Greetings friendzz….??
( May peace, mercy and blessings of God be always on all of us….☝)
It is FaAa here . I am a silent reader here and this is my first fic .This is not based on any of existing stories or fiction (I hope so).obviously this is not at all a lovestory.This maybe something different coz i really copied what came to my blank head..thats it..This is really my first time…and pls pls pls tolerate with my errors, grammars and my stupidity or craziness.

A girl is seen sitting in a dark room alone .She is sitting on the floor leaning to the wall. The atmosphere is really calm and quiet except a silent weep is heard. Tears are rolling down on her cheeks one by one. It seems like she has been crying for a long time. Many things are coming to her mind.
Man: Anu…dear..pls come..I can’t find my watch, have u seen it anywhere?
Girl: Yes Papa, u had left it on the sofa, I have kept it on the TV stand..pls see there.
Man: Thats my girl ,yes ,thanks dear.

This is sweet father daughter conversation between Anu and her dad Said. Yes obviously both dad and daughter duo loves and cares for each other very much.

Lady : Anu….come and help me with this..it is quite late today…(10 secs later) Amna…..are you hearing what I am saying?..come fast , I am fed up of this much of items to prepare
Girl : mumma….coming(literally runnning towards the lady)…
soon….. kkkkkkssslllmmm…..a sound is heard.A glass has slipped off and broken from the girl’s hand
Lady :(rudely) AMNAAA… YOU..being careless u broke that new crystal glass.. You have increased my work instead of relaxing…GET OUT OF MY SIGHT BEFORE I KICK YOU OUT..
The girl ran out from the kitchen at the verge of crying.
Yes it is Anu’s mom Aysha being rude to her . It is not bcoz she hate her daughter but it is her workload , house chores and mental stress that made her behave so.

She is Amna studying in 10th grade. She is smart ,pretty enough and belongs to a middle-class family. Being the first child she has experienced true love and care more than enough but yet not having a spoilt character. She has been brought up by giving good values and habits.


I am not like any other girl. I am really blessed to have such a loving and happy family. Mostly my DAD. He is a great person, he is a great support for me when I am weak in any way. I may be very much right to claim that I am having a wonderful dad. Mom also not so bad. Still I am papa’s girl. Most of my matters I share with my dad.
My family is firm and strong in its religious base. I am so independent and lucky compared to any other girls of my age. I am having my own cellphone, my own bike , my own accounts in FB,Whatsapp etc, that too very much early, res. from 7th std onwards. I am studying in 10th and I have seen many of my friends struggling hard on their studies aiming the gifts offered by their beloved ones. Honestly I am not at all hardworking even a half part of that. Obviously bcoz I don’t have any particular need or want I have all I want,and luckily my family too not a kind of forcing for getting full A1 in all subjects. Maybe so I feel relaxed when I am thinking of my studies.

Getting into my classroom matters: seriously I have many friends both boys and girls and few besties. But honestly I never had and never like to have a boyfriend or a lover. But I believe in pure friendship. That too has a reason for it ,you might be thinking that may be bcoz I had some painful experience of heartbreak. But it’s nothing like that. Being in a religious family I have some restrictions in my liberty. I am not allowed to go for pleasure trips of more than 1 day, not allowed to participate in stage programme , not allowed to go anywhere without someone responsible etc..but these are really for my betterment and I know that. Now back to my point , reasons for not being ready to fall in love is:
1st: My friends are my world and me too like any other girl forgets all my problems when I am with them.Thus it is my dream to go for a trip with my besties , but circumstances doesn’t allow. It is because of number of days and mixing of girls and boys together and my family feel that it is not safe for girls. Thus I really hate men somewhere. Not all. Especially when someone approaches me with any kind of love proposals I just feel like cutting them into pieces or ripping off their bones from body. I really hate that from bottom of my heart.
2nd: I belongs to a well reputed family and believe that love before marriage is illogical and religiously too. As most of the well blossomed love stories ends up in most painful heartbreak. Thus I always believe in love after marriage , which would be more thrilling and everlasting.
You might be thinking what kind of girl i am , but sorry, I am really like this only.
Another fact is that sometimes I gets emotional easily, and for silly things I use to worry and cry a lot. Mostly when my parents scold me.


Suddenly light of the room is switched on by someone. The girl stood up. A man is approaching her and she is trying to turn away not ready to face him. But he caught her before that not in a mood to leave her.
Man: ANU!…….what is this dear..?…my Anu is strong and brave , not this much weak. Are you still crying for that silly matter?(pulling her close to him) Don’t cry again, stop it , it is been a long time.
Anu: (literally sobbing) Papa, why mumma told like that . am I that much bad?(at the verge of crying).
Man: mumma just told that in her angry mode ..dear..Just leave it yaar..this is life i t is full of both sweet and bitter, we won’t be able to succeed if we give up in this fight for silly things, we should face them with courage,only blessed ones can do that, I know my Anu is so strong.. don’t be weak now go and refresh yourself and we will have dinner together it is really late.

Anu felt relieved and both dad and daughter walked out of the room…..


Thanks all…I know I am really insane to do this..but I couldn’t stop from doing this. thanks for being patient..
I wanna know about alll of ur opinion no matter good or bad….PLS PLS DO COMMENTS


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  1. Is this a one shot?? Well..u r good as u explained d emotions of a 15yr old girl n her mood swings nd all..its different but d final conclusion was a bit hazy! Wat were u trying to convey?? Her hatred for love or her opinion bout her mother which most children of ds age hv??..they smtmes wrongly judge their parents…Anu’s feelings after her dad’s consolation cud a better ending but u only mentioned her relief.. nd u urslf tild dt hr mom scolds her due to immense pressure n tensions den y her dad had to tell bout becoming strong?? Or to fc hurdles in life with courage?? It wud b better if he hd md hr understnd her mother’s situation n her misunderstanding bout her mother’s scolding…u instead gv her a pov dat her mum’s rebukes r an obstacle? C hs to fc dt with courage? No..c has nver to misunderstand that n tk her mom’s scolding by heart..i hope u don mind but d analysis of d situation was quite wrong..nxt time hope a much btr story frm u

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