A True Love Story Never Ends (Anrica, Amiel, Ragsan) Chp:12 Party Time Part:1


Hey guys I am back. I know I have taken a lot of time to upload this chapter but what to do I have mid semester examination. I am so sorry for that. My exams went so good. Well Thank you so much for having patience. This is next chapter and divided into more than one parts.


We have seen Ragini and Sanky began realising their feelings of liking. At last Veronica and Nahum met each other.


Chapter 12:

Nahum’s POV:

“Veronica.” I said being astonished.

She laughed genuinely and then looked at me.

“What?” I asked.

“What a pleasant surprise!” She exclaimed and hugged me at a moment.

I was little bit shocked with that.

“So how’s you doing?” She said releasing me.

“Great.” I said and looked at her.

“So where are those two?” I asked.

“Hereby only. Let’s go.” She said and we began moving towards them.

“Hey buddy.” I said when we reached to them and saw Andy. I hugged him.

“Hey mate.” Andrew said hugging me too.

“Hi Nahum.” Am said and gave a side hug.

“Hey Am.” I said.

“Hi buddy.” Dany said and also side hugged me.

“Hey pal.” I said.

“Btw, congratulations Am and Dany.” I said and laughed.

“Thank you.” Both said with little blush.

“Look at the blush. Awwww.” Veronica said and rest of us laughed.

“I think we should give them some couple name.” I said and looked at Veronica and Andrew.

“Hmmm mmm. Yup we must.” Veronica said and looked at Andrew.

“What?” He said looking at her.

“What name you suggest?” Veronica asked Andrew.

“Let me think.” Andrew said.

“What about Ambiel? ” I suggested.

“Umm nice but something different.” Andy said.

“What about Amiel?” Veronica said.

“Yup. It’s good name.” Ragini said.

“Yeah. Good name.” Sanky said being agree with Ragini.

After that he looked at her and they both were lost in each other eyes.

“Ahem..” Veronica said interrupting them.

“So is it nice?” Veronica asked Amber.

“Veronica.” She said blushed little.

“Look. Who is blushing like a red tomato.” Veronica said teasing her more.

“Hmmm. You are right.” Eze said supporting Veronica.

“What do you think Dany?” Micah asked.

“Micah. Stop it.” Dany said getting frustrated.

Veronica chuckled and said with so much innocence in her tone “What happen Dany?”

“Veronica. Don’t play dumb. Ok.” ?

She just laugh loudly joined by Andy, Eze, Micah, Ragini and rest.

“So let’s head to the dance floor.” Veronica said.

“Yeah.” All said and headed towards the dance floor.

While Ragini and Amber dancing with little bit hesitation Veronica began like a party girl. Her hips were shaking perfectly. Her expressions and smile were just adorable.

“Ok guys I am hitting bar. Anybody want to join?” Veronica asked.

All nodded their heads in negative.

“Ok she said.”

All began dancing while  Veronica hit to the bar.

I began following her to the bar because I want to spend some time with her.

“Ok. I am not a stalker and even I don’t have any intention to be. I  just want to spend some time with her.” She reached the bar and sit on the chair and comfort herself.

“One tequila handsome.” She asked bartender while flirting with him.

Actually I am not shocked by this because I know Veronica.

The bar man just  turned.

Bartender Alex played by Timothy Ryan Hikernell

Bartender Alex played by Timothy Ryan Hikernell

“Hey darling. How’s you doing?” He said and give her side hug.

“Just getting bore. What about you?” Veronica asked him.

“Wonderful.” Alex said.

“So here is your tequila.” Alex said handing a glass to Veronica.

“Give me more salt and lemon wedge today.” Veronica said.

“Yup. Here it is.” Alex said and give it to her.

She took it and turned her chair. She looked at me and said

“Oh hi Nahum. Want to drink?” Veronica asked.

“Red Wine please.” I said to bartender.

“Nice taste.” Veronica said and smiled to me.

I too returned it and sat besides her.

