A True Love Story Never Ends Chp 21: Cameo appearance 1:


Till now we have seen about teasing capabilities of Johnson’s and Smith’s .

Veronica and Andrew’s silent communication through eyes…….

Daniel and Amber date begins…..


Chapter 21


Scene 1: Daniel and Amber in restaurant:

“Am and Daniel both went to the table and Daniel pulled a chair for her.”

Daniel: “Have a seat my madame. ”

Amber: “Dany”

“Daniel settled her and then himself too.”

Daniel: “So? ”

Amber: “So!!! ”

Daniel: “What shall we order?”

Amber: “One Latte for me. ”

Daniel: “I will have Cranberry’s juice..”

Amber: “Dany. Now what we will do? We have made a big mess. ”

Daniel: “I know Am. We will figure it on today lunch.”

Amber: “So do you know about BB and Veronica’s kiss ”

Daniel: “Hmm ”

Amber: “They are just ”

Daniel: “You know. I am imagining what might they will do if they ever be a couple ..”

Amber: “.Dany. Idea!!!!”

Daniel: “What Am? ”

Amber: “Look. Veronica and BB knows each other and they have a good relation too. So why don’t we ask them to be each other partner.. Like imagine that will be little bit easy. ”

Daniel: “Your idea seems to be great but is it really possible? ”

A: “Let’s see”

End of Scene 1:

Scene 2: Market side (Jason and Clare, Jonathan):

“Here, Clare is Yariya (Priya_ylyr) and Jonathan is Shammu master (Shramith (Siddarth))

Jason: “Yo’re showing me an attitude girl? ????”

Clare: “Jonathan let’s just leave this man is mad. ???”

Jason: “You girl. Just get off my way. ”

Clare: “Hey Mr. Mind your language and I don’t need your advise to do something and you get off my way instead of me. ”

Jonathan: “Hey man. Mind your language and Clare just leave this shit. Let’s go. ???”

“While Jonathan and Clare began to leave Jason snatched the keys from Clare’s hand and they both descent from bike.”

Clare: “What’s wrong with you mate? ??? Give me my keys back. Now!!! ???”

Jonathan: “Man. Just give this to her now. ??????”

Jason: “I won’t. What did you call me? Mad!! What will you do now? ???????”

Clare: “Mate. I am warning you  ???”

Jason: “Take it if you can  ???????.”

Clare: “???????”

Jason: “?????”

Clare (looking towards Jonathan): ” ???????”

Jonathan (towards Clare): ” ????????”

“Clare kicked his leg which results into dropping of a key from Jason’s hand which Jonathan holds and walked away.”

Jonathan: ” ??????”

Clare: ” ?????. Never mess with me dude?”

“Clare started the bike and went away.”

End of Scene 2:

Scene 3: Mall (Ella and Bianica)

(Here, Regu dear is Bianica)

Ella: “Dear. Oh my god. I missed you so much ?????”

Bianica: “El. Just go away. Not even a single phone. ?????. If you have missed me then you could have called me. ?????”

Ella: “Bianica I know dear. I am so sorry for this. I was little busy  ?????”

Bianica: “Not at all. Where is Le?  ?????”

Ella: “He must be here only. Girl forgive me please!!!  ?????”

Bianica: “Nope.”

“Bianica turned herself.”

Ella: “Bianica ????”

Bianica: “????”

Ella: ” ????”

“Ella hugged her from behind.”

Ella: “My dear Bianica ????????”

Bianica: “???. Okay now don’t butter me more. ??????”

Ella: “??????”

Bianica: “You mean girl. I missed you so much yaar.”

“Both Bianica and Ella hugged each other and smiled.”

Bianica: “So tell me one thing whats happening dear?”

Ella: “Nothing much. Everything is good. Tell me about you?”

Bianica: “Same case.”

Unknown: “Hey girls. You both just forgot me. ????”

Ella: “We missed you Clare. ??????”

Bianica: “??????”

