Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire ( epilogue)

Aadhe Adhure – the incomplete desire.. Epilogue..

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Hello friends I’m here with epilogue. Thanks to u all who support me..? this is the final part I’m writing..

There is a thirst and also a hope. And an unknown quest…

Why does it make me smile? Why does it make me cry?
This incomplete desires, this incomplete dreams.
Incomplete desires… Incomplete dream…

These all thoughts were rising in sanskar’s mind. He couldn’t able to get the courage to remove the sheet. The person to whom he loved more than anything was lying before him.. But Y she would do this ?she promised him that she would not to leave him. ” no my jaan can’t be cheater to leave her hubs alone in mid way.. BECAUSE OUR HEART BEATS TOGETHER AND THEY WILL STOP TOGETHER.. ”

All media was gathered there.. “Whose dead body is this ?” They all were questioning.. ” Inspector Adarsh Gupta found a dead body.. Mr Maheshwari is also there… Mr Maheshwari do know the person ” they shooted their questions..

“Get aside.. Sanky U come” but his leg were stuck on the ground.. ” come ” he pulled his hand..

“Hubs” in that all rush a melodious voice fell in his ear.. He turned back.. Was it a dream?? She was standing there.. He didn’t thought anything just ran towards her and took her in bone crush hug.. Tears were flowing from his eyes?

“Is that u jaan? Please pinch me..” He nuzzled his nose in her hairs and smelled her aroma.. ‘Ya she is my swara’

“Hubs, it’s me. What happened?” She asked in confusion.. He closed his eyes as he just wanted to permanently fixed this sweet voice in his ears.. He cupped her face.. He kissed all over on her face.

“Where were u?” His words were chocked..” I was searching for u like mad. I called u. I called everyone but no answer. Then adarsh told me about a dead body and I thought.. ” before he could complete he again hugged her.. He couldn’t take it anymore..

“I’m sorry hubs” ? she said this very innocently..” I thought to surprise u so I went back to home, I bought many things. Then rajat’s father met me. He offered me lift. And we headed towards home but someone informed uncle that Rajat is dead. Uncle got heart attack. I took him hospital. I called aunty too, then hubs I thought to inform u but my bad luck battery was dead. So I called u from uncle’s mobile but u didn’t received.. I don’t remembered anyone’s number except ur.. Then what I would do.. I was with aunty. When I went to buy medicine then I saw u in TV in chemist shop. So I informed aunty and came here in uncle’s car..”

Swara said everything but he didn’t bothered what she said he was just admiring the way she was saying everything. So innocently like a small girl explain everything that she didn’t committed any mistake..

“I’m sorry hubs? next time I’ll..” Now he couldn’t able to control anymore.. He suddenly captured her lips.. Placed his hand on her waist and pulled her to reach her up to his height.. Forgetting the world he kissed her with full passion.. Their moment was broke due to whistling sound.

“One side death and other side Mr Maheshwari’s Ashique 3. New style of expressing love. ” they were clicking their pics..

“Hubs all of them looking at us” she held his hand.

” What is this Mr Maheshwari? Kissing ”

“Am I committed any sin? Kissing my wife is a crime.. Come jaan.. ” he took swara a side.. Adarsh send Media away from them.” Adarsh whose dead body is this..?” Adarsh showed him his ring.

“Sanskar is that ur.?”

“Ya, but how did u…”

“He is Rajat. And I know u killed him. Y u did this? At least u should inform me?” Swara was shocked to hear all this..

“Adarsh, I don’t want to give any explanation.. ”

“Ok, sanky take this ring.. ”

“Hubs let me take my things from car and Adarsh u give this car to rajat’s family” swasan left for home. Before going sanskar returned ring to kavita.. As soon they reached home.. Swara was ready with her questions. She closed the door.

“Hubs, Y u did this.. Tell me. And when u found him”

” that day when I went to met Tanya, on that day in early morning adarsh called me he told me that he got some clue about rajat. And we found him in a hotel. I kept him in a room and asked him a lot I beat him, but he didn’t spoke a word from his dirty mouth”

“Then, Y didn’t u hand over to police hubs”

“When Tanya told me truth about rajat intension I beat him a lot. I couldn’t hand over him to the police because technically he didn’t touched u. Then tell me jaan how he would get punishment. But his intension was bad. Yesterday night When u slept I went where I kept rajat. I cut his nerves I wanted him to bear the pain that he gave u. He cried a lot for his life but I didn’t showed any mercy on him And in attempt to save him he took my ring. Then I threw his body in river..”

