A story left Incomplete : Shivika Story. ( 1 )

Every Story doesn’t comes with a perfect ending , always. same goes with this story of Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Annika.
the story starts when Shivaay had ousted Annika due to misunderstandings Annika had to create under Pinky’s insecurities.

it’s been 3 years to that ominous day . nothing was going well in anyone’s life , everything had worsen from the day , when eldest son of Oberoi clan had ousted his wife. the immense love of brothers and his own mother’s insecurities made the poor soul do so , the man of wrath was blinded by his love for his brothers. so was she , but not in love of her siblings or anyone but by the love of her life , her husband , her Shivaay. as Pinky had revealed a false truth to her of Shivaay being illegitimate made poor lady follow whatever she was asked to.

moving to the present day , Annika , Annika Trivedi had shifted back to Mumbai with her sisters and a little girl of 2 accompanied. Annika had succeeded in Event Management , in the small city of Dehradun and now she was forced to move to Mumbai with a smile which had tons of secrets and pain deep embedded in it. everyone who saw Annika , might consider her to be leading a perfect life but no one could ever decipher in what miseries she was leading her life. the day she found out she was about to step in a new stage of her life , all the tables were turned. although , this is a stage of a woman’s life which is to be most cherished but she had to choose love instead happiness.

Gauri Trivedi and Bhavya Trivedi were happily settled in their life , not with their spouses but with their elder sister which turns out to be everything to them .

everyone in this story has their own deep share to share with you , but now it depends if you are interested to know what destiny holds in store for Shivika , mainly !

this is your dancingStellars from wattpad , presenting you a not so new but an interesting story. hope , you’ll enjoy reading my works here too like you do on Wattpad. . do comment and lemme know if you wanna read this piece of work of mine here .
lot’s of love , with a splash ;

your Paanika !

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  1. This is an amazing start girl! I love this idea and hope you continue soon. BTW is the little girl accompanying Trivedi’s is Anika and Shivaay’s daughter? anyway, I’ll wait for you to continue.

    1. Paanika_writes

      thanks for your lovely comment ! and about the girl , you’ll soon get to know.
      stay tuned !
      much love

  2. ItsmePrabha

    interesting..looking forward to it..

    1. Paanika_writes

      am glad , stay tuned

  3. Nikita_jai29


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