Aadhe adhure- The burning desire (Part 1)

Hello friends Nilu here, I know I’m already writing a story but this idea came in my mind. This will be short story and simple one.

Sanskar Maheshwari- Frustrated, a looser. He is a lawyer by profession but never won a single case in his 3 year of careers. He believes he is good for nothing. He suffered from lots of failure.

SWARA- She is a professional killer. She is Orphan. She works for her boss Maya.

Shomi- owner of Gadodia House lives with Shekhar and Sanskar is their tenant.

Kavita, Ragini- Sanskar’s ex-girlfriend

Sahil- Swara’s lover. A big business man.

Bride was ready, she was looking breathtaking in her white wedding gown. Angel came on earth.

“Mam, u r looking so pretty. Sahil sir will surely going to die.”

“I know it. No one can escape from my charm.”

“But after kissing u will become his completely.” Beautician left.

Girl look at mirror. “Kiss, Swara’s kiss in not this much cheap. These man their eyes r always filled with lust.” She took a blade and slightly cut her lips. “Poor boy Sahil.”

She got a call. “Swara we r so close please don’t do any stupidity.”

“No worry mam, Swara never leave a work incomplete.”

Ceremony started. And they got married.

“U may kiss the bride.”

“No father.” Swara disagreed. “Actually their is a cut on my lips and this is bad ominous.”

“But Swara baby.”

“Sahil.” A lady came. “My daughter is right.” She whispered in his ear. “For ful night she is urs, and u r crying for a kiss.

Finally wedding completed.

Swara was standing in the room. Sahil hugged her from back started kissing on her nape.

” blo*dy cheap.” She mumbled.

“Sahil.” She came out of his grip.

“What happened baby? It’s our special night. Now don’t stop.”

“U r only thinking about the night not me.”

“Baby, I did everything for u.”

“U told me after wedding u will gift me ur farmhouse.”

“Only this much u want.” Swara gave him papers and he signed on them without even looking. Swara cleverly put the divorce paper between them. “Done baby.”

Swara gave him wining smile. “Now ur time over Mr Sahil Sengupta.”

“What?” Swara was about take her gun but suddenly she got a call. She went outside the room.

“Hello mam, I’m ready.”

“Swara don’t do any stupidity. Continue ur drama. It’s my order.”

“But mam how can I?”

“Swara, don’t be so stupid. Sleep with him. It’s just a matter of a night. One week u spend him as his wife then do this work.”

“Maya mam, I haven’t did this before and it’s not right.”

“In our business there no concept of right or wrong, our only mission to follow order. Stop talking like a typical girl. U r saying as if a prince come for u and u will give ur everything to him and then bla bla love story… Now waste ur time all the best.”

Swara came inside. Sahil was looking at her with confused expression.

“Nothing I was joking.”

Sahil hold his hand. “Enough of joke, I can’t bear these distances. Let’s become one.”

He moved closer to kiss her. Swara’s mind was continuously ordering her to do this but heart was not ready.

“Sahil, let’s go out.”

“Y? Swara it’s our first night.”

“Woh, we will do it after first I want to eat ice cream, Coffee. Please. U can’t complete my wish.”

“U can eat it here.”

“No, I want to enjoy car ride.”

Sahil agreed. They were in car. He stopped car near a coffee shop.

“U stay here I’m coming.” As Sahil left Swara tried to come out, but he locked all the doors of car.

On other side Sanskar was driving the car, but he was feeling disgusting. Because in his next seat and back seat. Rajat and Tanya, Lucky and Ragini was busy in kissing.

“Sanskar close ur eyes, we r enjoy.”

“I’m not even interested.”

“U said something.” Rajat asked.

“No sir.”

“Good, now stop the car.”

It was middle of forest. Night was very dark also too cold there. They moved inside the forest.

“Sanskar u stay here and take this blanket also. We will do our work here and u have to do the work of watchman for us. Ok.”

“No, Rajat.”

“Haha? look lucky this looser knows speaking.” He grabbed his collar. “Do u forgot ur college ragging. Mr losser, u will always remain like this.” He slapped him. “We r not asking ur wish we r ordering u and if u won’t follow then we will beat u. And yes my others friends may also come greet them also.”