“It’s means if anyone keeps bad eyes on me. u will kill him”

“Ya, I’ll kill each everyone..” She hugged him.

“I don’t know u love me that much hubs..” She was happy to know that he punished everyone who hurted her. ” but hubs, if police get to know about it. No I can’t.. I’ll tell them that I killed rajat not u OK.. ” sanskar smiled..

“My jaan u don’t need to do this, Adarsh will handle everything. Now I don’t want any separation only love. ”

“I’ll give lots of love.. ”

“Think before saying anything Mrs Maheshwari.. I want love daily in the night, morning, afternoon, evening.. ” she started blushing..

“Hubs, if u will love me all the time then when will u do ur work..”

“This is my work na to love u.. ” just then someone knocked the door.. Adarsh came .”Swara kavya wants to talk u.. ” Adarsh said and swara went inside. She called kavya..

“Hello kavya.. U know we won the case.. ”

“Swara I know, but I don’t want to congratulate u..”

“But Y? Kavya, u even didn’t came in hearing. I’m so happy hubs also broke his engagement with kavita..”

“R u stupid swara? I mean how can u live with him. After knowing that he slept with a woman”

“But he did all this for me. He loves me.”

“What love swara? Whatever be the reason but for a night he gave ur place to that pr*stituted. Being a wife how can u stay with him. ”

“But I also did same na. So Y u r saying ill about hubs”

“It happened with u in the influence of drugs but he intensionally did it. I’m sorry but I can’t accept this type of man. I dam sure he enjoyed his night with her.”

“Don’t call me again. I’ll be with him. If he cheated me than also I’ll forgive him because I love him and I don’t know anything accept it. ” she disconnected the call in anger.. ?. Sanskar came inside the room and moved towards the Almera. Swara hugged him from the back. “Hubs, ”


“Did u enjoyed ur night with Tanya” she asked. He turned towards her..”Hubs, u can make love with me anytime, I’ll not deny u ?. If u want it full day then I’m also ready. I’ll do whatever u want.. ” he cupped her face.

“Really shona” she nodded yes ” hmm, for now I just want a cup of tea. ” swara left. ” hmm let me check what she bought.. ” sanskar checked her bag.. He was shocked to see the things ” from where she got this much of knowledge. Sanskar tonight is very special for u.. ” he heard her coming sound. He simply sit on the bed.

“Hubs ur tea. ” she left for bathroom.. Sanskar smiled..?

…………….. In the jail………..

Tanya came to meet sahil..

“U blo*dy sl*t. How dare u to cheat me. ” Sahil was very angry on her.

“Relax baby. What would I do police caught me but baby I didn’t tell sanskar the whole truth..”

“That’s why I’m leaving u. Y u came here?”

“Sahil, tonight u can elope from the jail. I gave some money to few head constable they agreed. Ok baby”

“Y r u doing this? And Y would u help me..”

“For lust, After spending a night with sanskar I can’t resist myself. U kidnapped swara in return I will ask him to spend one more night. ” both agreed as they wanted same thing.. Sahil obsession and Tanya’s lust.


After swara came out sanskar was ready with dinner.. After taking dinner swara tried a lot to attract sanskar but he was not giving her any attention. He was just watching the TV.. She sit beside him.

“Hubs, ”

“Hmm.. ” uninterestingly?

“Woh.. ” she kept her head on his chest and hugged him.. ” what r u doing.. ”

“Watching TV. U also see na jaan..”

“Breaking news.. Rajat had suicide.. Today police has found his dead body. Being a partner of a rapist. Rajat suicide in shame..”

“Hubs, change the channel.. ” she kissed on his cheeks, her smell making hard for sanskar to control. He changed the channel.

“Ashique 3. Exclusive.. ” lots of girls were giving her opinion” I love sanskar Maheshwari. ”

“I wish he would my hubby.. So caring”

“Kiss publicly wao..? how romantic.. ”

“Mr Maheshwari is very smart, dashing. Sir if ur wife leave u. Then please marry me.. ” all were prasing sanskar. With in few time he earned lot of fame. Swara switched off the TV. Sanskar hide his smile. ?

“What happened jaan, all r prasing ur hubs u don’t like. But last one girl is very pretty?. I think I should think about her offer. ” he intensionally asked.

