A small note for kanfi Di by cute little sister


This is not a bigggg one those who have lot of patience alone read it and no story line at all and I thought to do it as wall post but lot of pictures which has to added so it’s just a thing which I wanted to do for my sister do you all wanna know who she is?? The below picture is her name.


Its Kaniz Fatima diii 

I am always a fool often I leave come.Di I got to know how must I have made you all feel bad I just really got how many times I left and multiple accounts ufff finally I am with a constant account.Secondly I was so very nervous before posting this.To be frank I needed lot of hardwork for it.I was so worried whether my account will be activated on time.And I was about to activate my account on April 13 as my exams would end but I just activated for you to make you feel better and how special you are to me.

I hope you like this post.

So you know what my sister has lot of talents.Sometimes I scold God why all talents to one person.I realised I had one too which is still to be found?? hahaha

So let’s get into her talents first


She writes ff.I swear they are way too good.I enjoy them alottttttt and I couldn’t read her one ff which was is love eternal I guess but di I had read your present one.I didn’t comment on it as I read 5 chapters together on a day and you know how I comment I would need another post.i need the sequel of it for sure.I know your exams are gonna start after they end do come up with it and all the best for your exams diii and I will miss you for sure hmm I remembered one character of her now.You know at one time she was not active after reading ff she posted on their wall her word of appreciation.Doesn’t it make sense?? She never fails to appreciate others work.I am glad to say you are my second favourite author in TU.I have read ffs on many shows nearly 30 shows but you way of writing stands out.

Your works have a perfect blend fun emotional all.All your works have a emotional touch.The recent one kal ho na ho again a sad one but yeah indeed with a great thought.

All the while she has been tolerating my biggg comments and I have troubled her a lot in it.Like post It on wall saying foolish things and many more but she never said me that stop doing it.I really hope you won’t di.

As a VM maker

She makes awesome VM’S which are also liked by leenesh and Neha and she had a YouTube channel.See the videos if you like it do subsribe

Quotes writer

She writes way too awesome quotes.

My di loves her parents a lot.She wants to fulfil her mom’s dream you know what I have not seen a girl like her.She knows her limit and always a nice listener.

Meri pyaari kanfi di

You don’t know how good you are?? What kind of sister I am?? I have not wished you on your birthday I forgot it and what you gave me back? Just love the awesome OS which I won’t ever forgot the one which I will cherish all my life.I don’t know how your brain works?? You remember all our birthday and boom OS and in all you have made us your sister friend.

I met you on twiddle and got to know you all because of the game and TU for sure.I just meet this beautiful person.

Wasnt it you joining story??

Though we have not talked for hours continuously I won’t forget you in my life.You will always be in my heart.

I have always been a mad girl.I just do want comes in mind and I regret some of them for sure.You have always bore that and you do one magic with your wall post.You have asked me not to go,You have said me sorry for silly things just because of the reason may be I would have got hurt but Di you are the best.

But one wall post of you has hurt me lot and made me happy too.that one was



You are close to me Di how you decided that you are not?? But I was indeed happy because many liked my game and especially you did it and that sentence I was concerned about you ohh godd I was indeed happy that you have concern on me.

And Di whenever you want something to be shared I am always there to listen and I hope all your problem gets away and all your dreams come true.


And ha wait let me kneel down.(There was lot of pic but this pic was so cute and small like me).

So Di thanks for walking through my life and making it smell unique.In the journey of life if you ever feel that there is no place for you in this world just think of TU.We are all here for you and especially I am there for you whatever happens.If I find you wrong in a thing I would also scold so think to accept this one.you have been such an inspiration to me and I really pray that you to be happy for infinity more years.So will you be my sister till that infinity years??

Waiting for your reply
With love
You know me right??

I forgot the main thing why I did this.

Happy anniversary diii.Its been years in TU na.Congooooo so without cake celebration?? Here is your cake

Have a blast diii

I love u


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  1. Priyu

    Awwwwwwwwww rufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff it’s just awesome ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and kanfi diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you are so lucky to have rufffffffffff as your sister ???????????
    Ruff you are very correct in this. I totally agree. Kanfi di is superb in writing ffs. She is just awesome in it. I still remember her Maggi flavour ?? and biriyani ?? yummy ? my mouth is watering ??
    Yeah ruff kanfi di is so innocent she bares all of her sister’s stupidity???? and of all she’s a helpful and loving sister. You know she helped me in my maths works?? she gave me her tutorials of CBSE. So kind of her. And she doesn’t forget to wish good morning to everyone ?? so kind. Very kind. And she is always innocent yaar. She cares about all her sisters and friends ???
    Love youuuu ruff. Love you kanfi di ???????
    And ruff you are so humble to appreciate her. I like your qualities, as always. Nice article ruff. And you r good in writing too. ?

    1. Kanfi

      Piyu….sbne aj rulane k planning kya h kya…!!!
      I didnt even remmbr 13march,,,TU join kya th maine….
      And you dont need to say itta sara thank you ok…
      You can ask for my help anytime??
      Yeah I am lucky to have you all…
      Love uuu?

    2. TUFriendsForever

      She is sooo caring and innocent
      Such a gem of person
      She is just awesome
      I am lucky to have you all
      It’s true that we all are lucky

  2. Kanfi

    Like srsly i’m crying right now…..u’ve made me soo emotional….
    I didnt even remember that today today its one yr annivrsary on TU…..

