Aadha ishq aadha hai aadha ho jayega… GoHem RaJi TS Part 3 (Last chapter)

Aadha ishq aadha hai aadha ho jayega… There is half love, and the other half will happen…Part 3
Ahem’s lips shivered:You agreed to marry Jigar?
Rashi became upset:I had to agree Ahem.The circumstance made me accept Jigar’s proposal.I am not a strong girl to go against my parents to marry you Ahem.
Ahem’s eyes became wet:Is our love that weak Rashi?
Rashi’s eyes became teary:May be.
Gopi who was standing behind them got shocked hearing it.
She yelled at Rashi:How easily you forgot Ahem seeing a rich man?I thought you both are the most loving couple in the world…in fact the only romantic couple in the world.But no…everyone drifts away from love for money.

Rashi shed tears:Please don’t curse me Ahem.

Ahem wept:No Rashi.I wish you all the best.
Rashi:Thank you.I wish you get the best girl in this world.
Ahem smiled tearfully.
Rashi:This may be our last meeting.I came here to give my resignation letter.
Ahem Gopi were shocked.
Rashi bid a tearful good bye.
Ahem burst into tears:Now onwards I can never see Rashi.She has gone away from my life.
Gopi tried to wipe his tears.He embraced her crying.Gopi was stunned.Slowly she embraced him back to console him.

Rashi met Jigar.
Jigar:Why did you call me?
Rashi:You told me that if I want to be with you I can always come to you.
Rashi:Did you really mean it?
Jigar:Yes.I really meant it.Because I will always love you.
Rashi:Then I have come to you Jigar.I am ready to marry you.
Jigar could’nt believe it:Rashi….you are serious?
Rashi:Yes..I am very serious.
Jigar:I am so happy that my dream is coming true.
Suddenly he became dull.
Jigar:But you said you love someone else.
Rashi:Yes.But I broke up with him.

Rashi:Because I realized that we were never meant for each other.I think you are the one who is made by God for me.
Jigar became very happy.
Rashi:But please don’t expect too much Jigar.I still don’t love you.But I will try my level best.
Jigar became upset.
Jigar:It’s ok Rashi.I understand that you need time to forget your previous relationship.Though it is half love in our relationship I am sure that one day the other half will happen.My love will surely make you love me one day.I have full faith in my love.
Rashi did not know what to say.

Namkin Si Baat Hain
Har Nayi Si Baat Mein
Teri Khusboo Chal Rahi
Hai Jo Mere Saath Mein

Jigar Rashi wedding happened.Jigar was happy while Rashi pretended to be a happy bride.

Halka Halka Rang Beete Kal Ka
Gehra Gehra Kal Ho Jayega
Ho Jayega

Ahem cried a lot.Gopi was helpless.

After 3 months….

Gopi:Ahem….Time has passed.Are you still upset about your separation from Rashi?
Ahem:It’s true that with passage of time our wounds will also heal.The same thing happened with me.Now I don’t think about Rashi and cry.I am happy that Rashi got the best person for herself.
Gopi:You forgot Rashi this fast?
Ahem:I don’t know.May be ours was never love,but only infatuation.That’s why our pain of separation also disappeared fast.Now I feel I was not that close to Rashi.I feel I was always more closer to you.I mean I am more closer to you Gopi.
Gopi was stunned.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

Ahem:I think I have feelings for you.I realized that in times of distress.When Rashi left me I was depressed.But with your friendship you always tried to comfort me.Those moments I started realizing my real feelings for you.
Gopi was in shock.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

Ahem:May be I was always in love with you and not with Rashi.But I never realized it.
Gopi was numb.

Beshumar Raatein
Behisab Baatein
Pass Aate Aate Gum Ho Jati Hai

Ahem held her hand:Gopi….
She looked at him.

Bekhudi Mein Dhal Ke
Bekali Mein Jal Ke
Sau Naazare Yaadein Nam Ho Jati Hai

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Fika Fika Pal Betein Kal Ka
Behka Behka Kal Ho Jayega

Ahem:Did I say anything wrong?
Gopi nodded:No.
He smiled.

Ho Jayega
Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

Ahem:What is your reply?
Gopi stammered:I…I..I don’t know Ahem.But I know that your love for Rashi made me believe in love again.Through you i realized that not all are cheaters in love,there are genuine lovers too like you.
Ahem smiled.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

Adha Ishq…

Gopi:But I am not sure about my feelings for you.I need time.

Ahem:You take your own time Gopi.
She was relieved.
Ahem thought:Will it remain as half love or will the other half also happen?But I will wait.

Intezzaar Sa Hai
Imtehaan Sa Hai
Itminaan Sa Hai
Kya Hai Na Jane

After a year….

Gopi met Ahem:I took one year to reply to your proposal.I am sorry.
Ahem:It’s ok.But waiting eagerly for your reply.
She blushed:I love you Ahem.

Itraa Rahi Hai
Itna Hui Hai
Itraa Rahi Hai
Kaise Na Jane

Ahem was so happy that he lifted her up and twirled her around.

Chalka Chalka
Pal Beete Kal Ka
Tehra Tehra Kal Ho Jayega
Ho Jayega

Ahem Gopi got married happily.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

The same time Jigar Rashi were romancing.Yes…finally like Jigar hoped Rashi fell in love with Jigar and they are deeply drowning in passionate love like a romantic honeymoon couple.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega


The end

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        Fav scene: When Gopi proposed ahem after 1 year…
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        I liked him bcoz of his nature

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