“Hubs, I’m also pretty. Don’t look at them. Hubs u told me na.. So I’m ready..”

“Ready for what shona..”

“Woh.. U told na u want it, night, morning.. I mean every time. So now it’s time”.. She was nervous. He understood everything.

” ya, it’s time to sleep. Come jaan I’m feeling sleepy. ” he took blanket and acted sleepy. Inside the blanket he was laughing.?

“Everything wasted, I know hubs is angry on me. I wear new sari. I did lots of things.. But” she took blanket. And cried. Sanskar heard the sounds of her sobs.? he turned towards her.

“Jaan, u r crying.” She immediately wiped her tears.

“No hubs, I’m fine. ” she lied.

“Don’t lie swara. I hate liars..” She immediately hugged him.

“Hubs, please don’t hate me. Those girls can’t give that much love that I can give u. ? I can do anything for ur satisfaction.” This girl always give him shocks. Wife fight with her hubby when he looks towards other women and she was saying that she would give him more love. No one can love him more than her.

“R u jealous jaan. ”

“Yes hubs. See I don’t lie. ” he just smiled seeing that much love for him. Just then someone called him.

“Is everything is ready? Ok I’m coming” he looked towards swara. ” come jaan there is surprise for u.”

“Hubs late night. What surprise? ”

“Come jaan” he took a auto and they went in the forest. She was bit confused. She thought perhaps he wanted to spend this night in nature. ‘Wao now nature will blessed our love. ? ‘ sanskar ordered to stop auto at middle. ” now go.. ”

“What sir in this forest.”

“Especial night. ” he winked. He gave him money.” Keep the change. ” he left. Now swara can’t wait for surprise.

“Hubs, tell na what surprise. I mean u want this here. ” he gave wearied look to her..” No no hubs I don’t have any problem I’m ready. ” they kept going.” Hubs how long more. I can’t wait. ”

“We arrived see that light. ” she noticed light. They moved their. She was shocked to see the person before her eyes.

“SA… Sahil.. U ” she immediately hugged sanskar ” hubs let’s go. He will take me.?”

“Relax jaan. Toady ur this fear will vanished. Court have gave him punishment, but my punishment is left. Don’t worry Adarsh and Tanya is also here see. ” he asked Tanya to be with swara.

“Sanskar if u have dare then open my hand. ” sanskar did so. ” today either ur desire will remain incomplete or mine.”

“Let’s see.” They had a fight.. Sanskar took a big stick and beat him black and blue. ?. He hold him and slapped him hard. ” jaan come slap him. He is the murderer of our babies. ” swara came towards him and slapped sahil and grabbed his collar.

“Y u did this sahil? How dare u to touch me.”?

” because swara I love. I love u more than sanskar. ” she again slapped him.

“Shut up sahil. ?What kind of love is this? U killed my babies tell me what sin they did? Is this love. U stole my virtue. Is this love? No Mr sahil sengupta it’s ur obsession. U r very far away from the meaning of love. ”

“Don’t waste ur time jaan”. He stroke him with knife. And sahil fell down. ” I told u sahil. That was trailer this is the flim. ” he sit down. And kept knife in sahil’s neck.

“U can do whatever u want but how can u neglect the fact that I slept with her. I touched her. Swara and my soul became…” Before he completed his words swara took the knife from sanskar’s hand and stroked directly in his heart. ” aww..” He cried..

” this is for killing my babies” she again stroked him. “This is for snatching my virtue. For giving pain to my hubs..” Now she was uncomfortable. She was continuously stroking him with knife. He left his life so far but she wasn’t stopping. Her whole frustrating, her pain, her wait all came out in anger.? ” u snached everything.. ”

“Jaan stop he died.” But she wasn’t listening anything. Sahil’s body became pathetic.. But she continued. ” jaan stop..”

“No.. I’ll not leave him..” Her anger were on peak. ? he couldn’t able to understand further. He needed to stop her..

“Jaan look at me..” He forcefully kissed her.. And took a chance and took knife from her hand.. He cupped her face. “Relax.. Jaan.” He slightly peaked on her lips… ” look at me. I’m here na” she hugged him.

