Aadha ishq aadha hai aadha ho jayega… GoHem RaJi TS Part 3 (Alternative Ending).

Aadha ishq aadha hai aadha ho jayega… There is half love, and the other half will happen…Part 3(2nd version)
This is the alternate version of Part3.

Ahem’s lips shivered:You agreed to marry Jigar?

Rashi became upset:I had to agree Ahem.The circumstance made me accept Jigar’s proposal.I am not a strong girl to go against my parents to marry you Ahem.
Ahem’s eyes became wet:Is our love that weak Rashi?
Rashi’s eyes became teary:May be.
Gopi who was standing behind them got shocked hearing it.
She yelled at Rashi:How easily you forgot Ahem seeing a rich man?I thought you both are the most loving couple in the world…in fact the only romantic couple in the world.But no…everyone drifts away from love for money.

Rashi shed tears:Please don’t curse me Ahem.

Ahem wept:No Rashi.I wish you all the best.
Rashi:Thank you.I wish you get the best girl in this world.
Ahem smiled tearfully.
Rashi:This may be our last meeting.I came here to give my resignation letter.
Ahem Gopi were shocked.
Rashi bid a tearful good bye.
Ahem burst into tears:Now onwards I can never see Rashi.She has gone away from my life.
Gopi tried to wipe his tears.He embraced her crying.Gopi was stunned.Slowly she embraced him back to console him.

Rashi met Jigar.
Jigar:Why did you call me?
Rashi:You told me that if I want to be with you I can always come to you.
Rashi:Did you really mean it?
Jigar:Yes.I really meant it.Because I will always love you.
Rashi:Then I have come to you Jigar.I am ready to marry you.
Jigar could’nt believe it:Rashi….you are serious?
Rashi:Yes..I am very serious.
Jigar:I am so happy that my dream is coming true.
Suddenly he became dull.
Jigar:But you said you love someone else.
Rashi:Yes.But I broke up with him.

Rashi:Because I realized that we were never meant for each other.I think you are the one who is made by God for me.
Jigar became very happy.
Rashi:But please don’t expect too much Jigar.I still don’t love you.But I will try my level best.
Jigar became upset.
Jigar:It’s ok Rashi.I understand that you need time to forget your previous relationship.Though it is half love in our relationship I am sure that one day the other half will happen.My love will surely make you love me one day.I have full faith in my love.
Rashi did not know what to say.

Namkin Si Baat Hain
Har Nayi Si Baat Mein
Teri Khusboo Chal Rahi
Hai Jo Mere Saath Mein

Jigar Rashi’s wedding day….

Rashi was very gloomy.

Jigar’s face was veiled.
The wedding took place.Rashi was depressed.
Suddenly they all saw Jigar among the guests with a shock.
Urmila:Jigar…you are there?Then who married Rashi?

Rashi stared at the bride groom.He unveiled his face.
It was Ahem.
Rashi could’nt believe her eyes:Ahem!

Ahem holds her hand.
Ahem:Yes..Your Ahem.We united Rashi.
They shared a happy teary eye lock.

Urmila could’nt bear it.
Parag:How did bride groom swapping happen?
Suddenly Gopi came before them:I will say.Seeing Ahem upset about his separation from Rashi as a friend I could’nt bear his pain.So I decided to talk to Jigar about Ahem and Rashi.


Gopi met Jigar.
Gopi:Hi I am Gopi.Rashi’s friend..
Gopi smiled:Hi
Actually I came here as Rashi’s well wisher.
Jigar,i want to tell an important matter about Rashi.That’s why I came here to meet you.
Jigar:What is that?
Gopi:Rashi loves a guy named Ahem.He is my friend too.
Jigar:But Rashi said they broke up as they realized that they don’t suit each other..
Gopi:So you knew about it?Rashi had told you everything?
Many:But they did’nt break up because they felt that they are not meant for each other.I am sure that Rashi did’nt want to break up with Ahem.Till you came to see her she was very happy with Ahem.But the next day she broke up with Ahem.I was very angry with her.But her teary eyes haunted me.Then I realized that Rashi was sacrificing her love for her parents.