“So  how LA trip went?” Veronica asked.

“Pretty good.” I replied.

End of Nahum’s POV:

Ragini’s POV:

As we were dancing I just dashed with some hard thing. I looked behind and found Sanky.

“Oh Sanky. I am sorry.” I said.

“Are you ok?” Sanky said with concern filled eyes.

“I am ok. Thanks.” I said.

“Want to dance?” He asked me offering his hand.

“Sure. I would love to.” I said giving him my hand.

I put my hands around his neck and he put his hands around my waist.

The background music turns light. We slowly started dancing and getting in rhythm.

We were shaking our legs slowly. As the music proceeds he lift me up with his hands and twirl me.

I felt so comfortable despite this being my first time with any guy.

He put me down and looked at me passionately. I feel little temptation and unable to meet his intense gaze.

“Are you comfortable?” He asked me.

“Y..Yup.” I stammered as this is little bit intense for me.

He pulled me towards him from my waist and lift my head. I looked into his intense eyes and that orbs made me zoned out. I lost my consciousness. He twirled me 2-3 times and I was like puppet who is following him.

End of Ragini’s POV:

Sanky’s POV:

As I hold Ragini’s waist I felt so different. I have flirted and danced with so many girls but I have never felt like this with anyone. I felt she was zoned out  then also she was looking like an angel. I thought to look at her more for infinite time but thought to bring her back to the real world. So, I yelled her name.

“Ragini. Ragini.” I yelled her name.

“Yup.” She said coming out from her imaginary world.

“Where were you lost?” I asked.

“Nowhere. Just thinking about random stuff.” She replied.

“Ok.” I said.

“Umm. Can I ask you something?” She asked me.

“Of course.” I replied.

“Why do you flirt with every weird girls?” She asked.

“What to do? I can’t flirt with girls like you so?” I replied.

“Girls like me! Why not? Is there anything wrong with me?” She questioned me with confusion.

“Girls like you aren’t meant for flirt. They are meant to be Loved.” I said and she looked at me with little shock. I looked at her black orbs and lost into it.

End of Sanky’s POV:

Veronica’s POV:

As I was sitting with Nahum we just did random chitchat about his and mine childhood experience.

“Do you remember that incident when we just fought with each other for who will sit on the last bench?” Nahum said and I remembered that incident and laughed loudly.

“Yup. I know. I just pulled your hairs also. Haha.” I said.

End of Veronica’s POV:

Flashback:  ( Veronica’s POV)

We have Math class and Math and me is like poles apart. You will also agree with my situation, right?

“Oh God Math class. Mr. Ben’s class is torture . I will sit on the last bench and complete my beauty sleep.” I said.

“Haha. Veronica. You are impossible.” My friend Angie laughed at me.

“Bye sweetie.” I said and gave fly kiss to her and approached last sit.

“Hey girl. What are you doing? I will sit here just go from here. Shoo.” A guy told me when I was about to sit on that bench.

“What the heck is this boy? Who are you to tell me go away?” I said with anger.

“Oh please. This is my sit and I will sit here. Find another place to sit for yourself.” He said.

“Just shut up. Who are you?” I asked.

“Nahum. Nahum Smith. Now just get lost.” He said and tried to sit on the bench.

I felt anger overpowered me and I pulled his hair.

“Heck who do this girl?” He asked being annoyed.

“I do.” I said.

“Dumb. Now I am not letting to you sit here. Just go.” He said and about to sit. I too began sitting over it and we both end up sitting at the same time. As we both sat on it we both pushed each other.

“You silly girl. Just let me sit here. Get lost.” Nahum said.

“Shut up. You just get lost.” I said.

“Good morning sir.” All except us welcomed Mr. Ben.

“Veronica what’s the matter?” Mr. Ben asked me.

“Nothing sir. I wan to sit here but this guy isn’t letting me sit.” I said looking at Nahum.

“Nope sir. I first found this sit. She came and began fighting with me.” Nahum replied.

I rolled my eyes and stick my tongue out to him.

