A Tale Of Love(promo)


Hey guys .. I request you all read below the promo…….
Here is chotu saa promo …

Anaayatha was jumping around and all excited and hugged armaan tightly ….

Omg I can’t believe whom I was arguing in the mall was my friend..
soo funny right… We never fought in schooling right…But it was different experience right….she asked armaan( all while laughing )
Ar : yaa …(giving a smile)
An: you know what kuhu would be surprised that the guy I fought in mall was you … Paused and remembered kuhu said she was also at fault.. Then she asked
Do you think i was at fault??
Ar: we both were at fault..
An: see I told the same thing to her…she was telling me I was at fault…you just tell her what you said me (he said like a teacher would instruct a student)
And armaan bobbed and said OK
Anaayatha was blabbering completely..and here armaan was lost in thoughts…he was thinking omg lots of things changed in her …she is very bold know…I know she is my bestiee and I can see that the bond BTW kuhu and Anu is more than bestiee..Her soul sister ..Her every thought begins with her and ends with her…I’m soo happy with this change….Although everything has changed in her ….But there was innocence in her smile which is not changed …his trance broke when was blabbering …
annaytha was searching for kuhu and said let me call her ..how can she go anywhere without telling me..she was blabbering and what not….
They stopped laughing …… A while ago
kuhu and ayaan were staring each other ..like they were trying to feel each other.. they were expressing their feelings through their eyes….. they wanted to talk with each oher but nothing came out their way….AS in they didn’t knew how to start convo….. then suddenly ayaan asked
ayaan : hmmm kuhu can I ask something why were you confused ..and what did annayatha say??
k: actually I was try reminiscing were we met actually ..then anaaytha saidyou are ayaan malhotra and you helped me ..thats it..
a: ohh!…
Then kuhu phone started buzzing..she picked up as it was anaaytha phone and said she will be coming …
and they both left from there….


The marriage ….but whose marriage it is….


Sorry my dear readers…I will not be able to update the story till 10th …I am having exams …
have to prepare for it know …..hope you understand sooo thought to give promo…and inform you about it…and more two parts to goo… 🙂
Guess and do comment guys….
hope you like the promo….
I request you guys to comment…
I will be thankful to know your views …
love you all a loads :*

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  1. Awesome promo shruti sis..and marriage??you are such a sweet girl that i guess you wont separate the love birds..

  2. hi Shruthi dear..!! we shud wait till 10th?? difficult yaar but yeah we can wait for u.. and all the best for ur exams..!! 🙂 will miss u

  3. veracious varsha

    this not fair !!! you cant leave us with a cliff hanger like this !!!!! please write more

  4. Nice one..can’t wait for nxt epi..but I can understand u have exams..so all the best..tc..lots of love… :)?

  5. thank you guys…i will be updating after 10th … thank you for understanding…. 🙂

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