A twinj fan fiction CHAPTER 7

A twinj fan fiction
Chapter 7

Karthik and Twinkle’s relationship could never be given a name they were more than best friends but less than lovers.. they just kept going in the flow…

There was a business delegate coming from New York… he was a NRI.. Yuvraaj..

He was coming over for a collaboration with House of Misha to launch it internationally…

Yash called Twinkle to office…

Misha, Kunj, Yash and Yuvraaj were already present in the conference room when Twinkle entered and saw them seated..

“I am sorry Sir for the delay..”while justifying she glanced upon the dress Misha was wearing.. it was her own design off course!!

“So finally I’m here in House of Misha and we are signing the deal but before that I would like to some of your designs Misha and we have planned with the marketing team back there in New York that we would have a live Facebook event featuring your designs and declaring the brand going international..” Yuvraaj spoke..

“About the designs that you want to see.. have a look at the dress I’m wearing.. I designed it exclusively for our meeting…”Misha stated.

Twinkle face clearly was very expressive and expressed exactly what she thought and how pissed she was!!!

“Hey as you’re in India what would you like to have for lunch?? Indian maybe?? I think you’ll want to have Indian only…Twinkle pls go get Indian food..!!” Misha declared.

Twinkle was frustrated by now and she just walked out of the conference room only to be followed by Kunj.

“Hey Twinkle look I’m really sorry about whatever happened inside and ya don’t worry about the food I’ll take care of that just complete some designs as of now… I’m sorry…”he sighed.

It was almost evening when Kunj called Twinkle and asked her to get ready as they had to attend a business dinner and Yash would take care of her clothes etc….

“Hey babes chalo it’s makeover time.. let’s go..”Yash entered.

“Where and why Yash can you please tell me about this dinner and stuff..”she started just to be cut by Yash “baba pls stop talking we have very less time.. and ya it’s a business dinner I will also be there and Yuvraaj will also be there… now come on..!!!”

In no time twinkle was ready in this

I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour. #OOTD #LoveForBlack #OutfitLoving #AllDeckedUp

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She was looking extremely pretty..

That’s when Kunj called Yash..
“Ya ya she’s ready and I’m sending her down..”Yash ended the call.

“Twinkle you go down I’ll join you’ll there..”Yash said after which twinkle went down.

Kunj was standing down besides his black Mercedes leaning on it.
That’s how he looked

#throwbackfebruary #dubai

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That’s when Twinkle came down..

To be continued…

Sorry for posting it so late I got a little busy in work etc.

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