“Sanskar take her back to home me and Tanya will manage everything.. ”

“Come sanskar I’ll drop u both”

“Come jaan, ” swara looked towards his body. She was afraid by seeing that she did this. ” sssh don’t look him now he won’t come. ” they left for home. Tanya dropped them. “Jaan come” but her legs were stuck on the ground. He picked her up in his arms. And directly took her inside the bathroom. Their body were fully drenched with sahil’s blood. He turned on the shower. She was just standing in shock.

“He has gone away ” he unpinned her pallu. And started unwrapping the sari. She was still standing emotionless. They water flowed from their body turned into red.. He threw her sari and undid his shirt also. He took her hand and placed it on his chest “now jaan u need not to worry. Ur hubs removed every evil things. Now only us.. ” Slowly slowly he removed all the barriers between them. He rubbed her each body part. He removed each and every spot of blood from their body. Now evil gone away at last love win. He turned off the shower. Wiped her body And wrapped the towel around her. And around his waist and brought her out. She was still not responding..

“Hmm, see my jaan bought candles so, for this night there will be only candle light.. ” he placed the candles and hold her hand and light them. The whole room is filled with the brightness of candle. He took her near window.. ” see jaan sky has its own moon.? And ” he hold her chin and lifted her face.” I have my moon.”

“But this moon has stain..” She said in disappointment..? ? “sahil said..”

“Sssh “. he placed finger on her lips… ” see na jaan. Nobody is ready to accept this impure boy.. Kavita left me and u also ? nobody loves me” he cries..

“No hubs, I love u.. ”

“Then don’t recall that evil. This night is only ours.. Jaan I want to show u how much u matters for me. Would u allow me to love u.. ”

“U need not ask the permission. I’m all urs..”

“U wanted to know na with whom I enjoyed my night most..” She nodded yess.. He took her near mirror.. ” see only this girl can give me pleasure.. ” he placed all her hairs on left shoulder.. And nuzzled his nose on her nap.. ” she has the perfect body curves.. ” with this he undid the knot of towel. She immediately hugged him as only he have right to see her like this not even she can her without barriers..

“I can’t see hubs.. Only u have this right . ” he smiled seeing her immense love for him.. He gently kissed on her forehead.? He picked her up and placed her on the bed.

“Jaan, U r soo beautiful” he kissed on her cheeks. And her cheeks became red.. They kissed each other showing their desires for each other. How much they needed this? He moved towards her bosom and squeezed them.. She had already lost herself.

“Jaan tell me”

“What hubs…!!!” She gasped.

“Why they r so plumpy?” He whiffed on them ” tell na jaan what is filled inside them..” He was making hard for her to hold it.. His naughtiness were making her more desperate for him..” Say na jaan..”

“Love..” She said..while clutching the sheet..

“For whom..”

“U…” He took it inside the mouth.. “Hubs…”

“They r mines.. Let me get my love..” His eyes were filled with desires.. She lifted her upper body upward to give him more access. He sucked them… His each moves giving her pleasure.. Today he didn’t wanted to stop.. He kissed her navel..he noticed something different.. She changed her belly ring.. His name was shining in it.. He moved upward and looked at her eyes.. ” I love jaan..” He took her hand and placed it on his arousal.. It’s arised more by her touch… “I want our symbol of love” she hugged him showing her approval.”hold me tightly jaan” Without teasing her further he entered inside her.. After a long wait they became one. With each thrust she was feeling complete.. Her walls contract against his arousal not allowing him to departure from her.. Soon she felt herself filled with his love.. He collapsed him her arms.. She was caressing his hair. He was peacefully resting in her arms .?


“Hmm ”

“I want to give u pleasure. ” he smiled and kissed on her cleavage.

“U have already gave it jaan”

“I mean.. ” she held his manhood ” hubs can I” He was shocked to hear this..

“But jaan.. ”

“Please hubs” she made puppy face ” give a chance, I won’t… ” OMG her sobs were melting him.. He nodded OK.. He laid down. She hold his arousal. She was bit nervous as she was doing it first time.

“Jaan if ur not comfortable then”..

” no hubs, it’s OK.” Leaving her nervousness she took it inside her mouth..

“Swaraaaa…” He moaned a loud. She was happy seeing his happiness. She continued her work and his sized increased more. He was in different world of pleasure. She was trying hard to took it completely but it was making her hard to breathe but she hide this seeing his excitement. After all this was what she wanted.. She was putting all her efforts just to give him pleasure. But tears made way from eyes he felt it. He immediately took it out.

“Don’t do this..”