They left.

Ragini kissed on his cheeks. “Love u my losser.”


“Don’t, I’m ur ex-girlfriend if u said this to Lucky then I’ll blame that u tried to misbehave with me.”

“Ragu baby come everything is ready.” Lucky shouted.

“Ya coming lucky.” She winked at Sanskar. “By my hot watchman.”

Sanskar Sat on his knees and cried. He kept blanket on her mouth so that they couldn’t hear his sobs, he knew that they could do. He rubbed his cheeks.

“God, which kind of life u gave me. No one loves me, every shows their dominance on me, First kavita left me then Ragini cheated me. Mom Dad, thinks me a black mark on their family. No one wants me. It’s better u kill me.”

Here Sahil mixed something in Coffee. “This Swara is not easily going to allow me to touch her.”

Sahil gave her coffee and they left. Sahil intensionally took car towards forest. Swara started feeling dizzy. Some coffee feel on her dress.

“Shit, let me clean it Swara.”

“No, give me water I’ll do it.”

“We don’t have water.”

Swara look outside that there was a car. “Open the door, may be they have.”

“No, baby u stay here.”

“I said Sahil open the door.” She almost shouted.

She moved towards cars. Her head Started spinning. “I know this cheap man mixed something in Coffee. She took a chance and went inside the forest. She started losing the control. She heard the moaning sound. Then her eyes fell on Sanskar who was sitting with blanket.

“Hey u.” Her steps was not in her control. “What us happening?”

She moved towards him and falls on him. The moment their heart stop, moonlight was giving it’s full contribution. Their lips are a inch apart from each other.

“How can I say the story of my heart, Angel came for me.”

Sanskar heard some footsteps. He thought might be they were Rajat’s friend. He immediately took Swara beneath him and removed his shirt and half cover themselves with blanket.

“Hey look at me.” Swara now completely forget herself. She hugged him and started kissing on his cheeks.

Sahil came there he heard moans he saw SwaSan like that he left. “These people have no shame.”

Sanskar took relief he tried to removed Swara’s grip but no use. “Love me.” Drug overpowered her and she dug her nails in his back.

Sanskar looked towards her face she was sweating, he guessed. “She is drugged. I can’t left her but if I go then they.” He thought, something. “They daily insults me, for this Angel I can bear this also. I can’t let happen that happened with my Uttra.”

“Hey girl please wake up.”

“No love me.”

“Come, we will do it in home. Come.” He tired a lot finally she agreed.

“Come.” But she was standing there only. “Now what?”

“I can’t walk, janu.” Sanskar beat his head.

“Janu, I mean what I can do.” Sanskar removed her shoes, and took her on his back. “Hold me tightly.”

Swara kisses on his cheeks. “OK baby.”


On the way Swara Swara scratched his chest badly, Estrogen, quantity increased in her body. Sanskar started the car. Swara sit on his lap.

“I can’t control.”

“Hugged me tightly, and u can scratch my back. It will help u. Soon we will at home.” Swara nodded her head and hugged him tightly. The whole way was very difficult for them. Finally he reached at home. Sanskar lifted her in his arms. He knocked the door.

“Who is this?” Shekhar opened the door.

He was shocked to see a girl in Sanskar’s arms.

“Janu, please… Love me.” She nuzzled her head on his chest.

“Woh, uncle she.”

“It’s ur luck Shomi is not here. Finally u did something. U know when I was in ur age, it was common for me.”

“Uncle u took me wrong.”

“Come on Sanskar don’t be shy. Go.”

Sanskar kept Swara on his bed. He tired to move. Swara hold his hand. “Please, janu…”

Sanskar cupped her face. “Jaan I’m coming soon.”

He went down. He took lemonade for Swara. She was little better but still not able to control. Sanskar mixed some sleeping tablets on lemonade. He took her in his arms. She hugs him and kept her head on his chest.

“Don’t know who was that person, but his intension was not good.”

“Janu.” He ranted. He smiled.

“I’m here Jann.”

“May be she will complete my life. I wish this time I’ll got my true love.”

Both of them slept.

Like it or not please tell me. Only then I’ll continue. Ur friend nilu?

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