A True Love Story Never Ends (Anrica, Amiel, Ragsan) Chp:11 Meet Jason, Nahum, Ragsan beginning


In the last chapter we have got the introduction of Micah and Noah. While Micah is little matured guy Noah is little bit social freak.


Chapter 11:

Veronica’s POV:

“So now who’s next?” I asked.

“I think Jason or Nahum.” Andrew replied.

“Ok. Then who’s first?” I again asked.

“Why not Jason?” Ragini said.

“I think Ragini is right.” Sanky said. Ragini looked at Sanky and Sanky at her. They got lost in their own world.

“Lalala Lalala Lalala” I said interrupting them. Ragini blushed little and I smiled at her.

“What happen?” Am began.

“Nothing. Just thought to time pass.” I said.

“Crazy.”Dany said.

“Sorry?” I said and looked at him.

“So Jason….” Dany said.

“Andrew will call him.” Sanky yelled.

“Nope. This time it’s your turn.” I said pointing at Sanky.

“Why me?” He said with pout.

“He will destroy this. Trust me.” Am said.

“Nope. I think he can do that.” Ragini said looking at Sanky. I can find little spark in her eyes.

“Ahem. To earth. Hahaha.” I said.

“What happen?” Dany asked and I said “Nothing.” Looking at Ragini. She blushed little when I looked at her.

“So Sanky come to the job.” Andrew said and he huffed little.

“Whatever. But if Ragini is saying that I can do that then I think I can.” Sanky said looking at Ragini with smile.

While Ragini was shocked to hear this from him. Again their eyes met but Sanky changed the statement sensing the surroundings “You know because no one can avoid Sanky Smith.” He said with attitude.

“Oh please.” Am said.

“Whatever. Now just call him.” I said.

“Ok.” Sanky said and dialed Jason’s number.

“Hey Andrew. Would you mind me talking to you for two minutes.” I said.

“Yeah sure.” Andrew said. After we discussed something we came to them.

“So have you called him?” I asked looking at Sanky.

“Nope. I didn’t till now.” Sanky said.

“Oh. Excuse me, I will come in two.Ragini just come with me.” I said looking at Ragini while Ragini stared me with shock and nodded her head.

End of Veronica’s POV:

Sanky’s POV:

As I was about to dial Jason’s number Andrew came and stopped me.

“Stop. Dany would you mind calling him? Actually I want to talk to Sanky something important.” Andrew said.

“Sure.” Dany said and Andrew dragged me from there saying “Thank you.”

“So where are you dragging me?” I asked curiously.

“Phewww.” He sighed.

“Actually I want to ask you something and you have to give me honest answer. Would you?” Andrew said.

“Sure.” I said.

“So I will be straight forward. Do you like Ragini?” Andrew asked making me stunned. I didn’t even blink for a 5 sec or more.

“Heyyyy.” Andrew said waving his hand in front of me.

“Haha. Are you high or what? Nice joke.” I said trying to avoid my nervousness.

“Don’t lie. I can say from the way you look at her with care and the way you saved her.” Andrew said.

“Buddy it’s just a friendly gaze. There is nothing like you are saying.” I said trying to resolve his dought.

“Seriously, you don’t like her?” He said.

“Phewww.” I sighed and continue “Yup. A little. Like she is a good and mature girl with nice nature. So, anybody can like her. But it’s not like love kind. Even if she considers me as a friend I am happy with that also.” I said.

“Ahem. Love is in the air.”Andrew asked teasing me.

“Oh. Stop it. It’s not like Love at first site.” Sanky said.

End of Sanky’s POV:

Ragini’s POV:

As I and Veronica went to the corner. She looked at me and laughed.

“So what’s going on?” Veronica suddenly asked me.

“What’s going on?” I said being confused.

“Don’t beat around bushes. I will ask you strait. Do you like Sanky?” Veronica asked.

“What!” I exclaimed as I was shocked with sudden question.

“Yeah tell me. Don’t act like naive.” Veronica said.

“Nope. I am not. Why do you even thought like that?” I asked.

“Don’t lie to me ok. I am yours bigger so…” Veronica said.

“Ok. I think I might started liking him like human being not that kind.” I said.

