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“well what annika . common tell fast” said a desperate him. Physcology has taught me atleast to read someone’s expressions .
but I wasn’t the one to give up so early .
“well.. that’s none of your business”
“whatt the ….” he was soo pissed. I swear his face was worth a watch .

“Rudy ..om.. get on the dining table pasta ‘ll be ready quite soon …” he ordered his brothers …while turning his face towards me “and youu..you too have a seat”

A tomato faced shivaay turned towards the kitchen leaving 3 giggling heads at the dining table and I’m sure he could hear our laughs from the kitchen too.!

it seemed as though he was still smitten with me ..for my behaviour earlier as he didn’t muttered a single word throughout the food .

of course ..the pasta was delicious and like a nice appreciator I whole heartedly conveyed my words of praise for him . but seemed they didn’t pleased him .
Rudra kept on flaunting about his body and girlfriends at his college .

well the word ‘college’ took us into another conversation . a sort I didn’t preferred to peek.
“well…college life was true fun..” said om licking the pasta morsel on his face .

“yaah…it was the real life one wanted to live ..” said shivaay whose mood seemed to brighten up slowly “so..rudy ..by the way what’s your favourite thing in college”

”of course..girls bhaiyya …well what was yours?”

“nothing much rudy ..and about girls ..I would say everyone used to die even at just a name of mine you know” said another flaunting Oberoi brother but what bothered me was it was shivaay . I pretty didn’t expected him to say as so.

I hated when he talked about ‘girls’. it wasn’t my type of conversation .
and I couldn’t anymore control this emotion called jealousy..
“oh really ??” poked a jealous I and my subconscious mind told me that I was killing my pasta pennes’.
“oh yepp miss ..that’s true ..why don’t you believe it?” replied him
“well..I never said i didn’t believed what you said ”
“so ..you believe me ?”
“I believe each and every word from your mouth ..like I did and I still do” …
well…that was honestly an awkward answer and embarrassment was I’m sure pretty vicisble on my face . After which silence gained the throne . and I could hear the drops of water drizzling outside the lovely home .
when we all felt we had had enough to provide us energy till breakfast we parted …I decently picked up my plate and washed my lot of utensils . coming back
I heard the trio talking about some stuff …what were they upto??
a week late I am …and I’m extremely extremely sorry ..but I have to tell you as a reason that I was suffering from DENGUE.
but I’m fine now ..just a bit of body pain .
I’ll be regular now ..I hope I’ll get my similar response ..I used to get before .
well…I know many of you here are not kids ..but I am one ..
I’m just 14 yaar! the youngest writer ..
so ..
much love

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  1. Banita

    Amazinggg update dr…
    Was waiting 4 ur update…. Bt it’s fine if u r not regular…
    Get well soon dr…
    Take Care dr…

  2. Ashwinee

    Hey SAIRISH!!!! Awesome update dearie ???
    Get well soon and don’t stress yourself???
    Lots of love

  3. Mona_2005

    Brilliant incredible and as always fabulous
    HAPPY BELATED CHILDREN DAY (even I am a kid) and I love this day as on this I don’t study at all and no one force to do so
    GET WELL SOON and ya it’s ok if you don’t update regularly, don’the pressurise yourself and your brain as these are really important years of life

  4. Niriha

    Awesome update dear….
    Take care and Get well soon dear

    Dear sairish
    ShiOmRu anika conv about college in dining table ? Jealous anika?? ShivIka conv? It’s very interesting shot??????
    Sairish please take care of yourself.Eat well.Take medicine on time.Keep rest.Please come back with good health??

  6. Zaveesha

    Hi cutie pie….Happy Children’s Day…
    Ohh take rest and proper care…get well soon…
    This one was amazing as always…The way Anika slipped her thoughts in front of Shivaay always…now what the obros are upto… waiting for next..but post on ur convenience..
    Take care..
    Love u…

  7. Hkaur

    Amazing. U r really very NYC writer sairish(hope so its ur real name). And don’t get disappointed im also a kid here. Happpyyy children’s day to u too

  8. awesome one as always.. take care and rest well.. belated happy children’s day dear.. will be waiting for the next..do take some rest and then write the FF.. we can wait for it…loads of love??

  9. Pui

    Hey Dearie…
    Happy Belated Children’s Day to you too !
    An amazing epi…Get well soon n dont take tension. We can wait , your health can’t.
    Lots of luv,

  10. Fenil

    Drink Pappaya leaf juice in morning ,eat kiwi and apple not banana and take care !!

  11. VHM

    Awesome episode..
    Very well written…

    Hope you are doing better now…get well soon…love you loads…keep smiling and take care

  12. Alekhika20

    Fabulous update

  13. SatyendraSharma

    Hey sairish it was awesome..And from now on don’t call me di coz i m still 12

  14. It was awesome update Dearie get well soon thanku for the update Even in this health n take care????????lots of love

  15. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear.. Take care and stay happy and blessed

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