. ” doctor r u sure na. ” she was blushing..

” ya, swara but we will give ur report tomorrow it will confirm it. U may go now and don’t do anything in excitement.. Just relax… Take care of yourself.. ” and she left..

“Sahil, where is my phone..”

“What will u do with ur phone..” ‘Lol again stupid querry ‘

” I have to give this news, to my hubs..”

“Swara u tell him tomorrow..” I need sometime to execute my plan. So tried to convince her.

“Y? If I can tell him now then. Y there is a need to wait till tomorrow..?”

“Swara, she is not confirmed yet. And moreover u should give him this news with report.. ”

” but I’m sure na. ”

“Swara, don’t argu. First let her confirm. When u will give him this news with the proof he will come to u. Leaving all his work. But wait a little the fruit of patience is sweet..”

“Hmm. U r correct. Ya I’ll tell him tomorrow morning.. ” finally she agreed and I dropped her to the home.

In the whole night. I prepared my plan. I was just waiting for tomorrow I told my dad not to allow sanskar to talk with swara. On the next day I was her going to hospital.

” hey! Swara come I’ll drop u ”

“No sahil I can go myself ”

” don’t argu.. U should take care of ur child. If something happened to him\ her.. ”

She agreed.

“Acha, swara what do u want a baby boy Or a baby girl..”

“Hmm. Both .. Two child one for me and one for my hubs..”

“But swara, this child will ruin ur figure. I mean u r quite young, sanskar doesn’t care for ur figure …” I just wanted to convince her but she become violent.

“How dare u say this sahil.. Stop ur car. My hubs cares me a lot and My baby will not ruin my figure instead of it , it will enhances my beauty.. Stop this car.” she tried to open the door..

” swara don’t panic too much, it will hurts ur baby a lot.. Keep clam I’m just kidding.. ”

And we reach the hospital.. She went inside to meet the doctor.

When she came out . I asked.
” swara what did doctor said”

” first I’ll give this news to my hubs ” she left and i went inside the cabin.

” oh Mr Maheshwari congratulations for twins. ”

“Mam actually my wife don’t want this child.”

“What r u saying Mr Maheshwari. She was very happy.”

“Mam I know she was happy but now she is very much conscious regarding her figure. And she is too young also. U give her. Abortion pills.”

“OK but, Mr Maheshwari I’ll not give to her. Without her permission. If she agreed then only I’ll. ”

“OK doctor. U just asked her if she agreed or not.” I left outside.

“Swara, congratulations..”

“Oh thanks…”

” swara doctor tell me that u need extra care so, u need a trainer.. Who will take care of u ” I tried. To fool her.

“So what ..??”

“She need ur confirmation.. U go inside and tell doctor I agree. She will ask u twice as the fee of trainer is costly. ”

“Then sahil how can I pay the fee.”

“Y fear when I’m near.. I’ll help u and also bring ur medicine.. I m going to take my car then we will go together.” she left. And she did everything as per my plan. She bought the pills. And eat it.

In the evening I went to her Home to check whether these pills did its work or not.

” swara, how’s u and babies. ”

” all good. ”

“So, let’s have a tea”

“OK sure. “As she moved inside the kitchen it started paining in her stomach.

” aww.. Hubs.. ” i reached to her.

“What happed to u swara ”

“Sahil, my stomach. Please take me to the hospital.. Otherwise I’ll die this pain is unbearable..”

“OK don’t worry u will be alright.”

My pills did its work. Now those babies who were the sign of sanskar’s love was no more. But I have to take care. That swara should not tell this to sanskar. I bought drugs. A feel good hormones which helped her to trust me. She got conscious.

I made dull face.

“Sahil, what happened. My babies r fine na..tell na ur silence is killing me.”

“Swara sorry, they can’t save ur child ”

Before I could have her drug in water A nurse came in to the room. ” sir doctor is calling u “i left.. Doctors gave me medicine to for swara. But changed those medicines. When I returned to room she was not there. I went out in her search. But I found shekhar uncle.

” what happened sahil beta. Where shona running? Y shona was crying.? ” ‘wah sahil this is chance God gave u now do ur work’

“Baba” I started shedding tears? ” baba shona lost her child.”

“What?? Sahil beta but how”?

” baba that sanskar, how can I tell u that sanskar, is just using her body. After marriage he showed his real face. Each and every day don’t know how much he hurt her. Baba he doesn’t leave her untill his inner devil git satisfaction. Baba this is not the first child shona abort. That devil forced her to abort her all child’s. “I hugged him.

” if is it so then Y shona didn’t called us for help.”

“Baba how can she came to u. U cut all the relation with her. Baba she shared all her pain with me. Baba if u don’t trust me then U can asked the doctor.”

I hit the nail at right place. Shekhar uncle went inside to talk to doctor. And I went to shona’s house.

“What is this swara Y u came from hospital. ”

“U go away from here my hubs is coming he will solve everything. I know my babies r fine. U r a liar..” she was not trusting me

” swara did u tell him about, ur pregnancy. ”

“No, but he is coming.. I tell him then.”

” swara r u stupid. ?? Doctor said u lost ur child because u did some heavy household work ..”

” but I didn’t did anything like this. I only made food and knit the sweater..”

“Haw swara !! How can u knit a sweater. This will give stress to muscles and effect the babies.. U killed ur child..swara ”

” sahil, it’s not true. ”

” it’s true swara, due to much stress in muscles baby feels suffocated and died. Doctor itself told me. And when sanskar came to know about it he will leave u. No one wants to live with a person who had killed his child. ”

” he will not leave me. He loves me. I didn’t did it intensionally, I don’t know that knitting a sweater would kill my babies.. ” she was crying, then I gave her water in which I mixed the drug ie so that she trust me.

“Swara if he came here and he get to know the truth. May be he would died in shocked. ”

She slapped me ” don’t u say anything like this”

” swara trust me, my mom died in the shocked because my little brother died at the time of his birth. Swara u had already loosed ur two child. Now what if same thing happened to sanskar.. ”

She started trusting me finally she agreed and called the sanskar..

” hubs r u coming ”

” ya jaan. I’m in the station. ”

” hubs don’t come I’m sorry. I was missing u badly. And for that silly reason I called u ”

” shona r u alright na. ”

“Ya hubs, I again apologize for my stupidity. U concentrate on ur work. I’m fine here. ”

” r u sure ”

” ya hubs, I love u ”

” love u too jaan ” she disconnected the call.

” good shona now take these medicines this will cure ur pain. And sleep well ” I gave her other medicines that doctor gave me. I left from there. I know when the effect of these drug reduce she would definitely go to doctor for enquiry. So now I have to execute my 2nd plan.

Done with another part. I know this part is little bit boring. Next part will be end of sahil’s POV.. Ur friend nilu ?

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