PART 15 05/09/2018

Mehak didn’t want to turn and look at the source of the voice. He walked passed her as he greeted everyone with hands folded Namaste and he touched all their elderly’s feet. What time you came home Shaurya, didn’t see you for few weeks and last night you came at late night Awara told me you are home. He looked Karuna maa and said just some work maa and I am home, Kanta chachi interrupted Shaurya you didn’t tell Karuna Ji about Mehak’s return is it? Shaurya look at Kanta chachi as his eyes also looked at Mehak who was looking at the ground. He just replied chachi I wanted to tell her in the morning but you guys are here before me that’s why since you came and inform is also good. Karuna maa asked Awara and Dolly where you are two? Awara came from the kitchen and Dolly maasi takes her sweet time to come to main hall. Karuna maa asked Dolly where have you been, I am calling you since earlier why you are not coming she reluctantly greeted all and looked at Mehak, Mehak went to touch her feet she was not happy but she just made  a face and blessed her halfheartedly. Mehak can see she is annoyed with her but she kept herself calm.

Karuna maa asked Awara and Dolly to prepare grand lunch as Mehak is back home and from now onwards is only celebration and happiness in the house , She don’t want anything lesser than that both went to kitchen and started with the preparation. Kanta chachi interrupted saying all these are not necessary as we all are family why need to do feast and all, Karuna maa just told her I feel like the family is completed after Mehak return home, I was praying to Matarani to see the house happy complete with all of us around here Kanta Ji please agree. Kanta chachi agreed.

The ladies gathered chit chatting at one side, Nehal and Sonal with Mohit made jokes with Shaurya and laughing with him. Mehak was sitting uncomfortably at the hall with ladies while the men sat at another living room watching cricket match in the Khanna’ huge home theater system. Kanta chachi saw the uneasiness in Mehak’s face and quickly went to her and asked her Mehak lets go to kitchen and help Dolly maasi if she needs any help. She gets up and followed her to the kitchen. At kitchen Dolly maasi instructing Awara to cut and that vegetables and to prepare something for the feast. Kanta chachi asked is there anything can help and Dolly maasi said it’s okay she can handle but Kanta chachi said since we are few ladies are here so it will be better that she will help together. Dolly maasi agreed and give her way to help in the meal preparations. Kanta chachi asked Mehak to prepare some kheer and she gathered the ingredients with the help of Awara. She started to boil the milk and add sugar with others and stir them in low flame. Shaurya who was busy with the Sharma’s notice Mehak was not there and went to kitchen he saw her checking the flavor of the kheer, he smiled and admire her. Kanta chachi saw him and went to his side, she whispered are you going to stand like this and watch her all day long it’s your wife I don’t need to tell you anything. Shaurya was surprised hearing chachi’s suggestion and looked at her in confusion. Chachi stressed again do something, don’t look at me like this. Shaurya quickly cleared his throat and Awara with Mehak turned to look at him. Shaurya asked Awara to set the dining table and he will help her in the kitchen. Chachi also said yes I will help to set the dining table she went with Awara. At kitchen Mehak ignored him as he stands next to her just few mm distance. She moved away from him and started to cut cucumber for Raitha. He followed her there and cleared his voice again to grab her attention. Mehak why are you not seeing me or giving me any reaction. She ignored him but he keep calling her. She looked at him with a stern look and knife pointing at him what you want to know now, you said you came here to help in the kitchen right then help cut this cucumber she pass the knife to him and move from the cutting board. He took the knife and started to cut the cucumber. She found a bowl to mix the Raitha. She add the salt and yogurt in it and tasted them. He went near her and she looked at him why is he coming to her. She moved back and end up hitting at the kitchen counter. Her eyelid fluttered at him he leaned closer to her and slowly with his thumb he traced along her lower lip and she stands there like a statue not able to say anything with his sudden move. He bring his thumb towards his lip and suck it with a loud noise. Mehak perplexed seeing his action she quickly bring her duppatta to her lips and wipe her lips shakily. He looked at her intently when Dolly maasi interrupted lalla what you doing? He turned to look at her and replied I came to help Mehak at kitchen so we did the Raitha. Mehak move away from him and she took the Raitha bowl and look down and walk pass Dolly maasi to the dining table as she wipes her lips. Shaurya went after her. Dolly maasi slapping her forehead and saying these two have no shame kissing at kitchen and what type of bahu is this no shame at all she was self-talking. As all the food finished arranged on the dining table Kanta chachi gets all to the dining table. All taken their seat and Mehak started to help to serve along with Awara. Karuna maa asked Mehak to sit along with all and was about to sit next to Nehal but Mohit quickly came and sit there and said di you sit here as he moved from a sit next to Shaurya. Mansi chachi and PD asked her to sit next to Shaurya she left with no choice but to sit next to him, she went to sit there. Mehak quietly had her food in between Shaurya’s huge arm once in a while nudging at Mehak she move a bit avoiding him. He didn’t wants to annoy her and wants to behave properly.  As all done lunch Kanta chachi asked Mehak to bring the kheer, Mehak nodded and headed to the kitchen to get the kheer, she pour into the dessert bowls and arrange them into the tray and came serving all. AS she was serving Shaurya a voice screaming and coming from back calling bhabhi… she turned to look it was Vicky. He immediately came and hugged her Mehak bhabhi I miss you so much. Mehak was shocked as he suddenly hugged her and she tried to free herself from his hug, Shaurya was getting mad seeing Vicky hugging Mehak and holds Vicky’s shoulder and Vicky immediately let go of her, Shaurya asked him in his sarcastic tone, you also didn’t see me for few weeks don’t you miss me my little brother come let me hug you, Shaurya offered to hug and Vicky hugged him. Shaurya whispered quietly eat and don’t talk unnecessarily or else you will know what will happen he warned him. Vicky was terrified with his threat and said I will eat later, but Mehak insist that he should eat and made him to sit next to Shaurya and she started to serve him food. Shaurya was annoyed and cursing under his breath I don’t know when I could spend my time with my wife as usual some disturbance will come from nowhere.

