A True Love Story Never Ends Chp: 20 Revealation

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There is a new formatting style according to it instead of pov, the chapter will be divided into various scenes. Also there will be a name of the character before every dialogue who is saying the things (dialogue). With every scene there will be a location to grab, catch and imagine the scene better. Scenes between the “” without any character specifications are 3rd person’s pov to navigate the flow of story… Hope you all love this style……

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So, till now we have experienced (seen) Edward and Veronica’s bonding ???????. Edward and Jennifer sweet relation while Leonard and Ella’s cute relation ???????. Daniel and Amber has messed up everything . Ezekiel, Micah all are hell sick worried for their thingy . ??????

Now moving towards the chapter……..

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Chapter 20:

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Scene 1- Johnson’s living room:

Jennifer: “Oh god… It’s too late I think we should sleep.”

Jason: “Hey. We should sit together and do some talk at least.”

Veronica: “Yup. A good idea. Even I have lots of things to say. Lots of news ???? ”

Edward: "Is it? We are not interested

Edward: “Is it? We are not interested. Right Jenny?”

Jennifer: “Umm. I am feeling sleepy. ????but is it juicy??? ????”

 ???but is it juicy??? ????? " 

Edward: “What!!!! Jenny you!!!”

Edward: "What!!!! Jenny you!!!" 

Veronica: “Hmm. Whole jug of juice ??????????. ”

Jennifer: "Then I am in ????

Jennifer: “Then I am in ???. What’s your problem Eddy?”

Veronica: “Hmm. Eddy. What’s this? We girls need to have some serious discussion ??????. Come let’s go Jenny.”

“So both Veronica and Jennifer left.”

Micah: “What should we do now? ☹️☹️☹️”

Edward: “What??? Don’t look at me like that.”

Jason: “I think we should not leave them alone ☹️☹️☹️☹️.”

Micah: “Really!!!! ???”

Edward: “Why don’t you just say you need to hear that things. You ‘Mauhalle ki aunty’. ??????”

Micah: "What's this Eddy!!!!!"

Micah: “What’s this Eddy!!!!! ??????”

Jason: “What’s this Eddy. What this word even means…. ???.”

Edward: “Hey it was taught by one of our Indian client who was with us during the trip this means the woman who has to know everything happening near around her living hood rather than focusing on her business and Jason is same.??????”

Micah: “Yeah. ???? Give me a hifi ✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?.”

Edward: “Yeah man ✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?”

Jason: “You too . Arghhh. ?????????”

Micah: "

Micah: “. Where are you going? ????”

Edward: “. ‘Mauhallle ki aaunty’ ?????”

End of Scene 1:

Scene 2- Smith’s garden:

Ezekiel: “So guys. Now let’s have a toast of tonight from Leo ???.”

Andrew: “Go Leo Go. ???”

Nahum: “Do it man. ???”

Leonard: "So today's toast for our cute little sis Amber's blushing 

Leonard: “So today’s toast for our cute little sis Amber’s blushing ????.”

Amber: “LB  ???”

Ella: "Ohhh

Ella: “Ohhh. Leo. Leave it na ??????. I don’t like red tomato more. ??????.”

Amber: “Please Ella ???. You too don’t start na!!! .”

Ezekiel: “Let’s open a Champagne.”

Leonard: “Go for it.. ????????????”

Ella: “Today I will too have one.”

“Ezekiel pour champagne into glasses and gave that to everyone.”

Andrew: “So what about date tomorrow Am? ?????????.”

Amber: "Ummmm

Amber: “Ummmm… BB….. ?????☺️☺️☺️”

Ella: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ahem, Ahem. Date date. La la la la la la la ???????? .”

Leonard: “Ooho.. ??? ”

Amber: “You guys are just so mean. Arghhh ??????.”

“All laughed ?????????.”

End of Scene 2:

Scene 3- Johnson’s backyard:

“Veronica and Jennifer were sitting on the edge of swimming pool dipping their legs inside a pool.”

