Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 1)


This is my first story hope u guys like me ..

Characters of story ..

Sanskar- a hard-working man … He is 21 year old… ., loves her wife . his world started and end on her wife. He always wanted her wife to be happy ..

Swara – sanskar’s wife.. She is very confused personality. Loves her hubby .age -20

Sahil – SANSKAR’S best friend . He has a crush on swara . he frequently used to meet swasan ..

Lucky – SANSKAR’S brother.

Ragini- lakshaya wife .she doesn’t like swara.


Sanskar’s POV

So finally after 5 weeks I’m returning to my home , to my shona. It’s very hard to pass these 5 weeks without her. I’m badly missing her and I know her condition would be same. But this work is also important na. I didn’t inform. Her about my arrival.. I want to give her a surprise. She always wanted a sweet home.. And I didn’t tell her that I had saved money for ours house.. The Construction work also started. I’ll give her surprise.. When our dream land completed

I still remember the first day I saw in school. I just pass out 10th she was new in school .. Most beautiful girl I have seen. Every boy wanted her to be his girlfriend. I was little bit shy. But thanks to my chemistry teacher who made us partner in project. He started spending time with her… We started falling for each other.. But I got shocked when I found out that sahil , also like her. On our farewell party , sahil mixed alchol in her drink . thank to him because it she kissed me in front of whole school ..

Situation became worse after that , when our parents got to know about it. I saw her after a week in the hospital, like me she was badly beaten by her parents.. He swallowed . Cheeks , marks of belt on her hands.. I couldn’t able to tolerate it. And we decided to eloped . after that we get married.. My bro helped me a lot .. But ragini don’t know Y she was against our marriage.. Leave her

Finally I reached , it was raining outside.. I was fully drenched.. I knocked the door.. It was more than 5 minutes. I was getting panicked ..” Is she alright. ” I called her she was not attending my calls. I cried out ” swara.. Jaan “.. Finally she opened the gate ..

I immediately huged her ” jaan r u OK .. ”

” I’m perfectly alright hubs.” She smiles..

“Where were u, I was very much scared “. I enquired .

” hubs woh I.. ”

” jaan u are fully drenched . r u were in the terrace ”

” ya hubs.. ” she placed her head on my chest ” I was badly missing u ”

” me too jaan . ” I looked towards her Rosy lips.. My wife looking damm hot in wet sari. I touched her cheeks.. And place my other hand on her waist.she closed her eyes I was about to kiss him

” hello guys .. ” sahil came towards us . with a smiling face.

” what r u doing in my house , at this time.. ” I noticed he was coming from terrace . he was also fully wet.

” hubs. He came here to meet u ” she explained

” ya sanky . it’s too late meet u tomorrow ” he left ..

After dinner .. We went to our room. She wear a nighty .. She was standing before mirror .. Combing her hair.. I back hugged her .. Slightly removed her hair . ” u r looking too hot ”

” thanks for the compliment hubs ” she smiled ..

I started kissing in her neck.. She is also loosing her control .. But she immediately stopped me

” what happened jaan, it’s so many days.. We were far from each other.. Today I want to make love with u ”

” not now hubs. I’m very much tired .. ” she said and then laid down to her side..

This was the first time she denied me. But I find something fishy when I saw sahil ,in my house his smile was saying to her that he was also in the terrace.. ,, no no sanskar how can u think this about swara .. U know for u she left her family .. I looked towards her.. She is looking like an angel.. I couldn’t bear this sahil any more. Only tolerating him because he is the owner of our house.. Moreover he helped me in my hard time.. But I can’t deny the fact that he had a crush on my wife. . Although he said now he is move on but I can’t believe him. As our dream house would be completed I’ll take my jaan with me.

I kissed her cheeks ” good night jaan ”

I slept hugging her …

Guys this is my first attempt.. Please encourage me.. If u like this. . only then I’ll continue it.. Your lovely friend nilu ..?

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  1. NDSG

    Hehehehehe u made mistake in the beginning.. * her. .. It’s must be his but anyways it’s nice

  2. Maryam

    NYC…pretty interesting dear…

    1. Nilu

      Thanks dear

  3. so swara and sahil are cheating on sanskar..nice..

  4. Don’t sepetate them

  5. Interesting… Continue

  6. Nice

  7. AnuAnn

    Interesting dear

    1. Nilu

      Thank u

  8. Is swara cheating on sanskar
    Plz don’t separate swasan
    It’s a small very small Walla request plz accept it
    Awesome chappy

    1. Nilu

      Wait for sometime u will get to know everything

  9. Mica

    huhuhu.. i smelt something fishy too.. omg..

    1. Nilu

      Haha? something is fishy

  10. Interesting..swara cheating sanky???

    1. Nilu

      May be or may be not seebu ?

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  12. Nive…but hope swara is not cheating sanskar…something fishy

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    I can smell something is Fishy !!! let it be… thnk u..

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