“Aww.” Veronica said.

“Please. You know I thought that he was immature and flirt. But he has the good human being nature in himself with good heart. So yeah I think that we might be be friends.” I said.

“Awwww. Love is in the air.” Veronica said.

“Please.” I said .

“Ok. Let’s go to Am and Dany both otherwise they might suspect us.” Veronica said.

“Ok. But promise you won’t tell anyone till I want.”I said.

“Yup. Trust me girl. Your secret is safe with me.” Veronica said by putting her finger on her lips.

“Veronica.” I said.

We both began to go towards them.

End of Ragini’s POV:

Amber’s POV:

As Ragini and Veronica both goes from there Sanky and BB too went from there. So I and Dany both were left alone. Not that I am complaining.

“So what now?” I said looking at Dany.

“What?” Dany asked same.

“Do you know what kind of work they will have?” I asked.

“Nope. But whatever it is must be something important.” Dany said.

“So would you like to take me anywhere?”I asked with little blush.

“Like Date?” Dany asked teasing me more. I blushed so much.

“Oh. Somebody is like red tomato.” Dany said.

“Dany.” I said and going to smake his arm. He pulled me towards him and hugged me tightly. I to hugged him.

“Oh Dany. I feel so comfortable like this.” I said.

“Me too.” Dany said.

“Hey guys.” Said BB and Sanky.

“Oh Hi.” I said still hugging him.

“Stop this lovey dovey.” Sanky said.

“Sanky don’t interrupt us.” I said.

“Oh well. I think you should stop this.” BB said.

“Yeah. Andrew is saying truth only.” Veronica said.

“Yup.” Ragini too said.

End of Ragini’s POV:

Dany’s POV:

As Veronica and Ragini came after Andrew and Sanky. Veronica looked at Andrew and mouthed “Is everything Ok?” Even Andrew nodded his head and signs “Everything is ok.”

“So have you called Jason yet?” Veronica asked.

“Nope. Not yet.” I said.

“Ok. I think now we should call him.” Veronica said.

“I will call him.” Veronica said.

“Yep. You should. I will too to Nahum.” Andrew said.

As Veronica dialed Jason’s number Andrew too dialed Nahum’s number. I looked at Am and asked “Have you seen their signal conversation?”

“Yeah.” Am said.

“They must be planning something big.” Am said with dought of her own.

“Leave it. Just enjoy this moment.” I said.

“Yup.” She said.

End of Daniel’s POV:

Ragini’s POV:

After Veronica made me realize about my little feelings for Sanky I thought that I should give him a chance. I just looked at him and smiled while he returns it with same smile.

Honestly I was little bit shocked with his that smile but I let it go.

“I should say sorry to him.” I thought and approached to him.

End of Ragini’s POV:

Sanky’s POV:

After Andrew made me realize about my liking for Ragini. I thought to sort everything with her as I pissed her a lot. When I was looking at her she looked at me and smiled.

I was little bit confused but then I returned it with smile. When I saw her approaching me…

“I should say sorry to her.” I thought and also began approaching her.

She was in front of me and I just looked at her.

“I am sorry.” I said and looked at her. She was shocked anyone can figure it out.

“I… I…. am sorry too.” She said and now it’s my turn to get shock.

After that we just smiled at each other.

“So freinds?” I asked giving my hand for handshake. I just looked at her and she too. As I was about to take it back.

“Freinds.” She said shaking her hand with me and smiled.

End of Sanky’s POV:

Veronica’s POV:

I dialed Jason’s number. As he received the phone I yelled

“Hey Jason. What’s you doing my gossip queen?” I asked exictedly.

“Hey Veronica darling. Your gossip queen is tired.What are you doing girl?” Jason replied.

“Nothing.  Just feeling bore without anyone besides me.” I said.

“Ohhh. Seriously?” Jason asked.

“Nope. So I have one news for you girl.” I said. I usually call Jason girl as he is my most faviroute gossip partner.

“Tell me immediately. I am dying.” Jason said with little drama.

“Hold up. Actually Am and Dany have confessed their feelings. Wohhooo.” I said and jumped in exitement.