Jigar was stunned:What?She sacrificed her love?
Gopi:Yes.Jigar…please don’t marry Rashi.She will never be happy with you as her heart is full of Ahem.If you really love her please unite her with Ahem.Only then she will be happy in her life and only you can make her happy.
Jigar’s heart was pierced.But he controlled his tears.
Jigar:I am sorry.I never knew all this.If I knew it I would never have agreed to marry Rashi.

I want to meet Ahem.

Gopi took Jigar to Ahem.
Jigar:I am Jigar.Rashi’s fiancé.
Ahem’s face became dull:Rashi’s fiance?

Jigar:Don’t be angry with me.I am just her fiancé..not her husband.Amd I assure you that I won’t snatch yoir Rashi from you.I won’t marry her.
Ahem was stunned.
Jigar:I promise that I will unite you and Rashi.
Ahem was surprised.Gopi smiled.
Ahem:Thank you so much.You are great.

Jigar Gopi met each other again secretly.
Jigar:If I refuse to marry Rashi now it won’t be easy for Rashi to go back to Ahem.People may even say that it’s because I left her that she went back to Ahem.It should’nt happen.
Gopi thought:Jigar is such a nice man who does’nt want anyone to insult Rashi whom he loves.
Jigar:So let Ahem marry Rashi on the wedding mandap.
Gopi was shocked:What?What do you mean?
Jigar:Bride groom swapping.
Gopi was stunned.


Jigar:As we planned Ahem took my place on the mandap and married Rashi.

Urmila shouted:You cheater!You played with our emotions.And Ahem also fooled us.
Jigar:I did’nt cheat anyone.Whatever I did was to make love win.I am proud that my activity united the love birds Ahem and Rashi.
Gopi:And why are you blaming Ahem too aunty?Ahem just loves your daughter unconditionally.Actually you should feel bad for separating your daughter from the person she loves.

Urmila became upset.
Parag:Urmi..please accept Rashi and Ahem.After all Rashi’s happiness matters the most.

Rashi wept:Mom..
Urmila lost her control and hugged Rashi crying.
Ahem:Uncle…aunty..won’t you bless us?
Parag Urmila blessed Ahem Rashi.
Rashi to Jigar:I have no words to thank you Jigar.I am really grateful to you for giving me my jewel Ahem.
Jigar:Don’t thank me Rashi.I did it as lovers have to unite.
Rashi to Gopi:You are our true friend.
Ahem:Yes.No one would get such a nice friend like you Gopi.
Gopi smiled.
Jigar Gopi:Happy married life.
Ahem Rashi smiled.

Rashi wore a beautiful saree at night.Ahem was lost in her beauty.
He pinned her against the wall passionately:You are so beautiful Rashi.I want to suck your beauty.
Rashi blushed:I am yours Ahem.Only yours.

They both looked at each other sensually.

Halka Halka Rang Beete Kal Ka
Gehra Gehra Kal Ho Jayega
Ho Jayega

They drowned in passionate romance.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

Manav to Jigar:I feel proud of you my son.You did a great thing.
Jigar smiled.
Archana:But who will be my bahu beta?

Gopi comes into Jigar’s mind.

Flash back…

Jigar Gopi met each other.
Jigar:Finally we succeeding in uniting Ahem and Rashi and also convincing Parag uncle and Urmila aunty to accept Ahem.
Gopi:Thanks Jigar for uniting them.They both really love each other.They both had really scattered into pieces.Really you did a great thing by uniting them.
Jigar:Thanks to you also Gopi for supporting me to unite them.
Gopi smiled.
Jigar:I am leaving for America next week and I am taking my parents too with me.
Gopi is shocked.She becomes upset.
Gopi:But why?
Jigar:I have decided to extend my business to America too.
Gopi:Can’t you avoid leaving india?
Jigar:But what is the need of staying here?