“I’m sorry hubs, it’s not good as per ur expectation but give me one more Ch…” He didn’t let her speak further and hugged her..

“That’s was spectacular Jaan. I haven’t experienced it before but don’t hurt yourself.. ”

“Hubs,we can try other things.. I can give u..”

“Sssh,from where u learnt all this..?.”

“Woh.. Internet.. When u went with Tanya, I..” Still insecurity is seeing. And he was the reason for this..

“Jaan, being with you gives me more pleasure than anything.. Now sleep.. ” he took her in his embrace. Still that was not complete win. The thing she lost was herself. He loves her the most still Y she fears?. He tightened the grip of his arms. “NOW I NEVER LET U GO”

Swara’s POV..

I woke up late in the morning.. I realised he wasn’t beside me.. I saw him doing the packing.. “Is he going somewhere.. ” i thought.

“Hubs where r u going..”

“Not I we r going.. ”


“It’s a surprise.. Jaan come on get ready fast.. ” I followed his instructions.. When i came out of washroom.. I saw headlines of newspaper all praised my hubby .” sahil sengupta eloped.. ” but there was a article. ” Mr Maheshwari spend a night with a pr*stituted. Does Mrs Maheshwari should accept him? He cheated her wife.. She must leave him but Y she was with him.. ? A man thought they have right to do anything..” I was shocked to read this they were saying like kavya said to me. I threw it in the dustbin.. After that I was ready he took me with him.. A man came there..

“Ur house is very beautiful Mr Maheshwari. Then Y r u leaving it.. “He smiled. But what I heard he was selling this house but Y?

“U won’t understand. ” he gave me papers..” Jaan, sign it” I didn’t asked him anything.. If he had taken some decision so I have to follow it.. Lucky also came there..

“Bhai is everything is ready..”

“Ha lucky, first we r going then U come with remaining things.. ” we moved outside. Our family was there all were sad.. Sujata aunty the most. After all he is her son.. But she was quite.

“Sanskar beta ” RAM uncle called him. ” Y r u leaving this city? We have accepted ur relation come back to home. ”

“Dad I can’t come. Mom doesn’t accept my wife? Moreover this city gave us lots of pain. I want to start new life in new city. ”

“But son!!”

“Dad this decision is correct not for us but for our child also. We can hold the mouth of society. So much happened with us I don’t want they will suffer it. Because no matter how much explanation u gave to society but they will also took me worng.. ” I knew what he was taking.

“Mr RAM my son in law is right in his place” papa support him.. He gave us blessings ” take care of my daughter.. ” hugged my ma. I cried.. ?

“Shona we will come to meet u.. ” but I was very much shocked when ragini apologized.

” I know I don’t like u. But still I m asking forgiveness for my all mistakes. Take care of sanskar.” I forgave her but when kavita came I didn’t like her.. Huh?

” swara I.. ”

“Hubs, we r getting late..” We left.. After a long wait we reached to our destination. ” hubs how much more.. I have to go. ”

“We reached.. See this is our house..” That was soo beautiful.. Small but I love it.. “Swara before entering this house promised me now onwards u won’t say anything about that had happened in past few days and if u do so then I’ll die..”

“No hubs, don’t say like this. This is our new life. I have already forgotten the past..”

After a passage of time we perfectly shifted here.. It’s a beautiful place.. Quite pleasant atmosphere.. One of the most beautiful thing about this place is it greenery..

It had been 2 month we shifted here. We made lots of friends here. Ours neighbour was very helpful. Every morning me and hubs went to morning walk.. It’s less populate area. The first ray of sun falls on due enhanced the beauty of fields.. Hubs also gained lots of fame here. People denoted me as the wife of advocate sir..I feel very much proud..?. I also got job in a school but I don’t like my colleagues.. I also remembered the first time they saw my hubs.. When he dropped me to the school..

“Swara who was the guy with u ”

“My hubs.. I mean my husband. ” I was blushing?

“Wao he is very handsome?” I didn’t liked their reaction..

“OMG, swara handsome mr sanskar Maheshwari is ur husband. I thought he is single and ready to mingle” they giggled.. ‘Huh cheap fellow..’? ” I want to meet him. ”

“What will u do after meeting him. He is very busy..”

“Offo swara, u r very lucky. But let me meet him at once he is too cute. I want to pull his soft cheeks” … She was blushing?.. On the next day when hubs came they took him with them, I didn’t liked it. “Swara u go u have class go na..” Whole day I felt bad.. They were drooling over him.. In the night..