“Ahhh.” Jason screamed form the other side.

“So…?” I said.

“Oh God. This is a great news. So what next?” Jason asked.

“Party at xyz at 5 pm.” I said.

“Sure. I will be there.” He said with so much excitement.

I hanged up and focuses to Andrew who was calling Nahum.

End of Veronica’s POV:

Andrew’s POV:

“Hey buddy. What are you doing?” I asked as Nahum received the call.

“Hey buddy. Nothing. Just going to eat at restro.” Nahum said.

“Oh ok. So I have one news for you mate. Hold your breath.” I said.

“Oh. Now you’re scaring me.” He said.

“Actually…” I began but someone put hand on my shoulder from behind. I looked behind and found Veronica there.

“What happen?” I asked through my eyebrows.

“Nothing.” She nodded and took phone from me and put it on speaker.

“Actually Nahum….” Veronica said with sad tone.

“What happen Veronica? You both are scaring the s**t out of me.”Nahum said.

“Actually. Am and Dany.” I said and sighed.

“What happen? ” He asked.

“They both are official.” Veronica said and laughed little.

“Oh. It’s sad. Wait. What? Are you serious? Like they both are official.” He said with lots of exictment.

“Yup.” I said looking at Veronica and she too looked at me and laughed little.

“Wohooo.” He yelled.

“So at restro xyz at 5 pm for party.” Veronica said.

“Wait. Did you say xyz?” He asked.

“Yup.” I said.

“Oh goodness. I am there only. Where are you?” He asked.

“Bottom left.” Veronica said.

“Ok. I am coming.” He said.

Veronica hang up the call and looked at me.

“Do you wanna talk?” I asked as I got that she wanted to talk about something.

“Yup. Very badly.” She said.

“Ok.” I said and we went to a different direction then other.

“So what do you want to talk about?” I asked. She laughed little and then hugged me exictedly. I was numb to react for anything. After sometime she release herself and looked at me.

“Sorry.  I got carried away in the emotions.” She said.

“It’s ok.”I said.

“So at the end Am and Dany are together.” Veronica said.

“Yeah. So what Ragini said?” I asked.

“She said she began liking Sanky. It may be a first sign of their love.” She said.

“May be. Even Sanky too.” I said.

“Wow…” Veronica yelled with joy and I enjoyed her childish antics.

Flashback: (When Veronica said Andrew before talking to Ragini)

“Veronica. What she wants to talk? Must be something important.” I thought and nodded my head. As we came to different place from rest I looked at Veronica.

“Hey Veronica. What heppen? ” I asked.

“Oh nothing Andrew. Want to talk about some important stuff.” She said.

“Yeah. I am all ears.” I said.

“So I might sound crazy. But do you think there is something between Ragini and Sanky?” Veronica said.

“If you say this some other day I would consider it as joke. But even I too feel the same.” I said.

“See. That’s why I am saying. So have you talked to Sanky?” Veronica asked.

“Nope. Have you to Ragini?” I asked.

“Nope.” She said.

“So now what to do?” I asked.

“Let’s make a plan. We will talk to them at the same time but in different place. So they may confess their feelings.” Veronica said.

“Sounds like a plan. Deal.” I said and smiled little.

“Ok.”She said and salute me. And we both laughed little.

End of Flashback:

End of Andrew’s POV:

Jason’s POV:

So finally Am and Dany confessed. I am so happy.

“Yay.” I said and jumped in joy.

“It’s already 3. I should get ready.”I thought and began to get ready.

End of Jason’s POV:

Nahum’s POV:

After Andrew called me and informed about Am and Dany. I was so happy.

“Yeah. Finally they did it.” I thought and laughed little. After that I went inside xyz and approach to the direction they have given me. As I was going one girl bumped into me.

“Ahhh.” She yelled.

“Are you ok?” I asked her as she fell down due to bumping.

“Yeah. I am fine.” She said and looked at me.

“Nahummmm!!!!” Veronica exclaimed.

“Veronica!” I too exclaimed.

End of Nahum’s POV:

End of Chapter:



Party of all cousins. Confession to parents.



Hey guys. Please read this whole and answer the questions I will ask because it’s important for future story building.

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