    Yr rufiii…..I’m speechless…..I dont know what to say…..
    Yr joining TU ws one of the best decision of my life….!!I’ve found soo many close friends and sisters here…!!!And you are one of them…You are the frst one to whom I’ve shared about my dream,,my mother,,my father….!!!
    I am feeling so lucky right now that you’ve remembered all this….!!
    Of course you will be my sister till infinity….
    These appreciations motivate me to be a better person…
    I misssed you so much….We used to discuss this only when will rufi come,,,,piyu used to check if you’ve commnted on any post…!!!,
    I’ll be always there for you….Always….Yaa you can scold me too….sometimes I need that.. !!
    Thank you so much rufi for this…..means a lot…..!!!
    Love you so much….
    I wish we all stay connected always….!!!
    Agr abhi yhn hoti n tum,,,,I would have hugged you sooooo tightly…….???

  3. Soumya85

    Very well said rufi?? each and every line is true!! Very well written?
    Happy anniversary di????i have already told you whatever was in my heart. Love you di??????
    Love you rufi❤??

  4. Radhika.k

    The best ever sissy of mine….N competitior in writing long comments..Months after I am reading something n commenting!!!N that too my rufi’s…I am soo glad about that….Besides The topic itself was soo interesting….It was about a LOVELY INSPIRATION….My true inspiration in TU….Is u Kanfi didu…U already know about how much I love you….And I am really thankful for this golden person in my life…Coming to this cute os…U just nailed it rufi…..each and every point you said was sooo valid…I feel that this is the best os for her…Its very adorable to see your relationship with her!Ok…I seriously donno how I felt attracted to her….She was just like a magnet made ready for me…And as soon as I joined TU…She sticked on to me….not to my brain..but to my heart…!!! <3<3
    I always regard neha and kanfi as THE GREAT MAHANS OF TU….N THE TRUTH IS THEY ARE!!As a writer….she is amazingly hossom….She has such a good writing sense…A god-gifted talent..I always read her ffs/os as a story book in one go…But I am really sorry…I haven't read any of her FFs fully…Donno y..But everytime I have tried my best…But my busy time schedule doesn't allow me even to study the stories present here..That makes me sad at a point…But OS…Is so lovely yaar…I can't express in single word!!As my pyaari didu…she is very down-to-earth person…soo caring and generous to the core…Her combo of character is unique…And I love that!!
    As a singer….she even sings greatly…Have heard two times…and Its Gooood…VM Maker….She is fabulous in this job too…I now really feel bad/jealous rufi….Now only I am able to see….She is such a versatile gal….kASH MEIN LADKA HOTI…I would have proposed u didu…!!AS A QUOTE WRITER…..It shows her approach in life..is inquisitive…different…A TRUE LEARNER!!
    And one pint which u said is well-appreciated rufi…She remembers about everybody….Exam ho ya kuch bhi….But never miss any b'day wish…N just as a boomerang….she throws her birthday os…That r so thrilling…This was a pakka update sissy….Love u loads rufi…Ur gesture n sweet nature can melt anyone's heart rufi dear!!
    I am blessed to get such wonderful friendS in TU….Some of them are soulmates…whom I can never ever forget…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DIDU…LOVE U BAHUT SAARA…Be the same…N pls aur koi naya talent matt dundna mein pagal se super pagal ho javaungi!!Abhi bahut kuch seekhna hai aapse…So..guruji…hum sada aapke abhari rehenge…!!All the very best for the future..N good luck for your exams~~ 🙂

  5. AditiB

    Ab kya bolu yaar, itta zyada I dekh m mera dil bhar gya ???????????????? Seriously Kanfi di you’re so so sooooooooooooo lovely, ?????????? and lucky too, k aapko Rufi jsi paglet behen mili h…… I just miss the pagalpanti we all used to do here, but after getting busy in all our lives, we’ve just missed the fun, but it’s still okay, at least kisi na kisi bahane baate hiti rehti h……TU kaafi change ho gya h, aur saare puraane friends gaayab ho gye h, Lasi toh pta nhi kaha marr gyi, Eli Harshu ka bhi nhi pta, ???? I miss the bond yaar, but anyway love you all. ???????????????????

  6. AditiB

    And main baat bolna bhool gyi, happy anniversary di, love you very very much ??????????? aap humesha ase hi hum sabki ki cutie di bne rehna and inspiration bhi,????????????????????????? aur agar Lasi TU aaye toh plej bolna k usski maut usska intezaar kar rhi h agar kisi din mere haath aayi toh jaan le lungi ?? pta nhi yaad bhi hu ya nhi usse??????????✊✊??

  7. Neha_Pheonix

    Hey, Rufiii reallly no wonder only you could do thissssssssss! Its superbbbbbbbb and amazing! I am happy tthat ..you expresssed about our dear kanfiiiiiiiiii
    You gave double, triple hapinesss by coming here, whenever I used to chat with choco or kanfi or piyu,…we used to always remember you darling
    I really found your way very unique and a heart touching gesture
    You really are our jaan…love ya for thisssssssss
    Dont go soon and all the best for your exams….dear…rock them..
    radhuu,,thnx a lott u r also a sweetheart……..wow felt very nice galsssssss

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