As all are tasting the kheer and complimented saying it’s been so long they tasted all the sweet desserts prepared by Mehak. Daduji told Karunaji Mehak in our house won’t be sitting quiet for a moment, when we want to watch cricket she will come with hot and spicy samosa, when we watching movie in short while Balusha will be ready. At night when we all gathered for playing anthakshari she will do kulfi, chocolate Rasmalai, matter Ki kheer, and Mehak’s panjiri is the special one. Karuna maa looked at her beta when you can do all these for me. I want to taste all these desserts prepared by you. Mehak nodded gently as a sign of yes. Naina came in as earlier she excused herself to answer a call. She interrupted Shaurya and Karuna maa. Mr Khanna I need your permission for off as my elder sister is not well at her hometown. It’s been almost a year I didn’t go home and she is not keeping well. Her family just called me to inform me this. Karuna maa added what happen Naina where is she now? Naina replied she is at Pune. Married and moved there with her husband. Her husband passed away and she raised her kids alone and she is very ill now. Shaurya said ok Naina Ji you can go I will call Dr Mehta to send another replacement care taker for time being. How long you will be away Naina Ji. She replied I will be away at least for 3 weeks Mr Khanna, I have also called Dr Mehta to inform this unfortunately he don’t have anyone to send as temporary replacement to take care of Karunaji. All were looking at each other as puzzled. Naina Ji asked if you all don’t mind can I suggest something Shaurya looked at her. Since Mehak, Karuna ji’s beti is here maybe she can take care of her for time being I can teach her about the methods and daily routines so she can follow for time being. Mehak looked at her. Shaurya replied no Naina Ji that’s not possible Mehak can’t handle such responsibilities. Maybe I will try to search for care taker and offer high wages, he suggested, Mehak interrupted saying I will take care of maa. Naina Ji teach me than I will follow and take care of maa she volunteered. Shaurya taunt her taking care of maa is not small matters but needs lots of patience and dedication I don’t think so you can handle her Mehak don’t give your word when you can’t fulfill. She move to Karuna maa side and lower herself to her and said maa do you trust me I can take care of you, then please tell your egoistic shrewd businessman son. Karuna maa joined Mehak and said yes Shaurie Mehak will take care of me you don’t worry let Naina Ji takes her time visit her sister and come till that Mehak will be with me she asked. Shaurya takes a deep breath and said okay maa because of you I agree if anything then I will get another care taker he turns to look at Naina and said Naina Ji please go and visit your sister and return asap as maa needs you more he ended as he looks on at Mehak. Mehak gets up and said, Naina Ji you take your time please make sure your sister gets better then only you come back till then we will manage. The entire Sharma’s and Khanna’s looks on as these two kept their head strong and arguing tirelessly. PD said okay enough Mehak will stay and takes care of Karunaji. Sonal why don’t you stay with Mehak and help her as well. You can go to work from here and assist here she suggested. Kanta chachi replied yes PD is right Sonal you stay here and help when Mehak needed help and you go to work as well. Mohit looks on and whispered to Jeevan chachu argument between di and jiju now why they are separating my wife from me daddyji. Jeevan chachu looked on and asked him to stay quiet.