Gopi stammered:What if someone in India needs you?
Jigar:But who wants me here?
Gopi was sweating.
Jigar was stunned.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

Gopi:I don’t know why…but I don’t want you to leave India.I don’t want to lose a friend like you.
Please don’t go.

Jigar:I have to go Gopi for my business.
Gopi becomes upset.
Jigar:But that does’nt mean that our friendship ends here.Ours will be eternal friendship.I will visit you very often.Because I too love being with you.You have become my dearest friend in a few days.
Gopi was very happy.

Beshumar Raatein
Behisab Baatein

They shared a sweet eye lock.

Pass Aate Aate Gum Ho Jati Hai

Jigar smiled:I am not sure who will be your daughter in law mom.It’s yet not clear.

Archana:Jigar,why can’t that girl be Gopi?
Jigar had a naughty smile on his face:Maybe.she understands me lot.
Archana smiled:Jigar..why don’t you admit that you have already met your soulmate and that is Gopi.
Jigar blushed.
Manav:Archana..see our son is shy.
They both smiled while Jigar was shy.

After a year….
Jigar came back from America to visit Gopi.
Gopi waited at the airport to receive him.
Seeing Gopi Jigar ran towards her.Gopi’s face too blossomed seeing Jigar.
Jigar embraced her.She was shy.
Jigar:As I promised I came to visit you.

Gopi smiled:I can’t tell you how happy I am seeing you.

Jigar smiled:I will go home and freshen up.Let us go on a date.
Gopi smiled:Sure.

Gopi wore a beautiful dress to go for the date with Jigar.Jigar was lost in her beauty.
Jigar looked at her deeply:You look so beautiful Gopi.
Seeing the way he looked at her she became shy.

Fika Fika Pal Betein Kal Ka
Behka Behka Kal Ho Jayega

Jigar took her to a flowery garden.When they entered flower petals fell over them.

Ho Jayega
Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

Gopi:Wow!You made this arrangement?
She smiled:It’s awesome.
He gave her roses.She smiled.
Jigar:Gopi…Being in a beautiful friendship with you I don’t know how and when I fell for you.Before going to US itself I was attracted to you unknowingly.But I did’nt understand that it was really love.When I was in US I missed you terribly and then I realized that I have fallen in love with you.
Gopi became very happy.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

Adha Ishq…

Gopi::Same here Jigar.I don’t know how I fell for you.When you decided to go to US I felt the pain of losing you.But I did’nt know that it was love.Infact I never thought that I will ever be able to fall in love again after getting betrayed in my previous relationship.When you were in US B every moment I felt like seeing you.But now I know that I too love you.

Jigar was very happy.

Intezzaar Sa Hai
Imtehaan Sa Hai
Itminaan Sa Hai
Kya Hai Na Jane

Jigar:Gopi…will you marry me?
Gopi nodded blushing:Yes.Please make me yours Jigar.

Itraa Rahi Hai
Itna Hui Hai
Itraa Rahi Hai
Kaise Na Jane

Jigar Gopi got into a sweet embrace.

Chalka Chalka
Pal Beete Kal Ka
Tehra Tehra Kal Ho Jayega
Ho Jayega

Jigar Gopi got married.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

Rashi:I can’t believe that Jigar and Gopi are a couple now.
Ahem:Yes..never expected it.
Rashi:But we are very happy for both of you.
Ahem-Rashi:Happy married life.
Jigar Gopi smiled.

Gopi waited for Jigar on the bed.He came closer to her and opened her hair.They looked at each other sensually.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega

Jigar moved towards her lips with his.She blushed.

Slowly she closed her eyes.

Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega


Jigar Gopi and Ahem Rashi showered love upon each other every moment and lived happily.

The End

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