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Hi friends,
I am a big and craziest fan of the characters abhi and Pragya.dont know why but I am very attached to those characters..I started watching kumkum bhagya only after 300 episodes. By seeing the main leads i searched for the before episode and I started watching it from the first.when the writers are totally killing the story I was very worried and it was just irritating..when I started knowing about the telly updates I started reading all the fan fiction out there.i was really amazed by the writers.the story they carried out with the KKB characters was very amazing..when the real KKB was annoying,the fanfic writers was giving such articles which is absolutely mind blowing..I was very much happy reading all your creativity..so I thought I must thank everyone who take this much efforts to entertain the fans is KKB through your writing,twists nd innovative story.i really thank you everyone who write fan fiction in telly updates. Now all your fan fiction has become a part of my routine..without reading your ffs my day doesn’t complete,wherever I am I make sure I read all your ff’s.
Once again I thank every writers out there and I wish everyone that you guys have a great talent in writing..all the best.
Thank you guys.

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  1. hey really same feelings dr….i also think to update like this….bt u don it…
    really this guys r so tallented dr……

    1. Yeah Tharu they are very much talented

  2. S ur right d ff is awesome, it’s much better than d real kkb track which is very annoying and don”t no still how many years they will drag d pregnent Tanu oops sorry tanu pregnancy ,fed of dis drama god knows when they r going to end dis there new pregnancy creativity…..

    1. Absolutely really fed up.thanks for our writers friends

  3. Aakanksha,great job yar.you’ve done a good thing.. there are so many expert tallented senior writters in kkb telly updates.. though we cmnt on them we didnt thanked like this.. you did a grear thing on behalf of every kkb fanfic readers…

  4. thank you soo soo much akanksha and yes I am glad u r liking mine too anyways dear I also have same feeling wanna thank each and every ff writer as they are doing really a great job ?????

    1. Thank you Surbhi☺️..I love your ff ?

  5. ya…..am too…much crazier lik anything…..i ll watch tis nearly 4-5 times a day…..i love tose charcters…..

  6. Agree.. same feeling ya…i love so much ff of kkb in telly update..

  7. Fully agreed! These writers they are damn amazing in everything showing pain, love, everything and that’s what we feel! Imagining every scene is too much easy for us! And they are worthy to be praised, as a writer of a ff i too feel so much great when i used to receive such sweet comments from readers,and that’s what boost up’s a writer to write more! U did this amazing job by giving a thank you note! ????

    1. my pleasure somiya..and i agree with you fully..we can imagine all the scenes step by step through their writing. and u do a great job..

  8. I don’t like the ff..?but I love it a lot and Lott…???like I am crazy about all your fan fic?..even my mom will tell me that I am crazy cuz always I used read it and carry my iPad always with me..my humble request to everyone is pls continue your ff’s don’t stop writing..

  9. Me too. …feeling same yaar. …I don’t know per day how much time I browse telly updates

  10. S u r right I too felt the same u said so I thank all the ff writers for making us to feel happy

  11. So sweet of u! Yes I also agree with you and all have great imagination skills and they bring out a lot of emotions in their ffs and most importantly make us enjoy reading and yes thanking each and every ff is somtimes impossible but this kind of thank u note is such a good way to do that! Really very nice of u to do something like this….

    1. thank you so much maya. its my pleasure

  12. Same aakansha dii I also started watching kkb in Tamil attracted by the actors I watched I Hindi they helped me to learn Hindi now I can understand Hindi then I came to know of tellyupdates I started reading all then I became a big addict to it my day doesn’t start or end with all ur ff now I don’t when I also started writing I know hw much efforts all ff writers r putting than the directors thank u Fr gvng this note yaar so sweet of u dear…

    1. Thank you Vaishali I too learned Hindi through KKB only..same as you

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