“Stop it. Both just come forward and sit on the first bench.” Mr. Ben said.

I looked at Nahum and huffed.

End of Flashback:

Andrew’s POV:

As we were on the dance floor Veronica told us that she was hitting bar. After almost long time of 20 mins when she didn’t came I became little restless as she can overdo sometimes and be wasted. So, I decided to stop her from drinking too much. As I was about to go I remembered past incident of us similar to  the this situation and chuckled a little.

End of Andrew’s POV:


We were enjoying the party of New Year Eve in Starlight Club (Fictional name). While Veronica decided to hit the bar counter we decided to stick to the dance floor. After long time I felt urge to have a drink. So I went to the bar counter where Veronica was drinking almost her 4th Tequila. I just looked at her and figure out that she was about to be wasted.

“Stop Veronica. Don’t do this?” I said and stopped her from drinking 4th one.

“Hi Andrew. Please let me drink it.” She pleaded me.

“Nope.” I said snatching glass from her hand.

“Andrew.” She said and cute pout formed on her mouth.

“Childish.” I said and smiled little.

“I am not.” She said crossing her arms around her waist childishly.

“You are.” I too said in childish tone.

“Nope. I” She began but got wasted.

I took her in my arms and began approaching my car. I informed all about this. I decided to take her home as I was the only one who has drunk only little bit. I made her sit on the front seat besides driver one. I started driving. After sometime she got consciousness and I felt relief.

“Veronica. Are you ok?” I asked her placing my hand on her.

“Umm. Yup I am ok. Just little wasted.” Veronica said.

“Seriously. Veronica. You have drunk a lot. Why?” I asked being angry.

“Don’t be angry. Although you look hot in anger then also I can’t see you angry that too with me.” Veronica said with childish tone and her cute antics just melts my heart. My whole anger vanished just by looking at her cute pout.

“But Veronica. Why have you done that?” I said being as calm as I can be.

“Just want to forget everything. Just want to drown into Tequila shots.” Veronica said with hurt tone.

“Why? What happen?” I asked being curious.

“Nothing.” She began but again wasted.

I drove to her home and put her on the bed of her room and stroked her hair. After that I left while she was having a angelic smile on her face.

End of Andrew’s POV:

Amber’s POV:

As we were dancing the music changed to the light one. I saw Ragini and Sanky dancing on that. So I asked Daniel to dance with me and he accepted. I put my arms around his neck and my waist was covered by him. We were dancing to the tune and he twirled me 2-3 times. Again his hands covered my waist. I looked into his eyes and felt so much love and comfort for me. There was silence between us but a comfortable one.

“So are you going to talk to your parents tommorow?” Dany asked me suddenly.

“Um. Yeah I am thinking about that only. I think we should do as we have talked earlier.” I said.

“Yeah. I think you are right. We should proceed to that only.” Dany said.

“Do you want a drink?” Dany asked me.

“Yup. I think we should.” I said.

“Ok. Come on let’s have a drink.” Dany said and we proceed to bar counter.

“So 2 white wines please.” Dany said.

“You remember that!” I said.

“I have to. You are my girl.” Dany said.

“So what do you think about me as a girl?” I asked curiously to know what thoughts Dany have for me.

“Umm. You are a pretty girl, helpful and kind. Sometimes chirpy like a bird.” Dany said.

“Do I have any flaws?” I asked.

“Yup. You have. But everyone has flaws even I have. But that doesn’t makes you bad instead of that it makes you the strong and good one. Whatever you are and however you are I have accepted and will accept you with anything.” Dany said and I felt so good and soothing after this. the pure love he has for me and his honest eyes spoke a lot. It brought tears to my eyes.

“Am don’t be sad.” He said removing my tears.

“I Love You so much Dany.” I said and hugged him tightly.

“I Love You too Am.” Dany said and too hugged me.

End of Amber’s POV:


End of the chapter:


Confrontation between Veronica and Andrew.

Entry of Micheal.

Kiss in rain.


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