“How’s my jaan..?”

“Very bad.. ”


” u talk to them, and they pulled ur cheeks also.. Hubs I don’t like it.. It’s hurts when u talk sOmeOne else..”

“Aww my cutiepie is jealous.. ?” he kissed on my cheeks.. ” see what I bring for u..”

“Wao chocolates ?”? I ate them..chocolates.. ” hubs u won’t eat ” he took my fingers and starts licking it. “what R u doing hubs, ?” ?..

“Eating my chocolate..” He kissed me and sucked all the chocolates from my lips.. ” I want my chocolate.. ”

“I ate..”

“Hmm.. ” he opened the zip of my top so.. I want u now..” Today during my intimacy I was feeling wearied.. I mean my stomach was upset.. He was busy in playing with my bosoms.. I also went to doctor in the evening.. But I hide this from him. I know if he got to know he would asked me to take rest. I was totally busy in my thoughts. “Jaan..”

“What happened hubs..”

“Don’t think anything please concentrate on me.. ” I kissed him.. I was still feeling uneasy.. But I didn’t wanted him to sacrifice his needs.. After getting satisfaction he slept.. Next day I told him about my health..”jaan if u were not feeling well then U can stop me..”

“Sorry..” I apologized. First he was angry but later he took me to the hospital.. “Ok hubs now u go I’ll show u the reports..”

“Jaan take care OK..” And he left but then I saw a girl running behind his auto..

“Sanskar wait… Listen.. ” she was shouting her papers fell down.. She was late hubs left. But as soon as she turned back I was shocked to see her.

“Tanya.. What is she doing her. ” I took her papers and gave it to her.. ” what r u doing here.. And what’s in this papers”

“I came here to meet sanskar. And it’s a report..”

“What report..?” I asked..

“It’s a pregnancy report.. ” what was she saying..? I know hubs spend.. But how could she.. I was blanked..

“It’s a lie..” I was nervous

“It’s sanskar’s child swara after him I didn’t allowed anyone to touche me. And on that night we didn’t took protection.. I couldn’t take care of this child u know na this society. So can u adopt this child after all it’s sanskar and my symbol.. Of LOVE” I didn’t know what to say. She was pregnant. I couldn’t accept this child..

“Leave us, I won’t accept ur child. And..”

“And sanskar will accept it. After all he is the father.. I came here only for this..” I didn’t wanted to talk her. So I thought it was better to leave this place.. But she held my hand.”Wait swara.. I want to tell u something”

“What??” Now I didn’t wanted any shock..

“There was nothing happened between u and sahil.. ”

“What ? I mean.. I’m pure.. ” ? I was happy.. Now I could tell the truth to hubs..” But how u ?” She explained me everything how listening hubs name he couldn’t able to touch me. How she made those marks on my body everything..

“U r pure swara.. ”

“But Y didn’t u tell this to hubs”

“Because, the deal was to spend a night with me and give me love but ur stupid husband spend the night with me but didn’t touched me. ”

“What?” Was I dreaming.. ” I .. U.. Woh..” Words were not coming out of my mouth..

“Ya.. ”

Flashback.. In Tanya’s POV..

I was in the room.. Just then sanskar called me..”make all arrangements.. I’m coming.. I’m ready Tanya..” I was very happy after knowing I was getting what I wanted. I made all the arrangements.. He was the first man who hurted my ego by rejecting me that’s why I thought to took what I wanted.. After half an hour he came. He was dull. I immediately closed the door.. And hugged him..

“I’m soo happy sanskar.. Finally..”

“Do whatever u want..? ” I took him near the bed.. I kissed on his cheek.. He closed his eyes. It was clearly seemed to me that he wasn’t wanted this but I didn’t care..

“Sanskar dear.. Look at me.. I’m sure u will enjoy it..” I slowly slowly undid his shirt..

“Please.. I can’t..” He said while closing his eyes.. It seemed for the first time a girl was snatching the virtue of a guy.. Tears were flowing from his eyes he clutched the sheet..?

“Sssh..” I moved towards him to kiss him but then I saw something. U know what was that, that was ur name swara written on his chest. I thought it would not bother me but moreover I tried to moved near him. Ur name was pinching in my eyes. It was feeling as if u were watching us.. As if something was coming a hurdle that was stoping me to touch him.. “Enough..” I backed off..

