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Hey guys its tess here again…

It was heavily raining. I was fully drenched in the rain when i reached my home. I realised that i was fully wet when my mom said ”BULBUL wats this! U r fully wet”.i came back to my senses after hearing her loud voice. I went inside my room to change. Suddenly tears started rolling down from my eyes. I never believed in love but for the first time i loved someone. And now i feel like i was wrong. I was wrong that i thought he too loved me.

Purab was the one who proposed me first though i started liking him first. I thought i was the happiest person of all. But someone who made u feel so special yesterday is now behaving as if they never care about me. Yes purab is not behaving like before. He doesnt even care wat i do. And that hurts me so much. A question of “ate?” will make my mood better but he does not ask. I sometimes think ok hes busy but no how can a person be busy 24 hours without even have a single second to think about me. Maybe im the one who is expecting too much. But still cant i expect it from the person whom i love so much? And the point here is he said he loves me but he never cares to prove it. I sometimes think that maybe he doesnt love me. But that thinking kills me. I couldnt concentrate on my daily chores. I think of him 3/4 th of the day and the rest i weep. He comes in my dreams and he is so sweet in my dreams that i never wanted to wake up from my dreams.

I heard the door bell ring.Ma asked me to open the door. I could smell his perfume from inside. I opened and he was standing with a bouquet of flowers. He gave me and said love u. I got all flattered by his words. He came inside. And there came a white jaguar parking right in front of our house. Now i could smell my sister’s perfume. (Oh im not a dog okay?) and the driver seat had my lovely jiju. They came inside and i hugged my di.

And everyone including ma di jiju dadi purab were there. Jiju told purab “sorry yar u must have been so tired coz of me” . Purab said “its just for my bro. Y should i be tired?” I couldnt get wat they were talking. I asked di wat happened. She said abhi is doing a surprise concert and purab did all the work. I now felt so guilty. I thought he was avoiding me purposefully but now i realised. I felt so ashamed that i couldnt even understand his situation. Even in his busy schedule he cared for me i felt. Everyone was in the hall. Purab came and hugged me from the back in my room. He said “i missed u so much” I smiled and said “me too”.

That day i felt misunderstandings are also a part of love. But never let them over come ur love coz it has the power to kill ur love. Try understanding first before u assume something!

Thank u for reading..happy reading#spread love

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  1. Pls abhi is fake memary loss its conform naa pls tellme

    1. Asmithaa

      hii yaar!! dont know whether abhi has fake memory loss!! i wish it should be fake!!

  2. Asmithaa

    superb yaar..

    1. Tess

      Thank u.. 🙂

    1. Tess

      Thank u… 🙂

    1. Tess

      Thank u…:)

  3. Awesome!!!! thought

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      Thank u…:)

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