Jennifer: ” ????. Oh my goodness that was so juicy ???.”

Veronica: “See. I have told you ??????.”

Jason: “Arghhh ????????. I just hate them.”

Daniel: “Hey guys. What’s happening? ????”

Veronica: “Where were you? ????”

Daniel: “Just roaming here. What happened? Anything serious ????”

Veronica: “What happen Jas? Why this much anger? ???.”

Jennifer: “Hmmm ???.”

“Jason narrated the whole incident.”

Veronica: “Ooh my poor Jason boy  ????.”

"Veronica gave him a hug and then 

“Veronica gave him a hug and then ??????. ”

Jennifer: “?????.”

Edward: “Hey hey. Guys. You all are having some precious chats. Let us also hear that.”

Micah: “Hmm. Let us…”

Jennifer: “Nope. Not at all. ????.”

Veronica: “Hmmm. This is not good. You just can’t say ‘Mauhalle ki aaunty’ to my Jason ??????????.”

Edward: “?????”

Micah: “?????.”

Jennifer: “?????.”

Daniel: “Oh god ????.”

Jason: “You all are… Veronica you too.. ☹️☹️☹️???.”

Veronica: “Oh my dear ????”

Edward: “Okay let’s leave it. So tell me what’s happening?”

Veronica: “Moonlight discussion ??????.”

Jason: “????”

Edward: “Wow. What a smart answer Miss. Veronica. Huge round of applause ??????????”

Veronica: “Thank you. Thank you ????????????”

Daniel: “Oh Miss. Veronica. I am impressed my lord. ????????????.”

Edward: “Drama queen. I am saying what is happening in life other than the shit happened on morning.”

Veronica: “Nothing. Just Andrew….. ??????. Nothing. I am coming.”

Edward: "Wait

Edward: “Wait…”

“Eddy hold her hand and turned her.”

Edward: “Tell me.”

Veronica: "Nothing serious

Veronica: “Nothing serious. ?????”

Daniel: “Hey Veronica. What’s the deal? ????”

Jennifer: “Dear. What’s the matter? ????”

 What's the matter?" 

Micah: “Veronica. Don’t lie now. You can’t fool us. Tell us. Is is something serious? ????”

Edward: “Tell me. Has Andrew had done something? Should I break his bone? ???????????”

Veronica: "Eddy

Veronica: “Eddy ?????. Just stop right there. Don’t overthink. He just didn’t do anything wrong. The matter is….. is…”

Jennifer: “What? ????”

Edward: “Tell us?”

Micah: “Veronica say dear.”

Jason: “Veronica say na plaese……. ????”

Veronica: “We… We..”

Edward: “Vero…”

Veronica: “Just kissed…. ?????.”

Edward: “What? ??????.”

Jason: “Oh my ??????.”

Jennifer: “Dear ??????.”

Daniel: “Holy molly ?????”

Micah: “Veronica. Is that?”

Veronica: “Hmmm. ?????”

“And she hugged Edward and Micah. While they both laughed and hugged her too. Jennifer too joined them while Jason was stuck on his place only.”

Edward: “My dear Veronica. ??????”

“Edward kissed her forehead. Micah too did the same and Jenny too.”

Veronica: “Jason? ?????”

Jason: “Veronica… ???. Arghhhh ?????. It’s a party time ??????????????.”

“All laughed and cheered while Veronica hugged Jason and he too did the same.”

Jennifer: “Oh my gosh Eddy. Just look at pink beautiful flower. ??????.”

Edward: “Where? ???.”

Micah: “Hmm. Jenny let’s give a name to it. What say? ?????.”

Edward: “What about naming it ‘Veronica’? ?????.”

Jennifer: “???????.”

Jason: “So how was the experience? ???”

Jennifer: “Hmm tell na. You b****h you didn’t say this much juicy detail huh? So say na how good kisser he is? A hard one or soft? Hmmmm. ???. Like he sucked whole shit out of your  lips or did nothing like Eddy ??????.”