Clare: “????????????”

“Trio shared hug.”

Ella: “So let’s have party.”

Bianica:” No dear. I just called Clare here to take me only as I have to leave for some work.”

Clare: “Ella. Maybe some other day.”

Ella: “You both sisters are ????????”

End of Scene 3:

Scene 4: Market side (Edward and Jennifer with Veronica):

Edward: “Jenny. So what’s the happening with you both?”

Jennifer: “Eddy. Nothing we both are just tired. ????”

Veronica: “Yup. Eddy we both are just tired ???? now I don’t want to walk more.”

Edward: “You both are granny that’s why!! ?????”

Jennifer: “What did you just say? ???????????”

Veronica: “Eddy ???????????”

“Veronica ran towards Eddy and punched him.”

Edward: “Oh god. My poor stomach ????”

Jennifer: “Now don’t be drama queen!!! ????????”

Micah: “Hey guys what’s happening? ????”

Jennifer: “Nothing Micah guy. Just Mr. Edward is telling us granny. ???”

Micah: “Edward…. Yo’re so right man!!! ??????????????”

Edward: “?????????????? Hifi ✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?”

Micah: “✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?”

Veronica: “You both guys!!! Just go away I won’t talk to you both ever. Come Jenny let’s go.”

“Veronica hold Jenny’s hand and they both left while Edward came in front of them.”

Edward: “Hey hey my women.  Don’t leave me like this. Sorry my women ???”

Veronica (looking to Jennifer): “??????”

Jennifer (looking at Veronica): “??????”

Veronica: “?????”

Jennifer: “Okay okay. Now do something special for us. ?????”

Edward: “What? ???”

Jennifer: “Give us your credit card.”

Edward: “Why? What happen?”

Veronica: “Just give it. Do you want forgiveness or not?”

Edward: “Okay okay take it.”

“Edward gave it to them and both Veronica and Jennifer laughed at each other.”

Jennifer: “?????????”

Veronica: “?????????”

Veronica: “Let’s head to the bar ?????????”

Jennifer: “Yup ?????????”

Edward: “What? ??????”

End of Scene 4:

Scene 5: A market scene:

Unknown (he): “I am sorry dear. Please forgive me. It wasn’t my mistake. She came on me!!! ?????”

Unknown (she): “Woah. She came on you and what you did? You hold her and didn’t leave her.????”

Unknown (he): “I am sorry. I was about to but you came in between.  ????”

Unknown (she): “I had to come as she was drooling over you and what else do you expect?  ????and then what she said “I am your sister?” That b****h  ????”

Unknown (he): “?????????.”

Unknown (she): “At that time too you laughed and now too.  ????”

Unknown (he): “I am sorry dear but that moment was something else  ?????????.”

Unknown (she): “Wow. Mr. Michael. Just great ????”

Unknown (he): “I know Miss…”

Unknown (she): “Don’t talk to me. ✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?”

“She left angrily but dashed with someone.”

Nahum: “Miss. are you okay? ????”

Unknown (she): “Yup. I am good. Just little bit angry. Thank you for holding me ?????”

Nahum: “It’s okay. May I know your beautiful name?”

Unknown (she): “Umm…”

Michael: “??????”

“Michael came towards them and pulled her hand.”

Unknown (she): “Michael”

Michael: “Sairandhri ??????…..”

End of Scene 5: ???????



Chapter 22 ???????????



So, this is the Chapter 21. So, how was Clare, Bianica and Jonathan.

What about the last Michael and Sairandhri.




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    1. Chandramukhi

      Clare, Jonathan was funny and Bianica too. I love Bianica, Clare and Ella’s bonding…Shammu master was good too. Hmm. Michael and Sairandhri ????????

  3. Siddharth

    Best episode deeps totally loved it ??. Thanks for making my appearance it was nice ?. So Michael idar bhi aagaya ??. Waiting for urs and michael’s story ?.

    1. Chandramukhi

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