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I think there may be many of them who havent followed this serial so its just to tell u about the past happenings which will help u to understand it better
Secret of abas hate towards devdasi
Aba’s sister had married a king n dat king falled in live with kumudini (aradhya aaji). As kumudini is a devdasi she cannot say no to his demands after sometimes they both were in deep love n had a daughter tulsi(aradhya mom) . aba’s sis was sad because of which kumudini shifted to krishnavati so that the marriage of aba ‘s sis n king could survive but she died soon after kumudini shifted to krishnavati . this was the 1st reason of hatered

Tulsi was a good frnd of saras (daughter of abba) so when she was pregnant shashwat used to help her n this pavitra used to think they both had an affair
3rd reason
Saras had fallen for a guy named micheal as he was Christian abba fixed saras wedding with someone else. She Ran away from the wedding every1blamed tulsi for provoking her to run which was not the truth . after this abba n shashwat throwed them out of the village

Aryan is krishnadasi’s hier that is he is the son of tulsi n aradhya is the daughter of shashwat n pavitra. According to the hints given in the show i m 100% sure about this n dis is the reason y kumudini did not stop the marriage of aaradhya with krishna. Aradhya getting the feel of father from shashwat , aryan blood matches with tulsi when she had an accident,kumudini telling aryan that even tulsi is like ur mom on dining table are some hints giveb in the serial . i guess that pandit who is doing shuddhi of aaryan is tulsi’s hubby (not 100% sure)

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  1. Great thank you for this! Absolutely love this show xx

  2. Thanks for updating

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  4. Thanks Dear

  5. I love this show Vips and I think the same as u r thinking…abd it is sure too..but because of this twist the show may lose its charm.

  6. Sometimes wishes come true…… Thx I want this….really

  7. The show is going better and better….Day by day …Tx fr the Info

  8. Yes..could be true..this could be Kumudini’s ultimate revenge..Aaba’s grand daughter becoming Krishnadasi…and whom Aaba thinks is his grandson being Krishnadasi’s blood and marries one too..as Aaba hates Krishnadasis..also Aaradhya and Gayatri have sisterly feelings for each other…

  9. Thanks for the update…

  10. Remember when kumudini met inspector damini’s mother(alzheimer’s patient) she was utterly shocked .. That time i thought kumudini must b tensed as that woman might know about aradhya’s father .. That’s how it was being presented (but currentlyas the gossips are being circulated abt chimaji being the father of tulsi’s child .. And kumudini is not aware of tulsi-chimaji’s connection .. I wonder whether she know’s bout tulsi’s child’s father) so now i feel that she was tensed coz that woman must b knowing that tulsi gave birth to a boy and not a girl

  11. that is a great overview and back ground on the show..which makes sense as to why so much hate from aaba and kumudini… love this show.l

  12. Loving it..nice..thinx vips

  13. Ya I also feel same kumdhini may change the kids at the birth time

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