Edward : “You ??????. Meet me in room girl, first Veronica tell na!!! ”

Veronica: “Go yaar. Shiiiiii. Gross people ?????”

Micah: “Jenny. Look at someone…..”

Daniel: “Oh. Being a naive girl ????.”

Jennifer: “Hmm. Micah. See her lips is also swollen so hard. Maybe he has bite it so hard ????.”

Veronica: “Just shut up. You both ??????.”

Edward: “So let’s stop it. So, honestly tell me did you feel anything for it?”

Veronica: “Eddy. Even I am not finding that whether I feel good or bad? ???.”

Micah: “Wait. Tell me do you feel angry on him or any hard feeling?”

Veronica: “Nope. Not at all.”

Edward: “Then just close your eyes and try to remember that and say what do you feel?”

“Veronica shuts her eyes.”

Veronica: “I am feeling him. His hot breaths on my neck and his rough lips on me. He is too hot to tackle…”

“Veronica opened her eyes and hide her face. ????????”

Jennifer: “Awwwwwwww. Ahem. Ahem. There is so cold Eddy. I am having cough. ???”

Micah: “Me too ???.”

Jason: “Don’t tease my Veronica. ??. Ahm ahm. Jenny yo’re right. ???”

Veronica: “Eddy ????”

“Veronica once again hide herself in Eddy and everyone again wrapped her.”

End of Scene 3 (MY personal favorite ????????????????????0)

Scene 4- Smith’s front garden:

“All are sitting over there, Ezekiel, Nahum and Andrew on one block, Leo and Ella on other while Amber on another.”

Amber: “So BB, LB, EB and NB I am getting tired ???.”

Ella: “Me too ???”

Andrew: “Me too and more than that due to Veronica ????????. Shittt”

Ezekiel: “What did you say? Huh?”

Nahum: “Veronica here? Where?”

Leonard: “Ohhhh Veronica.. ????.”

Amber: “See everyone I was saying since we returned that something must ave happened between them. I knew it. Now, tell us BB.”

Andrew: “Nothing you all need to know. Now sleep it’s late night.”

"Andrew said and was about to leave but blocked by Ezekiel and Nahum

“Andrew said and was about to leave but blocked by Ezekiel and Nahum.”

Ezekiel: “No no  no no Mr. Andrew. Tell us the thing now.”

Nahum: “Tell us that little thingy of yours? ????”

Leonard: “Tell us. Must be something ????.”

Ella:” Must be something juicy…. ????”

Andrew: “Shut up you all ??????.”

Ezekiel: “Say or I will tell mom and dad…”

Andrew: “I don’t give a ****. (Middle finger)  ?????????”

Ezekiel: “That yo’re in love with Veronica. ????”

Nahum: “Hmm ????.”

Andrew: “What the!!! ??? ?????? ”

Ezekiel: “May I?”

Nahum: “Or you will tell us?”

Andrew: “You both… ?????. Arghhh. Nothing important. We just… just…..”

Amber: “What BB? ???”

Andrew: “Kissed each other. ???.”

Amber: "Arghhhhh 

Amber: “Arghhhhh ????.”

Ella: “Oh my goodness ????.”

Leonard: “What the….. Shit is this?”

Ezekiel: “??????.”

Nahum: “Woahhhhhhhhh ??????.”

Andrew: “Now happy. Just leave me alone now.”

Nahum: “Wait. Wait honey wait. Don’t run away. ???.”

Amber: “BB. Say na is Veroncia a good kisser? How was the kiss? ???.”

Andrew: “Just cut the crap Am. You should focus on Daniel than me. ??????.”

Ezekiel: “Hey man. Slow down. So tell na how’s the kiss? ????.”

Leonard: “No no. No one should bother him. Let him leave. ????.”

Andrew: “Thanks man. ???.”