“What happened”

“Sanskar u go.. Please.. ”

“But truth..”

“I’ll tell u everything.. Tomorrow morning.. How can anyone touch u with this name… This name is hurting me.. How can I… this name..” ??? I was burning in jealousy.. Y he wrote ur name.. He was about to leave..

“Hubs… ” u called him.. Then I thought took revenge from u.. Because u were the reason I couldn’t able to get what I wanted.. I closed his mouth..

“Bhai.. Open the door.. ” lucky was also there.. I said sanskar to help me in my drama.. But he wasn’t ready.. I told him I’ll not tell him truth..

“Hubs.. Open the door..” Then I moaned

“Aww.. Sanskar.. Baby.. I’m loving it.. ” i was shouting..

“No.. Hubs please open the door.. ” u were beating the door.. I knew that it would surely hurt u..” please hubs..” I smirked ?I was enjoying ur pain..

“Sanskar.. Please deeper.. More.. Aww..”

“Bhai open the door..”..

” come on sanskar say it.. ” I said in a low voice so that u won’t listen to it..

“She was crying Tanya please.. My jaan” ?

“U have to do this for swara.. Else..” Ur hubby was also cried but he controlled himself..

“I’m sorry hubs.. I’ll not say anything please don’t.. ”

“Swara go from here.. ” he shouted a loud.. ” u don’t love me but Tanya is giving me love..” I was laughing.. Seeing his acting..? ” lucky u also leave..”

“No.. ” ur pain were giving me happiness ?

“Hubs.. Please..”?… U were continuously knocking the door..” I love u.. Don’t do this..”

“Oh.. Sanskar U r too good.. Baby more faster..” I continued my drama.. And ur hubs sit near the door.. He was weeping badly.. But kept hanky in his mouth…” Deeper baby.. Ooh… More harder.. Ya.. Right there.. ”

“Hubs.. Please.. I love… U. I’ll not repeat this mistake again…” He kept his head at door.. ” I need u.. Don’t do this..” He was dieing each second listening ur voice.. He was feeling helpless. Whole night he was sitting there . “Hubs.. Please.. ” he slept there.. Next morning.. I told him half truth because he didn’t gave what I wanted.. Moreover, I wanted he would not accept u if he thought u r impure. But he told he not to tell truth to anyone.


“I love her.. And she is going away from me thinking that she is impure. But it wasn’t her mistake. But if I made myself like her she will not leave me.., I’m afraid to loose her. ”

“Haha..? sanskar. I just thought to tease her.. But u. What if she left u. I mean what had happened with her was due to drugs but u r cheating her..”

“I know her she will accept this impure boy. She loves me more than I love her.. ” he left.. I thought he was just trying to be good. But I thought if society came to know the truth.. Did u remember the reporter who asked sanskar that he would accept u.. I send him but ur hubby made himself bad before whole society just for u..

Flashback ends..

“He said u love him more.. I have seen people dying for love but what he did it’s beyond my greatness… I’m sorry to say but he loves u more than u love him.. Because no one defame their prestige just for love..” She gave me biggest shock of my life.

“But Y u r saying this to me..” She smiled.

“Because I’m dying.. I’m suffering from HIV AIDS.. Soon I’ll die.. Few days ago I came to know about it.This is my report I came here just to tell the truth before dying. I can’t kept this truth in me like sahil did.. I know I did worng and God gave me punishment But from the place I belong no one told me good things. I just now that man and women r together just for s*x.. But he proved me worng.. He loves a log swara don’t waste his sacrifice. But it’s ur choice to tell him truth because it won’t affect him. ”

“Thanks Tanya..”

“Don’t thank me in this life my desire is incomplete.. I always thought why I couldn’t touched sanskar it was just lust for me but I was worng.. Swara I love him.. I love sanskar and how could I forced my love.. I wish to God that he would complete my desire in next birth.”.

” He is mine for every birth..”

“Let’s see in this life u r lucky but next time I’ll get him. U know what is the best thing about sanskar.. He respect every girl whether she is his wife or a sl*t like me..” She left.. I came back to home.. Should I tell him the truth. Then I remembered what he told him. I promised him not to say anything about this… I love him but he loved me more.

“Jaan where r u lost.. ” he hugged me from the back.. I turned and looked at his eyes..’how can u love me this much? Today God gave me everything.. ‘ tears drop flowed from my eyes.. ” jaan Y r u crying..? Sorry I’ll never talk to those girls.. I immediately hugged him..