The meal session over and Mehak followed Naina Ji and Karuna maa to the room while Kanta chachi and Shaurya gave high 5 to each other. PD whispered Hero this time make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake or else she twisted his earlobe I will take the Balwant’s walking stick and whack you up, you got it, Shaurya hissed in pain and said PD this time no mistake I will listen to you all and if your laddoo accepted me I will be her prem Ki pujari and worship her all day and all night now please stay with me. Ravi chachu exclaimed now we all team damaad and make our girl fall for him. Mansi chachi whispered don’t talk so loud Mehak is around here, we need to be as if not aware of anything happening around remember. All shows their thumbs up as they are supporting the plan.

At the room Naina Ji showed the medications and the description when to give and other details. Also her routine for daily to follow. Mehak give her medication for after lunch and she helped Karuna maa to take a nap first. As Karuna maa slept, Naina Ji continued to brief when the hospital appointments is and what physiotherapy to follow Mehak made a note and nodded as she understand. Mehak came out from the room and saw Sonal Nehal and Mohit playing some games with Shaurya at the garden. She peeped from inside and tried to see what they are doing. She tried to eavesdrop to their conversation but interrupted by Kanta chachi asking what are you doing here come with me I need to talk to you. They went to quiet corner and sat down. Kanta chachi started see Mehak taking care of Karuna Ji is quiet a big responsibility are you sure you can handle this. Also if you are going to stay here you will be seeing Shaurya often and even just now for a small matter you two like about to burst into arguments are you sure you are okay with this. Mehak holds her hands and said chachi yes I am a person who is afraid of any small situations and run away when I can’t handle any situation. Yes I run away from home when I was afraid seeing the arguments both families going through and I don’t want any harm so I decided to leave. Now I am here not for anyone or not with any hidden motive I have a lost my parents earlier and I don’t want someone else lose their mother too. For me Karuna maa has given so much love and care. Now she is in this condition in wheelchair and paralyzed in a way I feel our family is responsible for her condition as dadaji and chachu didn’t think before do something and she was in this condition. I will help as much as possible for her recovery and she should be able to be as herself as usual that’s all I want. How about Shaurya chachi asked earnestly. Mehak looked at chachi her eyes glistened hearing that question. What about Shaurya chachi? Why are you asking this question? Okay you are staying here to help Karuna Ji to recover but Shaurya is here what your take on him is. Mehak stumbled and said chachi I think its better we don’t talk about this anymore let’s focus on recovering maa it’s more important than anything. Mehak ends the conversation and ask chachi lets join the others at the living area.