Leonard: “He should lost in that kiss ????.”

Ella: “?????.”

Andrew: “You… ?????.”

Ezekiel: “Okay tell us immediately or else I am calling mom and dad. ”

“Ezekiel took a phone in his hand and pressed some buttons on dial pad.”

Andrew: “Wait. I am telling you ????????.”

Ezekiel: “Better be fast.”

Andrew: “It was just a normal kiss between 2 people on lips.”

Amber: “Oh god BB. Even after having this long love relation with Daniel we didn’t share lip kiss and you just grab the chance ?????.”

Ella: “???.”

Andrew: “Shut up Am.”

Ezekiel: “Wait tell me did you feel something? Like good or bad?”

Andrew: “Even I am not understanding it Ez. I am confused ???.”

Nahum: “Okay man. Do one thing. Close your eyes and remember the scene. Imagine and say what you felt?”

“Andrew shuts his eyes.”

Andrew: “It was a nice slow kiss. Her rose lips are just beyond perfect and I am not able to control it. It was getting intense.”

Amber: "Have you sucked her lips so hard that that's why she was bleeding little 

Amber: “Have you sucked her lips so hard that that’s why she was bleeding little ??????”

Nahum: “Oh god. ??.”

Ezekiel: “Oooooooooooohhhhh ??.”

Andrew: “Now just shut up. It was just a kiss nothing else.”

Nahum: “We will see that. Aren’t we Ez? ??”

Ezekiel: “Hmm. Definitely.”

Noah: “Hey guys. What’s happening?”

Amber: “Oh Noah. Where were you? You know lot of things happened?”

Noah: “Fill me in….”

“All narrated the whole thing to Noah.”

Noah: “Andrew ???. Man what’s this?”

Nahum: “Love is in  the air… ” ????

Ezekiel: “No. Kiss in the air “????

Ella: “???”

Amber: “Okay. Guys I have to leave now. Tomorrow date is there na!!”

Noah: “Hmm. Go as you have to look beautiful for your Daniel ”

Ella: “???”

Amber: “???”

Leonard: “Don’t blush this hard or else Daniel won’t leave you ”

Ella: “Hmm  ??? ”

Amber: “Oh god!!! ”

“Amber ran away while everyone laughed. Andrew was lost somewhere.”

End of Scene 4:

Scene 5- Johnson’s house:

Veronica: “Daniel. Get ready fast man. ????. You have breakfast date not lunch one. ”

Edward: “See. Someone is so desperate for date. Daniel get ready fast Veronica can’t control herself. ?????”

Jennifer: “???”

Jason: “???”

Micah: “Okay. Don’t tease my Veronica more.”

Veronica: “Thank you Micah. Only you understand me. ???”

Micah: “Andrew is waiting  ?????.”

Edward: ” ????? ”

Veronica: “Micah ”

“Veronica ran behind Micah all around the room while the  room echoed with the laughter of rest.”

Micah: “Okay. Okay. I am sorry my mother. Now, please leave me.”

Veronica: “Better!! ”

Jennifer: “Daniel. Now get ready fast man. Amber is waiting.”

Daniel: “Hmm. One minute.”

End of Scene 5:

Scene-6: Smith’s home (Amber room)

Andrew: “Am. Just get ready fast dear. Daniel must have reached there and may be waiting for you ”

Amber: “BB. I know  ???. Just this final makeup.”

Ella: “???”

Nahum: “More than her Andrew is getting impatient ???”

Ezekiel: “Hmm. Veronica fever is in the air na ???”

Andrew: “Just shut up you both. ?????.”

Leonard: “Hmmm. Where is Noah? ????”

Ella: “Don’t know. Might be in his room only ????”

Ezekiel: “Okay let’s go. Daniel must be waiting for so long.”

“All began leaving the room.”

End of Scene 6:

Scene 7-Noah’s room:

“Noah was sitting on the edge of his bed and was smiling while looking inside his mobile phone.”