“I’m pregnant hubs. They r twins.. ”


“Yup” I blushed.. He picked me..

“Yeppi.. I became papa.. Wohoo.. ” he placed me on bed.. And starts dancing in happiness. ” now two baby. Now jaan don’t u won’t do anything.. I’ll do everything. I’ll make food.. Clean the house.. Everything.. ” he continued blabbering.. I was just admiring his happiness.. He kissed on my forehead.. ” thanks jaan for coming in my life..”

“Thanks for loving me this much”

“Now I have to take care of 3 kiddos..”

“But they r two..”

“Offo two my baby and third one is u,.” He took my best care even he shifted his office in home.. He use to talk with babies also.. “Hello baby when will u come out. Papa wants to play with u.. Tell na ..”

“Hubs baby can’t speak. They r sleeping.. ”

“No they r listening.. I’m I right baby” and they kicked..

“Hubs they kicked.. ” he felt their kick.. He was soo happy.. this journey of my life was very beautiful.. We were blessed with a boy and a girl.. We gave them best education.. And soon the time passed. They were also get married.. And settled in their life but the things that won’t change was his love for me.. I looked towards me in the mirror.. Now I wasn’t beautiful as was earlier.. There was lots of wrinkles on my face.. But he has still the same charm.. Hubs came and hugged me from back..

” jaan, what r u looking?”

“I became old.. Weak.. But u.. R still young..”

“Ur eyes always found me beautiful.. Jaan today or tomorrow u will be the most beautiful lady for me.. Happy birthday and Happy marriage anniversary. Jaan.” He kissed on me.. It was small one. Now I don’t have that much strength to kiss him till I’m out of breath.” Tell me what my wife wanted,..”

“I just wanted to lay on ur chest and listen ur heart beat..” He decorated the whole room with candles. And flowers. We both have faced every trouble of life together. Even he always make me feels especial. ” Mr Maheshwari we became grand parents still u r thinking about romance .”

“Mrs Maheshwari ur hubs is still young.. ” we both became weak by body but we were each other strength. He took my hand.. “May I have the owner to dance with u my princess”

“Yes my prince” he placed his hand on my waist.( I don’t know much Hindi songs but love this the most,)

aapki nazro ne samjha, pyar ke kabil mujhe

dil ki ae dhadkan thaher ja, mil gayi manzil mujhe

aapki nazro ne samjha

ji hame manzoor hai, aapka ye faisla

ji hame manzoor hai, aapka ye faisla

kah rahi hai har nazar, banda-parvar shukriya

hanske apni zindagi me, kar liya shamil mujhe

dil ki ae dhadkan thaher ja, mil gayi manzil mujhe

aapki nazro ne samjha

“Not bad jaan u have still have that charm to kill me again.. ” now we were very much tired we need break a permanent rest. We have completed our all the responsibilities. ” come jaan let’s sleep I’m tired..”. I kissed on my name. I love it because he kept everyone away from him

“Love u hubs” ‘oh, beats of my heart stop now I have found my destiny’ I slept in his embrace peacefully. Now I didn’t want anything from this life. We both were completed now. Soon we slept.. But Today in midnight I woke up.. I looked towards him. I caressed his cheeks but he was cold and pale..”Hubs..” I found his nerves was not responding.. ” hubs open the eyes u can’t leave me..?.. ” I placed my head on his heart.. No heart beat. ” hubs.. ”

“Jaan come out.. ” he called but he was lying before me..” Jaan come na.. ” I went outside. He was standing before me in a white coat.. He was looking young.. Same charm, sweet smile.. I moved outside.. He took my hand. It was sore of river.. Sun has just arised.. Cool breeze were flowing..

“Hubs, u r soo young ..”

“Look at water..” I was my reflection. Time had moved back.. I was in red dress.. ” u r soo beautiful.. ”

“Hubs where r we?”

“Heaven.. ” he picked me in his arms..”I m the goblet that holds the wine from your lips” he kissed me.. ” even death can’t separate us.. Forever with me..”

“Forever..” I replied..

It’s my story aadhe adhure.. Now this desire is completed.

So finally I completed .. Thanks for all ur love and support.. Don’t know how’s this but I tried my best to complete ur expectation. And happy new year friends.. Sorry for any mistakes Ur friend nilu?

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