A story left Incomplete : Shivika Story. ( 1 ) contd.

|| Episode : 1 ~ Their Lives ||

It was a normal day in Oberoi mansion ; Gloomy. Shivaay Singh Oberoi , the hard hearted man was lost in his files , which were his everything , now . after his everything went away , deceived him , only his files were there to support him. everything else which used to be as lively as her seemed lifeless to him , there was no such day when he didn’t curse that fateful day or her. That ever so lively , playboy Rudra was no less too , no one could believe him to be same Rudy , now the man had joined Oberoi Empire In a flow of happenings. Om had left painting due to lack of inspiration. well , they aren’t the main topic but are very related to the main topic. 


“di , we’ll call this place Trivedi Ashiyana ” Bhavya chirped , being the chirpiest and liveliest one in all , Rudra had left her and so did his chirpiness. that was something she had to cherish gifted by him.
“the idea is not bad ! Di , I was thinking to organize a pooja ” Gauri suggested , being the only believer of God in all. her everything was gone , only her Shankarji was left with her .
“Gauri there’s no need of a veneration. you know right , Shona is allergic to smoke” Annika said in a stiff tone which was very adapted because of her akkdu husband.

between all these discussions there stood a two year old little girl with clueless expressions and blue/green/grey orbs with naughtiness playing in them.

it took about 5 hours to set the house , it was small and cozy. one could understand all three of theirs personality by one look at the Ashiyana. it looked disciplined as Bhavya , every corner as religious as Gauri and all the decors speaking Annika’s funkiness.


“Bhavya , ain’t you getting late for your police station ?” Annika shouted in order to wake her sister who was fast asleep , which was result of utter tiredness.
being a disciplined person , Bhavya woke up in an instant.

it was Annika busy in packing Gauri and Bhavya’s lunches who had to set off on their respective works , don’t worry the lunch was prepared by Gauri. as Annika was busy in her work , suddenly a lil’ tuck on her kurti and the little girl hugged her. mumbling “ma , ri buli hai “( ri is bad)
“you naughty , little monkey ! if Ri feeds you then she becomes buri ? ” (buri=bad) and the next moment they were laughing as Annika started tickling Shanaya right in her tummy.

work load , stress and Annika started to breathe heavily because of the disease hanging to  her destiny and health.she threw herself on the nearest sofa , kept her hand on her chest and was breathing heavily and with utter difficulty. Shanaya stood there with innocence and fear dripping from her eyes in the form of tears , seeing her mother like this. Gauri and Bhjavya too ran to the rescue. feeding Annika her pills , made Annika back to normal and so was the atmosphere , which was full of tension and anxiety.

Annika gestured Shanaya , and engulfed her in a hug who stood in a corner quivering out of fear. it was not only Shanaya who was scared to death seeing Annika in the way but also two other innocent souls . they were grown ups , they could compose themselves but a person can’t hold back their emotions for long. they hugged Annika and let tears flow down.


“Di , I can’t leave you in this condition and go to work ” Bhavya cringed as Annika pushed her out of the house and forced her to go to work. although Annika was a mother of one but to her it felt like she had to handle three kids at once. if Bhavya was whining like a 4 year old does on first day of school then Gauri was no less too.

after a lot of threatenings and emotional black mailings Annika was finally successful in sending her two little baby like sisters to work. she had just sat out of relief as she got time for herself as she had put Shanaya to bed when doorbell rang.

Precap : Annika gets shocked to see the person behind the door !
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    their own little ashiyaana…awww… amazing update…is anudi ok?? will be waiting for the next..

    1. Paanika_writes

      thanks , and you’ll get to know all soon so stay tuned !

  2. Aashi9

    Falling in love with the book. Please write longer chapters and try to blend the incidents. ❤

    1. Paanika_writes

      i’ll write longer chapters according to the response , only. and am really glad that you’re already liking it.
      stay tuned <3

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