Noah: “????. Liam!! ????”

Liam: “So what’s the plan for today?”

Noah: “I think we are going to have lunch date.”

Liam: “Oh date. ☹️☹️☹️. You didn’t tell me anything, you ???.”

Noah: “Hey hold on. No love date we all siblings are going. ???????.”

Liam: “Ohhh. ???????.”

Noah: “Were you sad when I said I am going on date? ☹️☹️??.”

Liam: “Nope. Not at all. Okay. Just little bit ???.”

Noah: “????.”

Liam: ” ???? ”

Noah: “Okay bye. Will talk to you later ????????????.”

Liam: “????????????”

End of Scene 7:

Scene 8: Smith’s in front of Restaurant:

Leonard: “So this the destination. Nice architecture.”

Ella: “Hmmm. Nice indeed.”

Ezekiel: “So this is the thing. Oh see even Johnson are here.”

Nahum: “Hmmm. Wait is over now Andrew ????.”

Andrew: “Shut up. ????.”

“Johnson too descent from car. In 1st one Micah, Daniel and Jason was there, while in the 2nd Veronica, Edward and Jennifer. Everyone descent and gave warm hug to each other. Daniel and Amber looked at each other. ”

Ezekiel: “Okay love birds. Enjoy your date ????. Will meet you both at noon.”

Nahum: “Hmm ????”

Veronica:” Hmmm and do some ????”

” Andrew looked at Veronica and she too.”

Veronica: “????”

Andrew: “???????”

Veronica: “????”

Andrew: “??????”

Veronica: “I am just coming in 2.”

Andrew: “???.”

Edward: “Okay we will be around here only. Enjoy your date sweethearts. ???.”

Ella: “???”

Jennifer: “Hmmm ???”

“Everyone left except Daniel and Amber.”

Daniel: “So ???”

Amber: “So ???”

Daniel: “Should we?”

Amber: “Hmm ???”

Daniel: ” Let’s go.”

“And both went there.”

End of Scene 7:

Scene 8: Market

Ella: “Leo. I am just coming in 2 minute. I have to go to that shop.”

Leonard: “Of course honey. May I join? ???”

Ella: “Shut up ???. No need.”

Leonard: “???.”

Ella to shopkeeper—–

Ella: “Hey. Show me some nice footwear.”

Shopkeeper: “Good morning Madame. So tell me madame which kind of footwear you want to see?”

Ella: “Hmmm. Something comfortable for now. Show me nice pair of Flat black shoes.”

Shopkeeper: “Okay. Wait.”

“Ella was roaming here and there until—”

Ella: “Is she? Oh my god. ?????”

“Ella ran towards her and hugged her tightly.”

Ella: “You!!!! Where were you? You girl!”

Unknown: “You didn’t miss me Ella ☹️☹️☹️”

Ella: “Hey Regu Darling nope. ????????”

“Yup that is Regu (Ragela of TU )” ????

End of Scene 8:

“I am not going to disclose it soon Regu dear ?????????? that what happned next??”

Scene 9: Jason on street:

Jason: “Oh god. Where is the shop? It was here only. Arghhh ????.”


Jason: “Oh my god girl. What’s this? Can’t you drive carefully ??????.”

Unknown: “Oh hello Mr. You were not walking properly. Like who walk in the middle of the street that too in the morning- afternoon time. ??????”

Jason: “Look girl. 1st thing mistake is yours and now yo’re trying to make me guilty ??????.”

Unknown: “Oh shut up. Will you? Jonathan this man is just ??????”

Jonathan: “Yariya leave na!!!”

“Yup that’s Yariya (Priyu) (Priya_ylyr) .” ????

End of Scene 8:

“I won’t reveal it soon Yariya .”  ??????????

-*-* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* –

End of Chapter:

-*-* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* –


Discussion and romance on Breakfast date

Fun time on Lunch date

Some romance and wildness

-*-* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* –


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