Sonal went back with Mohit and takes her things and Mehak’s things to accompany Mehak at Khanna mansion. After finish dinner Mehak give the necessary medicines to Karuna maa put her to bed. Naina Ji left on the evening to Pune. Dolly maasi was still cold towards her. Shaurya offered him room to Sonal and Mehak but Mehak quickly denies it saying they will stay at the guest room together. Her coldness towards him irks him but he needs to make his move slow or else his experience at cottage is a lesson to learn. Back at their room Sonal freshen up and change to pyjamas and Mehak came out from bathroom, she give her a puzzle look. Mehak looked at her and raise her eyebrow. Sonal started yaar I really don’t get you, okay we didn’t ask you where you were and what were you doing and all? At least we are childhood best friends and now your sister in law you could share with me right? Mehak put her comb back and sat on the bed, there is nothing good to share Sonal. My life is not the same anymore. Sonal went near her, what is not same anymore , I am still the same and everyone at home are still the same and please share with me I can help you, trust me Mehak keeping things inside your heart and mind doesn’t do much. Mehak feel she is right and slowly she opens up, how she left the house and took a bus and unknown destination ends up at Manali. How she met with Anu di and her family. She explain about her life at the past 11months where she works and Adi. Sonal exclaimed this much happen and you didn’t thought about calling me at least once, why I become stranger to you is it? Mehak holds her hand in assurance is not like that Sonal , I am the one full of mess , ever since my marriage topic started its always made everyone uneasy. Even after I married things were not as smooth for all, since I am the cause I decided to leave. But do you know what happen after you leave Sonal asked? Mehak gave a questionable look, what happen? After you left for almost 1 week none of us went out of house and all sat in each corner wondering what happen to you. Daduji and Ravi chachu pull back the report they made against Shaurya and his family. Shaurya came here to see you and he was devastated when he saw the letter and the things you left for him. PD fell very sick as she was missing you badly. Chachus didn’t do the food truck business too and family didn’t have fund for her treatment. On top of this Dadaji also sick. It was real chaotic situation. We all decided to pawn our jewelries for their treatments and that was the time Shaurya came to hospital and paid all the bills. He asked forgiveness to each and every one at home. He said if Mehak is around she will never let you all go through such situation I am her husband if she is your daughter then I am also your son right? Why you all didn’t tell me when things are not right and ask for my help. He manage to convince all especially PD and Kanta chachi if Mehak comes home and see you all are sick and not fit she will be upset for her sake you all must be always happy and be healthy. Always have a hope that she will come home one day I will search for her and bring her back he promise us. Hearing this tears started to well up in Mehak’s eyes. Ravi chachu accepted that all did mistakes and he is not damad but he is our son now and from there Shaurya was there all the time. Never a day he neglected us. He fulfilled all the responsibilities like how you will handle if you are around. With his busy hectic work schedules he will come once a week to visit us and spend a day with us. He convince Chachus to run the mobile food track saying its Mehak’s dream and it shouldn’t be closed like this and he finds a good area help to do some advertising for business. Like your brother Mohit he was totally useless, Nehal also dropped out of college. He talked all three of us and find out what was our dream and our capabilities. Now your brother studying part time business management and he is working at firm known to Shaurya’s friend. Shaurya paid for his studies. Nehal now started her fashion designing courses and Shaurya has paid all the course fees. For me he get me a job as restaurant manager for one of his restaurant. This almost 1 year you were not around but he never made us sad or neglect us but he took care each and everyone’s needs like how a son will do.

Listening to all Sonal’s explanation Mehak felt a tremendous jolt in her heart. She couldn’t believe what happened to her family in the past. Her mind and heart raced in many directions. She realize it’s getting late and lay her head on the pillow facing the other side and Sonal was still blabbering, listen Mehak I am telling you all these things not to hurt you or anything I saw you, you are still not okay with Shaurya give him a chance he is not a bad guy and everyone does mistake and he acted harshly with you when Karuna maa was unconscious. You are intelligent and wise to make the right decision. So think properly. Good night she wished her and tucking herself with the duvet. At the other side Mehak was sleepless hearing all these and her last words about Shaurya, several hours passed and her eyes gets heavier and she fell asleep.

On the other side, Shaurya felt bliss of happiness as his life is back to this house although both are not in terms but he is excited that he will be seeing her in the morning after he wakes up and hoping that things will be fine for both. He slept as well thinking about the upcoming good days in his life which he always dreamt about it.

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