A rumya story — chapter 1

somu’s POV:

I entered the oberoi mansion only to be welcomed by my two adorable nieces binkle and misty.

somu: hello my babies. today you two are going to stay the night with me.

binkle: so we get to go on a sleepover?

somu: yeah. now quickly get your bags and let’s go.

binkle and misty: ok.

rikara came down and said: hi somu.

somu: hi. taking the kids with me for the night.

gauri: arre you don’t have to somu. it’s fine.

somu: how can’t I di? I never get to spend much time with them.

om: ok somu, you can take them. me and gauri can have some quality time.

he keeps his arm around a blushing gauri who says: besharam.

somu laughs.

binkle and misty come back and says: we ready.

binkle: mama, you have a purple mark on your neck.

gauri: oh that!

misty: how you get it?

gauri: I burnt myself with a curler.

somu coughs and gauri says: somu, keep your thoughts to yourself!

they all laugh and then somu takes them with her.

om: now romance.

gauri: keep your dreams to yourself. i’m busy!

he goes and om grabs her salwar string and brings her close to him.

om: today you are trap by chiraya.

‘cough cough’

om lets go of gauri and rikara turns to see tej smiling.

tej: what is going on between you two?

om: nothing is going on.

gauri: yes papaji, nothing at all.

tej: gauri did you burn yourself with a curler again?

gauri: yes..yes I did.

tej: gosh you have to be careful with that curler.

gauri: yes I have to be.

she looks at om as she said this.



misty: why we in café?

somu: for some treats. accha misty and binkle, what do you want?

misty: red velvet brownies.

binkle: strawberry cheesecake.

somu: ok and any drinks?

binkle and misty: juice!

somu: ok.

she goes with the girls and tell the person their order then they go and sit at a table waiting.

binkle: you know somu maasi, a new boy has joined our school. he is very mean.

somu: really? is he really really mean??

binkle: yes he is.

misty: and I get in dance competition.

somu: congrats baby.

just then someone sat at their table.

misty and binkle: rudy chachu!

rudy: hey guys! did you miss me?

somu: nope!

rudy: you two, did you miss me???

binkle and misty: nah!

rudy: this is not fair! no one loves me!

he does fake crying.

somu: oh crybaby! shut up! if you want something, use your own money!

rudy: nah, you pay for my food.

somu: what never!

binkle’s POV:

this story… this story is about my chachu rudy and my maasi somu. both are already great friends. but can friends ever became lovers?

precap: rikara’s love making + prank calls


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  1. Jasminerahul

    rikara are so romantic. rumya are so cute.
    please update your rumya ff love blooms

  2. Fenil

    Nice start loving it.

  3. Oh god I think after Tu job pass ao FF I think I will forget about rumya.but after seen ur FF I would get releaved that some rumya fans there . thank you for your ff.please continue

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    It is nice one

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